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Casio SL-200TE Solar DualLeaf Pocket Calculator

Casio SL-200TE Solar DualLeaf Pocket Calculator Lowest new price: $10.50
Lowest used price: $4.00
List price: $18.12
Brand: Casio
Model: SL-200TE

Casio SL200TE Handheld Foldable Pocket Calculator, 8-Digit LCD

With fold-over closure, the slim, streamlined profile of the Casio SL-200TE Solar Dual-Leaf pocket calculator makes it an ideal traveler. Just toss it in the glove compartment or slip it in a pocket for calculations everywhere you want them. It's an indispensable tool for students, households, and offices for quick math calculations, figuring finances, converting cooking measurements, and tracking the grocery bill at the supermarket--anything you can think of when you wish you had a calculator at hand. The SL-200TE makes an ideal extra calculator, and since it's solar powered, it's always at the ready.

Ultraslim at just 0.25 by 4.3 by 5.5 inches, this Casio slips into a portfolio, knapsack, or purse for computations anywhere you travel. Independent memory assures consistent reckoning. It has several special functions keys, including markup and markdown, square root, constants for +, -, x, and /, and a one-touch percentage key. With three-digit comma markers, it's easier to read longer numbers at a glance. The large, readable eight-digit display is not sacrificed in the case's smaller size.

Great for travelers, for tax and currency exchange, and for use in the kitchen, classroom, or office, the Casio SL-200TE solar calculator is affordable enough to have one in each room. Solar power provides constant service, and the backup battery assures you'll always have power in low-light situations and whenever you need it. --Barbara Price


  • 8-digit display
  • Tax and currency exchange function
  • Solar-powered with battery backup
  • Independent memory
  • Hard-shell plastic outer case for protection

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Casio NP-40 Battery for EXILIM Cameras

Casio NP-40 Battery for EXILIM Cameras Lowest new price: $9.00
Lowest used price: $4.95
List price: $10.96
Brand: Casio
Model: CASINP40

This Casio NP-40 Lithium-Ion Digital Camera Battery (1230 mAh) for you to keep as a reliable extra power source for your digital device.Keep the extra battery handy for use and never miss a photo opportunity or any moment you want to take picture. Battery is guaranteed to work as well as your original battery. FEATURES: High Capacity replacement Lithium-Ion Battery Rated at 1230 mAh To meet the original equipment manufacturers specifications Standard reliable rechargeable and long-lasting battery for you to keep as an extra power source handy SPECIFICATIONS: Output Voltage: 3.7 VBattery Type: Internal battery Battery Capacity: 1230 mAhWeight: 3.8 oz IMPORTANT NOTE: Photo-shooting and picture playback times with this battery may vary depending on user habits, camera settings, LCD monitor on/off, features activated, shooting environment, ambient temperature and other factors. Compatible With Casio Exilim EX-Z1080 Exilim EX-Z700 Exilim EX-Z750 Exilim EX-Z1000 Exilim EX-Z1050 Exilim EX-Z50 Exilim EX-Z600 Exilim EX-Z57 Exilim EX-FC100 Exilim EX-Z850 Exilim EX-Z40 Exilim EX-Z100 Exilim EX-Z55 Exilim EX-Z1200 SR Exilim EX-Z200 Exilim EX-Z400 Exilim EX-FC150 Exilim EX-P505 Exilim EX-Z300 Exilim EX-Z30 Exilim EX-Z500 Exilim EX-P600 Exilim EX-P700 Exilim EX-Z450

The NP-40 is a replacement battery for Casio Exilim cameras. It features lithium ion chemistry that is free from memory effect, 3.7 volts, and 1,230 mAh power rating. Great as a backup battery.

Works with the following models:
EX-P505, EX-P600, EX-P700, EX-Z30, EX-Z40, EX-Z50, EX-Z55.


  • Replacement battery for the Casio EX-P505, EX-P600, EX-P700, EX-Z30, EX-Z40, EX-Z50, and EX-Z55
  • Lithium ion chemistry free from memory effect
  • Capacity: 3.7-volts
  • 1,230-mAh power rating
  • Great as a backup battery

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Casio MS-80B Calculator

Casio MS-80B Calculator Lowest new price: $13.91
Lowest used price: $11.56
List price: $12.95
Brand: Casio
Model: MS-80B

Casio High Quality All Purpose Scientific Calculator


  • 10-Digit x Two-Line Display,LCD
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Case
  • Compact desktop calculator
  • 8-digit display
  • Solar powered with battery backup
  • Independent memory
  • Backspace key for quick correction

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Casio AD-12MLA(U) AC Adapter Power Supply

Casio AD-12MLA(U) AC Adapter Power Supply Lowest new price: $27.99
Brand: Casio
Model: AD-12MLA(U)

The Casio AD12M power supply is compatible with the following Casio keyboard models: CTK-5000, WK-500, WK-3300, WK-3800, CDP-100, CDP-200, PX-120, PX-320, PX-575, PX-720

The AD12 adapter is designed specifically for Casio's WK series and Privia model instruments. It is designed to extend your battery life while at home or near an electrical outlet.

Save the batteries for when you're away from home. These AC adapters plug you into endless hours of playing, not to mention they save you a bundle on batteries.

This high quality adapter is designed specifically for the following Casio keyboard models: CTK-711EX, CTK-731, CTK-811EX, PX-100, PX-110, PX-120, PX-200, PX-300, PX-310, PX-320, PX-400R, PX-500L, PX-555R, PX-575, WK-1250, WK-1300, WK-1350, WK-1600, WK-1630, WK-1800, WK-3000, WK-3200, WK-3300, WK-3500, WK-3700, WK-3800, WK-8000

What's in the Box
Casio AD12 AC Adpater Power Supply


  • Extend your battery life by using this optional AC adapter while you're at home or near an electrical outlet
  • 12V Adapter for CTK 5000, WK 500 / 3300 / 3800, CDP 100 / 200, PX 100 / 110 / 120 / 200 / 300 / 310 / 320 / 400R / 500L / 575R / 700 / 720

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Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator, Pack of 10 (Teacher Pack)

Casio fx-300MS Scientific Calculator, Pack of 10 (Teacher Pack) Lowest new price: $104.88
List price: $107.19
Brand: Casio
Model: FX300S-TP

Shipping Depth: 14.0 Shipping Height: 10.0 Shipping Width: 6.0 Master Pack Qty: 1 General Information Manufacturer: Casio Computer Co., Ltd Manufacturer Part Number: FX300MSPL-TP Brand Name: Casio Product Model: FX-300MSPlus Product Name: FX-300MSPlus Scientific Calculator Product Type: Scientific Calculator Technical Information Number of Functions: 229 Functions: Store/Recall Recall & Edit Values Operating System Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide Correct Order of Operations (M, D, A, S) Change Sign (+/-) Square Root Exponents (^key)/Powers of 10 Percent Calculations Fraction Sin, Cos, Tan, & Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Converts between DEG, RAD, GRAD Rectangular Conversions Mean, Sum, # Elements Standard Deviation Linear Regression Log, In, Inverse Log, Exponential Store and Edit Data in Memory Quadratic, Log, Exp, Power, Inverse Regression Random Number Generator Display & Graphics Display Screen: 2 Line x 12 Character Battery Information Power Source: Battery Power Source: Solar


  • 2-line display
  • 240 functions
  • Multi-replay function
  • Comes with slide-on hard case

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Casio Exilim EX-S500 5MP Digital Camera with 3x Anti Shake Optical Zoom (Grey)

Casio Exilim EX-S500 5MP Digital Camera with 3x Anti Shake Optical Zoom (Grey) Lowest used price: $39.00
Brand: Casio
Model: EX-S500



  • 5.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 13 x 17-inch prints
  • Up to 80 minutes of continuous MPEG-4 video with audio capture and playback
  • 2.2-inch high-resolution TFT color display
  • Movies have up to 640 x 480-pixel resolution
  • Anti-shake, auto-macro, and quick shutter features produce great photos

CASIO MQ24-1B2 Casual Men's Dress Watch

CASIO MQ24-1B2 Casual Men's Dress Watch Lowest new price: $10.19
List price: $10.19
Brand: Casio
Model: MQ24-1B2

Quartz movement, Gold-tone hands & numbers, Black bezel, Stainless steel crown & caseback, Water resistant


  • Band width: 18 millimeters
  • Water resistant
  • Regular timekeeping ( Hour, Minute, Second)
  • Accuracy - +/- 20 seconds per month
  • Battery life - approximately 2 years (on included SR621W battery)
  • Makes a great gift for that special someone ? or for yourself!

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Casio HR-8TEPlus Printing Calculator with Adapter

Casio HR-8TEPlus Printing Calculator with Adapter Lowest new price: $22.51
Lowest used price: $10.00
List price: $19.99
Brand: Casio

Portable hand held calculator with large easy-to-read displayPrints 1.6 lines per second Features includes most financial business calculations key rollover 3-digit comma markers and 5/4 rounding Auto power offIncludes AD-A60024 adapter Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)


  • Supports optional Casio Freedio FZ-700S scanner and can print without computer
  • Stores data in memory for later retrieval

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Casio TR-18BK Ribbon (Black) for Casio Disc Title Printers

Casio TR-18BK Ribbon (Black) for Casio Disc Title Printers Lowest new price: Too low to display
List price: $9.95
Brand: Casio
Model: TR-18BK

Black thermal ink

The Casio TR-18BK black thermal ink ribbon cartridge is designed as a replacement ribbon for Casio's CW-50 and CW-75 CD Title Writers. Combined with Casio's color thermal print system, you can create unique, professional-looking custom graphics and text, printed directly onto your CDs and DVDs without the hassle of labels and applicators. Each TR-18BK thermal transfer ribbon will print about 50 CDs using one print area at up to 200 dpi resolution.


  • Disc title printer
  • Black thermal ink
  • Ink ribbon
  • Black ribbon tape for Casio CD Title Writers
  • Compatible with models CW-50 and CW-75
  • Yields up to 50 CDs/DVDs with one print area, up to 200 dpi resolution
  • Helps create professional looking custom text and graphics
  • A quality Casio product

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Casio CFX-9850GC Plus Graphing Calculator (White)

Casio CFX-9850GC Plus Graphing Calculator (White) Lowest used price: $19.99
Brand: Casio
Model: CFX-9850GC PLUS

Casio (CFX9850PLUS) Casio's premier graphing calculator is clearly the CFX-9850G Plus. Gain unpreced

For students in any field, but especially math and sciences, the Casio CFX-9850GC PLUS graphing calculator is a problem-solving tool with over 900 features for storing, graphing, and analysis. You can execute evaluation tables on a split screen (which allows you to trace the graph and scroll table values simultaneously) to display graphs and tables. With a long list of features, you can master list-based, one- and two-variable statistical calculations, a variety of regressions, statistics, hypothesis testing, and advanced financial calculations.

The large, readable display exhibits eight lines and 21 characters (15-digit, 10-plus-2 display) in three colors. Graphing functions include rectangular and polar coordinates, parametric, inequality, and vertical lines. Since graphing is animated, you can change the variables in a formula and watch the graph move accordingly.

It also performs statistical calculations such as scatter plots, histograms, box and whisker plots, and eight regression types. The dual screen shows two graphs: a graph and zoom or a graph and table on the same display. In statistical graphing you can use list-based matrix calculations of up to 26 matrices. The list editor manages up to 36 data lists and exchanges data with matrix and table modes. An instant-replay key recalls your previous entries.

The built-in communications port enables linkup to a personal computer. The CFX-9850GC PLUS stores up to 38 programs with 32 KB total memory. It is protected by a hard slide case and powered by four AAA alkaline batteries and a lithium battery for backup to preserve a constant memory even when the unit is turned off.

The Casio CFX-9850GC PLUS comes with a comprehensive guidebook and is supported by a one-year limited warranty. --Barbara Price


  • Graphing calculator perfect for math and science students
  • 900+ Advanced functions, including statistics, regressions, and financial calculations
  • Graphing functions including rectangular and polar coordinates, vertical lines, and more
  • Stores up to 38 programs; 32 KB total memory
  • 1-Year limited warranty

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