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Casio KL-100 Label Printer

Casio KL-100 Label Printer Lowest new price: $89.99
Lowest used price: $24.99
List price: $44.99
Brand: Casio
Model: KL-100

2 Line Label Priner. 6,9,12mm label size capability. Qwerty Keyboard. 10+2 digits. LCD Display

Use the Casio KL-100 to label anything, from your office files to things in the back of your freezer. This printer produces up to two lines of text in four different styles. It includes one font and characters in either English or Spanish. With 41 built-in special symbols and illustrations, three ornamental frames, and six character styles, you'll be able to customize your labels. The Casio KL-100 works with a variety of tape colors and sizes.


  • Prints up to 2 lines of text
  • Produces characters with effects, ornamental frames, and 6 character styles
  • 1 built-in font
  • 4-digit LCD display
  • Accepts 4 tape sizes

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Casio Exilim EX-Z70 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Anti Shake Optical Zoom (Black)

Casio Exilim EX-Z70 7.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Anti Shake Optical Zoom (Black) Lowest used price: $59.99
Brand: Casio
Model: EX-Z70BK

The EX-Z70 features Easy Mode, a user-friendly camera menu for beginners. Easy Mode simplifies the wide array of camera settings to three easy menus, image size, flash and self-timer. Best Shot function for getting optimal photo results simply by selecting a sample image of the type of scene the user wants to shoot. The camera's lightweight aluminum body comes finished in either luxurious black or high-quality silver. The top of the body is rounded to give it a soft look, and the overall design is a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. eBay Best Shot mode is exclusive to the Casio Exilim line of digital cameras. eBay Best Shot mode enables automatic image optimization for eBay, configuring photos to fit eBay's recommended specifications for image posting. Images are captured at 1600 x 1200 pixels and stored in 800 KB files. eBay Best Shot mode also includes Auto Macro, an ideal setting for capturing images of small items such as jewelry, tags, etc. thus automatically adjusting the focus from large items at a distance to fine details in close up shots. Still images Sensitivity - Auto, ISO50, ISO100, ISO200, ISO400 Recording Functions - Still images, still images with audio, macro, self-timer, continuous shutter (normal speed, high speed, flash continuous), Best Shot, movies with audio, voice recording Self-timer - 10 seconds, 2 seconds, Triple Self-timer Built-in Flash - Flash Modes - Auto Flash, On, Off, Soft Flash, Red Eye Reduction 2.5 inch TFT color LCD Power Requirements - Rechargeable lithium ion battery Battery life - Up to 200 still images (CIPA Standards) Dimensions - Width 3.75 x Height 2.39 x Depth 0.78 inch Weight - 4.16 ounces


  • 7.2-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 15 x 20-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom with Anti Shake technology; 2.5-inch LCD display
  • Features Easy Mode, a user-friendly camera menu for beginners
  • Best Shot function for getting optimal photo results simply
  • Powered by NP-20 lithium-ion battery (battery and charger included); stores images on SD memory cards (includes 8.3MB internal memory)

Casio XR-18X2S 18mm Labelling Tape (Black on Clear)

Casio XR-18X2S 18mm Labelling Tape (Black on Clear) Lowest new price: $18.49
Lowest used price: $2.98
List price: $34.99
Brand: Casio
Model: XR-18X2S

Casio is one of the leading consumer electronics companies in the world. Since its establishment in 1957, Casio has been active in the development of electronic calculators, timepieces, musical instruments, LCD TVs, pagers and other communications devices. Casio's corporate activities are guided by the motto: "Creativity and Contribution". Casio, the unexpected extra! Product Type: Printer tape cassette Printing Color: Blue on white Media Size: Roll (0.35 in).


  • Replacement tape for your Casio label printer
  • 18 millimeters
  • Black on clear
  • Easy-to-read text
  • Great for labeling your office files or household products

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Casio Exilim EX-S600 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver)

Casio Exilim EX-S600 6MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver) Lowest used price: $22.73
Brand: Casio
Model: EX-S600SR

Casio Exlim S600 silv dig.


  • 6.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 14 x 19-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom; 2.2-inch LCD display
  • Records movies in MPEG-4 format with shake-reduction technology
  • Revive Shot refreshes faded colors of old album photos
  • Powered by lithium ion battery NP-20 (cradle included); stores images on SD cards (8.3 MB card included)

Casio KL-60SR Compact Label Printer

Casio KL-60SR Compact Label Printer Lowest new price: $23.75
Lowest used price: $9.50
List price: $31.67
Brand: Casio
Model: KL-60SR

Keep your office, closet or kitchen organized with labels from the Casio KL-60-SR Adhesive Label Printer. Wide, easy to use typewriter keyboard makes creating labels simple and quick. Features a 4-digit, 1-line, LCD display for easy editing. Features include built-in fonts with 6 character sizes and 207 characters/symbols. Compact, thermal printer prints double lines on 3 tape sizes up to 1/2W". Comes with 3/8W" tape cartridge. Made in USA.


  • Prints labels on 3 tape sizes
  • 4-character LCD
  • 4 text effects in 6 print sizes
  • 9mm starter tape
  • QWERTY keyboard

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CASIO Desktop Printing Calculator DR-210HT

CASIO Desktop Printing Calculator DR-210HT Brand: Casio
Model: DR-210HT

Economical 12digit ink ribbon printing desktop calculator with tax and exchange functions. This calculator also features: print speed of 3.5 lines per second, twocolor printing, and full decimal system with independent memory. This new design features a metal paper holder, markup/markdown key and rightshift key for easy corrections.


  • Prints up to 3.5 lines per second for busy office use
  • Built-in tax and currency exchange functions for financial use
  • Automatic Constants
  • Memory Function
  • Includes RD-02/GB-02 ink ribbon

Casio FX-270W Plus Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-270W Plus Scientific Calculator Lowest used price: $14.00
List price: $15.95
Brand: Casio
Model: FX300ES

Natural textbook display shows formula and results exactly as they appear in the textbook. 249 built-in functions with easy menu. Solar Plus protects memory. List-based STAT Data Editor. Multi-replay function. Power Source(s): Battery; Solar; Display Notation: N/A; Number of Display Digits: 10; Display Characters x Display Lines: 11 x 2.

With its large built-in library of functions and exclusive Visually Perfect Algebraic Method, the FX-270W from Casio is a powerful computational tool. The two-line LCD is easy to see and navigate, with large color coded keys that are grouped by function for ease of use. The calculator comes with 159 built-in functions including probability, fraction, math, coordinate conversion, regression analysis, and cubic root functions.

The 10-digit (plus two-digit exponent) display has an 11-digit accuracy, and displays formulas and results simultaneously so that you can change numbers and recalculate without having to input the entire calculation. The FX-270W has both engineering and scientific modes and can easily calculate degrees, radians and gradients. Weighing only 3.5 ounces, the FX-270W is easy to transport and has a small 3.375-by-6.125-by-0.5-inch frame. It has an impact resistant slide-on case to help protect the calculator from damage and also comes backed with a limited one-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Calculator, battery, slide-on case, user's manual


  • Scientific, engineering, and trigonometry modes
  • 2-line display that shows formula and results simultaneously
  • 11-digit accuracy, 159 built-in functions
  • Conversion of fractions, mixed numbers and decimals
  • Impact resistant slide-on case; 1-year limited warranty

Casio HS-4G Handheld Solar Calculator

Casio HS-4G Handheld Solar Calculator Lowest new price: $0.97
List price: $5.99
Brand: Casio
Model: HS-4G

8 Digit solar calculator with a flip-top hard case.


  • 8 digits (16-digit approximations)
  • Protective hard case covers screen and solar panel
  • Independent memory
  • Super Solar--no more battery costs
  • Flip-top hard case

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Casio FX250HC Basic Scientific Calculator

Casio FX250HC Basic Scientific Calculator Lowest used price: $2.49
List price: $15.99
Brand: Casio
Model: FX250HC

For math and science students, Casio has created the FX250 scientific calculator--an indispensable tool from high school onward, in lab classes and for exams. The FX250 features complex number calculations, independent memory, and constants for addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Plus, powered by two type UM-3 batteries, it supports up to 4,000 hours of continuous use. A power-saving function automatically shuts the unit off after five minutes of inactivity to save your batteries.

The clear, readable eight-digit LCD displays exponents up to 10 +/- 99 through 6 + 2 digits. You can call upon parenthesis calculations up to six levels, plus convert between polar and rectangular coordinates in three-mode angular measurements (DEG, RAD, GRA). You can also compute statistics using the standard deviation function.

Use the FX250 for basic scientific functions to complete your assignments and lab work. Providing one independent and three constant memory keys, the Casio FX250 has a pragmatic key layout, making this an easy-to-use scientific calculator. It offers the most important functions you'll need, and a carrying case to boot.


  • Basic scientific, exponential, and trigonometric calculator
  • Slide-on hard case
  • Hard plastic keys
  • Battery operated, auto power off
  • Easy to use

Casio HR-8L Handheld Printing Calculator

Casio HR-8L Handheld Printing Calculator Lowest used price: $23.99
List price: $19.95
Brand: Casio
Model: HR-8L

Working, Casio HR-8L Handheld Printing Calculator in Very Good condition, with a little usage wear, and looks great! Crunch numbers quickly, and perform small business office functions with this calculator, that is easy to use. NO PRINTING PAPER, and unit runs on FOUR AA BATTERIES INCLUDED!! Tape holder bar is attached to calculator. Last, calculator can be powered by a power supply! Ships Fast, Enjoy!!

Most printing calculators are small enough to be called portable, but few can boast the features and slimness of the Casio HR-8L handheld printing calculator. A tiny 1.5 by 3.6 by 7.5 inches, the HR-8L slips into a pocket, portfolio, or briefcase for computations anywhere you travel.

Nothing can protect your computations like a printing calculator. How many times have you added a list of numbers on a standard calculator only to loose your place or make an error in the middle of your figuring? The HR-8L has a 10-digit display screen for easy notations that also prints at speeds up to 1.6 lines per second. Perfect for calculations wherever you need them, the HR-8L has a full decimal system, including options for floating, fixed (0 to 3) with round-off, and cut-off modes.

With the Casio HR-8L, you can clear errors with a touch of the right shift key. The large display is not sacrificed in the small-sized case. A function command sign appears in the display to keep your place in your current calculation. Rely on independent memory in four keys, plus other functions like time calculations and a markup/markdown key. Tap the auto feed button to advance the paper roll. The dual paper roll system provides inner and outer rolls in a manageable 2.25-inch width.

The whole HR-8L unit is just 10.5 ounces. It's easy to use on a plane, at a restaurant table, or even at the home office. The HR-8L operates with the convenient portable power source of four AA batteries. --Barbara Price


  • 10-digit printer with dual-roll system
  • Large display
  • Prints 1.6 lines per second
  • Full decimal system
  • Function command signs appear in display

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