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DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 Street Atlas 2007 U.S.A./Canada Map CD-ROM (Windows)

DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 Street Atlas 2007 U.S.A./Canada Map CD-ROM (Windows) Lowest new price: $198.88
List price: $99.99
Brand: Delorme
Model: AE-007461-201

The Earthmate LT-20 GPS System is a powerful, portable tool for in-vehicle GPS tracking. This WAAS-enabled receiver has DeLorme's proprietary Kalman filter for superior accuracy and fast acquisition. The 12 channel, low power chipset provides improved GPS tracking in weak signal conditions, plus a cold start time of less than 45 seconds.

This package of the Earthmate GPS LT-20 GPS receiver and Street Atlas USA 2005 software can turn your laptop into a powerful GPS tracking device. The GPS LT-20 is a high-performance, easy-to-use link to the satellite navigation technology of the Global Positioning System (GPS). Accessing these satellites is available for no additional charge. Earthmate, connected to a USB laptop PC, shows your real-time position on detailed Street Atlas USA maps anywhere in the U.S., so you will always know where you are and where you need to go.

Compact and Powerful
This new GPS unit is one of the smallest on the market, measuring just 1 7/8" w x 2 5/8" h x 9/16" thick. It comes with an attached 5' cable with a suction cup on the cable designed to hold the GPS against the windshield or on the dash for optimum performance. Just plug the other end of the cable into the USB port of your laptop PC. It is best to avoid rapid and far-ranging temperature extremes, bringing the GPS indoors when not in use, just as you would a cell phone. The yellow reflective casing helps reduce high temperatures while on the dash. (Phone shown for size comparison only)

Getting Started Is Easy
Plug the Earthmate GPS LT-20 into the USB port of your laptop PC. The low-power chipset draws power from your laptop, meaning no GPS batteries are needed. Install the Street Atlas USA 2005 software, and load the entire second data disc onto your hard drive if you want. The software also includes over 4 million places of interest. Place the GPS as close to your front windshield as possible, ideally using the enclosed suction cup on the attached cable to hold the GPS against the glass. Click on the software GPS tab and you'll see your position updated in real time on the maps as you drive. There are many custom GPS options included within the GPS tab.

Abilities at a Glance
  • Create address-to-address routes in the U.S. (and major and secondary routes in Canada)
  • Calculate overnight stops and fuel stops, including fuel costs
  • Find more than 4 million places of interest located from your GPS position, including hotels, gas, food, lodging, banks/ATMs, schools, colleges, hospitals--and also named places such as Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and UPS Stores
  • GPS track using the Show Turns window and see large arrows with your next two upcoming turns shown with large text
  • Select high-contrast map colors for improved in-vehicle visibility, helping to reduce in-vehicle glare
  • Listen to spoken directions calling out upcoming turns
  • Issue spoken commands (microphone recommended for best performance) and receive replies to common travel questions such as "How far to the next turn?"
  • Add and name new local roads to the maps and these new roads will be included in automatically generated routes
  • Use VIAs to select individual road segments to force the automatic routing to recalculate to your preferences
  • Automatically receive new route updates when you stray off course, selecting the distance off course you want to be before the software recalculates your directions
  • Add MapNotes, measure distances, and much much more
  • Access the GPS satellite system for no charge beyond the cost of the receiver
Hear samples of Spoken Directions using Earthmate GPS with Street Atlas USA 2005
  • Turns in Washington, DC (MP3)
  • Nearest fast food (MP3)

What Is WAAS?
WAAS stands for Wide Area Augmentation System and is a system of satellites and ground stations that provide GPS signal corrections. As is true of the GPS satellites, there is no extra charge or equipment required to take advantage of WAAS. Because the new Earthmate USB GPS is WAAS-enabled, it is possible where WAAS is available to experience accuracy of under three meters for the majority of tracking time.

How WAAS Works
The system consists of roughly 25 ground reference stations positioned across the United States. These ground stations monitor GPS satellite data. Two master stations are located on each coast and these collect data from the reference stations and create a GPS correction message. This correction takes into account GPS satellite orbits, clock drift, and signal delays, typically caused by atmospheric conditions. The corrected differential message is broadcast through one of two geo-stationery satellites or satellites with a fixed equatorial position. Any WAAS-enabled GPS, such as the Earthmate USB GPS, is able to read this signal and benefit from the enhanced accuracy.

WAAS Performance Considerations
As is true for all GPS usage, the location and environment of the user will cause variability in WAAS performance. For instance, the position of the satellites over the equator make it difficult to receive the signals when mountains or trees obstruct a clear view of the horizon. Therefore, it is safe to say that WAAS provides the best performance in open-area situations. Unlike DGPS (differential GPS), WAAS does not require additional receiving equipment.


  • Turn your laptop into a powerful GPS tracking device
  • Shows your real-time position on detailed Street Atlas USA maps
  • Create address-to-address routes in the U.S.
  • Find more than 4 million places of interest
  • Includes both GPS receiver and software

M-241: Holux M-241 Bluetooth Data Logger GPS (Runs on AA Battery, MTK Chipset, 130,000 Waypoints)

M-241: Holux M-241 Bluetooth Data Logger GPS (Runs on AA Battery, MTK Chipset, 130,000 Waypoints) Lowest new price: $74.93
List price: $74.93
Brand: Holux
Model: GPSHLM241

The M-241 is a high performance wireless GPS logger with the following features: # Dual interface (Bluetooth + GPS-mouse by USB cable). # Compatible with Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) completely. # Powered by one AA battery. # LCD display to show position information, speed, capable logging memory size, date & time. # Capable memory size to record up to 130,000 positions, including longitude, latitude, time, and altitude. # Personal settings to select the logging mode by distance or time, unit by Kilometer or mile, and 3 languages (English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese) support.


  • The Holux M 241 Bluetooth GPS logger provides real time coordinate logging and easy-to-use trip guiding service.
  • Holux M-241 is capable to record up to 120,000 records positions, including longitude, latitude, UTC, and height data.
  • Besides the logger function, you are also able to enjoy a brand new experience in driving with BluetoothTM
  • 51 parallel satellite-searching channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition
  • LCD display ( 32 x 8.9mm/128 x 32 pixels) to show position information, speed, capable logging memory size

Similar Products:

Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld

Delorme Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld Lowest new price: $19.85
Lowest used price: $15.85
Brand: DeLorme

Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld gives you exactly the maps you need, conveniently accessible on your handheld computer or Smartphone. It's designed to create the maps and routes you want and synchronize them to your handheld device. You can also create routes on your device, with the fastest Delorme routing engine ever. It's been extensively updated, with 268,000 additional roads and thousands of new lodgings, restaurants, fuel stops, and retail stores, all located with GPS accuracy. Store your maps on removable-media devices & hot-synch to Palm OS external media cards Beam maps to family and friends Bring topographic maps with you using Topo USA 5.0 software Import aerial photos, satellite images and USGS 7.5 minute topo map files from Topo USA 5.0 Aerial Data Packets Get voice prompts when tracking with GPS (requires Pocket PC and Palm OS 5.2 or later)


  • Mapping solution with fast routing engine for all major handheld platforms
  • Provides street maps for the entire U.S. to create address-to-address routes
  • Supports Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Windows Mobile PDAs and phones
  • 268,000+ new roads; expanded highway exit services and other places of interest
  • Supports hot-synching maps to a Palm OS external media card

DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver and Street Atlas USA 6.0 for Macintosh

DeLorme Earthmate GPS Receiver and Street Atlas USA 6.0 for Macintosh Lowest used price: $49.99
Brand: Delorme
Model: 2026999

With the DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver and Street Atlas USA 6.0 software, you'll never get lost again. Combined with any Macintosh laptop, the Earthmate receiver will show your location on detailed Street Atlas maps. You'll be even more mobile, with no Internet connection needed for address-to-address routes.

You can calculate routes based on a specific address, place name, ZIP Code, latitude/longitude, street intersection, or even area code and exchange. An arrow shows not only your location, but also your position in real time on street-level maps. Driving can be almost hands-free with voice-guided directions.

The Earthmate receiver is durably constructed in a moisture-resistant seal housing to ensure use in any travel condition. The receiver uses four AA batteries so other power sources can be used for the laptop. You can even attach the GPS receiver to your Palm OS handhelds, with optional software and cables.

The DeLorme Earthmate GPS receiver and Street Atlas USA 6.0 for Macintosh come with a one-year warranty.


  • Expand your laptop with GPS capability
  • Compact, moisture-resistant receiver
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries
  • Included software features voice-navigation
  • Displays your location and position on street-level maps

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