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Grundig Eton Ego 4000 Plus Portable CD / MP3 Player with Built-In Removable Speakers

Grundig Eton Ego 4000 Plus Portable CD / MP3 Player with Built-In Removable Speakers Lowest new price: $187.89
Lowest used price: $162.89
Brand: Grundig
Model: ego 4000

The GRUNDIG Ego 4000 combines a CD player, an AM / FM radio and an alarm clock in a totally cool silver case with 2 detachable 8 Watt speakers. The CD player supports MP3 encoded CD-R/RW media, and even plays 3-inch discs. 9 keys for clock operation Bass Boost switch Auto power off function 3 beam laser pickup 1-bit D/A converter 8 times sampling digital filter Auto power off Includes FM & AM antennas 12 Station Presets Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) Dual alarm function Sleep and snooze functions Wake up to radio, CD or buzzer Size - 6H x 6W x 1D

Whether you're looking for a stylish portable alarm clock radio or an MP3-capable CD player to accompany you on the road, Grundig's Etón Ego 4000 Plus may be calling your name. The compact unit uses Grundig's proprietary detachable speaker docking system, which lets you remove the speakers from the exterior of the folding lid and position them apart, like your home speakers. Or, you can leave the speakers attached and play the unit like a small boombox. In any case, Grundig also provides a pair of lightweight street-style stereo headphones to bypass the speakers altogether for private listening.

The Etón Ego 4000 Plus plays not just audio CDs, but recordable CDs filled with MP3 files, too, with ID3 tag capability (for artist and title display) and the benefit of 40-second shock protection (or an amazing 120 seconds for MP3). Bass boost and a selection of five preset equalization curves help you tailor the sound to your personal preference, and you can listen in various random or repeat modes or program up to 20 CD/MP3 CD tracks to play in sequence.

The player's fold-up top section puts a backlit LCD in clear view, especially handy when using the built-in alarm and/or calendar features. The clock offers a date indicator, 12-hour time mode, dual alarms (with snooze), and local/world time. You or your partner can wake to the radio, a CD, or a buzzer. For power, use four AA batteries or the unit's AC power adapter (both included).

Choose from 15-, 30-, and 60-minute sleep settings, or rely on auto power off to shut the player down at the end of a disc. The FM/AM radio comes with 30 station presets (20 FM, 10 AM), auto scanning, and antennas.

Grundig's design-driven Etón line of portable-audio offers a graceful combination of form and function. Unique product design is the basis for all models, as well as functionality above and beyond other products in the same category. With features that satisfy high-tech, style-conscious listeners, Etón products have an added flare that will attract people seeking distinctive portable audio.

What's in the Box
CD unit, speakers, headphones, carrying case, an AC power adapter, four AA batteries, and a user's manual.


  • Portable CD-radio with MP3/ID3 tag compatibility, 40/120-second anti-skip (PCM/MP3), and detachable stereo speakers
  • 30 FM/AM station presets, includes FM and AM antennas
  • World/local time settings, dual alarms and snooze button; wake to radio, CD, or buzzer
  • 5 EQ presets, bass boost, auto power-off, and 20-track CD programming; 15-, 30-, and 60-minute sleep timer
  • Includes 4 AA batteries, an AC power adapter, and stereo headphones

Remanufactured Grundig FR200 Emergency Radio (Yellow)

Remanufactured Grundig FR200 Emergency Radio (Yellow) Lowest used price: $44.95
List price: $49.99
Model: FR200Y-R

1 Year Limited Warranty

The remanufactured Eton Grundig FR200 emergency radio is the entry-level shortwave radio in Eton's line of emergency radios. With a dependable hand-crank power generator that powers the unit's AM/FM/shortwave tuner and a built-in LED flashlight, the lightweight and portable Grundig FR200 is an economical choice for anyone in the market for a radio that can be relied on in emergencies or in environments with limited power sources.

Emergency lighting and radio tuning all in one compact package. View larger.

Easy-to-read radio dial. View larger.

The hand crank recharges the integrated rechargeable battery.

An emergency light shines the way.
Other models in Eton's line of emergency radios that we tested include the Grundig FR250, a shortwave radio that also includes a flashing LED light, cell phone charger and siren; the Grundig FR300, which includes the emergency features of the FR250, but offers television and weather station tuning instead of shortwave; the Grundig FR350, a water-resistant variation of the FR250; and the Grundig FR400, a water-resistant variation of the FR300.

Power When You Need It
At the heart of all of Eton's emergency radios--including the Grundig FR200--is an internal generator that recharges the internal NiMH battery pack and powers the radio and flashlight. According to the product manual, to achieve 40 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted power you must turn the crank at a rate of two revolutions per second for 90 seconds. In our test, after our initial 90 seconds of rigorous cranking, the FR200 powered right up and was still going strong with radio reception after an hour. At the hour mark, we briefly turned the flashlight on, and that too was at full force, with no perceivable drain on radio reception.

The FR200 can also be powered via an AC adapter, which, to our dismay, was not included, or from three AA batteries, also not included. The dynamo crank tucks itself nicely into the side of the radio and offers little resistance as you turn the handle. (Don't let the cranking requirements frighten you! A full 90 seconds of turning the crank can be tiring and may not be for everyone. With that in mind, we also recharged the radio with less than a minute of cranking and achieved over 40 minutes of continuous power.)

Design and Controls
At slightly more than a pound in weight, and with dimensions of 6.5 by 5.75 by 2.25 inches (W x H x D), the FR200 is designed to be tucked neatly into its handy nylon carrying case and can be easily stored in an emergency box, or packed neatly for a camping trip. An LED flashlight is set on the front of the radio, just to the side of the analog tuner. The flashlight is designed to help you down an unlit stairwell or enclosed hallway in a pinch, but the light is not directed or strong enough to help you much in a pitch-black forest or other open area. The radio and light can be operated simultaneously, though of course at the expense of power.

The FR200 includes a handy strap on the top of the radio for easy carrying, and the tuning and volume knobs are set to the side. The mechanical controls are extremely visible and easy to use. The volume control is a bit difficult to finesse, but the tuning knob--which features a smaller concentric fine-tuning control knob on the inside--is much easier. An earphone jack is set into the back, and the telescoping antenna tucks neatly behind the handle strap. The radio's 2.5-inch speaker is set directly in front and offers reasonable audio quality for the radio's purpose. The tuner itself is not illuminated in any way, which makes sense for reasons of power conservation, but in a darkened environment, it's literally impossible to see. For an "emergency radio," it seems that Eton might have addressed this problem with a self-illuminated background or lettering, as they did with the FR250, FR300, FR350, and FR400 models.

Tuning and Bands
The FR200 offers 14-band tuning--AM, FM, and 12 shortwave bands. Our AM reception was outstanding; we were quickly able to tune into every station for which we searched. Reception for FM was also very good, though there was some extra fine-tuning on some of the stations. Our shortwave reception, however, was a mixed bag. We tested in the early and late evening, searching for signals in the more heavily populated SW1. While we found several signals during our test, honing in on them took a bit of finesse with the fine-tuning knob. And when we did find them, there was static and background noise with most of the signals.

It became clear during our testing that the FR200 is primarily an emergency radio, with several outstanding features that include shortwave reception; its shortwave functionality, however, is not its primary selling point. But for an entry-level, economical emergency radio to use in a pinch or during an outing where access to electricity is an issue, the Grundig FR200 more than suits the bill.


  • Compact and lightweight; ideal for emergencies or travel
  • Clearly laid out functions and controls
  • Excellent internal power generator
  • Tuning dial should be illuminated for darkened environments
  • Shortwave reception inconsistent
  • Should include an AC adapter

What's in the Box
FR200 radio, carrying case, user's manual.


  • Compact emergency radio designed for power outages, camping, and more
  • Hand crank recharges built-in NiMH battery; also works with AC adapter (sold separately)
  • Tunes AM, FM, and 12 shortwave bands; built-in white LED emergency flashlight
  • Handy carrying strap; sleek yellow color; measures 6.5 x 5.75 x 2.25 inches (W x H x D)
  • Remanufactured to like-new condition; 1-year warranty

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