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Grundig Eton Ego 4000 Plus Portable CD / MP3 Player with Built-In Removable Speakers

Grundig Eton Ego 4000 Plus Portable CD / MP3 Player with Built-In Removable Speakers Lowest used price: $149.00
Brand: Grundig
Model: ego 4000

The GRUNDIG Ego 4000 combines a CD player, an AM / FM radio and an alarm clock in a totally cool silver case with 2 detachable 8 Watt speakers. The CD player supports MP3 encoded CD-R/RW media, and even plays 3-inch discs. 9 keys for clock operation Bass Boost switch Auto power off function 3 beam laser pickup 1-bit D/A converter 8 times sampling digital filter Auto power off Includes FM & AM antennas 12 Station Presets Uses 4 AA batteries (not included) Dual alarm function Sleep and snooze functions Wake up to radio, CD or buzzer Size - 6H x 6W x 1D

Whether you're looking for a stylish portable alarm clock radio or an MP3-capable CD player to accompany you on the road, Grundig's Etón Ego 4000 Plus may be calling your name. The compact unit uses Grundig's proprietary detachable speaker docking system, which lets you remove the speakers from the exterior of the folding lid and position them apart, like your home speakers. Or, you can leave the speakers attached and play the unit like a small boombox. In any case, Grundig also provides a pair of lightweight street-style stereo headphones to bypass the speakers altogether for private listening.

The Etón Ego 4000 Plus plays not just audio CDs, but recordable CDs filled with MP3 files, too, with ID3 tag capability (for artist and title display) and the benefit of 40-second shock protection (or an amazing 120 seconds for MP3). Bass boost and a selection of five preset equalization curves help you tailor the sound to your personal preference, and you can listen in various random or repeat modes or program up to 20 CD/MP3 CD tracks to play in sequence.

The player's fold-up top section puts a backlit LCD in clear view, especially handy when using the built-in alarm and/or calendar features. The clock offers a date indicator, 12-hour time mode, dual alarms (with snooze), and local/world time. You or your partner can wake to the radio, a CD, or a buzzer. For power, use four AA batteries or the unit's AC power adapter (both included).

Choose from 15-, 30-, and 60-minute sleep settings, or rely on auto power off to shut the player down at the end of a disc. The FM/AM radio comes with 30 station presets (20 FM, 10 AM), auto scanning, and antennas.

Grundig's design-driven Etón line of portable-audio offers a graceful combination of form and function. Unique product design is the basis for all models, as well as functionality above and beyond other products in the same category. With features that satisfy high-tech, style-conscious listeners, Etón products have an added flare that will attract people seeking distinctive portable audio.

What's in the Box
CD unit, speakers, headphones, carrying case, an AC power adapter, four AA batteries, and a user's manual.


  • Portable CD-radio with MP3/ID3 tag compatibility, 40/120-second anti-skip (PCM/MP3), and detachable stereo speakers
  • 30 FM/AM station presets, includes FM and AM antennas
  • World/local time settings, dual alarms and snooze button; wake to radio, CD, or buzzer
  • 5 EQ presets, bass boost, auto power-off, and 20-track CD programming; 15-, 30-, and 60-minute sleep timer
  • Includes 4 AA batteries, an AC power adapter, and stereo headphones

Eton Sound 50 Speaker System for iPod (Astro Black)

Eton Sound 50 Speaker System for iPod (Astro Black) Lowest used price: $27.98
Brand: Grundig
Model: Eton Sound 50

Stereo iPod docking stationwith remote controlProduct InformationThe Eton Sound50 Speaker System for iPod features aninnovative design and smooth lines that meld smoothly with your iPod tocreate a bold new way to listen.  Share all of your favoritemusic downloads by simply docking your iPod and letting the soundstream forth from the speakers.  The remote control makes iteasy to adjust the volume or select a new song.  And there's aspecial bonus too: the Eton Sound50 charges your iPod as you listenso you never have to worry about draining the battery ever again.Product Features Seamless playback of all audio from your iPod inroom-filling hi-fidelity sound Dual twin full range drivers and micro tweeters to providebalanced sound across the entire frequency range Charges iPod during playback or whenever docked Provides full control of iPod from across the room via theincluded remote Small pact design allows placement in any corner of thehome or office while maintaining portability Speaker system features integrated LED power and volumeindicatorsIncludes Sound50 Speaker System Remote control iPod trays to fit different models AC Adapter 3.5 mm male:male cordSpecifications Color:  Black Dimensions:  10" x 6" x 5.75"(W x H x D) Weight:  2.30 lbs. Power Source:  AC (AC Adapterincluded) Amplifier Output Power:  7 x 2Watts (L: 7 Watts R: 7 Watts) Compatibility iPod Shuffle:  2ndGeneration (1 GB); 1st Generation (512 MB 1 GB) iPod Nano:  2nd GenerationAluminum (2 GB 4 GB 8 GB); 1st Generation (1 GB 2 GB 4 GB) iPod:   5th Generation Video(30 GB 60 GB 80 GB); 4th Generation Color Display (20 GB 30 GB 40GB 60 GB); 4th Generation (20 GB 40 GB); 3rd Generation (10 GB 15GB 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB); 1st and 2nd Generation (5 GB 10 GB 20 GB) iPod Mini:  1st Generation (4GB 6 GB) Note:  Remote batteries are included but are notguaranteed.

Listening to your iPod has never been so attractive! With its innovative design and sleek style, the Etón Sound 50 was designed to enhance your iPod audio collection. Enjoying your playlist is as easy as

A sleek profile fits well in any décor. View larger.

Just plug in your iPod and enjoy great sound.
plugging your iPod into the docking station and letting it charge while you listen and enjoy without any interruption. With its gorgeous design, the Etón Sound 50 can easily be used as a piece of your home or office décor.

The Sound 50 offers seamless playback of all audio from your iPod in room-filling, high-fidelity sound, as dual twin full range drivers and micro-tweeters provide balanced sound across the entire frequency range. As mentioned, plugging your iPod into the Sound 50's dock delivers a charge to the iPod whenever it's connected. An adapter tray is included, as well, which allows various iPod models to fit the Sound 50.

Meanwhile, an included remote gives you complete control over your iPod, so you can select and adjust your music from the couch or easy chair. Integrated LED power and volume indicators give you a clear read on the Sound 50's status. An AC adapter is included, as well.

The Etón Sound 50 is also available in Glossy White.

iPod Compatibility
iPod nano 1G, iPod mini, iPod 4G (Clickwheel), iPod Color, iPod 5G/5.5G Video


  • Seamless playback of all audio from your iPod in room-filling, hi-fidelity sound
  • Dual twin full range drivers and micro tweeters to provide balanced sound across the entire frequency range
  • Integrated LED power and volume indicators
  • Provides full control of iPod via remote
  • Compatibility: iPod nano (1G only), iPod mini, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video

Remanufactured Grundig G2000A AM/FM Shortwave Radio

Remanufactured Grundig G2000A AM/FM Shortwave Radio Lowest used price: $90.50
Model: G2000A-R

1 Year Limited Warranty

If you're looking for a solid pocket radio, and you think you might enjoy tuning into broadcasts from around the globe, consider the remanufactured Grundig G2000A world receiver. As the big brother to the G1000A, this radio packs a ton of value and functionality into a handheld radio that lets you listen to stations near and far.

A stylish, pocket-sized way to bring clear AM/FM and limited shortwave radio reception with you wherever you go. View larger.

A sleek leather case protects the radio. View larger.

Band selection on the top. View larger.

Small enough to take anywhere. View larger.
Design and Controls
Measuring 5.5 by 3.6 by 1.4 inches (W x H x D) and weighing under 12 ounces, the G2000A certainly fits in the pocket-sized radio category. Notably, this radio was designed by F.A. Porsche and features a stylish, snap-on leather case. The case protects your radio from dents and dings, but also doubles as a handy fold-back stand that makes it easy to position the radio in an upright position on your desk or coffee table. You can even snap the cover closed, and the thoughtful design does not hinder access to the antenna, speaker, or power button.

Most of the action can be found on the front of the unit, where you'll find a direct frequency entry keypad, as well as buttons for auto-scanning (hold down the "H" or "M" tuning buttons for a moment, and the auto-scan takes over), power, meter (shortwave band selection), sleep, memo/time set, and alarm. In addition, the front of the unit features a slide-switch that locks the keypad, and another that allows you to select between radio and buzzer for the alarm. All of these controls, as well as the LCD display, are arranged to the right of the G2000A's built-in speaker.

On the left side of the G2000A you'll find a 3.5 mm connector for headphones and a DC jack power port. Grundig has included a set of earbud-style earphones for private listening right out of the box, or you can share broadcasts with other listeners via the small, built-in speaker on the front of the device. In addition to the power port and headphone jack, this side of the radio also sports a mono/stereo slide-switch. The top of the unit features the slide volume control and a switch for FM, MW (commonly known as AM), SW1, and SW2. The SW1 position holds six shortwave band selections, and the SW2 holds seven. Once you select SW1 or SW1, you can then scroll through various bands with the meter button on the front of the unit. The G2000A also features a telescoping antenna on top of the unit that extends to over 20 inches for FM and shortwave reception, and there is a built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM reception. In addition to AC power (not included), the G2000A can also run off of three AA batteries.

LCD Display
The G2000A's display is crisp and clear, with a clean layout that makes it easy to control the radio's tuning, clock, and timer functions. When the radio is off, the display shows the time of day. When the radio is on, the display shows the frequency, but if you want to check the time or alarm settings, simply press the mode button to scroll through the other settings. This doesn't disturb your broadcast, and it allows you to check the time without turning the unit off--a nice touch for a pocket-sized radio. Selecting shortwave meter bands is a breeze with this display, as you simply push the meter button until the meter you want is displayed on the screen. The radio's memories are easy to browse and recall on the display, as well.

The display provides other icons for even greater information. For example, two arrows in the upper left-hand corner light up when a station is correctly tuned; a small infinity sign indicates stereo reception for FM; the word "alarm" appears on the screen when the alarm is set, and a small bell or musical note indicate a buzz or radio wake-up. The G2000A even has an empty battery icon that lets you know when your radio is almost out of juice. You can also press the light button on the front of the device for viewing the display in the dark. However, the light feature shuts off if you lift your finger from the button, making it difficult to change settings or tune the unit in the dark. We would have liked to see a light that turned on and off with the press of a button, as opposed the G2000A's wristwatch-style illumination.

Tuning Options
Tuning the G2000A is straightforward. The radio tunes MW, FM, and shortwave signals, and you can choose from manual, auto-scan, or direct frequency entry modes. If you're new to shortwave, auto-scan will quickly become your friend. With it, we quickly made discoveries, and heard stations from all over the world--although our limited language skills made it difficult to always know exactly to whom or what we were listening. We found the manual, up/down button press-tuning the most laborious, but with it, very meticulous tuning is possible.

The G2000A allows you to program 20 stations into the memory, five on each band. Considering the impressive memory system of some other pocket-sized radios (many will store over 500 frequencies), we were a little disappointed with the G2000A's station storage. However, once stored, recalling the memories is pretty easy thanks to a straightforward onscreen interface.


  • Very compact, given the radio's features and reception quality
  • Clear layout of functions on the LCD
  • Simple, accurate shortwave tuning
  • Unimpressive, wristwatch-style illumination
  • Limited memory for station storage
What's in the Box
G2000A radio, leather snap-on case, earphones, shortwave guide, user's manual.


  • Compact AM/FM/shortwave radio with stylish housing designed by F.A. Porsche
  • Digital frequency readout displays accurate frequency stepping for all 3 bands
  • Up/down, auto scan, and numeric keypad tuning; 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack
  • 20 station presets (5 per band); measures 5.5 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches (W x H x D)
  • Remanufactured to like-new condition; 1-year warranty

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