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JBL Duet Speaker System for Portable Music and PC - White (Pair)

JBL Duet Speaker System for Portable Music and PC - White (Pair) Lowest used price: $73.93
Brand: JBL
Model: 4951-DUET

The JBL Duet Multimedia system provides smooth and accurate sound for any portable music player or computer. With its incredibly easy set-up and use, Duet is a sophisticated approach to achieving great two-channel sound.


  • 2-channel speaker system for use with portable audio devices
  • Generates smooth and accurate sound for handheld MP3 players and CD players
  • Patent-pending TSR technology improves bass and lowers distortion
  • 60 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response; >70 dB signal-to-noise ratio
  • 12 watts total power (6 watts x 2)

Harman Kardon DC520 Dual Cassette Deck (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Lowest new price: $318.00
Lowest used price: $109.00
Brand: Harman Kardon
Model: DC520

A cassette deck may not top your current list of hot components to try out, but this HK dual-well deck is a sizzler. We loved the DC520's design, operation, sound, and looks--nothing gets in the way of recording and enjoying good music here.

Setup and the realization of the deck's many functions were both instantaneous--a quick review of the DC520's attractive front panel is all you need (there's no remote, after all). The two-color display shows deck status, record mode, tape direction, and tape counters. A small balance knob governs a large input-level adjuster, a two-position switch manages the auto-reverse feature, and a Dolby NR (noise reduction) setting lets you select Dolby B, C, or "off."

Other functions include high-speed dubbing, record mute (which inserts a four-second pause during recording), and a sexy feature called Sync Reverse, which uses auto-reverse to intelligently manage tape copying with tapes of unequal length. If the playback tape is longer, the tape being recorded will end up missing the ends of each side. If the record tape is longer, the DC520 will wait until the record tape winds to the end of its first side before starting in on the second side of the playback cassette.

The DC520's most salient feature has to be its sound, and at a time when CD and minidisc are coupling to inch the poor old cassette off the playing field, that's saying a lot! The fact is, though, we all have boxes of old tapes lying around that we just can't bear to part with, and the DC520 made it fun to dig them out and give 'em another pull across the tape heads. Tapes that were 15 years old--rife with dropouts and fading signals--came to life again in the wells of this deck. The DC520 brings a stability and warble-free confidence to the playback that other cassette decks (to say nothing of boomboxes) can't seem to muster.

The recordings we made sounded clean and punchy, much like their digital sources. Dolby HX Pro reportedly allows the deck to accurately record distortion-free treble frequencies at high input levels. Owing it to HX Pro or not, the DC520 performed very well under duress; distortion was not apparent even when levels were pushing the +6 dB maximum on the meter.

In recording, the pause button works great, letting you pause and resume on a dime for quick transitions on mixed tapes. But while the pause button makes perfectly silent transitions, stopping a recording leaves a sizeable click on the tape. So if it's between hitting Stop and letting the tape run to its end, choose the latter. (There is no click when pressing Record.)

Noise reduction was hit and miss. Dolby C effectively reduces tape hiss, but the sound quality is not as pleasing as it is with Dolby B or, best of all, Dolby off. If you're taping busy music like pop, rock, or much jazz, don't bother with the Dolby--you'll never notice the tape hiss. Dolby C comes in handy, however, with classical music or other dynamic material, keeping quiet notes from being buried under tape hiss.

Scant few component cassette decks include volume controls for their headphone jacks, and the DC520 follows the herd here--as if tapes were inherently recorded at the level at which you want to listen to them!

Quibbles aside, the DC520 is a remarkable cassette deck, offering optimal recording and playback of a convenient little format that refuses to die. --Michael Mikesell


  • Simple setup and operation
  • Great sound
  • Responsive, full-logic controls
  • Forgiving record levels
  • Durable construction


  • No remote control
  • Records a click when you hit Stop
  • No volume control for headphone jack


  • Dual-well deck
  • Dual auto-reverse
  • Sync Reverse
  • Dolby HX Pro
  • Peak-level meter

JBL HTI-55 5" Dual 2-WAY 120 Watt In-wall Speaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

JBL HTI-55 5" Dual 2-WAY 120 Watt In-wall Speaker (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest new price: $249.00
Brand: JBL
Model: HTI-55

Dual 5" 2-Way 120-Watt In-Wall LCR Speaker


  • Power handling: 120 watts
  • Aluminum cone 5" woofers
  • Swivel-mount 1" pure titanium-dome tweeter with EOS waveguide
  • Frequency response: 40Hz ¿ 20kHz
  • Cut out:14" X 6"

Similar Products:

JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System

JBL Creature II 3-Piece Powered Speaker System Lowest used price: $63.00
Brand: JBL


  • The JBL Creature II speaker system includes a touch volume control.
  • The Creature II audio system utilizes a straightforward interconnect technology.
  • The powerful subwoofer provides clean, low bass.
  • The mini stereo jack connection allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of devices including digital music players, computers, stereos and portable listening devices.
  • Both speakers and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded to provide the greatest protection against image distortion on a computer monitor.
  • The JBL Creature comes with unique "capacitance touch" volume control buttons on the right satellite.
  • Both satellites also have down firing LEDs for a cool desktop look in minimum lighting environments
  • SPEAKER SYSTEM: Input Impedance: >5k Ohms
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >80dB
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
  • Input Sensitivity: 400MV RMS for rated power
  • Voltage Input: 120 VAC
  • Drivers One Odyssey +' transducer
  • Power Rating 8 Watts per satellite at 10% (THD+N)
  • Drivers One 4" Magnum' transducer
  • Power Rating 24 Watts at 10% (THD+N)
  • Crossover Frequency 180Hz


  • Right satellite features unique Capacitance Touch volume control buttons
  • Bass and treble are adjusted via controls on the subwoofer
  • Both satellites have downfiring green LEDs, for a cool desktop look in minimum lighting environments
  • Compatible with any Windows or Macintosh desktop or laptop personal computers equipped with audio output or a headphone jack
  • Also great to use with portable MP3 players and CD players -- simply plug into the headphone jack

JBL OnTour Portable Music Box

JBL OnTour Portable Music Box Lowest new price: $80.00
Lowest used price: $49.50
List price: $99.99
Brand: JBL
Model: 4955-TOUR

The JBL On Tour is a compact, lightweight, high performance sound system. Connected to your MP3 player or other music source, the On Tour will provide hours of clean, powerful sound.

Share your music while on the road with the Harman JBL on Tour portable speaker system, which features an integrated protective cover that slides open to reveal a pair of full-range speakers. The slightly curved chassis measures 7 by 1.4 by 3.5 inches (W x H x D) when closed. When open, the cover shifts focus to serve as a stand, pointing the speakers upward to produce optimal sound on a flat surface. The system is compatible with most portable audio players thanks to its stereo mini-jack connection, which hooks up to such devices as the iPod, iPod mini, and a variety of other MP3 players, CD players, desktop computers, and laptops. The JBL on Tour is also easy to control, with a touch volume pad that both manages the volume and mutes the sound when desired. The speakers also remember the previous volume setting once the system shuts down.

Unlike many portable speaker systems, the JBL on Tour prides itself on its steady bass and clear, accurate audio. The device employs Harman's digital amplifier technology and Odyssey aluminum-domed transducers to deliver a full, rich frequency response that extends from low bass notes to high-end tones. In addition, the system uses computer-optimized equalization to improve the soundstage and an advanced energy management system that keeps the unit from wasting battery power during use. Additional features include gripping rubber feet below the speakers, an audio input cable, and a universal AC adapter. When used as a portable system, the JBL on Tour provides more than 24 hours of continuous play on four AAA batteries. The device also includes a low battery alert.

What's in the Box
JBL on Tour speaker system, audio input cable, AC adapter, user's manual.


  • Easy-to-use touch-controls touch volume control just a touch increases or decrease the volume.
  • The sliding cover protects your sound system and serves as a stand when open.
  • He surface gripping rubber feet provide a stable platform on most surfaces.
  • A universal AC adapter allows for easy worldwide use. An audio input cable is also included.
  • On tour also remembers your last volume setting even after the system shuts down.

JBL Time Machine Alarm Clock/Dock for iPod (Black)

JBL Time Machine Alarm Clock/Dock for iPod (Black) Lowest used price: $44.49
Brand: JBL

Halo acoustics gives 360 degrees of sound, a large, backlit LCD, an iPod Universal Dock, an alarm clock, AM/FM radio & a line-in for other audio products Signal-to-Noise Ratio - >80dB Voltage Input - 100 - 230 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, for use around the world Dimensions - Width - 7 x Depth - 3.5 x Height - 1.4

Rise and shine every morning to your favorite music stored on your iPod instead of fuzzy radio stations with the uniquely designed JBL Time Machine Alarm Clock/Dock. The speakers are encased in an O-shaped bridge above the dome-shaped dock with digital clock. In addition to the iPod dock, it includes a radio, clock and dual alarm. Its two Phoenix aluminum-domed full-range transducers are driven by powerful neodymium magnets. The Ridge tweeter provides accurate high frequencies. This two-way design provides a full, rich frequency response from the lowest bass to the highest highs.


  • Compatibility: JBL On Time incorporates the Apple iPod Universal Dock adapter and is compatible with most docking versions of the iPod, including nano and 5G versions. A stereo mini jack connection allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices, including the iPod shuffle, MP3 and CD players, desktop and laptop computers (all platforms), and satellite radio.
  • Easy-to-Use Music and Navigation Controls: Just a touch increases or decreases the volume; another touch allows you to choose iPod, radio or auxiliary as your source. The five FM and five AM radio channel presets are simple to program. And JBL On Time remembers your source and the last volume setting, even after your music source is turned off.
  • Time and Alarm Features: Wake up to a favorite song youÕve stored on your iPod. The intuitive user interface allows for all functions to be programmed easily using navigation buttons that provide instant access to the menus. Change settings such as language, alarms and snooze. The automatic time-set feature provides one-button time setting.
  • Display: The large backlit LCD is easy to read, making menu navigation a snap. Automatic dimming provides the correct brightness level in any environment. A dome light provides a glow for your iPod; lighted buttons are easy to find in the dark.
  • Halo Acoustics: The horizontal acoustic level optimization, or Halo acoustics, design provides a full, rich sound field from any direction. The upward-firing tweeter and horizontal low and midrange transducers provide a 360-degree sound field.
  • OnePoint Design: The OnePoint iPod connectors provide the connection to your computer. Connect the standard iPod cable to the rear of JBL On Time and, every time you dock your iPod, youÕll have a connection for synchronizing.
  • Evercharge Topology: Provides power to charge your iPod, even when itÕs not connected to the computer, or the system is off.
  • Backup Battery: The unit's memory is kept by a backup battery. Even with the power out, JBL On Time will provide the alarm function.
  • TimeCrawler: You can set the clock automatically from any local radio station that transmits the time in its signal.
  • OCT (Optimized Compression Topology): JBL On Time utilizes a proprietary compression technology to ensure clean, accurate sound at high output levels.
  • Power Output: 6 Watts per channel (left, right, tweeter)
  • Dimensions: 10 by 10 inches (WxH)

iPod Compatibility
iPod nano 1G, iPod nano 2G, iPod mini, iPod 3G, iPod 4G (Clickwheel), iPod Color, iPod 5G/5.5G Video


  • Wake up to favorite songs stored on your iPod--also includes radio and dual alarm
  • Large backlit LCD is easy to read, making menu navigation a snap
  • O-shaped, two-way speaker design with 6 watts of power per channel
  • Upward-firing tweeter and horizontal low and midrange transducers provide a 360-degree sound field
  • Compatibility: iPod nano (1G and 2G), iPod mini, 3G iPod, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video

JBL On Stage Speakers for iPod

JBL On Stage Speakers for iPod Lowest used price: $59.99
Brand: Harman Kardon
Model: JBL OnStage

Get clear, crisp sound straight from your MP3 player with this docking speaker system.


  • Compatible with all iPods
  • Use the Mini adapter and the included spacer/pad for the Nano
  • 4 aluminum domed Odyssey drivers provide rich, full-bodied sound
  • Easy-to-use touch volume control, with mute and unmute functions
  • Charges iPod using wall charger or computer connection

JBL Creature Multimedia Computer Speakers ( Silver ) - REFURBISHED

JBL Creature Multimedia Computer Speakers ( Silver ) - REFURBISHED Lowest used price: $75.00
Brand: JBL


Harman Kardon AVR 7000 Dolby Digital/DTS Audio/Video Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Harman Kardon AVR 7000 Dolby Digital/DTS Audio/Video Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest new price: $649.95
Lowest used price: $729.00
Brand: Harman Kardon
Model: AVR 7000

Heading up Harman Kardon's superb line of surround receivers is the flagship AVR 7000, which cranks out 100 quality watts to all five channels across the audible frequency spectrum. Harman Kardon, long a champion of the importance of high current over high power, offers both in this model: the AVR 7000 delivers a staggering 75 amps of High Current Capability (HCC) to drive the most demanding speaker loads without distortion.

And while sound quality is definitely a priority here--we're talking about Harman Kardon, after all--a lot of circuit-design and digital signal processing know-how went into this receiver.

Most significantly, the receiver offers Harman's exclusive Logic 7 and VMAx surround modes (intelligent 5.1- and two-channel surround matrices for any sound source--stereo or otherwise) and onboard decoding of Dolby Digital and DTS surround formats in addition to HDCD. Throw in 30 FM/AM station presets alongside S-video and component-video switching, and you're looking at your key to top-flight music and home-theater enjoyment for well under $2,000.

The AVR 7000 can also supply sound for two rooms (with the use of an external infrared remote sensor), and the receiver comes with one set of stereo RCA outputs, composite- and S-video outputs, and a separate, limited-function remote control for this purpose.

With all of its features, however, nothing gets in the way of sound performance. The tone controls--the AVR 7000 offers actual bass and treble knobs--can be taken out of the audio circuit to keep the audio signal path as short and clean as possible. In listening to CDs through either the analog or digital inputs, we found that the AVR 7000 opens a big, natural window on the music. (We recommend using your CD player's analog outputs only if it has no digital outputs or if it's a player with extremely high-quality analog circuitry.)

With the AVR 7000, the qualities we expect from separates (preamplifier and amplifier components) but don't usually get from integrated receivers abound: a wonderful sense of air and ambiance; complex layers of rich harmonics; a beautiful nuance in vocal delivery; wide dynamics and subtle microdynamics; smooth, extended high frequencies; and a bottom end that is at once powerful and well defined but never muddy.

Surround decoding of Dolby Digital- and DTS-encoded discs, performed by 24-bit, 96 kHz Crystal DSP (digital signal processing) circuits, is just as impressively clear and dynamic.

The AVR 7000's biggest drawback is that you can't adjust the speaker delays for surround formats other than Dolby Digital. Because most living rooms do not lend themselves to optimal home-theater speaker placement, it's standard for receivers to let you input and store the distance (in either feet or meters) from your various speakers to your primary listening position. This ensures that the sounds from your speakers arrive at your ears simultaneously, as if you were equidistant from all speakers. You can, however, adjust the relative volume levels of each channel, which is actually more important than adjusting the delay times.

In practice, the AVR 7000's surround sound coherence is excellent, even with DTS-encoded multichannel music CDs (though the presentation in one of our less ideal rooms was not as seamless as it might have been).

The AVR 7000 also lets you toggle between a given component's analog and digital outputs from the remote control--a function that few receivers offer. Granted, this feature will appeal mainly to audiophiles who are interested in comparing, for instance, the sound of a component's analog outputs to its digital output, or the effect that different analog audio interconnects have on the sound (using the digital output as a reference). But Harman excels in this kind of detail-oriented feature, and it's good to know it's available here.

Unlike most of the overhyped proprietary DSP modes out there, Harman Kardon's own Logic 7 (multichannel) and VMAx (two-channel) surround modes work extremely well, in most cases audibly improving over regularly decoded, discrete source material (like Dolby Digital and DTS)--no small feat. Logic 7 also instantaneously generates 5.1-channel information from two-channel material such as CDs, television, VHS tapes, and other sources, letting you take full advantage of your surround system without the annoying artifacts that often accompany such faux-surround algorithms.

Setting up the AVR 7000 is, not surprisingly, a complex and time-consuming effort, but one that pays off. To its credit, the unit boasts a terrific onscreen setup display (though it does reset your settings when you revisit a given parameter), one of the best owner's manuals we've seen, and an uncluttered, illuminated, full-function remote control capable of operating up to eight devices (choose from 17 brands of DVD players and over 80 brands of televisions).

The only other drawback worth mentioning is that the system often takes a few seconds to lock onto a new sound format, whether it's DTS or an HDCD-encoded CD. This means that you'll occasionally miss the first couple seconds of sound, but you can always preselect the format or simply start the track anew. This was not an issue in DVD video titles, where the surround format is usually triggered long before you actually need to hear sound.

When it's all configured and set to go, you'll have most of the home theater world at your remote-clicking fingertips, from full future-ready capabilities in the receiver's 5.1-channel analog inputs (perfect for DVD audio) to component-video switching for videophile DVD video performance.

If you're hankering for top-of-the-line audio performance and highest-level video switching, the AVR 7000 is a real bargain. --Michael Mikesell


  • Sound quality rivals separates
  • Excellent build quality
  • Loaded with features
  • Converts S-video to composite-video
  • Remote control lets you toggle between analog and digital inputs for a given component
  • Controls easy to navigate
  • Defeatable tone controls
  • Future ready with 5.1-channel analog inputs


  • Lengthy setup procedure
  • No speaker-delay settings for DTS surround sound
  • No phono input
  • System can take a few seconds to catch up with a new sound source


  • Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Digital, and DTS decoding
  • 100 watts x 5 channels
  • Ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier with high current capability
  • Multiroom operation
  • Component- and S-video switching

JBL On Stage II with RF Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

JBL On Stage II with RF Remote (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $49.00
Brand: JBL
Model: OnStageII

Building upon the amazing success of JBL On Stage, JBL On Stage II redefines the standard for iPod docking products. When combined with an iPod, the lightweight, compact JBL On Stage II provides rich sound for at-home or at-the-office environments. JBL On Stage II also provides power to charge the iPod even when the computer is in "off" mode. While docked in the JBL On Stage II, the new remote control feature utilizes the latest RF technology to provide reliable control of your iPod from up to 50 feet away. RF technology is more reliable and convenient than infrared control because line of sight with the unit is not required for the remote to work; in addition, longer transmission distances can be achieved. Comprising four Odyssey transducers, JBL On Stage II delivers 12 watts of total power for astonishing bass and clear, accurate sound. The unique sound station is also equipped with easy-to-use touch volume controls, and additional cables for connecting it with other digital music player devices, CD players and laptop and desktop computers. Odyssey Transducers - The four aluminum domed transducers are driven by powerful Neodymium magnets providing a full rich frequency response from the lowest bass to the highest highs COE (Computer Optimized Equalization) - System equalization was computer optimized to provide a rich, complete sound stage OCT (Optimized Compression Topology) - Utilizes a proprietary compression technology to insure clean accurate sound at high output levels Compatible with all iPods Frequency Response 80Hz-20kHz 3.5mm Stereo Line In Power Output - 6 watts per channel Input Impedance - less than 5 Kohm Signal-to-Noise Ratio - less than 80dB Voltage Input - 120 Vac US, 100 Vac Japanese, 230 Vac Europe Dimensions - Diameter 7 inch (175mm), Height 2.0 inch (50mm) Weight - 1.0 pounds (450g)

The JBL On Stage II with RF Remote is a revolution in personal sound for the iPod. The On Stage II is a compact, yet powerful high-performance sound system for iPod and other MP3 players. You can now fill a room with clear, accurate JBL sound with all the volume you can handle. Use the wireless remote to control the music from up to 50 feet in any direction -- even through walls. This device is compatible with most iPod models, including the mini, nano, and 5G versions. (Note: On Stage II does not dock the iPod shuffle.)

In addition to being compatible with most versions of iPod, the On Stage II allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices, such as MP3 and CD players, desktop computers (all platforms), and laptops via a mini stereo jack connection. No matter what device you're using, volume control is a breeze -- just a touch increases or decreases the volume. And if you need to stop the party quickly, touch both pads to mute the system, and then touch them again to bring the music back. The On Stage II is small enough to take on the road for great sound wherever you go. The lightweight, compact sound station can provide full, rich sound in any location. Additional features include the OnePoint iPod connector that provides the connection to your computer, or you can connect the standard iPod cable to the rear of the On Stage II and every time you dock your iPod, you'll be ready for synchronizing and charging.

This device provides power to charge your iPod when it's not connected to the computer -- even if the system is turned off. Just plug your iPod wall charger into the back of the On Stage II and your iPod will charge with or without the system turned on. Adapters for most iPods are provided for easy use of any generation (except the iPod shuffle). Plus, JBL has included an auxiliary audio input cable. The On Stage II combines many proprietary technologies to provide the highest sound quality -- you'll be astonished with the bass and clear, accurate sound. All of this great sound is delivered through four aluminum-domed Odyssey transducers that are drive by powerful neodymium magnets. This design provides a full, rich-frequency response from the lowest bass to the highest highs, and the system equalization has been computer-optimized to provide a rich, complete soundstage.

What's in the Box
JBL On Stage II, RF remote control, auxiliary audio input cable, and an user's manual.


  • The JBL On Stage II with RF Remote is a revolution in personal sound for the iPod.
  • The On Stage II is a compact, yet powerful high-performance sound system for iPod and other MP3 players.
  • You can now fill a room with clear, accurate JBL sound with all the volume you can handle.

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