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Technics RP-DH1200 DJ Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics RP-DH1200 DJ Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest new price: $260.63
Brand: Panasonic

Free-Style Monitoring with Swivel Mechanism

You want absolute quality, style, and comfort on the decks, or at the studio? Technics has the 'phones to fit your needs. Closed-ear designs ensure that you hear every note, folding swing-arms allow for one-sided monitoring, the 24k gold plated stereo plugs make flawless contact, and every set is made to handle very high volumes.

Feature List

  • Locking Replaceable Cord
    An easy to replace locking cord means you never have to toss a working pair of headphones because of a broken cord again. To replace, simply twist and pull to remove the old cord, then insert a new one and twist it into the locking mechanism.
  • Reinforced Joints
    Reinforced joints help prevent breakage in folding parts.
  • Folding Swing Arms
    The RP-DH1200 can easily fold into multiple configurations for standard use, one-sided monitoring and storage.
  • More features
    • Carrying pouch included
    • Large Diameter (50mm) Driver Units
    • High 3,500mW Input Power
    • Swivel Mechanism for free-style listening
    • Padded neck band for added comfort
    • Frequency Response 5Hz-30kHz


  • Locking/unlocking cord for easy replacement without losing the entire headset
  • Reinforced joints to help prevent breakage
  • Folding swing arms for various applications
  • Large diameter driver units
  • Includes carrying pouch

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Technics RS-TR373 Dual Cassette Deck (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics RS-TR373 Dual Cassette Deck (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $137.06
Brand: Technics
Model: RS-TR373

Dual auto reverse cassette deck, 24 hr series playback, advanced tape mechanism w/2motor full logic control. Power eject system, Dolby B/C noise reduction systems, Dolby HX-PRO headroom extension. Auto RECORD level control, FL display w/Electronic counter for both decks. High speed editing w/synchro start/stop. Wireless remote sensor

Get the most out of your audiocassette collection with the Technics RS-TR373, a tried-and-true dual cassette deck with top features. The advanced, full-logic tape transport employs two motors for maximum accuracy and reliability. A power eject system offers one-touch insertion and ejecting of tapes. An advanced tape transport increases rewind speeds, but automatically slows down before it reaches the delicate tape ends. Noise reduction is handled by Dolby B and Dolby C, and the deck also features the most advanced cassette sonic expansion system, Dolby HX-Pro. An electronic counter is provided for both decks via a fluorescent display, and double-speed editing is a snap with the RS-TR373's synchro-start and stop functions. Although record levels can be set manually, the unit boasts intelligent automatic record leveling so you can simply press record and walk away. If you need continuous sound, the unit can be set to play both decks in a loop for up to 24 hours. An infrared sensor is provided for use with a universal remote control (not included). The rear panel features RCA record inputs, as well as an RCA output for connection to your home audio system. An included AC power plug-in on the rear panel makes it easier to plug-in your other components.

What's in the Box
RS-TR373 dual cassette deck, user's manual.


  • 2-motor full-logic control, powered eject system
  • Dolby B, C, and HX-Pro noise reduction
  • Synchro-start recording and high-speed dubbing
  • Fluorescent display with electronic counter for both decks
  • Measures 17 x 5.4 x 11 inches (W x H x D)

Technics SL-PD8 5-CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics SL-PD8 5-CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $144.95
List price: $129.99
Brand: Technics
Model: SL-PD8

5 disc CD changer, digital optical output, quick disc rotation system, disc location display, phone style 10 key keypad, ID scan, wireless remote control

The phone-style keypad on Technics' SL-PD8 5-disc CD changer makes for easy programming, and the wireless remote control allows you to access and change what you've programmed, even in random mode. It also has an edit guide function and easy-to-read disc-location display. The MASH 1-bit DAC and optical digital output promise good sound quality from this CD changer.


  • 5-CD carousel changer
  • Digital optical output
  • Phone-style 10-key pad
  • Intelligent disc scan
  • Disc-location display

Technics SAEX140 Audio/Video Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics SAEX140 Audio/Video Receiver (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $129.95
Brand: Technics
Model: SAEX140


  • 100w per channel stereo amplifier
  • AV remote control
  • 4 audio and 1 vcr input selectors
  • Remote controllable rotary volume knob
  • 30 station fm/am random access presets

Technics SL-PD9 Rotary CD Changer/Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics SL-PD9 Rotary CD Changer/Player (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $44.99
Brand: Technics
Model: SL-PD9

Great sound is guaranteed with the five-disc CD changer from Technics. Full random play, one-disc random play, and spiral play are all options of this unit, in addition to the ability to play one disc while you change the rest. The front-loading rotary design lets you play not only your CDs but CD-R/RW as well. The easy-to-read disc location display and wireless remote control let you lounge back on your sofa and relax to your favorite tunes.


  • Allows changing 4 CDs while 1 continues to play
  • ID Scan
  • Full random play, one-disc random play, and spiral play
  • Plays all audio pre-recorded CD including CD-R and CD-RW formats
  • Delete programming, even in random mode

Technics SL1200MLK2 TurnTable

Technics SL1200MLK2 TurnTable Lowest new price: $1,999.99
Lowest used price: $850.00
List price: $424.99
Brand: Technics

The Technics Direct Drive Turntable is a modern blast from the past allowing you to play all your favorite LP records. Features a Quartz locked direct drive manual turntable with low-mass tone-arm 33-1/3 and 45 RPM, all quartz-locked variable slide-type pitch control (±8%), quick startup and 1 quick braking, wow and flutter 0.01% WRMS, pop-up stylus illuminator, strobe illuminator, gimbal pivoted tone arm with vertical tracking angle adjustment, and aluminum die cast cabinet. Cartridge not included. Silver finish with clear cover. Imported. Total Dimensions: 21Hx16-1/2Wx8-1/2D". Weight: 31 lbs.


  • Very high torque (1.5kg/cm) for quick start ups
  • Highly sensitive low mass tone-arm with gimbal suspension/helicoid tonearm height adjustment
  • Unwavering quartz Direct Drive accuracy: wow and flutter 0,01% WRNMS, rumble -78dB (DIN B)
  • Total Quartz locked continuous pitch adjustment up to 8%

Technics SL-MC7 110+1 CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics SL-MC7 110+1 CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $169.99
Brand: Technics
Model: SL-MC7

110+1 CD Changer, digital optical output, CD text search/scrolling text display. Text edit function, phone-style 10 key enter pad, quick disc change mechanism, front loading mechanism allows to play on disc while changing another, quick single play system. 14 preset grouping files.

The Technics SL-MC7 is a CD megachanger with dignity. It stores 110 discs behind an icy blue display readout and see-through panel, yet it's smaller than a lot of carousel changers that handle only a fraction of the albums.

Accessing your CD collection requires no more effort than flipping down the front panel. There, the discs, loaded in slots, can be played in any order you choose and even categorized according to musical genre.

The single-play slot (that's where the 110 "+1" designation comes from) allows a quick listen to a new or borrowed album without having to remove a disc from your library.

Newcomers to the megascene might wonder how people keep track of which disc is in which slot. There are two ways. The old-fashioned way is to use the enclosed portfolio, a sort of mini-photo album, to store the CD jackets in numerical order. The digital way is a function called CD Text, which reads information off compatible discs (and that's most new CDs) and automatically displays the album title, artist, and songs. When discs offer no such information, it's back to a little old-fashioned work--inputting information manually using the telephone-type keypad on the front panel or remote control.

The rear panel is outfitted with an optical digital output, so your albums can be transferred to another digital format like minidisc or integrated with your surround receiver.

Will the SL-MC7 hold enough music for you? An average compact disc is 60 minutes long. That's 110 hours of music. Is that mega enough? --Kevin Hunt Pros:

  • Moderate size for a megachanger
  • Excellent remote
  • Good sound
  • Optical digital-audio output


    Lengthy pauses between discs (up to 11 seconds)
  • Noisy during disc changes
  • Using the loader carriage requires some practice


  • 110-disc + 1 megachanger
  • Front-loading mechanism with play exchange
  • Text edit/entry
  • Single-play function
  • Group play with 14 preset musical genres

Technics SL-MC4 60+1 CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics SL-MC4 60+1 CD Changer (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $199.99
List price: $249.95
Brand: Technics
Model: SL-MC4

60+1 CD changer, digital optical output, CD text search adn scrolling text display. Text edit function, phone-style 10 key enter pad, Quick disc change mechanism. Front loading mechanism allows to play one disc while changing another. Quick single play system, 14 preset grouping files.

Large-capacity CD changers are among the best bargains in today's audio market, and Technics is one of a handful of companies responsible for bringing them to a broad consumer base. The LS-MC4 61-disc changer/player is a well-crafted component that fits neatly into an entertainment rack while offering just enough storage capacity to keep most music lovers content.

This handsome player defies the "jukebox" description of many changers, measuring as it does less than seven inches high (with a standard width). The entire front-panel lifts down manually to reveal all 61 slots, with slot 1 reserved for single-disc play only. We were impressed with the build quality of the door mechanism, which slides down gently but firmly and doesn't appear prone to breakage. This mega-changer includes an optical-digital output for connecting to an outboard digital-to-analog converter or an surround receiver or processor with digital inputs.

We connected the LS-MC4 to an outboard digital-to-analog converter with a Toslink optical cable, plugged it in, slipped a CD in the single-disc slot, hit play, and whistled the tune of simplicity.

Since programming features can be rather complicated with today's computer-reliant changers, operating instructions are a must-read. Technics deserves credit for providing well-written, concise instructions on the multitude of programming options, including how to categorize discs by music genre (choose from 14, from Ballads to Oldies) and how to input customized text to identify discs (though a growing number of discs offer CD Text, which displays track and artist information automatically).

It took approximately 90 minutes to read the instructions and become comfortable with inputting text using both the remote control and the front-panel numeric keypads, which include letters just like a phone. It took a few trial-runs to get the procedure down, which was encumbered by the computer's 7-second limit to perform text entries. Once we got the hang of it, however, we had the procedure memorized after about half-a-dozen discs.

Obviously, programming 60 CDs is cumbersome and requires an afternoon of leisure time, but it's well-worth the effort, since it eliminates the task of searching for the right CD in a five-foot display rack or, worse, shuffling through the changer in search of a specific title. Once this mega-changer is armed and loaded, it brings added pleasure to general music listening, not to mention parties.

The LS-MC4 should top of any host's list of must-have electronics, since it can play a weekend worth of music with the touch of a button. Although sound quality doesn't seem to be a priority in mega-CD changers, the LS-MC4 is more than adequate for most music lovers, particularly when taking advantage of the fiber-optic audio output. Kudos to Technics for simplifying today's large-capacity CD changers with the LS-MC4.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy to program
  • Compact size
  • Well-designed remote control


  • Cumbersome to access CDs quickly


  • Optical digital-audio output
  • 14 programmable music categories
  • CD Text and customizable text entry
  • Front-loading door
  • Full-function remote control

Technics SL1200M3D Turntable (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Technics SL1200M3D Turntable (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Lowest used price: $626.01
Brand: Technics
Model: SL1200M3D



  • Quartz synthesizer, direct-drive, manual turntable
  • Tonearm type: universal s-shaped low-mass with gimbal suspension
  • Helicoid Tonearm height adjustment
  • Disc slip mat; heavy rubber base material
  • Aluminum Diecast cabinet; silver/black finish; detachable dust cover

Technics SL-1200MK5 - Turntable

Technics SL-1200MK5 - Turntable Lowest new price: $1,999.99
Lowest used price: $850.00
Brand: Panasonic
Model: SL-1200MK5EB

TECHNICS PRO DIRECT DRIV TURNTABLE-SILVER - Professional Direct-Drive Turntable with Brake Speed Control

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