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Digital Compasses

Brunton Gentleman's Compass

Brunton Gentleman's Compass Lowest new price: $134.00
Lowest used price: $105.33
List price: $200.00
Brand: Brunton
Model: F-1894DWB

The vintage, collectible gentleman's compass that pays tribute to more than a century of innovation. Modeled after an original D.W. Brunton design, the 1894 has a swivel-style lid with mirror, classic cardinal direction points, and a lift arm that stops needle movement to extend the life of this historic tool.

Brunton's Gentleman’s Compass pays tribute to more than a century of innovation in navigation. Modeled after an original D.W. Brunton design, this compass is a collectible. The swivel-style lid with mirror opens to reveal classic cardinal direction points. The Gentleman’s Compass features a lift arm that stops needle movement to extend the life of this true piece of history.

Feature Details

  • 2 inches x 2.4 inches x 0.6 inches
  • 2.2 ounces
  • Milled aluminum body
  • Cardinal directions
  • Lift arm to stop needle movement to extend life
  • Swivel-style lid with mirror
  • Room to engrave with name or message
  • Lifetime warranty


    • Brunton Product
    • Includes compass
    • Great for camping
    • Modeled after original DW Brunton design
    • Cardinal directions
    • Made in the USA
    • Overall dimensions: 2x2.40x6
    • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

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  • Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Thermometer (Yellow)

    Suunto Vector Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Thermometer (Yellow) Lowest new price: $399.99
    List price: $219.99
    Brand: Suunto
    Model: 518K02R

    • Altimeter with vertical speed measurement and altitude alarm
    • Barometer with pressure difference measurement
    • Compass with leveling bubble for more accurate reading
    • Multiple watch functions
    • Light plastic housing in a selection of colors
    • User replaceable battery

    All the data you need in the outdoors is just a glance away with the Suunto Vector Wristop Computer. Get all the functionality of an altimeter, barometer, and compass in a stylish design that won the European Outdoor Award Product of the Year for 1999/2000.

    The Vector looks like a high-end wristwatch, with an ABS plastic body and elastic wristband. The body is black, with a ring of yellow around the dial and an oversized backlit LCD screen. The Vector is made tough, built to be waterproof even submerged up to 100 feet.

    The watch displays day, time, and date with three programmable alarms plus a stopwatch and countdown timer. But the Vector really stands out in its combination of altimeter, barometer, and compass functions. The altimeter allows you to view the current altitude with a range up to 29,500 feet and a resolution of 10 feet. Also view your ascent/descent rate in feet per minute. (All measurements are also available in metric units.)

    The barometer allows you to measure the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, absolute pressure, and a difference measurement to follow changes in barometric pressure and temperature. The automatic four-day memory keeps track of atmospheric pressure information. Another feature is the adjustable sea-level pressure function.

    The Vector's compass shows directional bearing in degrees and cardinal or half-cardinal point. There is a north-south arrow and a bearing tracking function that displays locked bearing, actual bearing, and the difference between these declination adjustments. The compass's bubble level indicates a level position to ensure a reading accuracy to within 2 to 3 degrees.

    The Vector comes with a user-replaceable battery, which lasts up to 18 months, and a low-battery indicator. The Vector is covered by a one-year warranty.


    • Watch, altimeter, barometer, and compass in 1
    • Altimeter with 24-hour memory and log book
    • Bubble level for accurate compass readings
    • 3 alarms, stopwatch, and countdown timer
    • Stylish design, waterproof to 100 feet

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    Wayfinder All-Terrain Auto/Marine Digital Compass

    Wayfinder All-Terrain Auto/Marine Digital Compass Lowest new price: $49.99
    List price: $29.99
    Brand: Wayfinder
    Model: VT220

    Wayfinder VT220 Auto/Marine Digital Compass

    Whether you're looking to rip it up off-road, or just know which direction you're going, outfit your car or boat with this powerful navigational compass that works under the toughest conditions. Created especially for the demands of today’s trucks, SUV’s, and RVs, the wireless Wayfinder All-Terrain Compass is heavy-duty, shock resistant, and works in virtually all automotive environments. The compass provides digitally accurate, precise readings of the direction of travel on an easy-to-read, brightly backlit display. Best yet, it installs in seconds without cumbersome wires.

    Feature Details:

    • Shock resistant
    • Incorporates patented magnetic sensor and dynamic digital technology developed specifically for use in tough conditions
    • Easily installs
    • Adjustable mounting bracket easily mounts to any windshield with heavy-duty suction cups; no hardwiring required
    • Two-mode compass display
    • Direction of travel displayed in eight cardinal points and a digital numeric readout
    • Bright backlight
    • Alerts you when external magnetic interference is affecting compass accuracy
    • Holographic screen provides a crisp display in bright sunlight
    • Conserves battery life by automatically shutting off display unit when no movement is detected for 10 minutes


    • Water resistant up to 10 feet in fresh or salt water; works in any vehicle
    • Shock resistant built to withstand the rigors of outdoor or marine use
    • Includes a 3-volt lithium cell battery and adjustable mounting bracket
    • Measures 3.4 x 2.0 x 1.8 inches; weighs 3.4 ounces
    • Patented Magnetic Sensor Technology

    Navman Navigation iCN 630 3.8-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

    Navman Navigation iCN 630 3.8-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Lowest new price: $299.00
    Lowest used price: $176.80
    Brand: Navman
    Model: AA005303

    Whether driving across country, around town or anything in between, the Navman iCN 630 12-channel GPS receiver includes everything you need for a complete street navigation solution. It features Navtech map data--found in 100% of North America's in-car vehicle systems--and Navman's powerful street mapping software. It includes a windshield/dashboard mounting bracket and vehicle power adapter.

    The iCN 630 gives you precise, vocal turn-by-turn instructions throughout your journey. It indicates which lane to get into when approaching difficult intersections, such as motorway entrances and large roundabouts.

    Other features include:

    • Variable map and navigation screens allow you to choose your preferred navigation screen, including Map Display only or Map and Navigation Instructions.
    • Navigate by an address to a door, a street name, an intersection, or to a point of interest selected from the integrated map database.
    • Automatic calculation of any route brings you Back-On-Track fast if you take the wrong turn.
    • Automatic zooming occurs when driving with overlay arrows showing the exact turn to take when you approach an intersection.
    • Edit the Destination menu to navigate to your Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant etc. without having to enter the same details over and over again.
    • Two-inch advanced TFT color display with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution; large 2-inch speaker for vocal instructions.
    The iCN 630 has 64 MB of internal memory available for storing maps, and is also compatible with Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMedia (MMC) memory cards for additional map storage.

    What's in the Box
    This package contains the ICN 630 GPS receiver, two CD-ROMs (with In-Car Digital Navigation Software and detailed street maps), vehicle windshield and dashboard mounting bracket, 12/24 V vehicle power cable, USB cable, protective carrying case, and quick start guide.


    • 12-channel GPS receiver for car navigation
    • Precise, vocal turn-by-turn instructions
    • Two-inch advanced TFT color display with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution
    • Map storage: 64 MB of internal memory, compatible with SD and MMC memory cards
    • Includes a windshield/dashboard mounting bracket and vehicle power adapter

    PNI Wayfinder V2000 Deluxe Vehicle Information Center

    PNI Wayfinder V2000 Deluxe Vehicle Information Center Lowest new price: $74.00
    Lowest used price: $33.99
    List price: $99.95
    Brand: PNI
    Model: V2000

    Intelligent guidance for your vehicleand more! Now drive with confidence as the Wayfinder V2000 Digital Compass System guides you on your way with pinpoint precision. The Wayfinder Compass System has a patented digital compass that constantly displays your heading, the temperature, and warns for ice-alerts! Order now!

    The V2000 deluxe vehicle information center uses PNI's patented magnetic sensor technology--the same compass technology used in GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles. And its sleek new design and metallic finish will get everyone's attention.

    The PNI V2000 is packed with a variety of smart features, including automatic shutoff when the vehicle is parked for a few minutes, and distortion warning when magnetic interference from an outside source--such as a steel bridge--is affecting compass accuracy. An intelligent photo diode senses light conditions and turns the backlight on or off automatically. An ice alert displays at 35 degrees Fahrenheit (or 1 degree Celsius) to warn of freezing conditions and potential black ice.

    It's easy to mount on a windshield with suction cups, and comes with an adjustable bracket for optimal viewing (even on vertical windshields) and a structural design that reduces vibration. It provides accurate compass bearings within 5 degrees and operates on a long-life lithium battery for over 1,200 hours (without backlight usage). An included 12-volt adapter fits into a lighter socket to save battery life.


    • Three-mode compass shows direction with compass rose, 16 cardinal points, and 5-degree numeric digits
    • Bright backlight turns on/off automatically using Photo Diode sensor
    • Measures inside or outside temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
    • Stores one bearing point heading into memory to stay on desired course>
    • Holographic LCD improves brightness and contrast while removing glare; easy one-step calibration

    Brunton Nomad V2 Digital Compass

    Brunton Nomad V2 Digital Compass Lowest new price: $45.00
    Brand: Brunton
    Model: F-NOMAD-V2

    NOMAD V2 digital compass - Our digital compass offers easy navigation with the push of a button. Find your way with this forward and reverse bearing compass. Not only does it navigate, it informs. Get current temperature readings, time and date, and daily alarms.

    Enjoy straightforward, precise navigation with the push of a button with the Brunton Nomad V2 digital compass. The Nomad V2 offers forward and reverse bearing and is declination adjustable, helping you compensate for regions with magnetic variation. Even better, the compass not only navigates, but it informs as well, with current temperature readings in C or F, time and date readings, and daily alarms that keep you on your toes. The device even includes a built-in bubble level (with +/- 2-degree accuracy) for determining whether a surface is flat or uneven. The end result is a reliable compass that makes a great outdoor travel companion.

    The Nomad V2 comes with a 3-volt lithium battery and a lanyard and is backed by a one-year warranty.

    What's in the Box?
    Nomad V2, 3-volt lithium battery, lanyard, user's manual.


    • Easy-to-use digital compass with intuitive 1-button operation
    • Forward and reverse bearing; bubble level with +/- 2-degree accuracy
    • Declination adjustable for regions with magnetic variation
    • Temperature readings in C or F; clock/calendar with daily alarms
    • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

    Digital Talking Compass - English-French speaking

    Digital Talking Compass - English-French speaking Lowest new price: $89.95
    List price: $89.95
    Brand: MaxiAids

    Advanced magnetoresistive compass technology. In the vast Australian bush, orientation is vital. No wonder the world's first talking compass is Australian. Use it in the car (no more wrong turns), in the bush, anywhere. No moving parts. Multilingual capability. Supplementary color display, of 8 points for noisy conditions or the hard of hearing. Powered by two 12 V batteries (not included).

    KVH Azimuth 103AC Digital Compass

    KVH Azimuth 103AC Digital Compass Lowest new price: $1,068.13
    List price: $1,395.00
    Brand: KVH
    Model: 01-0115

    The world's most popular tactical racing compassThe accurate and dependable Sailcomp 103AC is the most widely used, electronic tactical sailing instrument available today. Ideal for racing sailors, the Sailcomps waterproof, remote display provides easy-to-read heading, windshift, and off-course steering information wherever you need it the most. And its standard NMEA 0183 output allows it to interface with other onboard equipment, including radar, autopilots, plotters, PC software, Loran, and GPS. With its simple keypad and easy-to-read display, essential navigation data, and superb compatibility, Sailcomp gives you the edge you need to win races!Highlights:Easy-to-install components designed to military quality standardsAutomatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy (0.5)Waterproof, backlit LCD display with large numerals offers clear viewing during both day and night; additional displays may be added wherever they are neededInterfaces with other NMEA 0183-compatible equipment; links to Loran or GPS to display cross-track error, distance to waypoint, and bearing to waypoint informationSimple, remote push-button selection of head/lift, starting timer, and off-course modes


    • Mounting Style NONE
    • Backlight NONE
    • Output Frequency (mHz) NONE
    • Output Type NMEA 0183

    Cobra GPS 500 1.1-Inch Portable GPS Navigator

    Cobra GPS 500 1.1-Inch Portable GPS Navigator Lowest new price: $75.00
    Lowest used price: $22.00
    Brand: Cobra
    Model: GPS 500

    This Cobra handheld GPS is ready to take you across the world and back. The 18 parallel channels tell you where you are at a moments notice. Store up to 500 waypoints with names and symbols and create up to 20 routes with up to 50 points.


    • 18-channel GPS receiver for faster satellite acquisition
    • WAAS-enabled for 3-meter accuracy
    • 2 MB internal memory for downloading maps
    • Store up to 500 waypoints; 20 routes with 50 waypoints or points of interest
    • Built-in compass and altimeter; includes USB port for PC connection

    Eddie Bauer® Digital Compass

    Eddie Bauer® Digital Compass Lowest new price: $19.97
    Lowest used price: $19.99
    List price: $28.96
    Brand: Eddie Bauer

    Lost? Eddie Bauer Digital Compass to the rescue. SAVE BIG! No directional guesswork! This Digital Trail Compass is dead-on accurate. Plus it has 5 other handy functions including digital clock with alarm, digital thermometer, digital stopwatch and backlight. Truly a must-have item for loads of adventures. Excess spells BIG BUCKS OFF! Easy-to-read display; Use with or without detachable wristband; Uses 1 CR2032 battery (not included). Weighs 5 ozs. Order Up! Eddie Bauer Digital Compass

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