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Panasonic RQ2102 Cassette Recorder

Panasonic RQ2102 Cassette Recorder Lowest new price: $239.99
Lowest used price: $44.99
List price: $38.98
Brand: Panasonic
Model: RQ2102

Panasonic RQ2102 High Quality Portable Cassette Recorder

One-touch recording combined with standard controls such as cue, review, and pause make the Panasonic RQ-2102 a complete portable cassette recorder. The built-in condenser mic allows for easy, automatic recording, and a three-digit counter lets you keep your place. There is a 3-inch dynamic speaker for quality playback. The Panasonic RQ-2102 runs on four C batteries or AC power. An AC adapter is included.


  • Portable design, built-in carrying handle
  • 3-inch dynamic speaker for monophonic sound
  • 1-touch recording
  • Built-in high-sensitivity condenser microphone
  • Operates on 4 C batteries (not included)

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Panasonic PV-V4022 4-Head Mono VCR

Panasonic PV-V4022 4-Head Mono VCR Lowest new price: $449.99
Lowest used price: $125.99
List price: $59.99
Brand: Panasonic
Model: PV-V4022

Panasonic 4 Head . Mono, VCR in perfect working condition, WITHOUT Remote control. Any Multi Brand Universal Remote control will work perfectly for this VCR.

The inexpensive Panasonic PV-V4022 VCR provides a clean picture and an easy-to-use solution to your VCR needs. The four rotary recording heads ensure a high-quality viewing experience, making this high-fidelity mono VCR a perfect fit with smaller TVs anywhere in your house.

Panasonic offers a number of resources to keep the picture clean and clear. The digital autopicture and digital autotracking features adjust the picture quality to reduce static, shaky pictures, and other onscreen distractions. You also get manual tracking controls on the remote and the front of the unit. The V-lock control adjusts the picture when you are using the freeze-frame mode.

Getting started with the PV-V4022 is simple. The VCR will automatically program all available TV channels into memory, and set the clock the first time you plug it in. The onscreen menu allows you to refine the setup by setting recording preferences and preferred channels. The multilingual menu lets you control the PV-V4022 in your choice of English, French, and Spanish.

The PV-V4022 allows you to review your videotapes in a number of ways. In addition to variable speed fast-forward and reverse options, the index and program-end search functions allow you automatically jump ahead or back to selected points on the tape. A one-touch commercial skip option allows you to quickly jump ahead up to three minutes on the tape.

You'll find a number of automated features on the PV-V4022. Inserting a cassette in the VCR will trigger an autoplay function, and once the end of the tape is reached, the PV-V4022 will rewind and eject the tape for you. An autorecord function lets you tape programs with one-touch, and a timer feature lets you schedule recording in advance.

For households with small children, the VCR lock feature can shut down almost all operations, except for timer recording and tape eject. A universal remote is also included to operate your PV-V4022 VCR as well as your TV.

Front-panel A/V input jacks make it easy to hook up camcorders or other components. The PV-V4022 also features a rear-panel composite-video input.

What's in the Box
4-head VCR, remote control, 2 AA batteries, RF coaxial cable, owner's manual.


  • 4-head, high-fidelity mono VCR
  • Digital picture and tracking correction automatically adjust the picture
  • Front and rear composite A/V inputs
  • Commercial skip, program-end search, variable-speed fast forward and reverse
  • Measures 14.19 x 3.69 x 9.56 inches (W x H x D)

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Panasonic PV-V4521 4-Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR

Panasonic PV-V4521 4-Head Hi-Fi Stereo VCR Lowest new price: $499.99
Lowest used price: $53.99
List price: $109.95
Brand: Panasonic
Model: PV-V4521

A breeze to install and operate, Panasonic's PV-V4521 hi-fi VCR offers simplified programming while delivering high-quality audio-video playback and recording.

Affordable and feature rich, the PV-V4521 boasts a four-head design and hi-fi stereo audio output. Front AV inputs let you easily connect a game console or camcorder. The front-panel features menu access, a clock/timer with auto set, and video bit-rate and function displays.

Index and program-end searches simplify recording retrieval and viewing. Onscreen menus and programming instructions are available in English, Spanish, or French. The PV-V4521's commercial skip lets you cruise past commercials in one-, two-, or three-minute increments. A universal remote control is included.

Panasonic backs the VCR with a warranty for a year on parts, 90 days on labor.


  • 4-head VCR offers 1-touch recording
  • Convenient front-panel audio-video inputs
  • Commercial skip and program index search
  • Multi clock display with auto set
  • Includes universal remote control

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Panasonic KXFA83 Toner, 2500 Page-Yield, Black

Panasonic KXFA83 Toner, 2500 Page-Yield, Black Lowest new price: $22.00
List price: $29.99
Brand: Panasonic
Model: KXFA83

The Panasonic KX-FA83 replacement black toner cartridge is designed specifically for use with the Panasonic KX-FL511 Laser Fax/Copier Machine. This easy-to-replace unit will extend the performance of your investment, delivering print and copy resolutions of up to 600 x 600 dpi, depending on your machine settings. Each package contains one replacement toner cartridge.

The Panasonic KX-FA83 replacement black toner cartridge is designed specifically for use with the Panasonic KX-FL511 Laser Fax/Copier Machine. This easy-to-replace unit will extend the performance of your investment, delivering print and copy resolutions of up to 600 x 600 dpi, depending on your machine settings. Each package contains one replacement toner cartridge.


  • For use in Panasonic KXFL511
  • Works in KXFL541, KXFLM621, KXFLM651
  • Also compatible in KXFLM661 and KXFLM671

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Panasonic RN202 Microcassette Recorder

Panasonic RN202 Microcassette Recorder Lowest new price: $209.00
Lowest used price: $66.95
List price: $29.99
Brand: Panasonic
Model: RN-202

Panasonic RN202 Microcassette Recorder is a cheap and easy to use alternative to keeping original recordings on file. If you try to keep a jump drive or SD card file of original recordings the media alone is a budget breaker. Some digital recorders have a permanent memory and no ability to be used for filing. When it comes to recording devices, practical name brand, "old school" cassette recorders make perfect sense.

One-touch recording and two-speed tape control combined with standard controls such as cue, review, and pause make the Panasonic RN-202 a thorough microcassette recorder. Its slim design fits nicely in the palm of your hand. The built-in condenser mic allows for easy recording. The fast-playback feature lets you speed up a tape by 20 percent. The Panasonic RN-202 runs on two AA batteries (not included). It comes in a black finish.


  • 1-touch recording and built-in condenser microphone
  • Fast Playback increases playback speed by about 20 percent
  • Cue, review, and pause controls
  • 2-speed tape selector
  • Slim palm-fit design in black finish

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Panasonic KX-TS3282B 2-Line Expandable Corded Phone with Data Port, Black

Panasonic KX-TS3282B 2-Line Expandable Corded Phone with Data Port, Black Lowest new price: $295.00
Lowest used price: $104.00
List price: $295.00
Brand: Panasonic
Model: KXTS3282B

Panasonic High Quality Phone System with Answering Capability - New Retail Packaging

The Panasonic KX-TS3282B corded speakerphone offers a wealth of features designed to meet the needs of any small to medium sized business. This two-line phone offers automatic line selection with convenient buttons for hold, mute, pause, flash, redial (last ten numbers dialed), speed dial, transfer, call restriction, intercom, and more.

The X-TS3282B offers flexible extension numbering for up to eight extensions (that is, up to seven optional add-on units) and data ports for full integration. The base houses all call features and functions as a speakerphone with adjustable volume control, and accommodates three-way conference calling. A three-line LCD shows all caller ID information and allows users access to up to 50 stored names and numbers.


  • All-Digital Answering System Included
  • One-Touch dialer with memory buttons
  • Speakerphone
  • 2-line corded speakerphone with adjustable volume control
  • Flexible numbering for up to 8 optional extensions
  • Caller ID/call waiting with 50 name-and-number memory
  • Redial, speed dialing, mute, hold, call transfer, and more
  • Head-set jack, wall mountable

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Panasonic DMR-E55S Progressive Scan DVD Recorder / Player , Silver

Panasonic DMR-E55S Progressive Scan DVD Recorder / Player , Silver Lowest new price: $799.99
Lowest used price: $240.00
List price: $349.99
Brand: Panasonic
Model: DMR-E55S

Move into the medium of the future with this Panasonic DVD player and recorder. The sleek, home-theater-size player allows you to record, edit and store digitally on DVD-RAM and DVD-R discs. A high-quality way to preserve your invaluable home movies or record your favorite shows, it also performs as a basic audio and video player with DVD, CD, CD-R and MP3-on-CD playback capabilities. Features progressive scan, hybrid variable bit rate video recording technology with Dolby 2-channel audio recording, 4-mode record (XP/SP/LP/EP) plus FR, 2-channel DVD-Audio play, DVD-Video with surround play, DVD-R and DVD-RAM play, 1-touch record and play function, Time Slip features with chasing playback, playlist playback, 3D Y/C separation, 3D noise reduction, block noise reduction, mosquito noise reduction, A/V and S-video inputs and outputs, and optical digital audio output to Dolby Digital and DTS. Includes remote control. Silver. 3-1/2Hx16-15/16Wx11D". Product Description Panasonic's DMR-E55S DVD player/recorder grants unprecedented recording time on double-sided 9.4 GB recordable DVDs--up to 16 hours, or 8 hours per side (and on standard 4.7 GB discs, in EP mode). The DMR-E55S's joint support of DVD-RAM and DVD-R media provides the best of both worlds: DVD-R for the highest compatibility (letting you share video recordings with virtually anyone with a DVD player) and DVD-RAM (for rewritability and benefits like TimeSlip, chasing playback, and simultaneous play and record). DVD-RAM offers the perfect method for recording and rerecording favorite programs--over 100,000 times on the same disc. Using DVD-RAM, you can also edit your videos on a multi-media computer with video editing/production software.

You can take DVD-RAM discs out of their protective cartridges and play them on PCs equipped with a 4.7 GB/9.4 GB DVD-RAM drive or DVD-ROM drive that's compatible with 4.7 GB/9.4 GB DVD-RAM. In addition to an attractive price tag, the feature-rich DMR-E55S offers the benefits of progressive scan video playback (for use with high-definition and HD-ready TVs), MP3 CD playback, enhanced time-shifting, and instant access times.

With instant recording onto a DVD disc, there's no need to have to find blank space, as with a VHS tape. Just press record and the unit will automatically find space on the disc, much like a computer's disk drive. Panasonic's Time Slip feature lets you replay a scene recorded earlier while a program is still in progress, without disrupting the recording process. And chasing playback lets you watch from the beginning a show whose recording is still in progress.

You can easily transfer your favorite VHS tape recordings to space-saving discs. Personal movie libraries and family videos can be archived, preserved, easily cataloged and accessed, and even edited right from the disc.

Input TBC (time base corrector) removes jitter from the input signal, while 3D Y/C separation circuitry precisely separates the luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) portions of the video signal to minimize dot crawl and color smearing caused by interference between the video signal's Y and C color subcomponents. These functions are particularly effective when recording from analog video sources such as a conventional VCR and camcorder. Combined with the 3D DNR applied during playback, the result can be a surprising restoration of image quality from old videocassettes.

About Progressive Scanning
As a player, the DMR-E55K offers a progressive-scan video output for optimum picture quality when viewing a DVD movie on a high-definition or HD-ready TV. With standard interlaced signals (480i), it takes two passes to build one frame of video: first the even scan lines, then the odd. Progressive scanning doubles the scan lines of an interlaced signal by scanning all 525 lines in 1/60 of a second for each full pass. The higher-density video signal creates film-like DVD images with rich detail, extraordinary depth of field, and precise color reproduction.

Connections include component-, composite-, and S-video outputs, multiple composite- and S-video inputs, an optical digital-audio output for surround-sound passthrough to a compatible (Dolby Digital/DTS 5.1) audio/video surround receiver, and RCA stereo analog audio inputs.

What's in the Box
DVD player/recorder, remote control, remote batteries, user's manual, and a stereo analog audio interconnect/composite-video cable.


  • Records DVD-R, DVD-RAM for best of both worlds; plays DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-R/RW, and MP3 CD
  • Up to 16 hours on a double-sided 9.4 GB DVD-RAM disc; up to 8 hours on a single-sided 4.7 GB DVD-RAM or DVD-R
  • Offers one-touch record, TimeSlip, chasing playback (watching a recording in progress from the beginning), on-disc video editing
  • Progressive-scan video output for seamless, flicker-free picture on high-definition and HD-ready televisions
  • Measures 16.9 x 3.125 x 11.2 inches (W x H x D)

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Panasonic RR-830 Desktop Cassette Transcriber / Recorder

Panasonic RR-830 Desktop Cassette Transcriber / Recorder Lowest new price: $259.99
Lowest used price: $58.96
List price: $249.95
Brand: Panasonic
Model: RR830

Panasonic RR-830 Desktop Cassette Transcriber / Recorder


  • Speed Talk Variable Speech Control
  • VSC Pitch and Speed Controls
  • Remote Review (with Foot Pedal
  • Full Auto Stop

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Panasonic KX-FA92 Plain Paper Film

Panasonic KX-FA92 Plain Paper Film Lowest new price: $12.99
List price: $24.95
Brand: Panasonic
Model: KX-FA92

This is an authorized aftermarket product. Fits with various Panasonic brand models. It has a oem part # KX-FA92.

Getting the best performance out of your electronics generally means using brand-name consumables such as the Panasonic KX-FA92 replacement film for your Panasonic thermal print fax machine. Compatible with model KX-FPG376, the ink film rolls are 164 feet long, enough for approximately 300 single-sided 8.5-by-11-inch pages. This convenient pack includes two rolls, so you'll have a back up handy if the first runs out unexpectedly. Panasonic backs this product with its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • Replacement thermal film for Panasonic fax KX-FPG376
  • Includes 2 164-foot rolls
  • Yields approximately 300 pages per roll
  • Works with KX-FG6550, KX-FP145, KX-FPG376, KX-FPG377, KX-FPG378, KX-FPG381, and KX-FPG391

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Panasonic PV-9451 Hi-Fi VCR with VCR Plus+

Lowest used price: $64.99
Brand: Panasonic
Model: PV-9451

VHS HiFi stereo VCR. Multi brand universal light tower remote control for TV, Cablobox, VCR, and DSS. Auto clock set, trilingual on screen display, channel caption to id 34 channels w/station ID, progrm index search, tape position display, time stamp, VCR+, front audio/video inputs

The Panasonic PV-9451 is an excellent performer loaded with features that make it fun and easy to use. Even without reading the instructions, we had this straightforward product up and running in just a few minutes. This VCR sets the time automatically on the front panel and internal clock displays. (The VCR grabs the data from the local PBS broadcast.) Recording a program is easy with the VCR Plus+ feature; TV Guide and many newspapers list a code number for each program and you simply key the number of your desired program into the VCR.

Thanks to Panasonic's "Dynamorphous" recording heads, pictures held up well even when blown up on a big-screen projection TV and when recording on the slowest (SLP) speed. Hi-fi soundtracks (of action flicks and new concert video compilations) came across full bodied and clean.

The onscreen operating menu is another big help in getting the show up and running. It works smoothly with Panasonic's Light Tower remote, which hosts big buttons that glow in the dark when you hit the Light Bulb button.

Trick play features are decent on this economically priced VCR. We loved the 1 Minute button, which skips through a 60-second commercial in just eight seconds while offering video scanning onscreen. The PV-9451 has only one fast-forward/reverse speed and one slow-motion speed. In addition, this VCR offers index searching and scanning that pauses at the start of each recording segment on a tape. You can also call up an onscreen program index that shows the time, date, channel, and type (optional) of every timed recording made on a tape, as long as the cassette is in the machine. You can record brief index notes at the opening of tape segments.

We have one minor complaint about this VCR: Panasonic's fine-edged recording/playback heads for the SLP mode are excellent if you are watching a slow-speed recording, but they sometimes mistrack when you are watching super long play (SLP) recordings made on older decks. However, standard play tapes--including prerecorded rental tapes--were excellent.


  • Excellent video and sound quality
  • Easy-to-use remote, onscreen menu, and VCR Plus+ features
  • 1-button commercial skip


  • Tracking problems with some tapes made on other machines
  • Cabinet is smaller than "standard" 17-inch-wide components


  • Hi-fi stereo
  • VCR Plus+
  • Multibrand light tower remote
  • Auto clock set with power backup
  • Trilingual (English/Spanish/French) onscreen programming

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