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    YI Dome Camera, 1080p HD Indoor Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision, Motion Tracking - Cloud Service Available (White)

    YI Dome Camera, 1080p HD Indoor Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision, Motion Tracking - Cloud Service Available (White) Lowest new price: $59.99
    List price: $99.99
    Brand: YI
    Model: FBA_93005

    360° Complete Coverage Smart Home System

    YI Dome Camera is your 360° complete coverage indoor security camera system. With YI you are in touch with your home wherever you are.


    Bidirectional rotation supports a 345° horizontal rotation range, and 115° vertical rotation range. With a 112° wide-angle lens, YI Dome Cam captures the full scene with practically zero blindspots. Automatically returns to "Auto-masking" mode for extra sense of security ensuring no recording without your permission.
    Store up to 8 positions as bookmarks and easily return to them at a touch of a button. Choose to auto-cruise horizontally 360° or make pit stops at your selected bookmarks.


    YI Dome Camera keeps you connected with your family always. Check-in with your family through 2-way audio by connecting to live video. Take quick snapshots and easily record videos. With a 360° viewing angle, every spot is covered. Enhanced night vision stays awake while you sleep: With 8 Built-In 940nm (non-invasive) infrared LEDs, YI Dome Cam Night Vision can shoot in the dark for a range up to 3 meters

    YI Home App:

    Monitor your home with YI Home App. View YI Dome Camera along with your other YI Home Camera family in one integrated app. Our Motion Detection Algorithm is YI Dome Cam's safety hallmark. Movements can be accurately picked up and activity alerts are immediately sent to the App. 10 seconds smart motion tracking keeps up with everything, so you don't have to.

    Ease of Use:

    Quick and versatile installation. Place YI where it suits you best: Vertical, Wall Mount or Ceiling. Simple and Flexible Storage Options: Local and Cloud (to be available soon)


    • 1080p High-definition, 112° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range create a complete 360° coverage. Advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads extend the viewing distance to 3 meters in pitch dark with no light pollution, so your baby or pet will not be disturbed by LED glare.
    • Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Intercom Mode: one party to talk and listen at a time or Hands-free Mode: both parties talk and listen freely for maximum flexibility.
    • Receive real-time Activity Alerts while you're out. 10-sec motion tracking records and centers the moving object. Bookmark your favorite positions (up to 8) and return to them at the tap of a button. Select Auto-Cruise to survey the area 360° horizontally or cruise your bookmarks, suitable for large areas that need a quick scan (and tracks moving objects).
    • YI Dome integrates with your YI Home family in one simple interface. User-friendly and intuitive app to customize your settings: activity alerts, auto-cruise, bookmarks, camera sharing, customize schedules, and more. Supports connectivity to a large number of devices with the same app/account for maximum convenience. Available for iOS and Android.
    • Supports YI Cloud to avoid the risk of losing footage from a SD card, ensure all your videos are safe and protected. We provide the most efficient compression and the highest protection of data, so you can be sure that your footage is secure. Reliable Wi-Fi connectivity to access your camera with YI Home App on mobile device, and YI Home App on PC* at anytime, anywhere. Built-in support for 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz (5Ghz currently not supported) Wi-Fi band. *PC App is for viewing only

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    Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub

    Samsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub Lowest new price: $80.00
    Lowest used price: $71.99
    List price: $99.99
    Brand: Samsung SmartThings
    Model: STH-ETH-250

    SmartThings lets you easily control, monitor, and secure your home from anywhere in the world. The heart of your smart home, the Samsung SmartThings Hub will connect all of your different smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and more and let you control them from the free SmartThings app. Receive notifications about what's happening in and around your home and use your smartphone to remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more. Since SmartThings is compatible with a wide variety of smart devices from different companies, once you have the SmartThings Hub and the free app for iOS, Android, or Windows, you can add as many additional SmartThings sensors or other popular Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Internet-connected products as you want to enhance your connected home. The Samsung SmartThings Hub works in the US and Canada.

    If the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a Z-Wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub. To do so in the SmartThings mobile app: 1. Tap the menu 2. Tap the Hub 3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities 4. Tap General Device Exclusion 5. When prompted: 1. Press the System button on the left side of the thermostat's display 2. Press and hold the blank center button until the display changes 3. The first set of numbers/arrows is the "Function" section - Scroll until you find "RF10" 4. The second set of numbers/arrows is the "Setting" section - Select 0 5. Press Done in the lower left corner to save and exit After the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from SmartThings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the Honeywell Programmable Thermostat.

    Note: Please reference User Guide and Specification Sheet below under 'Technical Specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues


    • Your smart home needs a brain, so get started with a SmartThings Hub. It connects wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and makes them work together.
    • Add smart devices and put your home to work. Choose from a wide range of compatible devices, including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more.
    • Use the SmartThings app or Amazon Alexa to control your smart home. Teach your house new tricks by telling it what to do when you're asleep, awake, away, and back home.
    • Power: In-wall power adapter with about 10 hours of backup power from 4 AA batteries (included) Communication. Protocol: ZigBee, Z-Wave, IP. Range: 50-130 feet Operating Temperature: 41 to 95°F. Compatible Brands: Honeywell, Philips Hue, Kwikset
    • Requires an Internet-connected router with an available Ethernet port Requires the free SmartThings app for iOS (8.1 or later), Android (4.0 or later), or Windows Phone (8.1 or later)
    • Compatible Brands: Honeywell, Philips Hue, Kwikset
    • A more powerful processor and local app engine means faster performance and enabled offline processing
    • Hub connects to your Internet router via the included Ethernet cable, the Hub has a ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth radio and also supports selected IP-accessible devices
    • Replaceable batteries provide backup power that keeps the hub operating locally for about 2 hours if there's a power outage
    • Please reference User Guide and Specification Sheet below under 'Technical Specifications' for instructions on how to add devices and troubleshoot connectivity issues
    • Kindly refer user manual and instruction video for reference.
    • Hub connects all of the different smart devices around your home so you can remotely control your home's security, energy usage, lighting, and more,Range: More than 50 to 100-ft, Power Source: In-wall AC (100-240V)

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    1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm, 1 Battery-operated Receiver and 2 PIR Motion Sensor Detector Weatherproof Patrol Infrared Alert System Kit

    1byone Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm, 1 Battery-operated Receiver and 2 PIR Motion Sensor Detector Weatherproof Patrol Infrared Alert System Kit Lowest new price: $24.99
    Lowest used price: $23.00
    List price: $36.99
    Brand: 1byone
    Model: O00QH-0514

    The 1byone driveway alarm provides a solution to alert you the moment someone enters your property. It's not only very convenient but also extremely affordable.
    When movement is detected, the Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor sends a wireless signal to the receiver from up to 100m/328ft away. Adjusting the receiver, you can choose to be alerted by a high or low chime or alarm tone, or instead, with just a silent LED flash. What's more, the receiver can pair with up to 50 sensors, effectively securing a large area. We offer many combinations of sensors and receivers, just choose what best fits your needs.

    To avoid false alarms:
    Don't mount the PIR sensor in direct sunlight (as moving heat sources would trigger the PIR) or in a place affected by wind. When installing outside, it's best to mount it in a shady, protected place with minimal changing temperatures. Also, avoiding mounting on UPVC or metal doorframe surfaces which may reduce the transmission range.

    Power Supply (Receiver): DC 6 V or 1.5 V C Battery x 3 (not included)
    Power Supply (PIR Transmitter): DC 4.5 V (1.5 V AAA Battery x 3 )(not included)
    Motion detecting range: 5 - 8 m/16-26ft
    Operating range: 100m/328ft
    Ring Volume: ≥100dB ( within 0.5 m/1.6ft)

    Box Contents:
    2 x PIR Transmitters
    1 x Receiver
    1 x Instruction Manual
    4 x Wall Plugs
    4 x Screws
    Here at 1byone, we stand by our products 100% with a 12-month warranty. A happy purchasing experience is our #1 priority and we will happily send a product replacement if any issues arise.


    • Reliable Range - Communication range of up to 100m/328ft (the distance from the sensors to the receiver/alarm/chime) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 5-8m/16-26ft to keep you informed and safe.
    • User-Friendly - The alarm in the receiver has a ring volume up to 100dB, 3 mode choices (Sound/LED Flash/Sound and LED Flash) and 3 alert choices (High Volume Chime/Low Volume Chime/Alarm)
    • Dependable Technology - Our sensor uses a state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement within the detection zone. Perfect for long or hidden driveways to allow you just a little extra warning before guests (or intruders) arrive.
    • Expandable - If you have more than one driveway or area you would like to monitor, you can expand this system with multiple sensors and receivers
    • Power Supply - Both 3 x 1.5V type C batteries and the AC power adapter (not included) can be used for the receiver, but don't use them simultaneously in case the host would be burned

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    Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer -58℉~1076℉ (-50℃ to 580℃) Non-contact Temperature Gun with Adjustable Emissivity & MAX/MIN/AVG Display

    Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Dual Laser Digital Infrared Thermometer -58℉~1076℉ (-50℃ to 580℃) Non-contact Temperature Gun with Adjustable Emissivity & MAX/MIN/AVG Display Lowest new price: $25.99
    List price: $27.99
    Brand: Etekcity
    Model: Lasergrip 630

    Hazard-Free:The Lasergrip 630 gives you complete control to measure the temperature of virtually any surface with custom and refined accuracy. Measure temperatures ranging from -58°F to 1076°F from a distance without ever having to come into contact or proximity to hazardous elements.

    Measuring Guide:With dual lasers, there’s no more guessing on what the size of the surface area you’re actually measuring. With a high distance to spot ratio of 16:1, you have the control over how wide of a surface you wish to measure. The two laser pointers will act as a visual guide for your measurements as the Lasergrip will calculate the average temperature of the space between the two laser points. For best accuracy, stand at a distance where the two points overlap. This device also allows you to adjust the emissivity to compensate for different surface textures. Whether scanning the heat on an aluminum tray or concrete road, the Lasergrip will deliver the same dependable accuracy to get the job done.

    Features & Specifications: 1.Measurement Range: -58°F ~1076°F (-50°C to 580°C )
    2.Storage Temperature: -20°C to 50°C (-4 °F to 122°F)
    3.Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 50°C (32 °F to 122°F)
    4.Accuracy:±2% /±2°C
    5.Adjustable Emissivity:0.1-1.0
    6.Resolution: 0.1°F /°C
    7.Distance to Spot Ratio: 16:1
    8.Selected Thermometer units: °C /°F
    9.Response Time: ≤500ms 10.Battery/ Battery Life: 9V / about 12 hours

    Package Included: 1x Etekcity Lasergrip 630 Thermometer 1x 9V DC Battery 1x User's Manual

    Note: 1. This thermometer cannot test the temperature of target objects through across the glass. Besides, the steam, dust, smog will lower the accuracy of testing. 2. To make better accuracy, cover the surface to be measured with masking tape or flat black paint.


    • BETTER ACCURACY+ADJUSTABLE EMISSIVITY: The Distance to Spot Ratio is 16:1, meaning the Laser grip 630 can assure greater accuracy compared with other thermometers with DSR 12:1 or 8:1; Adjustable emissivity improves measurement accuracy across different surface types, just regulate the emissivity of your 630 according to the instruction (0.1-1.0)
    • DUAL LASER+TARGET QUICKER: Dual laser pointers ensure high precision and indicate ideal measuring distance; Measure surface temperature ranging from -58°F ~1076°F / -50°C ~ 580°C, you can choose the unit from °F / °C; Response time: ≤500Ms
    • MULTIFUNCTION: Thermometer with max/min/avg temperatures function; the LCD screen is backlit, it also has an auto-off function and a low battery indicator to extend the battery life so you never accidentally run out of juice (battery included)
    • VERSATILE DESIGN: Infrared technology makes this thermometer handy to measure the surface temperature of various objects especially temperatures above boiling points and below freezing points; Use it for cooking, car maintenance, real estate, Electrical engineering and more
    • NOTE: For best accuracy, the distance between the thermometer and object of Measurement should approximately be 14.17 inches (36cm); Temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects, the measured temperature for humans or animals will not be correct; FDA, FCC, CE approved; Class 2 laser, optical power 0.3-0.49mW; 2-year warranty by Etekcity

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    Fosmon WaveLink 51005HOM Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm, Motion Sensor Detect Alert, Store Door Entry Chime (Operating Range -150M/500FT | 52 Chime Tunes | 4 Volume Levels | LED Indicators)

    Fosmon WaveLink 51005HOM Wireless Home Security Driveway Alarm, Motion Sensor Detect Alert, Store Door Entry Chime (Operating Range -150M/500FT | 52 Chime Tunes | 4 Volume Levels | LED Indicators) Lowest new price: $22.99
    List price: $22.99
    Brand: Fosmon
    Model: 51005HOM

    Business or Home Use
    Fosmon WaveLink Wireless Entry Alert Doorbell can benefit businesses by having one at the front door for retail customers and back door for deliveries. Home owners can utilize it at the front door, back door, mailbox, garage and driveway.

    Motion Sensor
    The motion sensor activates when movement occurs within 16.4ft range x 110°. This transmits a signal to the plug-in portable receiver and alerts you with a ringtone every time the sensor is activated by motion.

    Wireless Plug-in Receiver
    The portable wireless plug-in receiver plugs into any standard 110V outlet. Wire free and easy to install.

    Ringtones with Volume Level
    You can personalize your doorbell with 52 unique ringtones and 4 volume levels.

    LED Indicator
    The receiver and transmitter feature LED indicators that create visual alerts for the hearing impaired.

    Each receiver can be paired with up to 10 transmitters, and each transmitter can be paired with up to 10 receivers.

    The following SKUs are compatible with Fosmon WaveLink Series Receivers, Sensors and Doorbells.

    • Maximum 500 ft / 150 m operating range
    • 52 unique ringtones
    • 4 volume levels
    • LED indicators
    • Transmitter battery: 1.5V AAA Alkaline Battery
    • Receiver voltage: AC110V
    • Transmitter power consumption: <10mW
    • Volume range: 25 to 110dB
    • Detection area: 16.4ft or 5m x 110°
    • Operating frequency: 315/433 MHz ± 2MHz
    • Operating temperature: 5°F to 140°F or -15°C to 60°C
    • Dimension: Receiver: 3.43 x 3.15 x 1.08in or 87 x 80 x 27.5mm; Transmitter: 3.39 x 2.17 x 1.42in or 86 x 55 x 36mm
    • Weight: Receiver: 2.89oz or 82g; Transmitter: 1.90oz or 54g

    Package Contents:
    One (1) receiver and one (1) motion sensor transmitter.
    Includes mounting bracket and batteries for transmitter.


    • [DOOR ENTRY ALERT] Alerting business owner or home owner with wireless doorbell. The ability to sense motion through the front or back door. Portable design to easily install in homes, office, work, retail store, or utilize it for mailbox, garage, driveway or other.
    • [MOTION SENSOR DISTANCE] Fosmon Wireless Doorbell Sensor, detect movements between 16.5ft/5m to 110 degree. Transporting signal to receiver within 500ft/150m in operating range, an activation for the receiver to alert.
    • [RINGTONE] Provide 52 different options of ringtone; from melody sounds to simple basic buzz. Customizing doorbell ring to personal preference whenever you want. Along with 4 volume level control. Never having to miss a visitor or customers walk-in.
    • [VISUAL ALERTS] When the receiver transmitter signal engage, the LED light indicator flashes to perform a visual alter. Great visual indicator for you when listening to music or for the hearing impaired.
    • [WIRE FREE] No wires in-wall installation. Fosmon Wireless Doorbell Sensor is battery operated for fast and easy use. Each receiver can be paired with up to 10 transmitters. Each transmitter can be paired with up to 10 receivers.

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    La Crosse Technology TX29U-IT 915 MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor

    La Crosse Technology TX29U-IT 915 MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor Lowest new price: $17.78
    Lowest used price: $12.10
    List price: $8.74
    Brand: La Crosse Technology
    Model: TX29U-IT

    The La Crosse Technology TX29U-IT 915 MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor is used in conjunction with La Crosse Technology wireless temperature stations that use the 915 MHz Instant Transmission wireless technology.
    In order to establish proper communication between the display and outdoor transmitter it is important that they be set up as follows:
    1. Bring both units inside and have the units 3-5 feet apart with nothing in-between them.
    2. Remove the batteries from both units.
    3. Press one of the buttons on the display at least 20 times to clear all memory. Verify that the display is blank before proceeding.
    4. Using a good quality alkaline battery place them back into the remote sensor; making sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment. Next, taking care not to press any buttons, reinstall the batteries in the display according to the diagram in the battery compartment.
    5. Do not press any buttons for at least 15 minutes after installing the batteries. (Let them establish a good connection.
    An outdoor temperature should be showing on your display. You can now put your outdoor sensor back outside.


    • Remote gauge for wireless tracking of indoor or outdoor temperatures
    • 915 MHz transmission for powerful, continuous communication and transmission range is up to 330 feet
    • Works with La Crosse Technology Weather Stations: WS-7013U-IT, WS-7014CH-IT, WS-7017U-IT, WS-7034U-IT and WS-7215TWC-IT
    • Also compatible with WS-7394U-IT-CH, WS-9077TWC-IT, WS-9080U-IT, WS-9117U-IT, WS-9160U-IT, WS-9611U-IT, WS-9640U-IT, WS-9711U-IT; Measures approximately 5 by 1 by 1-1/2 inches; takes 2 AA batteries, not included
    • Tucked inside the paper product manual is where the you can find the screws

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    Meat Thermometer, Habor Instant Read Thermometer Candy Thermometer with Swiveling Head and Large LCD Screen for Christmas Thanksgiving Turkey Kitchen BBQ Gas Grill Smoker

    Meat Thermometer, Habor Instant Read Thermometer Candy Thermometer with Swiveling Head and Large LCD Screen for Christmas Thanksgiving Turkey Kitchen BBQ Gas Grill Smoker Lowest new price: $9.99
    List price: $27.48
    Brand: Habor
    Model: Habor HCP2 Instant Read Meat Thermometer

    Fast & Accurate

    Digital cooking meat thermometer will give you accurate readings in 5 seconds in both Fahrenheit & Celsius on digital large LCD display. It also has an 15 minute auto shut-off feature to save up your battery.

    Easy to Use

    Simply insert the long temperature probe into your food / liquid and get perfectly cooked food every single time. The 4.8 inch stainless probe is long enough to keeps you from burning your hands while measuring. With very thin needle tip , it can get temperature more precisely and quickly.

    Extreme Versatility

    It also features an extensive temperature range in both Celsius and Fahrenheit going from -49ºF to 392ºF or -45ºC to 200ºC, perfect for meat, poultry, BBQ, smoker, grilling, candy and more.

    Ultra Convenient & Handy

    Meat thermometer also comes with a convenient plastic sheath with pen clip to safeguards the stem against any possible damage when not in use. The digital thermometer is handy to carry anywhere. Perfect for indoor kitchen and outdoor back yard barbecue activities.

    Important Notice

    1.Clean the thermometer and probe with a damp cloth before and after use.

    2.Do not submerse the unit in water or place it in dishwater.

    3.NEVER use the thermometer in a closed oven.

    4.Button Battery (included): 1 X AG13 ( also named LR44), 1.5 V


    For any possible defective products, please contact us first, we will offer you a replacement or refund you.


    • FAST & ACCURATE & INSTANT READ: Instant read thermometer is built in smart precision sensor chip; Digital meat thermometer display reads temp in 5 seconds while inserting the meat, steak, candy, baking bread, milk, water and etc.
    • SWIVELING HEAD DESIGN: Digital Cooking thermometer with flexible swiveling head can rotate 180 degree, which can enable to Read Temperature from different comfortable angels.
    • DIGITAL FOOD THERMOMETER WITH CLIP: Kitchen food thermometer with protective sleeve and clip is easy to storage and carry, keep the long probes sensitive and accuracy. A must kitchen or grilling tool for Thanksgiving party and Christmas party.
    • LARGE SCREEN AND MULTI APPLICATION: Large LCD screen Cooking thermometer offer clearer readouts, food thermometer with large range from -49ºF to 392ºF (-45ºC to 200ºC) is perfect for indoor cooking, deep fry, candy making, bread, smoke meat, water, milk, outdoor grill thermometer for BBQ and more.
    • WHAT YOU GET: A meat thermometer that can auto shut-off after 15 minutes for saving button battery, Plus lifetime warranty and friendly customer services.(BATTERY INCLUED)

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    Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector

    Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector Lowest new price: $27.99
    Lowest used price: $22.94
    List price: $52.80
    Model: TLD100

    Heating and cooling accounts for about 50 percent of your energy usage, but the average house has enough leaks and drafts to equal a 1 sq. ft. hole. Cut down on wasteful spending with the help of the Thermal Leak Detector from Black and Decker .The TLD100 is an infrared sensor that finds these leaks along walls, molding, ductwork and more. Auto color change provides quick, intuitive feedback, showing users where to caulk, insulate, etc.

    The Black & Decker thermal leak detector helps you increase the efficiency of your home's insulation by finding leaky areas that can lead to higher heating and cooling bills. You'll instantly identify problem areas around drafty windows and doors, and uncover hidden leaks and insulation "soft spots" around your home. Check windows, ducts, and walls with the thermal reference light that indicates hot and cold spots. You can even use the detector to diagnose engine misfires or check your refrigerator and freezer settings.

    The TLD100 lets you identify weak spots that can lead to high energy bills. View larger.
    Easy-to-Read Color Coding and Screen
    The thermal leak detector makes it easy to monitor your home's energy efficiency by finding areas that let heat out and cold air in. Simply set the detector's temperature tolerances to one, five, or 10 degrees and scan the light across the area you want to inspect. The light will change to red for warmer spots and blue for cooler spots to detect air leaks in both warm and cool weather. The detector also displays temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius on the LCD screen. Check for drafts or leaks around your fireplace, recessed lighting, electrical outlets, along floor molding, or any place that may have improper seals, caulking, or seams that aren't immediately visible. An included booklet gives you tips and instructions on how to seal leaks and improve insulation.

    Cut Energy Bills and Improve Your Home's Efficiency
    Sealing the leaks and improving insulation in your home can help you save as much as 20 percent on your heating and cooling bills. An efficient, greener home will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, increasing its resale value.

    Multiple Uses to Handle Uncommon Tasks
    Use the thermal leak detector to check your refrigerator and freezer temperatures and efficiency. Diagnose engine problems related to overheating or coolant leaks to avoid costly repairs and mechanic bills down the road. The thermal leak detector can also check the operation of your HVAC system, so you can perform preventative maintenance as needed.

    The Black & Decker thermal leak detector is covered by a two-year warranty.

    What's in the Box
    Thermal leak detector, five-step guide on how to insulate and seal your house

    Sealing leaks and improving your home's insulation can help you save as much as 20 percent on energy bills.


    • Uses infrared sensors to measure surface temperatures
    • Helps homeowners track down power-draining drafts
    • Sold with a 5-step guide to fixing basic energy leaks and comes with the thermal leak detector
    • Plugging leaks can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs
    • Backed by a two-year warranty

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    SMART CAREGIVER TL-5102MP Motion Sensor And Pager

    SMART CAREGIVER TL-5102MP  Motion Sensor And Pager Lowest new price: $24.95
    Lowest used price: $20.47
    List price: $49.95
    Brand: Smart Caregiver
    Model: TL-5102MP

    Instead of sounding an alarm, the motion sensor sends a wireless signal to a pager carried by the caregiver (clipped to a belt or inside a pocket). This allows the caregiver to be notified wherever they are without disturbing residents. When positioned along the bedside the fall monitor will alarm as the resident attempts to vacate the bed. (extendable bracket is sold separately). Wireless sensor operates on 3 AA batteries. Pager operates on 2 AA batteries. Batteries not included.


    • Allows caregiver freedom to monitor movement remotely
    • Removes alarm noise from bedside
    • Optional adjustable mounting bracket
    • 1 Caregiver Pager (Batteries Sold Separately) 1 Motion Sensor (Batteries Sold Separately)

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    Honeywell AC11201 Temperature Sensor for Floor Heating Applications

    Honeywell AC11201 Temperature Sensor for Floor Heating Applications Lowest new price: $4.11
    Lowest used price: $7.49
    List price: $9.99
    Brand: Honeywell
    Model: AC11201

    North American Floor Sensor - AC112-01.


    • Temperature sensing for radiant floors
    • Includes 10 ft (3m) cable
    • Flexible or Rigid floor sensors

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