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Electric Blues Guitar

I Am The Blues

I Am The Blues Lowest new price: $3.59
Lowest used price: $3.91
Brand: Dixon, Willie
Model: 3865316

On this 1970 LP, the quintessential blues songwriter performs his own tunes-every one a classic: I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man; The Little Red Rooster; Spoonful; Back Door Man, and more!

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Texas Flood (Legacy Edition)

Texas Flood (Legacy Edition) Lowest new price: $10.00
Lowest used price: $4.75
Brand: CD
Model: 26193350

Texas Flood was the thunderclap from a clear blue sky. The album appeared in midsummer 1983, when most saw blues-rock
as a quaint remnant of rock's past, introducing the power trio Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble to an unexpecting world. Its raw crunch and confident swagger was undeniable. For rockers, Texas Flood had the right volume and drive; for blues purists,it dignified the tradition. For those seeking an anarchic, punk-like rush, it felt like a roaring, rattling train about to skip its tracks.For all, the album unveiled a new guitar genius who would come to show that much remained to be written in the book on electric guitar.
The original ten tracks of Texas Flood plus a never released concert performance by Stevie Ray and Double Trouble from Philadelphia that same summer comprise this special 2-CD, 30th anniversary collection.

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His Best

His Best Lowest new price: $8.19
Lowest used price: $3.49
Model: 2302705

Directly or indirectly, Sonny Boy (a.k.a. Rice Miller) influenced every blues harmonica player after him-Junior Parker, Little Walter and Junior Wells to name a few. But he was also a major contributor to the blues repertoire, leaving behind songs that would inspire generations of artists. This collection features 15 of his classic songs, including Don't Start Me Talkin'; Keep It to Yourself; Help Me; Bring It On Home; One Way Out; Fattening Frogs for Snakes , and more.

This is Sonny Boy Williamson II, whose 1940s Mississippi Delta radio broadcasts for King Biscuit Time made him one of the most influential of all blues musicians. A master harmonica player, he created relaxed songs, often humorous, that reminded urban listeners of their country roots. These tracks are from his years at Chess, beginning in the mid-1950s until his death in 1965. His recording bands feature Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, and Robert Lockwood Jr., among others. Perhaps his best-known track here is "Don't Start Me to Talkin' (I'll Tell You Everything I Know)," but his signature sound is evident on every high trill he played. --Robert Gordon

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Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric Guitar -- A Guide for Beginners

Fender Presents: Getting Started on Electric Guitar -- A Guide for Beginners Lowest new price: $12.99
Lowest used price: $1.38
List price: $17.43
Brand: Hal Leonard
Model: 320293

Getting Started on Electric Guitar offers a complete course for the beginning electric guitarist. Step-by-step lessons incorporating clear, easy-to-follow 3-D graphics and unique play-along tracks teach the viewer the essential chords, scales and techniques used by electric guitar players in every popular style, including rock, blues and country. This DVD is separated into two major sections.

Part 1 ¯ The First Step covers: tuning methods · string names · essential chords and scales used by all players · musical reference section (notes, rhythms, chords and scales) · practice tips · fretting-hand technique · picking-hand technique · backing tracks for play-along · an animated fretboard · plus much more.

Part 2 ¯ Play Electric! covers: right-hand technique · left-hand technique · rhythm parts (muting, alternate picking, arpeggios) · soloing technique (string bending, vibrato) · rock, blues & country styles · rhythm and solo ideas for each style · backing tracks in each style for play-along · sounds (amplifiers and effects) · caring for your instrument · and tips from the Fender Custom Shop.

Special DVD features include: bonus footage, including a tour of the Fender factory! Also: looping capabilities · web site links specifically for beginning guitarists · a multi-language feature so you can view the DVD in English, Spanish, German, French or Japanese.


  • Part 1 - The First Step (up to 102 minutes) covers - tuning methods, string names, essential chords and scales used by all players, musical reference section (notes, rhythms, chords and scales), practice tips, fretting-hand technique, picking-hand technique, backing tracks for play-along, an animated fretboard, & more
  • Part 2 - Play Electric! (up to 100 minutes) covers - right-hand technique, left-hand technique, rhythm parts (muting, alternate picking, arpeggios), soloing technique (string bending, vibrato), rock, blues & country styles, rhythm and solo ideas for each style, backing tracks in each style for play-along, sounds (amplifiers and effects), caring for your instrument, and tips from the Fender Custom Shop
  • Special DVD features include -
  • Bonus footage, including a tour of the Fender factory!
  • Looping capabilities

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On And On

On And On Lowest new price: $5.99
Lowest used price: $0.60
Model: 2003400

2003 release, the sophomore album from the acclaimed singer, songwriter and surfer. Adam Topol played drums and percussion while Merlo Podlewski played bass. The album was recorded at The Mango Tree studios in Hawaii.

Jack Johnson has found himself a groove. Indeed, the Hawaiian surfing champion turned alternative pop-folk star really hasn't changed things one iota for his sophomore release. Fans of Brushfire Fairytales should be delighted with the results. The groove is a mellow one--most of the 16 tracks here are semi-acoustic--and that easy-going spirit filters into Johnson's lyrical philosophies. "What will be will be / And so it goes" he sings on "Times Like These," the opening track. Thankfully, Johnson is never too mellow, and there's a "Don't worry, be happy" vibe to most of his music. "The Horizon Has Been Defeated" even has a pseudo-reggae feel to it. Although classified as an alternative musician, the singer-songwriter's compositions owe much to past hits. "Traffic in the Sky" is reminiscent of Jim Croce's "Operator" and Looking Glass's one-hit-wonder, "Brandy." On the splendid "Taylor," Johnson sounds an awful lot like Donovan. And "By The Way" recalls the Lovin' Spoonful. -- Bill Holdship


  • Jack Johnson - On And On

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Hoodoo Man Blues (Expanded Edition)

Hoodoo Man Blues (Expanded Edition) Lowest new price: $12.01
Lowest used price: $11.99
Brand: Wells, Junior

Hoodoo Man Blues is considered by most blues aficionados and fans to be one of the best blues albums of all time. It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and was chosen by the readers of Living Blues magazine as a top ten Desert Island Blues disc. Recorded on September 22 & 23, 1965 Hoodoo Man Blues was the first studio album to capture a working Chicago blues band doing essentially what they did on stage without time constraints to accommodate the singles market. Of course both Junior Wells & Buddy Guy went on to become international blues stars. This new digipak re-issue contains 17 performances: the 12 songs from the original LP, 3 alternates that have been available on CD plus 2 never-before-released performances. There's one completely unissued song, I Ain't Stranded, and an alternate take to Yonder Wall in which Buddy Guy is playing through the Leslie speaker as he did on the title track, something guitar players are still copying to this day. The new four-panel digipak and 16 page booklet package contains nine never before seen photos from the recording session.

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Strong Persuader

Strong Persuader Lowest new price: $4.68
Lowest used price: $0.01
Model: 2002005

CD ORG. Mercury Cosmic Disc

Stinging urban blues by way of Texas and Memphis distinguish Robert Cray's major-label debut, which followed three strong independent releases. Here he fleshes out his sound with bursts of brassy Southern soul courtesy of the Memphis Horns, but keeps his pungent, steely guitar solos out front in an engaging dialogue with his plaintive vocals. Released in 1986, Strong Persuader signaled that Cray, as a writer--like his contemporary Stevie Ray Vaughan--had something to say about his interior life beyond the usual bluesman's laments, an approach that pays homage to the music's rich traditions while suggesting new areas of inquiry. --David McGee


  • Record Label: Mercury
  • Catalog#: 830 568-2 M-1
  • Country Of Release: West Germany
  • Year Of Release: 1986

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Live In Cook County Jail

Live In Cook County Jail Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $3.24
Brand: KING,B.B.
Model: 1972307

B.B. headed to the hoosegow in '71 and emerged with one of the best live blues recordings of all time-and his first Top 25 album. Includes inspired versions of The Thrill Is Gone; Sweet Sixteen; Everyday I Have the Blues; Please Accept My Love , and more.

One of the greatest concert recordings of all time. How could it be less, with B.B. King performing some of his best material before a literally captive audience in an Illinois prison? "Worry, Worry" and "How Blue Can You Get" take on deeper meanings here, although King works the latter's camp lyrics as if he were in a juke joint. His mix of down-home humility and commanding stagecraft is instantly appealing. And his guitar barks, sings, and squeals with such authority that this is a bravura performance from the first bent, soul-searing note. A true desert-island disc. --Ted Drozdowski



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The Definitive Collection

The Definitive Collection Lowest new price: $8.21
Lowest used price: $2.41
Model: 2071852

One of the greatest blues musicians of all time, Muddy Waters is still pulling new fans into the blues today, more than two decades after his death. His visibility seems to increase, rather than fade, with the passing years, and though the Viagra commercial that used I'm Ready as its backing track made some blues purists wince, it nevertheless made its point. In 2002 author Robert Gordon published his definitive full-length biography of Muddy, called I Can't Be Satisfied (Little, Brown); the following year Gordon produced a documentary with the same title which aired on public television. Muddy's songs continue to be covered, not only by today's up and coming young blues bands, but by rock and pop artists as well, keeping his name and music before successive generations of fans.

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Pure Blues

Pure Blues Lowest new price: $10.78
Lowest used price: $3.01
Brand: Unknown
Model: 2140604

2001 collection of modern guitar-based Blues including cuts from legends such as Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Bobby Bland, and John Lee Hooker, along with recent Blues stars like Stevie Ray Vaughan and his followers Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jonny Lang.

A good introduction to modern guitar-based blues, Pure Blues features classics by Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Bobby Bland, and John Lee Hooker, along with recent blues stars like Stevie Ray Vaughan and his followers Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Jonny Lang. While attributing classic status to Susan Tedeschi's "Just Won't Burn" may chafe some purists, this comp clearly wasn't intended for the die-hard blues fanatic. But as an introduction, it illustrates the blues tradition and its influence on rock (and rock's influence on the blues) quite nicely. For fans of the Allman Brothers (whose version of Blind Willie McTell's classic "Statesboro Blues" is included) or Eric Clapton's work with Derek & the Dominos or for dad at Christmas, this would make a good gift. Also, if this manages to inspire anyone to pick up Etta James's classic Tell Mama set, the folks at UTV will have done the world a service. --Mike Johnson

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