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Chanukah! Lowest new price: $5.21
Lowest used price: $1.31
Author: jonathan rimberg
Brand: Rite Lite
Model: CD-RL-HAN

Enliven your Holiday celebration with your favorite Hanukkah classics! This fantastic collection includes: 1. Al Hanisim 2. S'vivon ~ I Have a Little Draydel 3. Chanukah Oh Chanukah 4. Blessings 5. Haneirot Haallalu 6. Maoz Tzur ~ Rock of Ages 7. The Chanukah Song 8. Mi Yemalel 9. Shehecheyanu 10. Chanukah Chag Yafeh ~ Bashana

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The Chanukah Collection (2 Disc Music CD Gift Box Set)

The Chanukah Collection (2 Disc Music CD Gift Box Set) Lowest new price: $1.95
Lowest used price: $4.98

Includes a Set of 2 Chanukah Music CDs performed by Cindy Paley.

Light One Candle (Disc 1)
Chanuka Chag Yafe
Blessings ove th candles/Hanerot
Lichvod Ha Chanukah
Y'mey Ha Chanukah/Oh Chanukah
Hava Narimah
Al Hanisim
Nerotai Haze'irim
Ner Li
Take A Potato
Light One Candle

Eight Days of Chanukah (Disc 2)
Eight Days of Chanukah
Mi Y'malel
Maoz Tsur
The Latke Song
The Dreidel Song
Banu Choshech
I Have a Little Dreidel
Burn Little Candles
Maccabee March
Eight Candles

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Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children

Shine Little Candles: Chanukah Songs for Children Lowest new price: $11.20
Lowest used price: $3.37

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Yale Strom's Broken Consort: Shimmering Lights - Hanukkah Music

Yale Strom's Broken Consort: Shimmering Lights - Hanukkah Music Lowest new price: $8.96
Lowest used price: $15.95
Brand: Arc Music

From the producers: Theres a lot of great Jewish holiday music out there, and we were listening to one of our favorite world music programs during the holidays. Thats when it occurred to us that we could do our own Khanike album, one that reflects our interests and highlights Yales extraordinary arrangements and compositions, with music that could be enjoyed by a wide range of listeners, from little kids to serious music appreciators. And it provided a perfect opportunity for an idea that we had been discussing for some time- an entire album arranged for vocals and strings. It also gave us a perfect opportunity to join forces with Sara and David, whom we met through the Mark OConner Strings Camps; Amos; and Alex from the Hausmann Quartet. We wanted the repertoire to present a sense of how Khanike was and is celebrated by different cultures around the world. The Ladino songs were traditionally sung by women in the kitchen as they prepared for the holiday. There is a particular feeling of intimacy, comfort and family that was true of how we musicians felt about each other, both musically and personally, and that is really satisfying. When you listen to these songs, youll hear the musicians thinking out loud and sharing inspiring thoughts and ideas with each other. Each of us has our own personal references, ranging from classical to jazz and blues, to Middle Eastern, klezmer, bluegrass, and Texas Swing. Youll hear all of this as we fuse seamlessly with each other.


  • Shrink-wrapped

There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein

There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein Lowest new price: $10.49
Lowest used price: $0.57
List price: $10.49

A holiday tale that has endured through the years about a girl sorting out cultural differences There's No Such Thing as a Chanukah Bush imparts valuable lessons about honoring our differences & taking pride in ourselves.


  • Widely acclaimed, Multi-Award including Emmy-winning program!
  • Annual Public Television holiday presentation in major markets.
  • Reinforces family values and encourages cultural pride.
  • An outstanding multi-cultural program that capitalizes on the great demand for this genre.
  • The perfect Chanukah/Christmas gift!

Chanukah Favorites

Chanukah Favorites Lowest new price: $9.99

Chanukah Favorites by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

When sold by, this product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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Woody Guthrie's Happy Joyous Hanukkah

Woody Guthrie's Happy Joyous Hanukkah Lowest new price: $37.80
Lowest used price: $22.91

This second interpretation of Woody Guthrie's Jewish-themed lyrics by the Klezmatics--America's premiere Yiddish band--revolves around Hanukkah, and by the title, it's not surprising that most of the offerings boast a lively tone. Guthrie, the Dust Bowl balladeer, lived in post-war Brooklyn (Coney Island, to be exact), and, inspired by his mother-in-law, the Yiddish poet Aliza Greenblatt, wrote a newly found series of poems that focused on Jewish culture. Primarily set to music by the Klezmatics' Lorin Sklamberg and Frank London, the holiday lyrics come alive to prayerful Hasidic nigunim and playful klezmer freylekhs, as well as to Nashville-tinged country fare. The band also conjured several instrumentals to flesh out Guthrie's slight Hanukkah catalogue, though the funk-'n'-jazz "(Do the) Latke Flip-Flip" seems a mistake. Sequenced near Guthrie's "The Many and the Few," a somber persecution-and-renewal story song about King Cyrus's release of the Jews from their Babylonian captivity, it seems as out of place as Christmas in October. But this innovative collaboration still has the makings of a holiday classic, as appealing to children as to the parents who spawned them. --Alanna Nash

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Sharon, Lois and Bram's Family Christmas: A Celebration of Christmas & Chanukah

Sharon, Lois and Bram's Family Christmas: A Celebration of Christmas & Chanukah

This family celebration of Christmas and Chanukah features
24 beloved songs along with holiday recipes from Sharon, Lois
& Bram! Originally released under the title Candles, Snow &
Mistletoe in 1993.

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Celebrate Hanukkah

Celebrate Hanukkah Lowest new price: $8.39
Lowest used price: $1.45
Brand: OCHO

Chanukah oh Chanukah, have I got a CD for you! It is rare that a jaded reviewer gets turned on by a recording of songs already heard about a million times, most of them since childhood, but never say "never." Craig Taubman's latest compendium, "Celebrate Hanukkah," is the exception that proves the rule. Taubman, as canny a producer as he is a performer, has put together a disc of 13 holiday songs (in almost as many styles) from performers such as Peter Yarrow, Debbie Friedman, Judy Frankel and jazz veterans Ben Sidran and Jon Simon. Arrangements roam the musical map from rock to reggae, klezmer to 1960s folk, and the whole thing glows with the power of a menorah in full blaze.

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Chanukah on Planet Matzah Ball

Chanukah on Planet Matzah Ball Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $2.94
List price: $15.99

On a giant Matzah Ball in space lives a family of aliens who just happen to be Jewish Join Oogy & his fellow puppets in songs & animation as they discover Jewish traditions & the festival of Chanukah.


  • Airing on PBS stations coast to coast during the holiday season
  • From the Emmy-award-winning creative team behind Sesame Street!
  • Features adorable puppets, exquisite animation, and delightful original music
  • Enchanting entertainment for the young (ages 4 and up) - and the young at heart!

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