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Garage Bands

Chartbusters Usa 1

Chartbusters Usa 1 Lowest new price: $9.08
Lowest used price: $5.34
Brand: Various

Conceived as a counterpart to Golden Age of American Rock'n'Roll, Ace's excellent anthology series covering the first decade of U.S. rock, Chartbusters USA does the same thing for American rock spanning 1964-69. It's perhaps less valuable than the Golden Age series because the material anthologized, at least to judge by the first installment, is somewhat less difficult to acquire, or hear on oldies radio, than the Golden Age stuff. There's no conceptual thread running through the selections, except general top-of-the-line quality: you get "California Dreamin'," "Dance to the Music," "Hi Heel Sneakers," "Brown Eyed Girl," "Walk Away Renee," "Psychotic Reaction," and "Green Tambourine" right next to each other. The only truly hard-to-find item is the Soul Sisters' mid-chart soul hit "I Can't Stand It" (covered by the Spencer Davis Group), though some of these hits, like "Elusive Butterfly" (Bob Lind), "G.T.O." (Ronny & the Daytonas), and the original 1965 hit version of Sir Douglas Quintet's "She's About a Mover," don't turn up on various-artists collections often. Still, if you're seeking a wall-to-wall blast of mid-and-late 1960s classic American rock singles, it's real good value, with 30 songs, nearly every one a classic. Hugo Montenegro's "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" seems an odd choice in the midst of a very rock-oriented disc, though. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

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Chartbusters USA, Vol. 2

Chartbusters USA, Vol. 2 Lowest new price: $9.41
Lowest used price: $8.99
Brand: Various

UK compilation featuring 29 tracks from the post-Beatles, pre-psychedelic era, chosen with Ace's usual taste & discrimination & carefully remastered for great sound. Artists include Classics IV, Syndicate of Sound, Bob & Earl, Lalo Schifrin, Tony Joe White & many more. Ace Records. 2002.


  • Various
  • Ace Records UK

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Death By Sexy

Death By Sexy Lowest new price: $12.98
Lowest used price: $4.99
Model: 2202769

The Dream Boys dynamic duo is back. This Joshua Homme produced album sounds exactly the way God intended live rock and roll to sound: raw, sleazy, and spiffy. It's more hook laden than your old job at the bait shop. Put your dancing shoes on. "...a skuzzy, sexed-up and danceable brand of rock and roll" - Rolling Stone. Downtown. 2006.

In some parallel, '70s-groove-askew universe it's Eagles of Death Metal who are the superstars, not merely the studiously dizzy spin-off of Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme and his Palm Desert school chum/lapsed journalist Jesse Hughes. Building forcefully on the charms of their '04 debut, their camaraderie foregoes ego (QOTSA mainstay Homme is EODM's drummer, pal Hughes its falsetto-voiced, ax-slinging rock star) for a retro, ambitiously naïve garage-rock-meets-boogie-down ethos that labors under the delightfully perverse misconception that the New York Dolls, Hot Chocolate and T Rex were all actually the same band - one that Muddy Waters and The Big Bopper occasionally sat in with. Less demented talents have pumped similar shtick full of self-conscious irony; here H&H simply grab it by the neck and shake furiously, yielding "I Gotta Feeling"'s Bolan boogie, the Stones-ish "I Like to Move.." and Dolls-swaggering "Keep Your Head Up," before moving onto such enticing genre demolition derby entries as "Ballad of Queen Bee and Baby Duck," "Chase the Devil" and the giddy "Shasta Beast." --Jerry McCulley

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Peace Love Death Metal

Peace Love Death Metal Lowest new price: $11.35
Lowest used price: $9.00
Brand: CD
Model: 2107639

Ass-shakin' 2004 project featuring Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stoneage / Them Crooked Vultures). Includes "I Only Want You".

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Steppenwolf Live

Steppenwolf Live Lowest new price: $9.08
Lowest used price: $5.60

The Old Double Album Now Comes on a Single CD with Super Remastered Sound.

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Four Sail

Four Sail Lowest new price: $5.64
Lowest used price: $3.74
Brand: love

2002 remastered reissue of the West Coast folk-rock/psychedelic band's 1969 album for Elektra includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, 'Robert Montgomery' (Alternate Vocal Version), 'Talking in My Sleep' (Alternate Mix) & 'Singing Cowboy' (Unedited Version). Updated liner notes include contributions from frontman Arthur Lee. Elektra.

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Halloween A Go-Go

Halloween A Go-Go Lowest new price: $9.17
Lowest used price: $8.98
Model: 5263579

Our first Halloween collection finds us probing the subconscious to confront our most persistent demons on Garage Rock's favorite holiday. We are visited by some of the usual cast of characters one would expect, Dracula, the Wolfman, Ghosts, Zombies, and Witches, but are far more horrified by that which cannot be touched, controlled, bargained with, or avoided. Our own dreams. During the course of these proceedings you will find yourself dancing with the Devil, laughing in the face of the apocalypse, transported to the mystic forests of your deepest darkest secrets and insatiable lusts, and shocked by the helplessness of your own confessions of the sacred and the profane. But afterward, if you live, one fact above all will remain clear. Now you will learn why you fear the night! - Little Steven Van Zandt

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Melts In Your Brain...Not On Your Wrist! The Complete Recordings 1965-1967

Melts In Your Brain...Not On Your Wrist! The Complete Recordings 1965-1967 Lowest new price: $13.77
Lowest used price: $11.98
Brand: Chocolate Watch Band

Unlike all previous reissues, this powerful set gathers together every note recorded and released under the name Chocolate Watchband during the 1960s. Disc one is devoted solely to material performed by the classic mod 60s line-up of the band featuring charismatic lead singer Dave Aguilar, on such acknowledged punk classics as 'Sweet Young Thing', 'Misty Lane' and 'Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love In)'. It features an exciting bonus in the form of new vocals Aguilar has recently added to three original tracks, including the Watchband's best-known cut 'Let's Talk About Girls', thereby reclaiming the song upon which producer Cobb had originally substituted the voice of a session singer. Disc two presents the alternate Chocolate Watchband, with two 1965 demos by the group's original incarnation, the complete post-Aguilar album 'One Step Beyond', and the full complement of overdubbed and pseudonymous recordings released on the band's earlier albums No Way Out and the Inner Mystique. Furthermore, extensive research into the vaults has revealed the source of this material, and thrown a couple of alternate versions that are also included. Big Beat. 2005. 'Melts in Your Brain, Not on Your Wrist' also features the most exhaustive liner note research ever afforded a reissue package on the Watchband, with the participation of all surviving members of every line-up, as well as comments from producer Cobb and manager Ray Harris. Additionally, the group have opened their personal files and the result is a stunning array of photos and memorabilia, most of which have not been used before. With a revitalised version of the band, featuring original members including David Aguilar, arriving in the UK to promote the package at the end of March, the release of this CD is a major event for all 60s garage fans.

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Country Ghetto

Country Ghetto Lowest new price: $11.16
Lowest used price: $7.97
Brand: GREY,JJ
Model: 1977513

Country Ghetto features 12 original JJ Grey compositions that come right out of the Southern musical and literary tradition. While his songwriting inspirations range from Bill Withers, Van Morrison, and Dan Penn, Grey's songs are always his own, oftentimes relating to the loss of his natural surroundings and the marginalization of the Southern culture he grew up in. From gritty funk to juke joint romps, from contemplative country soul to blistering rockers, JJ Grey & MOFRO occupy a unique space in the music world. And, like the best of the great Southern novelists, JJ Grey fills his stories and songs with details that are at once vivid and personal, political and universal. The songs and the music will make you smell the cypress trees, feel the hot breeze, taste the ho-cakes, and remind you that home is where the heart is.

Within the soul-drenched music of northern Florida's JJ Grey and band, the roots run as deep as the influences are indelible. "War" and "By My Side" sound like Southern-fried Sly and the Family Stone. "Turpentine" recalls the swamp funk of Tony Joe White. Both "A Woman" and "The Sun Is Shining Down" suggest long-lost Otis Redding sessions in Muscle Shoals, while "Mississippi" takes Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" on a trip down to the delta. From the harmonica-laced country blues of the title track to the gospel piano and choir of "On Palestine," Grey's music compensates with conviction for what it lacks in originality. --Don McLeese

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Monster Lowest new price: $6.25
Lowest used price: $5.99
Brand: Monster
Model: 2017176

No Description Available.
Genre: Popular Music
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 6-SEP-1988

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