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Garage Bands

Peace Love Death Metal

Peace Love Death Metal Lowest new price: $12.42
Lowest used price: $4.81
Brand: CD
Model: 2107639

Ass-shakin' 2004 project featuring Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stoneage / Them Crooked Vultures). Includes "I Only Want You".

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Get Born

Get Born Lowest new price: $3.00
Lowest used price: $0.01
Brand: Jet

Your rock & roll ship has come in. Or, more rightly, your Jet has landed. This quartet from Melbourne, Australia has quickly become one of the most talked about new bands on the planet, and anyone who has heard their music or seen them in concert already knows why. Their four-song Dirty Sweet EP heralded the arrival of a naturally gifted young band who place as much emphasis on melody and gritty soul as they do on blazing guitars, and now the promise of the EP is more than fulfilled on Get Born, their full-length debut album. Produced by Dave Sardy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marilyn Manson, among others), Get Born's thirteen songs celebrate the magic of tight jeans, tighter harmonies and loose morals, with a scrappy swagger and a thunderous roar. One listen makes it clear why Jet have won gushing praise from NME and the rest of the UK music press for their songwriting smarts, not to mention the chaotic power of their live shows.

Sometimes having good, original ideas is the worst thing you can do in rock music. To paraphrase Jim Dickinson on the Beastie Boys, rock and roll is theft, and it's not so much about whether or not one steals but why, how much and how well (i.e. from whom). Riff-heavy in all the right ways, this is a very well-produced retro-rock record with handclaps, catchy choruses, and plenty of attitude. They freely cop from AC/DC, the Stones, the Verve, Oasis, Humble Pie, Aerosmith, Black Crowes, and Mooney Suzuki, and they do it very well. The only problems with the album lie in the words, and in the softer material. Most of the lyrics are so banal ("Now you don't need money with a face like that, do ya") they were seemingly written by some newfangled songwriting program set to "1973." And half the album consists of ballads that are just pretty good: the Oasis-y "Look What You've Done," the Pink Floyd -esque "Timothy" and the Small Faces-ish "Move On.". But it's the mid-to-uptempo stompers that this group excels at. --Mike McGonigal

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De Stijl

De Stijl Lowest new price: $5.77
Lowest used price: $4.59
Brand: Warner Bros
Model: 4110359

2008 reissue of cult classic De Stijl is White Stripes 's second album released in 2000 and it was recorded on an 8-track analog tape in Jack's living room. The album title De Stijl is a Dutch artistic movement founded in 1917. Proponents of De Stijl sought to express a new utopian ideal of spiritual harmony and order through pure abstraction and universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and colour with simplified visual compositions to the vertical and horizontal directions, using only primary colors with black and white. This simplistic color continuity is evident on the White Stripes album covers. 13 tracks.

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In Name and Blood [Vinyl]

In Name and Blood [Vinyl] Lowest new price: $11.19
Lowest used price: $16.63
Brand: Sub Pop Records

Vinyl re-issue of their 2000 album. First run on black and white marbled vinyl.

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Lowest new price: $7.55
Lowest used price: $1.79
Model: 2319623

Oscarr-nominated writer/director Wes Anderson ('Rushmore,' 'The Royal Tenenbaums') has assembled an all-star cast to set sail for outrageous misadventures on the high seas in this exciting & wildly original comedy. Eccentric, down-but-not-out oceanographer Steve Zissou (Murray) & his motley crew - Team Zissou - find themselves in troubled waters when they attempt to track down the mysterious 'jaguar shark' that ate his partner while filming a documentary of their latest adventure. Adding to his nautical nightmares, Zissou must contend with a beautiful journalist (Blanchett) assigned to write a profile, & a new member of the team who might possibly be his long-lost son (Wilson). The unsinkable Zissou faces hilarious complications trying to keep his expedition afloat while bailing out from budgetary woes & a host of other challenges (including a close encounter with marauding pirates).

Director Wes Anderson's jewel of a comic-character study revolves around the quirks and obsessions of Bill Murray's titular Cousteau-esque deep-sea adventurer and his motley crew of associates. As they did for the director's equally sublime Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson and music super Randall Poster stitch their eclectic source material into a warm, subtly focused new cinemusic whole. Mark Mothersbaugh's original Casio-baroque cues are the perfect complement for Australian film composer Sven Libaek's compelling slices of vintage exotica, while Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie largely provides the musical subtext, either directly or in earnest, through live acoustic renditions by Brazilian troubadour/film costar Seu Jorge. Seasoning the mix to near perfection are smart, vintage Britpop contributions by Scott Walker and the Zombies, Iggy and the Stooges thrashing "Search and Destroy," the evocative Iberian fire of Paco DeLucia, and Joan Baez's dramatic read of Morricone's Sacco & Vanzetti theme, "Here's to You." -- Jerry McCulley

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Country Ghetto

Country Ghetto Lowest new price: $12.08
Lowest used price: $8.98
Brand: GREY,JJ
Model: 1977513

Country Ghetto features 12 original JJ Grey compositions that come right out of the Southern musical and literary tradition. While his songwriting inspirations range from Bill Withers, Van Morrison, and Dan Penn, Grey's songs are always his own, oftentimes relating to the loss of his natural surroundings and the marginalization of the Southern culture he grew up in. From gritty funk to juke joint romps, from contemplative country soul to blistering rockers, JJ Grey & MOFRO occupy a unique space in the music world. And, like the best of the great Southern novelists, JJ Grey fills his stories and songs with details that are at once vivid and personal, political and universal. The songs and the music will make you smell the cypress trees, feel the hot breeze, taste the ho-cakes, and remind you that home is where the heart is.

Within the soul-drenched music of northern Florida's JJ Grey and band, the roots run as deep as the influences are indelible. "War" and "By My Side" sound like Southern-fried Sly and the Family Stone. "Turpentine" recalls the swamp funk of Tony Joe White. Both "A Woman" and "The Sun Is Shining Down" suggest long-lost Otis Redding sessions in Muscle Shoals, while "Mississippi" takes Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" on a trip down to the delta. From the harmonica-laced country blues of the title track to the gospel piano and choir of "On Palestine," Grey's music compensates with conviction for what it lacks in originality. --Don McLeese

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Show Your Bones [Vinyl]

Show Your Bones [Vinyl] Lowest new price: $19.12
Lowest used price: $24.75

Show Your Bones is what happens when you put your finger in a light socket. Maybe there is some of that electric current flowing through the tracks of our album illuminating US from the inside out for you to laugh at and cry to or fry to. Features the single 'Gold Lion'. They will also be headling this years Coachella Music Festival. Interscope. 2006.

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The Cramps - Stay Sick

The Cramps - Stay Sick Lowest new price: $12.96
Lowest used price: $20.89
Brand: Cramps, The

UK vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of the Garage Rockers' 1990 album including six bonus tracks: 'Her Love Rubbed Off', 'Her Love Rubbed Off (Live)', 'Bikini Girls with Machine Guns' (Live), 'Beat Out My Love', 'Jailhouse Rock', and 'Jackyard Backoff'. Chiswick.

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Inside In/Inside Out

Inside In/Inside Out Lowest new price: $1.99
Lowest used price: $1.69
Brand: Emm/Caroline
Model: 2032865

Exclusive US version includes a bonus track and the enhanced video to 'Eddie's Gun'. Inside In/Inside Out is the eagerly anticipated debut album from young Brighton four-piece The Kooks, produced by Tony Hoffer (Beck, Air, Supergrass) and recorded at Ray Davies' KONK Studios in North London. The Kooks fully demonstrate their plenitude of clever guitar hooks and jerk-pop antics, with fourteen quirky and energetic tunes including 'Eddie's Gun'. Astralwerks. 2006.

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Gloria! Lowest new price: $10.40
Lowest used price: $6.27
Brand: Shadows Of Knight, The

Their unstoppable debut, with the hit title track.

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