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Only In America - Volume 1

Only In America - Volume 1 Lowest new price: $10.32
Lowest used price: $10.31

Strange! Incredible! Fans of RE/SEARCH should be forewarned! 33 zany and downright weird period pieces mostly dating from the Kennedy/Nixon era. Music that defies description-any description. Includes Invisible Burgundy Bullfrog, Forbidden Five, Appleton Syntonic Menagerie, Mr. Love, Beagles, Mysterious Clown, & never before heard live version of Foot Foot by the Shaggs! Plus entertaining 16 page booklet illustrated by Wayno!

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16 Biggest Hits

16 Biggest Hits Lowest new price: $5.69
Lowest used price: $1.94
Brand: Columbia
Model: 2573384

16 Biggest Hits by Dickens,Little Jimmy

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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The Transformed Man

The Transformed Man Lowest new price: $6.98
Lowest used price: $4.64
Model: 2072807

While William Shatner was working on a certain ratings-deprived television series involving intergalactic exploration, he spent his off-hours at the studio recording this gem. Combining popular songs of the era with Shakespeare and some of the trippiest "you have to hear them to believe them" arrangements ever recorded. Like Star Trek, it's cult following continued growing after it's initial run, and it has since become one of the most legendary celebrity records of all time. With the release of his new Shout! Factory album, Has Been, and his recent Emmyr-award and starring role in The Practice's high profile spin-off TV series, Boston Legal, with James Spader, interest in William Shatner has never been higher. This timely re-issue will surely be a must-have for fans both old and new for years to come.

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25 All-Time Novelty Hits

25 All-Time Novelty Hits Lowest new price: $11.41
Lowest used price: $7.57
Brand: Laco/1925
Model: 1995305

25 tracks that laughed their way to the top of the charts! And these three have never been on CD before- Got a Match Daddy-O's; Yogi Ivy Three, and Juanita Banana Peels. Plus there's The Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2) Buchanan & Goodman; The All-American Boy Bill Parsons; The Ballad of Davy Crockett Bill Hayes; Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat Paul Evans; Shaving Cream Benny Bell; Mr. Custer Larry Verne; Martian Hop Ran-Dells; Junk Food Junkie Larry Groce; Mr. Jaws Dickie Goodman, and more.


  • 25 All-Time Novelty Hits by Varese Sarabande (2002-04-16)

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Ray Stevens Greatest Hits

Ray Stevens Greatest Hits Lowest new price: $30.99
Lowest used price: $3.99

Ray Stevens Greatest Hits


  • Mca

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The Best of Ray Stevens

The Best of Ray Stevens Lowest new price: $9.85
Lowest used price: $4.95

The most complete hits collection available spotlighting the musical mayhem of Ray Stevens! Includes all of the pop/country/novelty artist's smashes between the years 1961 and 1977, plus newly penned liner notes from Dr. Demento.

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An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer

An Evening Wasted With Tom Lehrer Lowest new price: $6.25
Lowest used price: $0.01

Setting his bitterly caustic lyrics against nice bouncy piano, Tom's recordings spread like wildfire in the mid-to-late-'50s. Recorded live at Harvard, this musical-comedy classic from '59 includes We Will All Go Together When We Go; Poisoning Pigeons in the Park; The Masochism Tango; In Old Mexico , and more!

"If, after hearing my songs," Lehrer says in this disc's liner notes, "just one human being is inspired to say something nasty to a friend, or perhaps strike a loved one, it will all have been worth the while." Makes him sound like a modern punk, eh? Not so, though. Lehrer, ever the king of jolly vitriol, recorded these still potent parodies in the '50s--and the best of them, "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park," "The Masochism Tango," and "The Elements" (which joins science with Gilbert & Sullivan) remain both nasty and striking. Musically, Lehrer comes across like a demented Cole Porter, wrapping sophisticated, showy tunes around his acerbic jokes. Lyrically, he's a clear forebear to folks like Phil Ochs and Barry Crimmins, who also cloak their commentary in comedy. --Michael Ruby


  • Reprise / Wea

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Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities!

Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities! Lowest new price: $39.85
Lowest used price: $6.72
Brand: Rhino

Unless noted, this 1991 Rhino Records compilation release does not include the 3D insert shown on the main product page. That was only included during the 1st pressing in 1991. Track Listing:1. John Shaft - Sammy Davis, Jr.; 2. Sunshine Superman - Mel Torme; 3. Light My Fire - Mae West; 4. Hey Jude - Bing Crosby; 5. All I Really Want To Do - Sebastian Cabot; 6. Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Leonard Nimoy; 7. It Was A Very Good Year - William Shatner; 8. Dixie Chicken - Jack Jones; 9. In The Ghetto - Sammy Davis, Jr.; 10. Nights On Broadway - Chad Everett; 11. Stand By Me - Cassius Clay; 12. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Senator Sam J Ervin Jr.; 13. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Phyllis Diller; and 14. Give Peace A Chance - Mitch Miller & The Gang


  • Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities!

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Has Been

Has Been Lowest new price: $4.95
Lowest used price: $2.31
Model: 2190926

More than 35 years after the release of his debut solo album, William Shatner teams up with Ben Folds to create Has Been, a surprisingly pop-driven, lyrically potent collection of songs written by the duo. With the exception of 'Trying,' co-written by Folds and novelist Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About A Boy), 'Real' by Brad Paisley, and Pulp's 'Common People,' Shatner proves to be a witty and self-deprecating poet, while Folds' talent for crafting the perfect pop melody has never been more evident. Has Been will be released on October 5th by Shout! Factory.

After his rendition of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" on the infamous Golden Throats album (though it first appeared on the Transformed Man LP), one could argue that the world needed a new William Shatner album about as much as it needed a big-screen remake of TJ Hooker. But Shatner's back all the same with an intriguing, introspective collection of mostly spoken-word tracks that are all the more compelling when it becomes clear that Has Been is, in fact, no joke. Ben Folds played on and produced the record, creating rich, melodic, and varied pop musical backgrounds to Shatner's world-weary, boozy-suave yet thoroughly impassioned delivery. Joe Jackson, Aimee Mann, Henry Rollins, Brad Paisley, and Adrian Belew also stop by to lend their divergent talents. Highlights include the Rollins/Shatner rant "I Can't Get Behind That" and the Folds/Mann/Shatner collaboration "That's Me Trying", which tells the painful story of an attempted family reconciliation. Shatner mixes a healthy amount of self-awareness with a just a dollop of self-mockery and then combines it all with plenty of raw vulnerability to create an effect that is surprisingly touching, highly entertaining, and unlike any music you've ever heard. --John Moe Exclusive Footage
William Shatner was recently caught on tape by paparazzi responding to reports that some people hadn’t yet heard his new album. See him read customer reviews of Has Been as he makes his case: high bandwidth, low bandwidth.

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Halloween Party

Halloween Party Lowest new price: $0.39
Lowest used price: $0.23

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