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Halloween Music Collection

Halloween Music Collection Lowest new price: $10.48
Lowest used price: $4.57
Brand: Morris Costumes

The original Halloween Music Maestros, Midnight Syndicate has been setting the mood for Halloween enthusiasts, the world's finest haunted houses, and amusement parks for over sixteen years. This special 13th Anniversary best of-type collection features their signature blend of dark, orchestral movie-style music and sound effects. Specifically mixed for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, and yard haunts, this disc is a must have for any Halloween aficionado and the perfect introduction to Midnight Syndicate! (65 minutes - contains previously recorded material)


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Music for Vampires

Music for Vampires Lowest new price: $4.98
Lowest used price: $1.77

Get the crypt creeping with these midnight-hour favorites from
the likes of Love and Rockets, Joy Division, Duran Duran, Echo
and the Bunnymen, and other chart-topping artists!


Halloween Lowest new price: $9.87
Lowest used price: $1.70
Brand: Mannheim Steamroller
Model: 1975520

No Description Available.
Genre: Miscellaneous
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 23-SEP-2003

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Winter's Majesty

Winter's Majesty Lowest new price: $8.50
Lowest used price: $11.74
Brand: Monolith Graphics
Model: UPC-887516066931

Return once more to the realm of Ebonshire to celebrate the magic and glory of Winter. In the heart of the Ebonshire forest, the Winter King takes his place upon the crystal throne. With a single breath he transforms the woodlands into an enchanted kingdom of ice and snow. Raising his staff, he summons the four winds and sets them forth to spread his magic throughout the land. And as the earth is covered beneath a blanket of ivory white, the world rejoices in the wondrous realm of winter.
       This album features enchanting melodies and heartwarming songs for the holiday season, including an instrumental version of "We Three Kings" and a ghostly rendition of "Scarborough Fair" with original lyrics and musical arrangements by Joseph Vargo and vocals performed by Jeff Endemann.
       Winter's Majesty concludes the winter-themed trilogy which began with Winter's Knight (2005), followed by Winter's Eve (2009). Joseph Vargo continues to release his haunting holiday music each winter season with Nox Arcana's digital music series entitled Ebonshire.

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Mostly Ghostly: More Horror for Halloween

Mostly Ghostly: More Horror for Halloween Lowest new price: $9.41
Lowest used price: $9.00
Brand: Ace (Label)

These Ghoulish Things (ACE 1070) was released in 2005 and went on to become one of our top sellers. Mostly Ghostly is an eagerly awaited and long overdue follow-up and we are proud to present 24 more blood-curdling aural 'shocks' which are guaranteed to make any party go with a bang! As you would expect - this release has all of the familiar Ace hallmarks of a fine track selection, attention to detail and irresistible artwork; all rolled into one potent package. More than half of the content is new to CD and highlights include the previously elusive Cameo Parkway favorite - Dinner With Drac; legendary Rockabilly classics - The Cat and The Goo Goo Muck and Rock 'n' Roll club staple - Night Of The Vampire. Crank up the volume and scare the wits out of your neighbors. Annotated by Rob Finnis.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Haunting Wind, Healing Rain

Haunting Wind, Healing Rain Lowest new price: $11.99

Thank you for choosing Haunting Wind, Healing Rain. This recording uses sub-delta rhythms calculated upon the golden ratio. Sub-Delta affects the limbic system, which itself acts at delta frequencies. This rhythm is commonly used to help with chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and hypertension. Sub-Delta rhythms also help entrain a deep, meditative trance.

Gentle rain and wind brushing through trees are modulated upon relaxing subdelta rhythms. A haunting wind looms throughout the natural setting. Together, they intertwine to form a stress relieving background within a rhythmic, ambient environment. A single birdsong within a melodic sea of pink noise forms the linear concept of your focus as your pain melts away.

Your audio system should have the best stereo separation possible for maximum effectiveness. Speakers for both channels should be aimed at you from adjacent corners of the room for the most intense experience. High end acoustic wave systems that faithfully reproduce spatial orientations are best for inducing resonant ambience. If you only have a boom box or mini stereo system, then you should place it directly behind you as you are laying down or in a meditative position.

Use Haunting Wind, Healing Rain for working, relaxing, or to aid you into a peaceful sleep, but please do not operate dangerous equipment while listening to this recording. You may want to drink a glass of water before each session. Entrainment increases blood flow and metabolism, which can make you thirsty mid-session.

The sound engineering process in Haunting Wind, Healing Rain induces relaxation by entraining your limbic system. Your limbic system controls your most primitive responses to stimulation including pain. Nature provides many sources of white and pink noise for controlling your limbic system like rain drops and ocean waves. Haunting Wind, Healing Rain also utilizes golden ratio functions found in nature.

The advanced neuroscience technology within Haunting Wind, Healing Rain employs Pitch Modulation Panning. This is a new feature which subtly changes the sound to produce Binaural Beats. To do this, it modulates the pitch of the left and right side so that when the two sides are combined in the brain, they form the beat we call a Binaural Beat. This unique feature allows you to experience actual Binaural Beats.

Isochronic Tones & Tone-Based Pulses

Consistent, rhythmic stimuli entrains and stimulates brainwaves. Haunting Wind, Healing Rain promotes relaxed mental states using square wave pulses or isochronal tones, evenly spaced tone-based pulses which turn on and off at a specified rate per second. In this case, the pulses turn on and off at sub-delta frequencies. This entrainment method produces extremely strong responses in the limbic system, which leads to very profound and effective pain relief.

P.S. This is an excellent sound scape for Halloween Parties, especially if you have a ghostly graveyard theme or haunted house.


Do Not operate heavy machinery or dangerous equipment while listening to this recording.

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Season Of The Witch

Season Of The Witch Lowest new price: $9.00
Lowest used price: $11.74
Brand: Monolith Graphics
Model: UPC-859723080215

Halloween... Deep within the Haunted Forest, beyond the old gypsy camp, shadows gather in a place known as Raven's Hollow. Strange chants echo through the trees and join rhythmic drumming, summoning forth creatures of the night. No one enters these woods after dark, for this night begins the Season of the Witch.
       Nox Arcana invites you on a musical journey into the shadowy realm of witchcraft with spellbinding melodies and wicked orchestrations to enchant the witching hour.
       Joseph Vargo states, "Season of the Witch offers a mixture of witch lore ranging from Halloween tales and gypsy legends to grim fables, centering around the mysterious realm of Raven's Hollow. I created the concept for Raven's Hollow 20 years ago and have since incorporated it into The Dark Tower mythos as a place where witches gather to perform arcane rites. I have many friends who are practicing witches and I've always been intrigued by the concept of ancient ritual magick. This album explores the various aspects of the craft, both good and evil, with witches who are enchantingly beautiful as well as those who are very, very wicked." #Halloween ^v^

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Christine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score

Christine: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Score Lowest new price: $10.78
Lowest used price: $18.56
Brand: Unknown
Model: 2299608

No Description Available.
Genre: Soundtracks & Scores
Media Format: Compact Disk
Release Date: 16-OCT-1989


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Cartoon Network Halloween 3 - Sweet Sweet Fear

Cartoon Network Halloween 3 - Sweet Sweet Fear Lowest new price: $43.05
Lowest used price: $9.00
List price: $14.98
Brand: Warner Home Video

Released just as the evenings grow darker and Halloween starts to approach this third volume of spooky children's shows from the Cartoon Network is set to send chills down the spine. Six episodes are included on this collection with various characters--including the Powerpuff Girls and Ed Edd 'n Eddy--featured.System Requirements:Run Time: 95 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: NR UPC: 053939767124 Manufacturer No: T7671

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Transylvania Lowest new price: $8.48
Lowest used price: $6.70
Brand: Monolith Graphics
Model: UPC-808817001322

Venture forth, if you dare, into the dark heart of Transylvania, where creatures of the night lurk in the shadows. Inspired by Bram Stoker's classic Dracula, this musical opus truly embodies the mysterious land of vampires, witches and werewolves. The seductive and sinister sounds range from haunting piano, violin and harpsichord melodies to creepy pipe organs and tolling bells. Wailing spirits lend their ghostly voices to several tracks while gothic choirs soar to unearthly crescendos. Sinister sounds echo from the crypt as vampires beckon you further into their lair. Witches tell tales of dark things that prowl the night, wolves howl beneath the full moon, bats screech and flutter, and stone guardians warn unwary trespassers to beware. As a bonus, the CD booklet is filled with bewitching artwork from fantasy artist Joseph Vargo.

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