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Old Time

50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go?

50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go? Lowest new price: $22.10
Lowest used price: $13.98

Collectively known as the New Lost City Ramblers, Mike Seeger, John Cohen, and Tom Paley were pioneers in the revival of southern mountain music during the folk music revival of the late 1950s and 1960s. They brought the sounds of genuine old-time string band music and early bluegrass to eager city and college audiences who had grown disillusioned with the commercial pap of the folk boom. 79 tracks, 3 CDs, each with its own booklet of extensive notes, more than three hours of music!

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The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe

The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe Lowest new price: $13.48
Lowest used price: $12.36
Brand: Various - Western

Western music has gone in and out of style. When it was in style during the era of the TV Westerns in the late Fifties and early Sixties, nearly every country artist did a Western ballad or two. Now Bear Family gathers 20 Western ballads by those who could. You don't need to know which end of a horse gets up first to appreciate what we've got here. Features Hank Snow, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Dottie West, Rex Allen, Marvin Rainwater, Bobby Barnett, Jim Reeves, Eddy Arnold, Jim Ed Brown & others.

None But One & High Hills & Mountains

None But One & High Hills & Mountains Lowest new price: $108.98
Lowest used price: $79.97

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Frank Patterson - Ireland In Song

Frank Patterson - Ireland In Song Lowest new price: $7.79
Lowest used price: $1.49
List price: $19.99
Brand: Kulter

Frank's golden voice delights audiences in this PBS special. This program was filmed on location in Ireland. Program includes: Maggie, Galway Bay, Little Bridget Flynn, Fields Of Athenry, The Mason's Apron with The Cassidys, My Irish Molly O (with the Cassidys), Tipperary So Rare, The Last Rose of Summer, An Irish Lullaby (Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral) (with Eily O'Grady), The Marino Waltz, Lady of Knock, Red Sails in the Sunset, Away from the Roll of the Sea, Memory (from 'Cats'), Danny Boy, How Great Thou Art. With The Cassidys (Na Casaidigh), Eily O'Grady (Irish harp), Eanan Patterson (violin), Irish Promenade Orchestra.


  • ISBN: 0-7697-8122-5
  • Color
  • Running Time: 60 minutes
  • Sound: Dolby 2.0
  • Performers: Frank Patterson

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In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain

In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain Lowest new price: $200.64
Lowest used price: $195.12
Brand: Bear Family

(12-CD LP-sized box set with 220-page hardcover book, 307 tracks. Playing time approx. 933 minutes) ''The single most important event in the history of country music.'' That was how Johnny Cash characterized the first Carter Family session in Bristol, Tennessee in 1927. That epochal first session is here, together with all of the recordings made by the original Carter Family between 1927 and 1941. Here are the Anglo-Celtic ballads, mountain songs, blues, and popular songs that formed the bedrock of country music, rendered as plaintively and hauntingly as only the Carter Family could render them.

''Country people have always been sacred and sentimental people,'' declared Carter Family patriarch, A.P., and the 307 songs collected in this unique complete 12-CD edition reflect that judgement. This collection includes all of the Carters' recordings for Victor, ARC, Decca, APS, Columbia and Bluebird complete for the first time. Here are the original versions of country and folk classics like Wildwood Flower, Wabash Cannon Ball, The Storms Are On The Ocean and, of course, Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

Many of these recordings are appearing for the first time on CD, and the sound of these ageless classics has been presented in best possible sound without damaging their integrity or purity. All known photographs of the original Carter Family have been included. Mother Maybelle's personal photo collection has been included as well as all the photos belonging to Janette Carter, some previously unpublished, and there is a full-length newly-researched Carter Family biography by preeminent country music historian Charles Wolfe. ''These recordings are archetypal and timeless,'' writes Wolfe. ''They are as elemental as the wind or water, and have the simple beauty of the landscape of (the Carter's home in) Poor Valley. It is hard to underestimate the importance of the Carter Family to country music, and to American music in general''. The set includes a taped interview by Ed Kahn and Mike Seeger with both Maybelle and Sara in 1963. It also includes a written introduction by Johnny Cash.


  • Shrink-wrapped

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Sings Cajun - Lache pas la Patate

Sings Cajun - Lache pas la Patate Lowest new price: $49.99

Derived from a Cajun colloquialism meaning 'Don't drop the potato' or 'Hang on in there!', Lache Pas La Patate was a big 1974 hit for Jimmy C Newman in Louisiana and Canada. This is the first time this important Cajun record has been reissued, and for good measure we have the original recording in Cajun French and the subsequent hit version in English. If any one record triggered the current prosperity in Cajun music, this is it.

The hit also sparked a revival in Jimmy C Newman's own career. During the 50s and the 60s he was one of the mainstays of the Nashville music scene, racking up more than 30 country hits for Dot, MGM and Decca and having a big pop hit with A Fallen Star on Dot in 1957. Only rarely did his Cajun music roots surface during this period. Such benign neglect was well and truly remedied with the session for La Louisianne Records of Lafayette which manifested itself as the LP, Jimmy C Newman Sings Cajun. Lache Pas La Patate apart, the album comprised well-loved traditional songs such as Jolie Blonde, Allons A Lafayette and Hippy-Ty-Yo. All 12 LP tracks are included here and feature the fluent fiddle of Jimmy's long-time bandleader Rufus Thibodeaux.

Indeed, the fiddle work throughout this CD is quite outstanding. Rufus Thibodeaux has his own instrumentals, as does the late, great Doc Guidry who also dispenses two vocals. Both men accompany the delightful twin-fiddle style, of an in-form Vin Bruce, still one of the most popular Cajun vocalists in the bayou areas of Southeast Louisiana.

For once there is not an accordion in sight - just beautiful string music in the tradition of Leo Soileau, Happy Fats and Harry Choates. Note-writer Chris Hall (the BBC Radio 2 Cajun presenter and an accordionist himself) welcomes this respite from the squeeze box: who needs to interrupt the flow with all that pushing and pulling when artists of this calibre are at work! A must for all lovers of Cajun and fiddle music, and the many fans of Jimmy C Newman, let alone the legion of Cajun dancers.

John Broven, Ace Records UK

A Treasury Of Library Of Congress Field Rcdgs.

A Treasury Of Library Of Congress Field Rcdgs. Lowest new price: $7.50
Lowest used price: $4.92
Brand: Pretty Polly
Model: 2115926

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Song of the Hills: Instrumental Appalachian

Song of the Hills: Instrumental Appalachian Lowest new price: $13.50
Lowest used price: $6.96
Brand: shenandoah

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Old-Time Pickin': A Clawhammer Banjo Collection

Old-Time Pickin': A Clawhammer Banjo Collection Lowest new price: $5.76
Lowest used price: $5.75
Model: 5258050

Now that Ralph Stanley has established himself as America s foremost singer of traditional mountain music, it s easy to overlook the fact that he is regarded by many as one of the finest practitioners of old-time clawhammer banjo.

Like his singing, Stanley s clawhammer banjo playing is a product of a particular place, the hills and hollows in an isolated corner of far southwest Virginia where he was born and still lives today.

Ralph was eleven when he got his first banjo, and its bright ringing sound cheered the lonely, withdrawn boy. From the first touch the banjo felt perfect in his hands, like a tool he could make good use of, just as the miners in the coalfields near his Dickenson County home had their pick and shovel. It was his mother Lucy who taught Ralph his first song, Shout Little Lulie, which he learned on the first try. From the start, Ralph worked out his own clawhammer technique, using two fingers and his thumb in slashing up-and-down brush strokes. This approach gave him a much wider range than his mother s standard drop-thumb style.

Stanley s remarkable growth as a singer once he emerged from Carter s shadow underscores the fact that his clawhammer playing has remained frozen in time, a feat of preservation that serves as a vital link to his beginnings. On the 1974 rendition of Little Birdie, he s at the height of his vocal powers, adding twists and elongations and other ornamentation, worrying the lines for all their worth. These crooks and turns, as he calls them, are skills he simply couldn t muster as a 25-year-old when he sang on the 1952 record. And yet the sound of his clawhammer has required no tinkering through the years and remains essentially unchanged from the version that dates back to the Truman Era.

This collection gathers together for the first time Ralph s clawhammer numbers, and it will be a revelation to those who know him mostly as the mournful singer of O Death. Unlike his a capella gospel singing, with its brooding, drawn-out cadence, his clawhammer music is pure, unfiltered joy, as exuberant as a stallion running wild on top of Smith Ridge. As with the old-time singing, this old-time picking is something bred into you, as Stanley puts it, and it can t be learned from an instruction manual.

* excerpted and adapted from the CD liner notes by Eddie Dean

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Altamont -- Black Stringband Music from the Library of Congress

Altamont -- Black Stringband Music from the Library of Congress Lowest new price: $15.99
Lowest used price: $9.99

Format: Music CD, Library of Congress Records. Classic Jazz music CD


  • Music CD
  • Jazz music CD
  • Library of Congress
  • Classic Jazz music

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