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Blues Brothers 2000

Blues Brothers 2000 Lowest new price: $5.81
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $9.37
Model: 2219609

Eighteen years after the Brothers' original "mission from God", Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) is getting out of prison and discovering that much has changed in the time he's been away. His partner, Jake, is gone, his band is no longer together and the orphanage where he grew up has been demolished. Elwood soon realizes that he must embark on a whole new mission - to reassemble the old band, this time with the help of a soulful bartender (John Goodman), compete at Queen Moussette's (Erykah Badu) Battle of the Bands and set a wayward orphan named Buster on the path to redemption. In the midst of the mayhem, he's got to prove to the police that there's magic in the music...and a mysterious method behind the Blues Brothers' madness. Special appearances by B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Johnny Lang, Blues Traveler, Eric Claption and many more. It's an action-packed comedy with lots of Rhythm and Blues.

It's hard to ignore the sad and conspicuous absence of the late John Belushi, but this long-delayed sequel to 1980's The Blues Brothers still has Dan Aykroyd--as Chicago bad boy and blues rocker Elwood Blues--to keep the music alive. Once again, Elwood's trying to reunite the original Blues Brothers Band, and this time he's got a strip-joint bartender (John Goodman) and a 10-year-old orphan named Buster (J. Evan Bonifant) joining him at center stage. Believing that Elwood has kidnapped the kid, the cops are hot on his trail as the reunited band hits the road for the Battle of the Bands in Louisiana and the All-Star Blues Jam that ends the movie in a rockin' blaze of glory. It's a shameless clone of the first film, and nobody--especially not Aykroyd or director John Landis--seems to care that the story's not nearly as fun as the music that's used to stretch it out. Of course there's a seemingly endless parade of stunts, including a nonstop pileup of police cars that's hilariously absurd, but what really matters here--indeed, the movie's only saving grace--is the great lineup of legendary blues musicians. Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Junior Wells, Eric Clapton, B.B. King, Jonny Lang, Eddie Floyd, and Blues Traveler are among the many special guests assembled for the film, and their stellar presence makes you wonder if the revived Blues Brothers shouldn't remain an obscure opening act. The collector's edition DVD includes production photos, the theatrical trailers, and a behind-the-scenes featurette about the making of the film including interviews with the principal cast. --Jeff Shannon


  • Factory sealed DVD

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A Night at the Met

A Night at the Met Lowest new price: $3.70
Lowest used price: $3.69
Model: 29563032

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Voice Lessons To Go v.1-4 The Complete Set

Voice Lessons To Go v.1-4 The Complete Set Lowest new price: $44.99

(**Some Voice Lessons To Go volumes are now also available for download in multiple languages through Amazon and other platforms: Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and more...**)

Join over 100,000 singers who train to Voice Lessons To Go!

Get Them All With The Complete Set!

V.1-4 The Complete Set contains the first four volumes of the popular Voice Lessons To Go series in order to provide you with comprehensive vocal training and a variety of tools that will keep you inspired and growing as a singer. The Complete Set makes it easy to switch up lessons at your convenience and pace all at a reduced rate from purchasing each CD individually. The Box Set Includes:

* V.1 - Vocalize & Breath provides a thorough voice lesson consisting of a half hour of vocal warm-ups followed by deep breathing exercises and advice on posture and training. Ariella Vaccarino, creator of Voice Lessons To Go, guides you through the exercises, providing vocal examples and piano accompaniment.

* V.2 - Do Re Mi/ Ear & Pitch Training- focuses on improving your musicianship and sense of pitch. Filled with vocal exercises using solfege (Do, Re Mi), it is great for training your ear as well as warming-up your voice. The CD starts off with simple tone recognition, then moves on to solfege concentrating on forms of the major and chromatic scales - and ends with Hearing Your Note , which teaches you how to hear and sing specific notes out of a group.

* V.3 - Pure Vowels is the next step in your vocal training. Designed for intermediate and advanced singers, Pure Vowels focuses on natural vocal production learning how to shape the vowel so that every word is clear and can be understood. The exercises are separated by the vocalizes on ah , ey , ee , oh , oo , and i . Part I of the CD is a walk-through with examples and explanations by creator of Voice Lessons To Go, Ariella Vaccarino; Part II is straight piano accompaniment so that once you master the concepts, you can sing freely on your own without interruption.

* V.4 Stamina is the most advanced of all the Voice Lessons To Go CDs. Designed to challenge the singer, it is comprised of intricate vocal exercises that will strengthen your voice, improve your stamina, and increase your vocal agility. Part I of the CD is a walk-through with examples and explanations by creator of Voice Lessons To Go, Ariella Vaccarino; Part II is straight piano accompaniment, providing a complete vocal workout, without interruption.

The Complete Set is a Perfect Gift for the Singer in Your Life!

Ariella started Voice Lessons To Go to reach singers everywhere who for whatever reason; be it cost, time or location, could not get private voice lessons. She is an accomplished Opera singer who attended USC and has sung on many films.

Want to know how you sound?
Ariella has a Vocal Assessment program on her website where you send in your voice for a professional critique directly from her.

Also by Ariella Vaccarino:

Voice Lessons To Go for Kids!- Sing Out Proud!
Vocal Repair
- for the tired, overused, or recovering voice
- The Sheet music transcription to teach or train from

(**Some Voice Lessons To Go volumes are now also available for download in multiple languages through Amazon and other platforms: Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese and more...**)

**You can learn more about Voice Lessons To Go products or follow Ariella's blog at:

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The Best Of [Explicit]

The Best Of [Explicit] Lowest new price: $6.92
Lowest used price: $6.91
Model: 2131975

Here's the underground comic hero, tellin' it like it is long before anyone knew who Fred Sanford was. These early-'60s Laff Records tracks include Sex Life; Doctor Stories; Gangsters; Letter to a Wife; Shoe Shines, Virgins & Marriages , and more!

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Ultimate Fits

Ultimate Fits Lowest new price: $9.65
Lowest used price: $21.95

Ultimate Fits showcases the most hilarious moments from Capitol Nashville's catalog of 17 Roy D. Mercer prank call comedy albums and also debuts two brand new pranks. Tulsa, Oklahoma radio announcers Brent Douglas and Phil Stone (KMOD-FM) created the character of Roy D. Mercer in the early 1990s. In 1997, Capitol Records Nashville released the first Roy D. Mercer albums, How Big 'a Boy Are Ya?, Vols. 1 & 2. Since then, new Roy D. Mercer albums and collections have been released on a regular basis, building a comedy powerhouse that continues to thrive with more than 3.5 million albums sold to date.

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The Tom Lehrer Collection

The Tom Lehrer Collection Lowest new price: $12.32
Lowest used price: $12.68
Brand: CD
Model: 8410095

Tom's first hits CD and first live DVD in one set! You'll hear his whimsically skewering songs ( Fight Fiercely, Harvard; When You Are Old and Grey; Smut; New Math; The Masochism Tango; I Got It from the Agnes; The Vatican Rag , and more) and see videos, animated clips from The Electric Company and a 1967 Oslo concert by the man Dr. Demento called "the best musical satirist of the 20th century"!

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Alpocalypse Lowest new price: $5.44
Lowest used price: $4.99
Brand: CD
Model: 17351178

2011 release from the biggest selling comedy recording artist of all time. Weird Al has returned with Alpocalypse, his first full-length studio album in nearly five years. The first single from the album was the Lady Gaga parody "Perform This Way". The song has Lady Gaga's full approval and blessing. Alpocalypse also features parodies of Miley Cyrus ("Party In The CIA"), Taylor Swift ("TMZ") and B.o.B Featuring Bruno Mars ("Another Tattoo"). The album's requisite polka medley -"Polka Face" -features accordion-driven versions of songs by the biggest artists of the day, including Justin Bieber, Ke$ha, Britney Spears, P!nk, Lady Antebellum and Katy Perry.

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We've Been Thinking

We've Been Thinking Lowest new price: $8.13
Lowest used price: $6.87

Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy bring their distinctive brand of humor to a packed crowd in Minneapolis for the special, ''We've Been Thinking.'' Jeff Foxworthy is one of the world's most respected comedians. He's the largest-selling comedy-recording artist, a multiple Grammy Award nominee, and bestselling author of more than twenty-six books. He's hosted or starred in five TV series and was also a part of one of the most successful comedy tours of all time, ''The Blue Collar Comedy Tour,'' with Larry The Cable Guy, a multi-platinum recording artist, Grammy nominee, Billboard award winner and also one of the top comedians in the country. He has his own line of merchandise and continues to sell out theaters and arenas across the United States. Larry has created The Git-R-Done Foundation, which was named after Larry's signature catchphrase, and has donated more than 7 million dollars to various charities. And let's not forget they've given rednecks more jokes than they know what to do with...

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How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 TV Film)

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (1966 TV Film) Lowest new price: $4.00
Lowest used price: $2.43

Each new generation of kids loves Boris Karloff's devilishly delightful telling of the Dr. Seuss classic-and each new generation of parents is more than happy to enjoy it with them! Here's the soundtrack to the 1966 animated classic: Karloff's narration plus You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch and the other Grinch songs.


  • Mercury/Polygram

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Church Folks Gotta laugh Too

Church Folks Gotta laugh Too Lowest new price: $10.99
Brand: Central South


  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, a minimum 90-day warranty, and may arrive in a generic box.

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