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COMPLETE SET- North America Series, 100+ Bird Sounds and Bird Calls on 4 CDs: 5 total hours of audio

COMPLETE SET- North America Series, 100+ Bird Sounds and Bird Calls on 4 CDs: 5 total hours of audio Lowest new price: $24.95

Step into the forest where birds live... Listen and enjoy the beautiful relaxing sounds of 100+ birds from North America on 4 CDs as each sings their unique song. Brought to you as the complete set of 4 CDs from the North America Bird Series. Each CD contains 25 birds that will delight you with their amazing calls and songs spread throughout FOUR 75 minute audio CDs. Listen for each bird as they make their appearance, all 25 unique bird calls and songs appear randomly up to 6 times each. These complete audio CDs play a relaxing forested audio background setting, with a constant array of birds chirping and singing. Next, we've added 25 birds from North America to each CD... can you find them all? (There is no speaking in these four 75 minute CDs, only the natural sounds of birds... from start to finish)


  • 100+ Unique Bird Sounds
  • Forested Background
  • Four 75 minute CDs

Train Sounds of the 40s & 50s - Steam Locomotives Original Recordings

Train Sounds of the 40s & 50s - Steam Locomotives Original Recordings Lowest new price: $16.99

"Train Sounds of the 1940s & 50s"
Audio CD Run Time: 72.00 minutes

Imagine standing track side as steam powered passenger trains race by at 75 mph and diesels pulling freight cars clickety-clack over rail joints. As these trains roar past, you will hear a wide variety of whistles blown in signature style by engineers of a bygone era. In addition to experiencing the awesome power, you may even smell the coal smoke!

Train Sounds was recorded by my late father, Harold S. Spicer, an award-winning photographer for the Baltimore News Post. He had a passion for steam locomotives and the foresight to preserve the sounds of the Baltimore and Ohio, New York Central, and Pennsylvania Railroad before they disappeared.

This 72-minute Audio CD contains 50 original exterior recordings captured 1948 to 1952. Rail fans love the nostalgia and model railroaders appreciate the extended play time with a reprise mix at the end. Whether for yourself or as a gift for parents and spouse, Train Sounds is a historic treasure evoking memories and emotions.


  • Run Time: 50.00 minutes

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Vinyl Soundtrack Exclusive Deluxe Collectible Set

Mass Effect: Andromeda Vinyl Soundtrack Exclusive Deluxe Collectible Set Lowest new price: $59.99

Exclusively here, the Mass Effect: Andromeda Soundtrack is available as a Deluxe Vinyl Collectible Set. The soundtrack package includes 3 deluxe discs encased in a triple gatefold jacket, featuring original art of the Andromeda Crew. John Paesano's score for Andromeda holds true to the heart of the Mass Effect experience, but also explores new ground. Just as the story and characters bravely face a new galaxy, filled with the unknown, the music of Andromeda takes us on a new journey for the Mass Effect series. For Mass Effect: Andromeda, we wanted to take the in-world (diegetic) music to the next level. Our goal was to move away from using existing music libraries and towards a more custom, unique direction. With such beautiful locations as Aya, Kadara, and the Nexus, creating a believable and immersive soundtrack for these places was important to us. We also believe in supporting local artists, and were able to bring in talented musicians and producers from Edmonton. This collection of music is a highlight of what Edmonton's electronic music scene has to offer, produced to be at home in the world of Mass Effect: Andromeda. We hope you enjoy it! Disc 1: Colored White 180 Gram Vinyl Disc 2: Colored Ai Blue 180 Gram Vinyl Disc 3: Transparent Omni-blade Orange 180 Gram Vinyl The cover of the Mass Effect: Andromeda soundtrack is designed by acclaimed artist and designer, Hydro74. Joshua M. Smith, known as globally renowned artist Hydro74, works in Orlando, Florida as a designer and artist. Through his sixteen years of published work he is known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. He is passionate about breaking new ground and expanding his artistic influences with the peers and brands with whom he collaborates.


  • Tracklisting Disc 1 Side A: A Better Beginning Memories Exaltationi Khi Tasira Neutron Purge A Trail of Hope Side B: Voeld Hunting the Archon No More Mercy Vault Undiscovered Resistance Disc 2 Side A: Outlaw Exiled Remnant Jaardan First Contact Protocol Heleus Side B: Drive KNTKT Proton Bells Nexus Triangulum Disc 3 Side A: Proxaema Hyperion Shell Rumors Side B: Subharmonica Space Outlaws Exalt Uncertainty Entwined Proximity

Sound Effects: Sounds of Trains 3

Sound Effects: Sounds of Trains 3 Lowest used price: $12.99

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Raiders of the Lost Ark : The Movie on Record : Actual Dialogue , Music & Sound Effects

Raiders of the Lost Ark : The Movie on Record : Actual Dialogue , Music & Sound Effects Lowest used price: $48.81
Author: Harrison Ford

LP in Gatefold alblum (only one record) the other side of the gatefold was to hold the insert book. A rare collectible

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Cocoon Lowest new price: $20.99
Lowest used price: $15.25

World premiere expanded CD of James Horner soundtrack from popular Ron Howard sci-fi/fantasy with legendary cast of veterans including Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Jack Gilford, Maureen Stapleton, Jessica Tandy plus Brian Dennehy, Steve Guttenberg, Tahnee Welch. James Horner fashions one of his earliest blockbusters, showcases numerous signature ideas that will grace his work for decades. Horner provides numerous highlights, with spotlights shining in four directions: incredibly warm, transparent love themes, vibrant big band-era pieces for three aged best friends, incredible action cues, powerhouse climactic themes for what lies beyond. Entire score newly mastered by Mike Matessino, with significant improvements in stereo image, clarity courtesy multi-track masters housed at 20th Century Fox. Entire production courtesy Fox and Universal Music Group. Additional source cues plus Michael Sembello's "Gravity" appear at end of CD as extras. Authoritative oversight by Nick Redman, informative liner notes by Julie Kirgo plus session photos of composer wrap up entire album with colorful bow. James Horner conducts.

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Star Trek (OST) Astral Symphony

Star Trek (OST) Astral Symphony Lowest new price: $49.00
Lowest used price: $2.75

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75 Spectacular Sound Effects, Vol. 1

75 Spectacular Sound Effects, Vol. 1 Lowest new price: $16.98
Lowest used price: $1.75

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150 Spectacular Sound Effects

150 Spectacular Sound Effects Lowest new price: $17.98
Lowest used price: $2.69

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Sounds of a Crackling Fireplace

Sounds of a Crackling Fireplace Lowest used price: $13.71

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