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Surf Rock

Guitar Noir

Guitar Noir Lowest new price: $9.97
Lowest used price: $8.66
Model: 2137902


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Live At Knebworth 1980

Live At Knebworth 1980 Lowest new price: $4.90
Lowest used price: $2.01
Model: 2191211

This album was recorded at the Beach Boys historic concert at Knebworth House in England, on June 21st 1980. It proved to be the last time that the original Beach Boys: Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson and Alan Jardine, would appear together on stage.

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Beach Boys' Party!

Beach Boys' Party! Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $3.94
Brand: Beach Boys, The

Their 1965 live-in-the-studio release coupled with their slightly bizarre 1968 karaoke album, with bonus tracks Help Me, Rhonda; California Girls, and Our Car Club. 30 cuts!

Party! and Stack-o-Tracks are two of the most unusual conceptions of the Beach Boys' Capitol era. After scoring two hit albums and the smash singles "Help Me Rhonda" and "California Girls" in '65, the Beach Boys' label seemed insatiable. So, literally on the brink of recording Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson and company retreated into a studio for a few nights with little more than some acoustic guitars, a couple bongos, and their spectacular voices. Perhaps taking its cue from Trini Lopez's "If I Had a Hammer" and the early "live" recordings of Johnny Rivers, Party! presented what seemed a spontaneous performance of a few band chestnuts, three cuts by archrivals the Beatles, some telling oldies, and even Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin,'" even if the "party" was actually a track of laughter and small talk dubbed in later. Ironically, the album also produced one of the band's last big chart hits, their lively cover of the Regents' "Barbara Ann."

The Beach Boys' plummeting post-Pet Sounds fortunes again inspired Capitol to try and cash in on the band's feel-good hits, releasing Stack-o-Tracks, what was effectively an interactive album: the instrumental tracks of several key hits and album cuts were presented sans vocals (and originally packaged with music, chord charts, and lyrics), allowing fans to sing along. Unfortunately, few in the turbulent summer of '68 were interested in harmonizing to "Catch a Wave" and the album failed to chart. But to hardcore fans it remains a rare window into Brian's remarkable prowess in the studio. This digitally remastered edition features three great new backing track bonus cuts: "Help Me, Rhonda," the still spectacular "California Girls," and "Our Car Club." This long out-of-print twofer package also includes notes from Brian on both albums, as well as the insightful analysis of Beach Boys and the California Myth author David Leaf. --Jerry McCulley

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Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace of a Musical Legacy

Hawthorne, CA: Birthplace of a Musical Legacy Lowest new price: $54.87
Lowest used price: $23.30
Brand: Capitol

This 2 CD set is the original 2001 Capitol release. There is a white line through the UPC.

Once a bustling suburb on L.A.'s southern flank, Hawthorne and its middle-class values informed an innocent, distinctly SoCal vision of youthful hedonism and produced Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Irony being what it is, Hawthorne's centerpiece mall eventually decayed into a boarded-up economic disaster area while the Wilson family home was bulldozed to make room for--what else?--a freeway. But the Beach Boys' gloriously unlikely legacy remains, celebrated here in this double-disc anthology of harmony-rich rarities and audio vérité dialog snippets. It's also a credit to the band's manic 1960s work ethic; despite the wealth of similar rarities to be found on the twofer catalog reissue series and the Good Vibrations and Pet Sounds box sets, previously unheard gems continue to emerge. While the surviving members' uneasy relationship likely prevented some more candid session revelations from emerging, the focus here is the arc of the group's musical history.

Skewed heavily--and rightfully--toward the band's first seven years, this chronology offers up charmingly rough early demos ("Surfin'," "Surfin' USA," "Little Deuce Coupe"), edited session highlights, backing tracks ("Fun, Fun, Fun," "Salt Lake City," "Good Vibrations," "Be with Me," "Sail On Sailor"), spectacular a cappella versions ("Kiss Me Baby," "Can't Wait Too Long," "Add Some"), alternate takes ("The Little Girl I Once Knew" with an a cappella break, "Time to Get Alone," "Break Away"), and some modern stereo remixes and edits that add revealing details ("Dance, Dance, Dance," "Heroes and Villains," "Vegetables," "Time to Get Alone"). The crucial latter contributions of Carl and Dennis Wilson and Al Jardine are also showcased on "Let the Wind Blow," "A Time to Live in Dreams," and "Cotton Fields," respectively. The dialog adds some minor perspective but, as always, it's music that carries the day. Hawthorne, CA is a must for collectors and a concise, insightful introduction to a true American musical institution. --Jerry McCulley

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Surfaris - Wipeout / Play

Surfaris -  Wipeout / Play Lowest new price: $9.45
Lowest used price: $9.00
Brand: Surfaris, The

In , 2002 Beat Goes On released Wipe Out/Surfaris Play Wipe Out, which contained two albums -- Wipe Out (, originally released 1963) and Surfaris Play Wipe Out (, originally released1963) -- on one compact disc. ~ Chris True, All Music Guide

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Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals

Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals Lowest new price: $10.45
Lowest used price: $6.79
Brand: Various

From the vaults of George Brown's Titan label come 24 track of rare surf music. The CD contains every track released by the Strangers & the Surfmen (who later muted into the Lively Ones), plus the rare, very first releases from cult figures Davie Allen & Gary Usher, as well as an early (1965) U. S. only release by the Lancasters, written by and featuring a young Ritchie Blackmore, who went on to form the hard rockin' groups Rainbow & Deep Purple.

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Jan & Dean - All-Time Greatest Hits

Jan & Dean - All-Time Greatest Hits Lowest new price: $11.87
Lowest used price: $4.98

Jan & Dean

When sold by, this product will be manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

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The Beach Boys' Christmas Album

The Beach Boys' Christmas Album Lowest new price: $49.95
Lowest used price: $49.94
Brand: Beach Boys, The

(1991/US-Capitol) 16 tracks, reissue of the original 1964 Capitol album plus 4 bonus tracks of rare single versions and alternate takes. Originally produced by Brian Wilson. Very rare U.S. longbox, very limited stock!

Medium 1
Little Saint Nick
The Man With All The Toys
Santa's Beard
Merry Christmas, Baby
Christmas Day
Frosty The Snowman
We Three Kings Of Orient Are
Blue Christmas
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
White Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Auld Lang Syne
Little Saint Nick (single version)
The Lord's Prayer
Little Saint Nick (alternate take)
Auld Lang Syne (alternate take)

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Astro Lounge

Astro Lounge Lowest new price: $3.99
Lowest used price: $0.01
Brand: Universal

Track list: 1. Who's There 2. Diggin' Your Scene 3. I Just Wanna See 4. Waste 5. All Star 6. Satellite 7. Radio 8. Stoned 9. Then The Morning Comes 10. Road Man 11. Fallen Horses 12. Defeat You 13. Come On, Come On 14. Home 15. Can't Get Enough Of You Baby 2:30

Expounding on the theme from their hit "Walking on the Sun" (from the multiplatinum Fush Yu Mang), the verbose songs on Astro Lounge are filled with examinations of societal ills, personal woes, and other disappointments entailed in this thing known as Humanity. Yes, the album would seem heavy-handed were not the overriding sentiments filtered through Smash Mouth's "Hey, dude, let's party!" brand of musical optimism. Ranging from reggae to lounge to psychedelia to surfer rock to a sort of punk-a-go-go, Smash Mouth's influences have little in common with one another save for one important exception--they all evoke images of personal freedom and defiance of oppression, reminding us that, gee, fighting the Man can actually be raucous good fun! It's been a long time since a band with this much commercial potential could say something thought-provoking and get the party going. On "All Star," Steve Harwell sings, "Only shooting stars break the mold." A fitting prophecy for this outstanding alterna-pop album. --Beth Massa

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Space Ghost's Surf & Turf: With 22 Tiki-Torched Tunes

Space Ghost's Surf & Turf: With 22 Tiki-Torched Tunes Lowest used price: $18.98

The third offering from Space Ghost and company, this disc closely follows the format of Cartoon Planet, the cult-favorite variety show that runs on the Cartoon Network. There are songs galore, though few of them are outright parodies; rather, most take their cues from popular styles and filter them through the goofily surreal sensibilities of Cartoon Planet. The loopy Brak sings about his Hawaiian vacation and raps about Zorak in "Fight the Power Bands" (in which Space Ghost cheerfully chimes in with "Tell it, mack daddy!"), while the lovably gruff Zorak offers a Nirvana homage on "Nasty" ("I call Space Ghost a big baboon / I oughta be spanked, and it oughta be soon"), and apes the Cops theme song on "Bad Bug" ("I'm an evil mantis who won't be kind / I'll shoot my laser at your big behind"). It's not as strong as Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que--there's a little too much filler among this album's 36 tracks. --Randy Silver

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