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Outdoor Living


Oxford Garden 5-Foot Shorea Backless Bench

Oxford Garden 5-Foot Shorea Backless Bench Lowest new price: $389.99
List price: $438.70
Brand: Oxford Garden
Model: BB60

Oxford Backless features an updated and comfortable approach to the traditional picnic bench Use as a beautiful accent in a garden or combine with other pieces to create an outdoor dining area that is timeless, yet unique


  • Ergonomically curved seat provides maximum comfort
  • Additional cross bracing enhances stability
  • Shorea is a tropical hardwood that is resistant to rot, bug infestation, and various weather conditions
  • Weathers to a warm grey or color can be maintained using teak oil
  • Commercial grade, built for superiority and strength

Woodstock Princess Tudor Rose Chime- Décor Designs Collection

Woodstock Princess Tudor Rose Chime- Décor Designs Collection Lowest new price: $43.50
List price: $58.00
Brand: Woodstock Chimes

The Tudor period in England’s history was rich with music, from the minstrels in the street to the nobility in the Court. Even King Henry VIII was an accomplished composer. Many of the songs of those days – madrigals, Ayres and ballads, as well as folk songs – were modal. This chime is tuned to the Aeolian Mode, one of the most popular for romantic music during the period. Let the wind be your troubadour and serenade you with the beguiling sounds of the Tudor Rose Windchimes.

Woodstock Chimes are the original, musically-tuned, high-quality windchimes known worldwide for their superior sound. When listening to a Woodstock Chime, you hear a fine musical instrument played by the wind, perfectly hand-tuned using the ancient system of “just intonation” based on natural harmonics. This means the frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are related to one another by simple whole-number ratios. Tones that are related in this way produce the most beautiful musical intervals. The sonic effect is exceptionally pure and soothing.

More than 30 years ago, the first Woodstock Chime was created by founder and owner Garry Kvistad from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill. As a professional musician and instrument designer, he was fascinated by the Scales of Olympos, a 7th century pentatonic scale that can’t be played on a modern piano. Garry had the idea to cut and tune the lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the ancient scale. The resulting Chimes of Olympos was the first Woodstock Chime and is still one of our bestselling windchimes. Garry and his wife Diane founded Woodstock Percussion, Inc. in 1979 and it remains a family-owned business in New York’s Hudson Valley.

The sounds of nature are sweet, but the music of chirping birds, chattering squirrels, and rustling leaves is even sweeter when accompanied by Woodstock's Tudor Rose computer-tuned wind chimes. These bronze-finished aluminum chimes play the romantic notes of the Aeolian mode, recalling the Tudor era of England. Company founder Garry Kvistad has developed an advanced method of tuning used on every Woodstock chime: each tube is analyzed digitally with a microphone under the tube measuring the frequency, and cutters are instructed to remove just the right amount of material to produce the most precise tuning possible. The result is a purer, more harmonious sound. All Woodstock wind chimes are made in the USA from nonendangered hardwoods treated to endure season after season of outdoor use. Woodstock prides itself on being a socially responsible company, explaining that "through the sale of our chimes we proudly support the arts, as well as many environmental and humanitarian causes." Add a hint of romance to your yard or garden while contributing to the harmony of the earth. --Ariel Meadow Stallings


  • Beautiful sound and rich bronze color for your garden from this classic-style wind chime tuned using the Aeolian mode, popular for romantic music
  • 8 Bronze-colored aluminum tubes; cherry wood top, clapper and wind catcher
  • Medium-sized wind chime, tuned in an E Flat Major scale, and also available as the large-size tudor rose chime queen
  • Durable, braided nylon cord; 19.5-inches from the top wooden piece to the bottom of the wind catcher; longest tube is 14-inches
  • Companion wind chimes that harmonically enhance the Tudor Rose Wind chimes are the Woodstock Chimes of Westminster and the Baby Ben Chime

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VERDUGO GIFT CO Birdhouse, Noahs Ark

VERDUGO GIFT CO Birdhouse, Noahs Ark Lowest new price: $14.56
List price: $19.95
Model: 31248

Noah's Ark wood bird house. Two by two the animals go, in this unique birdhouse overflowing with fanciful fun!


  • Two by two the animals go, in this one-of-a-kind birdhouse overflowing with fanciful fun!
  • 12 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" high
  • A good quality product

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Taylor 1457 Outdoor Sensor For Taylor Digital Thermometers 1453,1456,1461

Taylor 1457 Outdoor Sensor For Taylor Digital Thermometers 1453,1456,1461 Lowest new price: $24.95
List price: $15.99
Brand: Taylor Thermometers
Model: 1457

Taylor Remote Outdoor Sensor For Use With Models 1453,1456,AND 1461

Monitor outdoor temperatures from multiple locations by adding this additional remote sensor to your Taylor digital temperature system. For use with Taylor’s digital thermometer models 1453, 1456, and 1461, the digital sensor transmits precise outside conditions to the base unit so users can plan appropriately for brisk or hot weather.

The weatherproof sensor can stand alone or mount on a wall or post via an enclosed bracket. An LCD display indicates temperatures in 2/3-inch high digits, plus includes a low battery indicator. Users may opt to read the temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. Outdoor temperature measurement capabilities range from -4 to +140 degrees F. In colder climates, the use of lithium batteries with the sensor allows users to monitor temperatures as low as –40 degrees F. The sensor can transmit information to the base unit from up to 100 feet. To extend this range, or to detect the temperature of a swimming pool or fish pond, Taylor includes a removable 11-foot cable with the sensor. This product requires the separate purchase of a compatible 1453, 1456, or 1461 base unit and two AA alkaline batteries. The sensor measures 3 by 2-3/4 by 1 inches and weighs 1 pound. This item is covered by a one-year, limited warranty. --Jessica Reuling


  • Remote digital sensor for Taylor temperature system models 1453, 1456, and 1461
  • Weatherproof design; sensor can be mounted with included bracket 100 feet from base unit
  • LCD display with 2/3-inch digits indicates outdoor temperatures from -4 to +140 degrees F
  • Product requires separate purchase of compatible base unit and 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Sensor measures 3 by 2-3/4 by 1 inches; weighs 1 pound; covered by limited, 1-year warranty

Original Pawleys Island 14OP Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock

Original Pawleys Island 14OP Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock Lowest new price: $189.99
List price: $161.00
Brand: Original Pawleys Island
Model: 14OP

The Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock is crafted of durable soft polyester rope. Constructed of a continuous weave made from 3-ply rope, the polyester rope bed is fade and mildew resistant. Spanning 60", The Deluxe Polyester Rope Hammock supports 450 lbs. 1,000 feet of rope used in hammock construction for durable woven bed with double-latch construction and 14 loops in body adding more rope for greater comfort and strength. Hand-tied bowline knot tightens with use. Hammock clew is macraméd for artistic design while rope hammock ends tassel for rustic effect. Spreader bars are constructed of solid oak for premium durability and strength. Spreader bars are triple dipped in marine spar varnish to length life. Eased edges of spreader ensure safety. Spreader design enhances gentle rocking motion. Hammock comes complete with superior constructed hardware. Heavy-duty zinc chromate plated hardware resists rust. Two inch diameter ring and welded chain ensure safety. Zinc plated eyebolt is the largest in the industry for added protection and strength.


  • Relax in a century old tradition. Crafted in the same manner as it was over a century ago, The Original Pawleys Island POLYESTER Rope Hammock is constructed of a continuous weave. Made from 3-ply rope, the Soft Spun polyester rope bed is fade and mildew resistant for long outdoor life.
  • Hammock spreader bars are solid SOUTHERN WHITE OAK that's been hand-dipped multiple times in marine-quality varnish.
  • The O-rings, chains, and tree hooks are ZINC PLATED STEEL. We needed to have the strength of steel and a corrosion barrier for our hardware to be safe and withstand the elements of the weather.
  • Length: 13 ft. Width: 60 in. Bed Length: 6 ft, 10 in. Weight Capacity: 450 lbs.
  • Hanging distance: 13 - 15 ft. Includes (2) Zinc-plated chains and (2) Tree hooks **PILLOWS and STAND SOLD SEPARATELY**

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Taylor Weekend Warrior Programable Thermometer / Timer-Discontinued By Manufacturer

Taylor Weekend Warrior Programable Thermometer / Timer-Discontinued By Manufacturer Lowest new price: $14.64
List price: $19.99
Brand: Taylor Precision Products
Model: 808.00

808N-4L Features: -Ideal for grill, oven or stovetop. -Bright blue LCD backlight is easy to read in the dark. -LCD screen shows target temperature and current food temperature. -Choose from 6 preprogrammed taste levels or set a specific temperature. Product Type: -Digital. Programmable: -Yes.


  • Easy-to-read dual dispplay for current temperature as well as target temperature
  • Backlighted dial for ease of use in low light
  • Durable stainless probe
  • On/Off switch
  • Timer as well as roasting thermometer

Monarch Pure Copper Tulip Cup Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length

Monarch Pure Copper Tulip Cup Rain Chain, 8-1/2-Feet Length Lowest new price: $74.15
List price: $87.24
Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
Model: 26601

Classic copper tulip rainchain found in Japanese gardens. An alternate to traditional downsputs.


  • 8-1/2 foot handmade rain chain
  • Captures rain runoff on the porch, deck, or garden
  • Flower-shape cups hold water and let it trickle down the chain
  • Copper finish glimmers in sun easy installation with gutter clip
  • Hand made by skilled artisans

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Bayou Classic 7419 11-Quart Cast-Iron Jambalaya Pot/Deep Fryer with Domed Lid

Bayou Classic 7419 11-Quart Cast-Iron Jambalaya Pot/Deep Fryer with Domed Lid Lowest new price: $63.26
List price: $76.99
Brand: Bayou Classic
Model: 7419

This non-traditional design Jambalaya Pot has a rounded interior for cooking stews, gumbo and jambalaya, but has a flat bottom so it can sit on an outdoor gas cooker. Totally unique to the industry! Excellent for hunting, fishing, camping, scouting, and your own backyard. With quality construction that sets the industry standard, it is made heavy duty, rough and rugged.

The raised alligator logo on the lid lets you know this is one rugged pot. Made of durable cast iron, the heavy 11-quart pot is uniquely designed with a rounded, inverted-dome interior ideal for stirring stew, gumbo, and jambalaya, or for deep-frying hushpuppies and shrimp, and, with a flat exterior bottom (seven inches in diameter) to allow the pot to rest securely on either a campfire grill, an outdoor propane cooking stove, or an indoor stovetop. Like all good cast-iron cookware, the wire handle lies flat on one side for storage and stays at the desired 45-degree angle on the other, away from the direct heat yet easy to grasp with a mitt. Other features include a pour spout opposite an integral support tab and a domed lid with cast-iron loop handle. The interior of the pot measures 14 by 7 inches.

Before the first use, the cast-iron pot and lid should be seasoned at least once and preferably several times. This will help prevent rusting and creates a nonstick finish. After washing and drying thoroughly, the pot should be coated with solid vegetable shortening, such as lard or bacon fat (not butter or margarine). Let the pot 'bake' in a 300-degree-F oven for one hour, then remove and wipe off the excess. Spraying with a non-stick shortening after each use can also help season the pan. Most cast-iron cookware can be scrubbed clean by hand without detergents and then dried immediately. Bayou Classic makes a full range of heavy-duty cookers and cookware for the outdoor chef. --Ann Bieri


  • 11-quart round pot with domed lid cooks jambalaya, stews and deep-fried foods
  • Made of rugged cast iron with swing-style wire handle
  • Flat bottom allows pot to sit on propane cooking stove
  • Interior dimensions 14 by 7 inches
  • Season before first use; scrub, rinse, and dry after each use

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Hammaka Hanging Hammock Air Chair, Wooden Dowels, Green

Hammaka Hanging Hammock Air Chair, Wooden Dowels, Green Lowest new price: $62.20
List price: $69.99
Brand: Hammaka
Model: 10002-KP

Whether you are looking for a camping adventure or more of a beachside zen experience the amazingly comfortable Original Hammaka Hammock Chair is perfect for your needs. It’s lightweight and portable allowing you to take it just about anywhere but is also sturdy and stylish enough to have right on the front porch. The whole family will fall in love the most comfortable chair on the planet! With innovative zero-gravity engineering, plenty of curb appeal, and an easy to hang anywhere design, the Hammaka Hammock Chair is the ultimate in relaxation.

Offering the comfort and support of a hammock, but designed in the shape of a chair, the Hammock Chair cradles the body with precise pressure distribution for hours of relaxation. Great for inside the house, on the porch, by the pool, at the campsite and more, the Hammaka is made of high-quality nylon with durable stitching. The chair hangs easily and securely with the included 3/8-inch braided rope and 1-1/4-inch hardwood dowels. Complete with armrests, an adjustable footrest, an inflatable pillow and a handy drink holder, it doesn't get any more comfortable than the Hammaka! The chair even adjusts to a reclining position and holds its place between sittings. Your purchase includes a quality carry case, hanging hardware and instructions. --Brian Olson


  • 350 lb Weight Capacity
  • Includes: Carrying Case, Pillow, Footrest & Cup Holder
  • Simple 10 Minute Assembly
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

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Maverick GL-03 Cordless LED Grill Light

Maverick GL-03 Cordless LED Grill Light Lowest new price: $63.51
List price: $63.51
Brand: Maverick
Model: GL-03

This handy portable light features 4 brilliant LED bulbs which last 50,000 hours. Uses just 3 AA batteries (included) to provide convenient lighting anywhere. Energy efficient design yields double the battery light of other lights! Stainless steel housing and mounting clip, useable rain or shine, outdoor and salt- spray tested.


  • Portable light clips onto just about any surface for low-light cooking and grilling
  • 18-inch bendable neck with 1-inch stainless metal mounting clip
  • 4 brilliant LEDs last 50,000 hours
  • Useable rain or shine--outdoor and salt-spray tested
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (included) provides 4 to 5 hours of continuous operation

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