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Science Education

PhysicsTutor Excalibur

PhysicsTutor Excalibur Lowest used price: $49.95
List price: $39.99
Brand: Interactive Learning, Inc.

PhysicsTutor Excalibur is a complete, interactive physics tutorial on CD that covers the full physics curriculum from high school physics through the first two semesters of college physics. PhysicsTutor Excalibur teaches physics using a unique, time-saving approach that students really like. PhysicsTutor Excalibur teaches each of the concepts of physics by way of example. This puts each concept into context for a student and makes the concepts easier to understand. Students find this approach much more understandable than the approach that most textbooks take in which concepts are explained in only abstract terms. Here is how PhysicsTutor Excalibur works: 1. First, it breaks down the study of physics into 20 manageable subject areas. 2. When you select a tutorial in one of these 20 subject areas, PhysicsTutor Excalibur displays a question that you will need to be able to answer once you have mastered that subject area of physics. If you already understand how to solve that type of problem, you can go ahead and answer it. However, if you have no idea how to answer that question, you can click on the LEARN button. 3. This will bring up a screen that explains the concept associated with that question and shows you how to, in general, approach that type of question. 4. Then try to answer the question. If you still have difficulty with the question, click on the EXPLANATION button. 5. This will bring up a screen that shows you, in detail, how to solve that specific problem. 6. After you have correctly answered a question, click on the NEXT QUESTION button. 7. Depending on the difficulty of the concept, this will either display another similar question associated with that same concept or a new question that is associated with another concept in that subject area. Compared to reading a traditional physics textbook, PhysicsTutor Excalibur is a much more efficient and effective way to learn physics.


  • Interactive physics course
  • Covers high school and first-year college physics
  • 20 subject areas with comprehensive tutorials
  • Interactive quizzes and a range of practice exams
  • Helps raise grades and test scores

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Bioscopia Lowest new price: $11.64
Lowest used price: $6.88
Brand: Viva Media

Kids travel to an alien planet and adventure through an unearthly land to reach Bioscopia, a deserted research station filled with exotic plants and trees and menacing robots. The player's mission is to rescue a young scientist, who's trapped in the station and seriously injured. To complete the mission and escape Bioscopia, kids have to learn about biology and apply that knowledge to solve Bioscopia's clever puzzles. Designed to advance and challenge children's biology acumen, Bioscopia entertains while teaching with out-of-this-world graphics, thrilling sound clips, and a BigBrain learning section that teaches and tests children's wits. All the while, parents can rest easy and kids will delight with a game where science conquers evil.

RedShift 5

RedShift 5 Lowest used price: $28.00
Brand: Viva Media


CINEMATIC RADAR SIMULATOR 2.0 [Download] Lowest new price: $4.90
List price: $4.90

This is a Maritime Training Software for Collision Avoidance practice in restricted visibility using Ship Radar.

You have 30 levels and the also the option to set your own excersice upto with 5 different targets.

It is a very good tool for deck cadets of nautical school, mates, ship navigational officers, captains, yacht owner and everybody who enjoy navigation.

Put yourself to the test, take the helm and try new challenger levels or design your own drill.

Have a good watch captains !!

Remember, don't hit anything !!

PC Minimum System Requirements:PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   1 Ghz
  • RAM:   512 Mb
  • Hard Disk:   200 Mb
  • Video Card:   Last Drvers.
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP


    • Realistic Radar Behaviour
    • Realistic Radar Look and Feel
    • Ideal for Ship Colission Avoidance Training
    • Train for your Officer and Captain Test

    QE-Chem tutor for General Chemistry 100, 101 & 102 [Download]

    QE-Chem tutor for General Chemistry 100, 101 & 102 [Download] Lowest new price: $1.50
    List price: $1.50
    Brand: Sci-Think Tutoring Systems

    Downloadable package of ~0.5 MB that allow users to operate a Web App on their PCs (i.e. desktops, Laptops, notebooks,...) and iPhones, iPads,..etc. to educate themselves on at least 20 different topics in General Chemistry. Users who would benefit are high school to 2nd year university students, Lab technicians, and chemical engineers plus others. Brief outline of topics are empirical and molecular formula, Equilibria, Kinetics, formula mass, % composition, amount of product and reactant, limiting reactant, excess reactant, balance chemical equations, Stoichiometric calculations, boiling point elevation, freezing point depression, volumetric analysis, molarity, gas laws, kinetic theory, pH, pKa,..etc.

    PC Minimum System Requirements:PC Recommended System Requirements:
    • Processor:   CPU E5300 2.6 GHz
    • RAM:   2 GB
    • Hard Disk:   20 GB
    • Video Card:   GTX 630
    • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista


      • API to operate a Web App
      • Quantitative Chemistry Web Solver
      • No refund after download

      Soda Pipes A Refreshing Puzzle Game (Jewel Case) - PC

      Soda Pipes A Refreshing Puzzle Game (Jewel Case) - PC Lowest new price: $12.98
      Lowest used price: $2.10
      List price: $9.99
      Brand: ValuSoft
      Model: 10452

      3 COOL MODES: -Arcade -Puzzle -Adventure


      • A refreshing puzzle game!

      InventorLabs Transportation

      InventorLabs Transportation Lowest used price: $16.99
      List price: $19.99
      Brand: Pearson Software
      Model: 0743503791

      InventorLabs invites you to enter the world of three great inventors who gave wings--and wheels--to all mankind. Meet the Wright brothers and help them build their revolutionary flying machine. Visit the turn-of-the-century workshop of Gottlieb Daimler, and explore his groundbreaking 1901 Mercedes automobile. Then tour George Stephenson's cottage, where you'll reinvent the world's first practical steam locomotive. Science springs to life in a fascinating, hands-on celebration of man in motion.

      You'll be transported to another world to wander through each workroom, to open drawers, examine tools, and explore real drawings, patents, and notebooks. Meet the extraordinary men who invented the future. Probe the innermost workings of their remarkable vehicles. Then test your wits by conducting dozens of experiments, each with many unique outcomes. Like the great inventors, you'll learn from your failures as much as your accomplishments.

      A User Workbook allows you to record your progress as you master the art of scientific observation, experimentation, and analysis. You'll build modern-day skills as you solve the great engineering puzzles of yesteryear.

      Create your own crazy car, boat, or glider. Here's your chance to design the ultimate, strategically sound vehicle. Choose an engine, battery, and chassis, then add extras such as wings, solar panels, and more. Race your creation in over a dozen challenging courses with photorealistic objects and obstacles.

      Exploring Creation: With Physical Science

      Exploring Creation: With Physical Science Lowest new price: $29.04
      Lowest used price: $20.00
      List price: $29.00
      Author: Jay L. Wile

      This CD contains a complete audio recording of the course Exploring Creation With Physical Science, Second Edition. This is the perfect accompaniment to the book for students who are auditory learners or have reading challenges. Must play it in an MP3-compatible CD player or on a computer.


      • High School Science
      • mp3 Audio CD compact disc
      • eighth 8 grade creation

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      Circuit Science Animation Lab-

      Circuit Science Animation Lab- Lowest new price: $24.99
      List price: $25.00
      Brand: Small World
      Model: 9726119

      Learn the principles of animation by using the nine enclosed 3D figures to construct a simulator! Requires one AA battery (not included.) Recommended ages 8 and up. WARNING: Choking Hazard, small parts. Not for children under three years. Conforms to EN 71, CPSIA and ASTM. Imported.


      • Circuit Science Animation Lab-

      Starry Night Sky Explorer Win/Mac [Jewelcase]

      Starry Night Sky Explorer Win/Mac [Jewelcase] Lowest new price: $6.43
      Lowest used price: $2.69
      List price: $9.99
      Brand: Imaginova
      Model: 105

      With Starry Night Sky Explorer, all it takes is the click of a mouse and you’ll learn all about the stars and planets shining over your house. Or travel through time to marvel at night skies as seen from anywhere on Earth, from distant past to the far future.


      • Travel through time to marvel at night skies as seen from anywhere on Earth
      • Explore the universe through the SkyGuide's multimedia, interactive tours
      • View 100,000 stars visible to the naked eye; hundreds of fun space facts
      • Travel back in time to see the stars the day you were born
      • Print handy star charts; stay current with automatic online updates

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