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Science Education

multimedia chemistry

multimedia chemistry Lowest new price: $5.99
Lowest used price: $1.98
List price: $6.99

Starry Night Enthusiast 5.0 Astronomy Software (Win/Mac)

Starry Night Enthusiast 5.0 Astronomy Software (Win/Mac) Lowest used price: $49.11
Brand: Imaginova
Model: e-50-c1u

Starry Night Enthusiast 5.0 is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to explore the night sky. Explore the solar system without leaving the planet, by using this incredible guide to the stars. Visit solar systems 20,000 light years away, check out the view from the International Space Station and walk on the moon. Know the wonders of space firsthand. Incredible educational movies introduce in-depth space and astronomy concepts Receive weekly sky-gazing concepts for a better look at the Heavens!


  • Explore without limits 700 million light years of space
  • View 2,500,000 stars and 40,000+ deep-space objects
  • Learn how to instantly identify planets, stars, and constellations
  • Deepen explorations with over 70 interactive, multimedia tours
  • Fly around the universe using joystick-supported spaceship mode

Ultimate 3D Skeleton

Ultimate 3D Skeleton Lowest new price: $7.49
Lowest used price: $7.49
List price: $14.91
Brand: Global Software Publishing
Model: A1499L1W

Ultimate 3D Skeleton


  • Take a spectacular tour beneth your skin
  • Ages 9 and Up

Redshift 8 Compact

Redshift 8 Compact Lowest new price: $19.99

Explore the Universe with the compact version of the top-selling planetarium software Redshift 8! Take off on spectacular 3-D flights to visit countless celestial bodies or explore the night sky at any time from any location. In Redshift 8 positions and motions of celestial bodies are calculated and simulated precisely. Detailed surface maps and photo-realistic representations show planets, moons, stars and galaxies in their full beauty and splendor


  • Realistic 3-D Model of our galaxy with impressive 3-D flight
  • More than 2.5 million stars, planets, and deep sky objects
  • The ability to download up-to-date orbital data for 2,000 artificial satellites
  • Comprehensive Dictionary of Astronomy
  • Interactive Guided Tours of the night skies

Mia's Science Adventure: Romaine's New Hat

Mia's Science Adventure: Romaine's New Hat Lowest new price: $4.28
Lowest used price: $4.97
List price: $9.00
Brand: Kutoka US Software
Model: 31201

In Mia's Science Adventure: Romaine's New Hat, we see Mia take her mother's new hat without her permission. When a sudden storm takes it down the sewer, it gets taken by Romaine Rat -- help Mia retrieve it & make it back home!


  • Educational role-playing games that are both enriching and amusing
  • Help Mia retrieve her mother's lost hat and find her way home
  • Covers age-appropriate scientific concepts and scientific terminology
  • Rich and captivating 3D world from a mouse's point of view
  • Designed for kids ages 6 to 10

Similar Products:

Discovery Channel School: Measurement and Scale grades 3-6

Discovery Channel School: Measurement and Scale grades 3-6 Lowest used price: $149.76
Brand: Discovery Channel School

InventorLabs Technology

InventorLabs Technology Lowest used price: $15.00
Brand: Pearson Software
Model: 0743503805


Have you ever wondered how everyday objects such as the telephone, light bulb, and movie camera came into being? InventorLabs Technology invites you to enter the fascinating worlds of three great inventors and re-create their amazing discoveries. Conduct electrifying experiments in Thomas Edison's turn-of-the-century laboratory. Reinvent the telephone with Alexander Graham Bell, and hear the clang of pistons and the hiss of steam as you enter James Watt's 18th-century workshop. Science springs to life in a thrilling, hands-on exploration of the greatest inventors in history.

You'll be transported to another world as you wander through each laboratory, opening drawers, picking up tools, and exploring real drawings, sketches, and notebooks. Meet the extraordinary men who helped shape the future. Probe the innermost workings of their remarkable inventions. Then test your wits by conducting dozens of experiments with hundreds of unique outcomes.

Master the art of scientific inquiry. Like the great inventors, you'll learn from your failures as much as your accomplishments. An Experiment Diary records your progress as you master the art of scientific observation, experimentation, and analysis. You'll build modern-day skills as you solve the great engineering puzzles of yesteryear.

Starry Night Beginner

Starry Night Beginner Lowest new price: $21.79
List price: $27.95
Brand: Imaginova

Created specially for the first time stargazer, Starry Night Beginner lets you quickly identify stars, planets, and constellations with a simple point-and-click interface. Learn about the movements of the planets, watch the phases of the moon, or see what the stars looked like on the day you were born.

Dino Source

Dino Source Lowest used price: $13.44

Excellent, funfilled education in the world of dinosaurs


  • Complete information on over 200 dinosaurs
  • Two fun filled interactive games
  • Stunning artwork & realistic sound effects for a total prehistoric experience

Middle School Learning System (3 DVD Set)

Middle School Learning System (3 DVD Set) Lowest new price: $75.00
Lowest used price: $39.77
Model: 2138589


  • Develop critical learning skills for better academic performance
  • Learn advanced math concepts with pre-algebra 1 and 2
  • Advanced science lessons teach kids about the world around them
  • Expands understanding of the world with history and geography
  • Improves communication skills with reading and literature lessons

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