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Professional Design

PicMonkey Photo Editor & Collage Maker Premium

PicMonkey Photo Editor & Collage Maker Premium Lowest new price: $7.99
List price: $7.99

PicMonkey is your frustration-free photo editing and design toolkit. Blow up your social media channels with beautifully edited photos, unleash your inner designer with high-quality graphics and fonts, and show off your vacation pics in style with the collage maker. PicMonkey's easy-to-use tools work in your browser—no learning curve or downloading required. Your monthly or annual Royale membership is your ticket to an ads-free editing experience, and gets you access to primo features not available to non-members. Learn more at


  • PicMonkey is your perfect pick for super-easy, gorgeous online photo editing.
  • It all happens right in your browser, with nothing to download and no manuals to read.
  • Royale is PicMonkey's special sauce-premium membership that unlocks deluxe features not available to freebie users.
  • Awesome effects for photo editing, gorgeous fonts, cream-of-the-crop stickers and frames, crazy-dramatic touch up tools, and a collage maker that will blow your mind.
  • Choose between monthly and annual Royale membership options.

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AutoCAD 2013 for Mac [Download] [Old Version]

AutoCAD 2013 for Mac [Download] [Old Version] Lowest new price: $4,195.00
List price: $4,195.00
Brand: Autodesk
Model: 777E1-WWR115-1001

With AutoCAD 2013 for Mac software, designers who prefer to work in a native Mac environment can create eye-catching conceptual designs and precise, finished documentation with one of the world's leading 2D and 3D design applications. AutoCAD 2013 for Mac software delivers all the power designers expect from AutoCAD software-in an intuitive Mac environment. It helps designers explore ideas, speed documentation, and seamlessly share ideas with colleagues, partners, clients, and suppliers.


  • Design: Use industry-standard tools to design original ideas in both 2D and 3D.
  • Document: Create manufacturing or construction documentation with powerful documentation tools.
  • Communicate: Share critical design data securely and efficiently with robust PDF export capabilities and native DWG support.
  • Visualize: Shape ideas in 3D using powerful solid and surface modeling tools, and visualize designs in canvas with powerful rendering tools.

Anime Studio Pro 8 [Old Version]

Anime Studio Pro 8 [Old Version] Lowest new price: $19.95
Lowest used price: $11.67
List price: $19.95
Brand: Smith Micro Software Inc.
Model: ASP80HBX2

Packed with a broad range of image categories, styles and file formats, you're sure to find the perfect image for almost any project

Anime Studio Pro 8

Complete Animation for Professionals and Digital Artists
Powerful bone based animation speeds up your workflow. View larger.

Anime Studio Pro is the efficient alternative to time-consuming, frame-by-frame animation. Ideal for professional animators, digital artists and content creators, Anime Studio is equipped with the powerful features you need to produce film, video and online media. Complete your creative arsenal today with this essential application.

The Character Wizard lets you quickly design fully rigged characters with multiple views, walk cycles, expressions and more. View larger.

Anime Studio Improves Workflow with New, Comprehensive Tools

Create High-Quality Animations

Make characters, objects and scenes using powerful vector-based drawing tools. Import your scanned drawings and images, including layered Photoshop files.

Automatic Image Tracing

Speed up production by automatically converting existing artwork and sketches to fully editable vector drawings.

Character Wizard

Design fully rigged characters with multiple views, walk cycles, expressions and more. Access dozens of predesigned components or add your own creations and reusable actions.

The Global Rendering Styles in Anime Studio Pro 8 allow you to easily change the entire look of your animation. View larger.
Real Time Media Connection

Imported media files edited in their native applications are automatically recognized and updated within Anime Studio.

Global Rendering Styles

Quickly change the overall design of your animations by choosing from various fill, stroke and layer presets.

Powerful Production Tools

Robust bone-rigging tools make character creation and animation easier than ever. Save time with Curve Profile, Follow Path and Stroke Exposure tools, along with automatic line-smoothing features.

Browse through existing content or organize your own content using the Library. View larger.

Utilize an Array of Powerful and Versatile Features

Content Library: Organize your files and quickly preview and access ready-to-use bundled content, both locally and on Content Paradise.

3D Integration: Orient and animate OBJ files from your favorite 3D apps. Poser users can add scenes and characters to combine 2D/3D elements.

Integrated Audio Recording: Record sound clips and adjust pitch to fit your characters; automatic lip-syncing is powered by the AST ProductionSync library.

Video Motion Tracking: Attach animated objects to multiple target points in your video and watch them track accordingly throughout the clip.

Automatic Lip-Syncing powered by the AST ProductionSync library. View larger.


New! Automatic Image Tracing

Import your scanned drawings or existing images and photos then convert them to vector drawings with the click of a button. Trace as black and white, color, or edges only and adjust a number of settings to style your vector image. Anime Studio Pro 8 increases production and allows artists to work much faster by automatically converting existing artwork to fully editable vector drawings.

Simulated Physics lets you set the density, gravity, springiness and friction of colliding objects. View larger.
A variety of customizable brush styles make creating original artwork a snap. View larger.
New! Import Photoshop Files

Import your existing Photoshop files complete with layers. Changes made in Photoshop instantly appear in the imported file in Anime Studio, allowing you to continually refine your Photoshop document. Many Photoshop features are supported in the imported PSD files, including blending modes, layer opacity, smart objects and smart filters. Groups are also supported and can be setup in Photoshop to automatically get imported into Anime Studio as switch layers for quick animating.

New! Real Time Media Connection

The new Real Time Media Connection in Anime Studio Pro 8 automatically updates image, movie and audio files in your imported Anime Studio files when edited in an external program. This is a great workflow enhancement for individuals and production studios alike.

New! Global Rendering Styles

Global Rendering Styles allow you to quickly change the overall design of your animations. Choose from various presets such as sketchy, cutout, crayon and more to easily transform the look and feel of your entire animation. Create your own custom combinations by mixing and matching different styles for fills and outlines.

New! Character Wizard

The Character Wizard is the ideal tool for anyone working on concepts or looking for a fast alternative to drawing and rigging each character from scratch. Quickly design your own fully-rigged characters complete with multiple views, walk cycles and more. Select a preset, dial in the body proportions and choose from dozens of predesigned 2D components such as hands, feet, mouths, eyes, noses and heads or load in your own creations to design custom characters. Choose from various clothing choices and custom color combinations, or create a virtually endless amount of unique characters using the Randomize feature. Complete with pre-animated walk, jump, kick and wave cycles. You can also easily create your own animated actions that can be applied to any character created with the Character Wizard.

Automatic Image Tracing instantly converts existing drawings to fully editable vector drawings. Trace as black and white, color or edges only. View larger.
New! Vector Shape Selector

Quickly find and edit vector layers using the Vector Shape Selector. You no longer have to worry about naming each layer to easily find the one you're looking for. Just click on a shape in your project, and the corresponding layer automatically gets selected for editing. This eliminates tedious searching for the layer you want to edit.

New! Enhanced User Interface

Anime Studio 8 introduces new User Interface colors, allowing you to choose from various preset color schemes or create your own. The new Smart Tool Palette provides a less cluttered interface and a better user experience by hiding irrelevant tools, creating a smoother workflow.

Anime Studio Pro 8 offers an intuitive interface packed with powerful features for professional animators and digital artists. View larger.
Import and animate your own video and artwork. View larger.
New! Enhanced Drawing Tools

Combine the freehand tool's smart welding feature with the Delete Edge tool to create complex shapes quickly. This eliminates the need for precise drawing, giving you the freedom to sketch as you desire. Additional brush styles have been included and optional rounded end caps have been added to the drawing tools.

New! Patch Layers

Patch Layers were designed for constructing characters and are similar to masks by allowing you to hide certain parts of a layer. Create each body part separately and then hide the overlapping lines. Adjust the size of the patch to perfectly blend the layers to get the desired style.

New! More 3D Video Rendering Options

Output your rendered 3D movies in various 3D formats for Web and TV. Share your 3d rendered movies on Youtube with full support for Youtube's 3D formats.

New! Scripting Enhancements

Anime Studio 8 offers advanced scripting support and includes several new scripts. More functions and data structures of the program have been exposed through the scripting api, allowing advanced technical users to create tools and add-ons for the program.

  • Audio recording and automatic lip-syncing
  • Simulated Physics gets you animating quickly
  • Create 3D objects from 2D vector layers
  • Content Library features hundreds of ready-to-use characters, props and more
  • Track, zoom, roll, pan and tilt the camera
  • Import Poser Scenes into Anime Studio
  • Pen tablet support simulates drawing on paper
  • Special effects such as motion blur and shadows
  • Import Quicktime, AVI or MPEG-4 video and WAV, AIFF and MP3 audio files
  • Output to formats including NTSC/PAL D1/DV standard and widescreen; HDV and HDTV 720p and 1080p; AVI, MOV, Flash, Stereoscopic 3D and more
  • Upload directly to Facebook and YouTube


  • Ideal tool for professional artists and animators looking for an alternative to tedious frame-by-frame editing
  • Make your own characters, objects and scenes using powerful vector-based drawing tools;
  • Instantly convert existing drawings to vector art using Automatic Image Tracing
  • Point-and-click to attach bones to your characters for easy manipulation; speed up workflow using simulated physics
  • Formats including NTSC/PAL D1/DV Standard and Widescreen; HDV and HDTV 780p and 1080p; AVI, MOV, Flash, and more

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Printmaster Gold V 17.0

Printmaster Gold V 17.0 Lowest new price: $8.99
Lowest used price: $19.98
List price: $8.99
Brand: Encore
Model: 22740

If you’ve got a passion for creative self-expression, you’ll find endless inspiration in this sophisticated, easy-to-use program. Enjoy all of the great features you expect from PrintMaster, plus brilliant new upgrades that make personal creativity easier – and more rewarding – than ever. Design everything from basic greeting cards to elaborate newsletters, full stationery sets, seasonal decorations... if you can imagine it, you can create it and share it with PrintMaster.


  • Desktop publishing software for creating one-of-a-kind projects
  • More than 225,000 premium images in every theme and style
  • 17,500+ project templates; 550+ creative fonts; create online photo album
  • 100+ pre-made Web publishing templates; enhanced printing resolution
  • Design animated greetings; full suite of photo editing and managing tools

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KG-Chart Pro [Download]

KG-Chart Pro [Download] Lowest new price: $35.00
List price: $35.00
Brand: Mozusystems, LLC

"KG-Chart Pro" (a.k.a. KG-Chart Pro for Cross Stitch) is a program to design a chart for Cross Stitch / Hardanger embroidery.

This program has following features:

  1. Draw pixels with a symbol to distinguish color
  2. Color palette (DMC (w/Color Variation) / Danish Flower Thread / Cosmo.)
  3. Drawing fractional stitch / backstitch
  4. Real view
  5. Convert an image (bmp/png/jpg/gif/ico file) into a chart.
  6. Generate an auto-divided multiple page chart to print w/preview.


  • Drawing pixels with mark to distinguish color.
  • Color palette: DMC (w/Color Variation) / Danish Flower Thread / Cosmo.
  • Drawing backstitching including Hardanger embroidery
  • Print/Preview/Real view of a chart.
  • Import/Export a chart to/from other image format(bmp/png/jpg/gif/ico).

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ColorVision Spyder2PRO Win/Mac

ColorVision Spyder2PRO Win/Mac Lowest used price: $50.00
Brand: ColorVision
Model: S2P100

The Professionals Choice: Includes Spyder2 calibration, software based print profiling, new PreciseLight ambient light sensor, and calibration for projectors. ColorVision spyder2pro is a comprehensive system for professionally calibrating all types of monitors—including front projector displays—and for creating custom printer profiles for any PrintFIX Plus-supported printer. The Spyder2PRO system includes both the hardware and the software to make sure you workflow begins with accurate, on-screen color.

The award-winning Spyder2 colorimeter attaches to your LCD, CRT, or laptop screen.

The Spyder2 colorimeter working together with the Spyder2 Professional Monitor Calibration Software.

spyder2pro can even help you calibrate front projector displays.
spyder2pro Professional Monitor Calibration System
The hardware component of spyder2pro is the award-winning Spyder2 colorimeter. This colorimeter attaches to your LCD, CRT, or laptop screen (the hardware is designed to be very gentle on delicate LCD screens), and then connects to your computer via USB cable. New state-of-the-art optical science provides a five-fold increase in color sensitivity over previous technology with a patent-protected light baffle for accurate characterization of LCD displays.

With the colorimeter affixed to the screen, the Spyder2 Professional Monitor Calibration Software guides you through the entire calibration process. With the colorimeter reading the color output from the software via the display screen, you will be instructed how to fine-tune the calibration buttons on your display. spyder2pro even allows you to calibrate multiple monitors, so you can have side-by-side displays of different brands and sizes that show the exact same colors. Once the calibration is complete, the unique "before and after" viewing feature lets you compare your display with and without calibration.

spyder2pro also address the issue of ambient light. Since the eye's perception of a monitor's colors and brightness can vary greatly in different room light, the Ambient PreciseLight Function measures ambient light and balances studio lighting and monitor settings accordingly.

High-test features for the professional include custom response targeting, colorimeter and information windows, custom targeting, and ICC 2.0 and 4.0 support. Exclusive automated black-and-white luminance adjustments for use in precision targeting provide more consistent calibration results. Sophisticated gray balance and tonal response algorithms provide demanding users with exceptionally smooth gradient steps and neutral grays.

If you use a front projector for presentations, the new front projector calibration option ensures that your images are shown to their best advantage.

PrintFIX PLUS Printer Profiling Software
If you print your digital images, you probably know that getting good color performance in your prints can be at least as daunting as matching colors on computer monitors. The PrintFIX PLUS Printer Profiling Software addresses this issue with the first software-only profiling tool to give you fast, precise results. Rather than using a scanner, the elegant software assists you step-by-step through each custom paper profile for PrintFIX PLUS-compatible printers.

The software wizard helps you check your print quality and optimize your printer's media setting. Using the wizard helps you create high-bit, tunable ICC printer profiles. You can preview your results at different rendering intents, and there are even options to optimize your prints for specific viewing conditions.

The PrintFIX PLUS software includes a complete Help system and tutorials to assist you with the basic and advanced advice on how to get great prints.

An essential product for serious photographers and design professionals
Color correction has emerged as a cornerstone of the digital workflow for all digital imaging professionals. Professional photographers and creative professionals understand that a color-managed workflow begins with accurate, on-screen color. When precise color is critical, spyder2pro can be an important foundation in creating, marketing, and showing your work.

ColorVision backs the spyder2pro with a 2 year hardware warranty and includes free technical support and free software updates.


  • The award-winning Spyder2 colorimeter attaches to any screen: LCD, CRT, or laptop
  • Professional monitor calibration software guides you through the entire calibration process
  • Printer profiling software helps give you precise color results for your prints, without a scanner
  • Multiple monitor calibration and matching allows you to calibrate and profile multiple monitors on a single system or across an entire studio
  • Hardware and software are both compatible with front projectors, so you can calibrate your images for presentations

5000 FONTS [Download]

5000 FONTS [Download] Lowest new price: $29.99
List price: $29.99
Brand: Summitsoft
Model: AMZ003896

5000 Fonts is the best font collection yet, offering over 5,000 fonts in OpenType font format, and designed with SummitType font foundry. You can download fonts in 5000 Fonts licensed for commercial use (all are royalty free fonts) for any personal or for-profit business project including advertisements, websites, logos, brochures, scrapbooks, and more. The collection also includes full character sets and a font manager for quick preview and installation.


  • Over 5,000 OpenType fonts
  • 100% compatibility with all applications
  • Royalty-free, licensed for commercial use
  • Complete character sets including international
  • Excellent variety

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ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac

ColorVision Spyder2 Express Win/Mac Lowest new price: $44.65
Lowest used price: $34.99
Brand: ColorVision
Model: S2E100

The most effective entry level monitor calibration, just plug in by USB, let it calibrate, remove from monitor…done! Easy as 1-2-3!


  • Sleek, dual-phase hardware design offers effortless calibration
  • CRT, LCD, and laptop displays to industry standards
  • State-of-the-art optical science; before and after viewing
  • Exceptionally smooth gradient steps and neutral grays
  • Outstanding reliability backed by a 2-year hardware warranty

Star Wars: Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War Lowest used price: $28.87
Brand: LucasArts

Star Wars: Empire at War puts the power to command an entire war for the Star Wars galaxy in the hands of players, giving them the freedom to determine how they play the game within the completely scalable and accessible gameplay. Set a few years before the events of Episode IV A New Hope, LucasArts' new PC game lets players wage war on ground and in space, as well as experience the creation of the Rebel Alliance, the strengthening of the Empire and the beginnings of the Galactic Civil War.

Using an entirely new game engine created by the Las Vegas-based developer Petroglyph, Empire at War features beautifully rendered land and space battles set on memorable planets such as Yavin IV, Tatooine and Dagobah, as well as never-before-seen environments taken directly from the Star Wars films and expanded universe novels. In the game, players choose to join either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, building and setting up tactical forces to unleash upon the enemy in real-time 3D. Memorable Star Wars hero characters can be brought into the action to help turn the tide of the battle as players build, manage and upgrade their space and ground-based units, vehicles, troops and base structures.

All of the gameplay and action within Empire at War is persistent, meaning that strategic and tactical elements from previous events will have a permanent effect on the galaxy. In addition to the single-player campaign mode, the game includes a two-player campaign mode and online skirmish modes for up to eight players.


  • Wage war on ground and in space battle it out in space and then send down your remaining forces to invade the planet.
  • All action is persistent every decision affects the next battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy. Play out your own personal version of Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • Real-time strategy (RTS) 3D gameplay set in more than 40 ground and space locations including Yavin IV, Tatooine a

ViaCAD 2D/3D v9 [Download]

ViaCAD 2D/3D v9 [Download] Lowest new price: $79.95
List price: $99.99
Brand: Encore
Model: 37090

ViaCAD has tools for architectural drawings, mechanical designs, electrical schematics, Do-It-Yourself projects, and much more.


  • Creating 3D models is easy with ViaCAD, regardless of the design's complexity.
  • Editing is as easy as drag and drop with the Gripper.
  • 26,000 symbols are included to speed up your designing!

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