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Computer Software


Visual Age for Java Enterprise

Lowest new price: $21.99
Brand: IBM Corporation
Model: PO4L3588

***NOTE*** This is Version 1.0.1

RUSSELL SOFTWARE Home Data Bank ( Windows )

RUSSELL SOFTWARE Home Data Bank ( Windows ) Lowest new price: $50.00
Brand: Russell Software
Model: HDB1

Home Data Bank is the way to easily protect and organize your assets. With just a click or two, you'll have your important files set up just the way you want them, for easier access. Personal records and documents such as family finances and personal property, using an easy-to-use local database. Also includes tools for easy launch, printing and back-up.
Simply organize and catalog:


  • Pictures
  • Documents
  • Taxes
  • Receipts
  • Inventory

QuickStart French Audio CD

QuickStart French Audio CD Lowest new price: $4.00
Lowest used price: $5.98
List price: $14.55
Brand: SelectSoft Publishing

QuickStart French Audio CD

Inside Logic Pro 7.1 DVD-Rom (Mac)

Lowest used price: $29.35
Brand: Global Marketing


  • Comprehensive interactive training software for Apple's Logic Pro 7.1
  • Learn techniques used for music creation and audio production
  • Understand and effectively utilize Logic's Instruments, Mixer, and effects
  • Designed for both new and professional users; easy-to-use interface
  • Work alongside the instructor to create a real-world project

Filemaker 8 Advanced

Filemaker 8 Advanced Lowest used price: $199.99
Brand: Filemaker

FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced makes it easier than ever to design and develop customized, advanced databases quickly. It has all the features of FileMaker Pro 8 plus advanced development and customization tools so you can efficiently build more powerful, more customized databases! With the ability to customize menus and add Tooltips, as well as robust troubleshooting and database analysis tools, FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced provides powerful tools, like: Duplicate tables and relationships in the Relationships Graph Supports dynamic selection of field repetition through the use of a calculation Display more meaningful information in Value Lists while hiding cryptic associated values Runtime Maker -- Create standalone runtime applications for non-networked coworkers Kiosk Maker -- Display your database in full-screen presentation mode while hiding the application menus

FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced builds on all the powerful tools of FileMaker Pro 8, and adds even more development and customization tools to efficiently build powerful, customized databases. Because FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced contains all the features included in FileMaker Pro 8, you can build customized yet comprehensive databases, and you get even more troubleshooting and data analysis tools, along with more options for building custom menus, Tooltips, kiosks, functions, and more.
Customize your database by modifying FileMaker menus to execute scripts from menu items.


Make layouts more informative and intuitive by adding text-based or calculated Tooltips to fields or layout objects.


Disable script steps to test portions of a script.


Pinpoint problem areas more easily by reviewing scripts step-by-step as they're executing.


What you can do with FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced that you can't do with FileMaker Pro 8:

  • Customize menus by renaming, adding or deleting menu items, replacing menus with your own customized solution, and executing your own scripts. Customized menus will then affect toolbar icons, context menus, window options, keyboard shortcuts and Mode menus.
  • Make layouts more intuitive by adding Tooltips to fields or layout objects. Tooltips can include static text or calculated results.
  • Build or modify databases faster by importing multiple tables at once or moving fields, tables, scripts and script steps in or across fields.
  • The script debugger helps you identify problem areas, and temporarily disable scripts to test portions of a script.
  • The Data Viewer lets you keep an eye on current field values, variables and expressions so you can debug scripts or test calculation formulas without having to modify the database schema.
  • Create standalone runtime solutions that don't require the FileMaker Pro application.
  • Create kiosk-based applications where all menus are hidden, which is especially useful for creating mailing list sign-ups or event registrations.
  • Custom Functions and the External Function Plug-in API help you build more involved calculations and extend database capabilities.
  • Generate reports using the Database Design Report that give you information on database schema and options, including fields, tables, and Custom Menus. Use reports to troubleshoot and locate missing fields, broken relationships, problem calculations and more.
  • The file maintenance tools help you maximize performance and recover unused space.

About FileMaker Pro 8
Getting started with FileMaker Pro 8 is easy, and it only takes minutes to create your own database. The process is even simpler with the ability to import Excel files instantly. FileMaker Pro 8 can store a variety of information types and a virtually unlimited amount of data. Databases can be customized to fit your needs, with built-in assistants and the ability to drag and drop objects and to link information quickly and easily. You can also design easy to read layouts and create your own views of the data.

New time-saving tools will help you get more done. Auto-complete, calendar drop-downs, visual spell checker, and mouse wheel support will make data entry speedier and more intuitive. A field list filter lets you view and choose from fields used on the displayed layout only, making choosing fields faster. The new Tab Control function helps you build a layout with multiple tabs in a single step so you can switch between tabs without needing scripting, eliminating the need for multiple layouts.

FileMaker information can be accessed remotely so that clients or vendors can view FileMaker information, or you can view data in the FileMaker interface. Web accessed can be provided with a single click, and access can be assigned based on privileges. Built-in multi-user capabilities make it easy for up to five users to share FileMaker databases simultaneously, regardless of platform type.

FileMaker Pro 8 features built-in reports that can be printed in a variety of formats. You can create Adobe PDF files from Filemaker information, making it easy to share information with other users. The new Excel Maker lets you create Excel files from FileMaker information so that you can easily share information with others or analyze the data more thoroughly. The contents of virtually any field can be emailed to anyone with just a few, simple clicks.

FileMaker Pro 8 features new tools for developers, giving you even more power over variables and database design. Global and local script variables can be stored, eliminating the need to create unnecessary fields to store values. Scripts can now perform functions and return results to the calling script. This gives you the power to create flexible, re-usable scripts to help you save development and maintenance time. The Relationships Graph lets you duplicate tables and relationships, and document database design by adding notes. New script steps are included to easily show all related records for an entire found step and to support dynamic selection of field repetition through the use of a calculation. Value Lists will display more meaningful information while hiding cryptic associated values.

New features in FileMaker Pro 8:

  • Create Adobe PDF files with the PDF Maker so you can more easily share FileMaker information with others.
  • Use the new Excel Maker to create Microsoft Excel files, allowing you to share and analyze FileMaker information with others.
  • Fast Send feature lets you Email the contents of any field instantly.
  • Fast Match feature helps you search the database without typing.
  • New alignment tools allow you to create cleaner looking database layouts.
  • Send personalized messages to multiple customers with the new Email merge.
  • Import tables into FileMaker more efficiently than ever.
  • The Relationships Graph helps you document databases and field relationships.
  • The new Tab Control helps you build layouts with multiple tabs in a single step.
Easily reuse fields, tables, scripts, and script steps by copying and pasting within or across tables.



  • Superior Database Design Reports -- Get more comprehensive information on database schema and options, like fields, tables, scripts, portals, and new features like the Tab Panel Control, Custom Menus and Tooltips
  • Enhanced reports now help you troubleshoot missing references, broken relationships, calculations, and more
  • File maintenance tools maximize performance and to compact and recover unused space
  • Streamline database schema by storing global and local variables in scripts, eliminating unnecessary fields in your database
  • Create more flexible, reusable scripts using a new script step

So You Wanna Learn Photoshop

So You Wanna Learn Photoshop Lowest new price: $59.99
Brand: Joe Tresca
Model: 01

Get ready to learn how to create mind-blowing graphic effects and techniques that the pros use. You'll learn extremely fast as Joe Tresca leads you through over 2 hours of intense video training which is like having a classroom right in your home or office. Joe Tresca is a Photoshop expert and the Creative Director of his own New York based interactive design studio with Fortune 1000 clients. His easy-to-understand tutorials have helped industry professionals tighten their skills and beginners reach a professional level. You'll learn Photoshop fast because each lesson is divided into logical chapters which can be paused, fast forwarded, and rewound. This series of training is so jam packed with essential Graphic Design knowledge, that it would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get the same result by taking classes!


  • Covers Photoshop 7 and CS from over two hours of video training
  • For beginner and intermediate levels
  • Learn the shortcuts and production methods that the pros use
  • Learn the basics of professional printing and web production
  • Learn from an industry professional with Fortune 1000 clients

Professor Teaches Word, Excel & PP (Jewel Case)

Professor Teaches Word, Excel & PP (Jewel Case) Lowest new price: $1.99
Lowest used price: $6.91
Brand: Individual Software
Model: JCE-WE3

Professor Teaches Excel and Word is the complete multimedia training program for the most popular Microsoft® applications. It covers versions for Office 2003 and Office XP. Both Core and Advanced courses are included. Eight separate tutorials on two CD-ROMs teach you beginning to advanced features of Excel and Word. A new improved interface makes browsing and navigating courses easier while tracking your training progress.You'll easily master the features of Excel and Word from Beginner to Advanced and learn to use powerful features to deliver impressive results. Each program offers hundreds of practical exercises designed to build essential skills quickly and effectively and with this new release you'll dramatically increase your productivity and save valuable time! Professor Teaches Excel and Word is guaranteed to improve your productivity and skills at work or home.System Requirements:Pentium PC or higher 16mb Ram available 2X CD-ROM 800 x 600 display Sound Card Mouse Speakers and 30-60 MB of HD Available Format: WIN 98ME2000XP Genre: PRODUCTIVITY Rating: NR UPC: 018527103548 Manufacturer No: JCE-WE3


  • Complete training program for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2002
  • More patient than a personal trainer; more personal than a classroom course
  • Computer-based interactive learning; set your own path and pace of instruction
  • Skip topics or review important sections; quickly meet overall learning goals
  • Improve productivity at school, work, and home

Recover Lost Data 2005

Recover Lost Data 2005 Lowest new price: $15.00
Brand: Stomp, Inc.
Model: STO RECOVER2005

Did your finger ever slip on the keyboard, accidentally erasing an important file? This handy software application helps you get that file back. Recover Lost Data gives you the power to restore your lost files with an easy-to-use and intuitive, graphical recovery Wizard. Recover Lost Data runs directly from a CD or install to to the hard drive. Recover Lost Data's powerful recovery tools find and restore deleted, lost or damaged files & folders caused from accidental deletion, system crashes, power failures, viruses, corrupted operating systems, damaged or deleted partitions, hacker attacks, formatted hard drives and more. With this program pre-installed in your hard drive, it helps retrieve lost data and files that you might have accidentally deleted. Can often recover your data when the drive is no longer recognized by Windows Recovers individual email messages from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, and Eudora email clients Sophisticated Advanced Recovery mode can recover data from damaged drives/media Works with FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems Supports most IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI, RAID, USB, and Firewire drives Run RecoverLost Data directly from CD - no installation necessary! Flexible search enables you to find individual files that have been lost or accidentally erased Analyzes and searches disk clusters to detect any file systems from lost drives and partitions


  • Easily recover erased files even after you empty the Recycle Bin!
  • Uses Advanced Technology to Find & Recover Lost or Deleted Files, Folders, E-mails & Drives
  • Simple easy-to-use Recovery Wizard for step-by-step recovery
  • Recover deleted pictures from digital cameras and music from MP3 players
  • Recovers & Restores Data from System Crashes, Viruses, Reformatted Hard Drives, and Accidental Deletion

Crash Course in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on 3 CD-ROMs

Crash Course in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 on 3 CD-ROMs Lowest new price: $145.00
Model: 1.1

Mastering Javascript 2000 (PC CD Jewel Case)

Mastering Javascript 2000 (PC CD Jewel Case) Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $14.00
List price: $9.99

Would you like to learn how to create dynamic menus, buttons, fading text and literally hundreds of other useful tools and features for your websites? Mastering Javascript 2000 uses revolutionary a dynamic simulation technology so you can see things happen while reading about them. This learning technique is far more effective than the simple sequential static displays used by books and most other tutorials. You'll learn skills such as: Browser redirection Assigning link descriptions Scrolling text on your pages expandable headers Animated/Zooming texts Drop lists Dynamically moving objects Radio Button navigation Opening & Closing new browsers windows Dynamic Menu Lists Hot Keys Refuse Right Click (protect your pages/graphics) Scrolling menu bars Forms Entry and Validation Dates Timers Screen Sizing Shopping Cart application Random Banners Random Backgrounds Ordered banners Animated submission buttons and Much Much More! Very simple to use. Just pop it in and your on your way to learning how to work with Javascript!


  • Learn Javascript fast and easy!
  • Create dynamic menus, buttons and more!
  • Dynamic simulation training software not just static displays.

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