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Image Capture

Magicard Trust ID Card Software – Classic (Classic)

Magicard Trust ID Card Software – Classic (Classic) Lowest new price: $49.00
List price: $49.00
Brand: Magicard
Model: .

No design or database knowledge required With TrustID, you won't spend all day designing badges. Drag and drop to build, no complex menus or training required. Integrated backgrounds and dynamic objects let you reproduce a card in seconds, or create one that's all your own. Create dynamic QR codes and barcodes Full barcode support comes as standard with every edition. TrustID dynamically generates more than 60 types of barcodes including QR codes, Code 39 and UPC. All versions of TrustID can import CSV format database files. To import your MicrosoftTM Excel or other spreadsheet file, first save each sheet in .csv format.

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Debut Video Capture Software to Record from a Webcam, Computer Screen or Device [Download]

Debut Video Capture Software to Record from a Webcam, Computer Screen or Device [Download] Lowest new price: $39.99
List price: $59.99
Brand: NCH Software

With Debut Video Capture Software you can record video from a webcam, recording device or screen. Capturing video files on your Mac or PC with this video recorder software is easy. Record and capture video from almost any source – even VHS tapes. And unlike other recording software, you can utilize key pre-production features like video color, resolution, and output settings.

Capture video directly to your hard drive. Record video in many video file formats including avi, wmv, flv, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mov and more. Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera or a video input device (e.g., VHS recorder).

Screen capture software records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion. Digital zoom with the mouse scroll wheel, and drag to scroll the recording window. Zoom-to-mouse feature focuses the recording window on the cursor. Mouse highlighting spotlights the location of the cursor. Record video alone or video and audio simultaneously.

Record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously, ideal for recording video conferences. Time lapse video recording. Create photo snapshots of a video at any time. Add your own text captions or time stamp your video.

Change color settings and video effects before. recording. Adjust the video resolution, size and frame rate for capture.

Ability to burn directly to DVD with Express Burn Disc Burner. Works with BroadCam Video Broadcast Software to stream over the internet. Debut lets you add captions to your video recordings and choose the size and frame rate used to capture your video.

Debut also lets you create either 4:3 or 16:9 videos. This flexibility makes Debut perfect for people creating videos for many different outputs (e.g., YouTube, CD or television). When you adjust the color settings and effects of your streaming video the results can be seen instantly in the main window and captured when you hit record. Download Debut today and start building your video content library.

This product download includes a product activation code that should be used to activate your software at This product activation and registration must be done in order for your product to be permanently licensed for use – registration is completed using the File>Register option within the product interface.

To take advantage of the included Platinum technical support and 2 year product upgrade warranty for Amazon customers only, please visit

System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP]
  • Processor:   Celeron 2.1
  • RAM:   512 mb
  • Hard Disk:   100mb
  • Video Card:   16mb video


  • Capture video directly to your hard drive
  • Record video in many video file formats including avi, wmv, flv, mpg, 3gp, mp4, mov and more
  • Capture video from a webcam, network IP camera or a video input device (e.g.: VHS recorder)
  • Screen capture software records the entire screen, a single window or any selected portion
  • Digital zoom with the mouse scroll wheel, and drag to scroll the recording window

Royalty Free Premium Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection - Gold Edition: Make Your Publishing Projects SHINE! (for Windows) [Download]

Royalty Free Premium Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection - Gold Edition: Make Your Publishing Projects SHINE! (for Windows) [Download] Lowest new price: $19.99
List price: $19.99
Brand: Encore

Don't know where to start with your next project? It's easy to get designing with the Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection. More than 2,300 background images will fuel your creativity.

  • Designs for every holiday, celebration and day-to-day need
  • Over 2,300 background images
  • All images are royalty free without limitations
  • Suitable for personal and commercial (business) use

    Backgrounds are the cornerstone of good design. Discover the difference exquisitely themed patterns make for all of your projects from personal scrapbooks to business brochures and more! Begin your projects with perfect backgrounds and watch your ideas grow into something bigger.

    Ready-Made Background Projects

    Charming pre-made background pages with matching borders, bows, ribbons and embellishments make layouts a snap. Themes range from holidays to seasonal to everyday sparkle!

    Argyle Plaid Patterns

    Alternating diamond check patterns come in a seemingly infinite number of variations. Choose from many different themes.

  • Love Heart
  • Mother's Day
  • Black and White
  • Birthday
  • Bunny Hop
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Colorful Diamond
  • Colors Bug Pattern
  • Farm Yard
  • Grave Yard
  • Happy New Year
  • Harvest Autumn
  • Count Our Blessings
  • Fresh Baked
  • Christmas Celebration

    Lettering Backgrounds

    Let your projects say what you want them to with background lettering. The selection of lettering covers a full calendar of events with designs like:

    Smile and say “Cheese!”; Teach, Reach, Inspire…; Gobble, Gobble, Gobble; Laugh, Giggle, Smile; Wild!; Lucky One; Boo! and more.

    Dot Backgrounds

    Dots – lots and lots of dots – are yours for the taking. Some bright, some subtle, all alluring — take your pick of dots.

    Lines Backgrounds:

    You can't help but be inspired by all the designs made from lines. Pick from wedding formal, wrapping page, white swirl, wavy colorful, summer colored, raindrop blue band, purple angle, pink Valentine, orange pumpkin, holiday, brown rainbow, Easter pink and so many more.

    Other Background Assortments

    Star Backgrounds

    Stars reflect every glimmer in the sky with themes, including American, small gray, red fabric, purple dark, orange sunshine, and other star-filled designs.

    Bark Backgrounds

    It looks like wood but it's not. Barks come in blue, orange, pink, tan, green and more.

    Even More Backgrounds

    Want even more backgrounds? Other designs include hearts, flowers, paisleys, zig zags, spirals, bursts and paw prints.

  • System Requirements:
    • Supported OS:   [Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista]
    • Processor:   Pentium® II 300MHz processor or faster
    • RAM:   128MB RAM
    • Hard Disk:   5.5GB hard drive space
    • Video Card:   .
    • Additional Requirements:   Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, keyboard and mouse.


    • Designs for every holiday, celebration and day-to-day need
    • Over 2,300 background images
    • All images are royalty free without limitations
    • Suitable for personal and commercial (business) use
    • Works with Print Shop, PrintMaster, and other home publishing software packages

    Cosmi Print Perfect Clip Art 50,000

    Cosmi Print Perfect Clip Art 50,000 Lowest new price: $21.72
    Lowest used price: $9.12
    Brand: Cosmi

    Print Perfect Clip Art 50,000 lets you find the perfect image for any presentation. Create, design & impress with this amazing collection of quality, professionally drawn and photographed images. It's easy to install and great for home or office use. A powerful Media Browser makes searching for just the right image easy, whether it's a photo, vector art or raster clip art image. Let your creativity run wild by adding interest to your printable projects. All Family Friendly games! Incredible graphics! All on one DVD!


    • Easy-to-use and apply 50,000 clip art and images!
    • Media browser for easy searching and browsing
    • Compatible with all products in the Print Perfect line of products and your favorite desktop publisher

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    Print Workshop 2009: Limited Edition (Jewel Case)

    Print Workshop 2009: Limited Edition (Jewel Case) Lowest new price: $6.72
    Lowest used price: $3.76
    List price: $6.72
    Brand: ValuSoft
    Model: 12101

    Choose from 25,000+ pre-designed project templates and 10,000,000+ images to easily start your next project from scratch. You can design layouts for multimedia presentations, letterhead, business cards, greeting cards, forms, multi-page brochures, stationery sets, CD/DVD labels, newsletters and much more.


    • 10,148,500+ premium clipart and photos.
    • 25,400+ project templates.
    • 8,400+ heart-warming sentiments.
    • NEW! Text editing tool - make a custom font for any special project.
    • NEW! Skin Templates for various iPods, handhelds and game consoles.

    CoreFX Three Level Complete Drawing

    CoreFX Three Level Complete Drawing Lowest new price: $10.00
    Brand: Core Learning
    Model: COFX-3105

    Powerful graphics software program includes realistic art tools for painting and drawing clipart photo editing and animation; easy to use with choive of skills levels to suit all ages and experienceFormat: WIN VISTAXP7 Genre: PRODUCTIVITY Age: 827077363636 UPC: 827077363636 Manufacturer No: COFX-3105


    • Powerful graphics software program includes realistic art tools for painting and drawing, clipart, photo editing and animation; easy to use with choive of skills levels to suit all ages and experience Format: WIN 98,ME,NT,2000,XP Genre: PRODUCTIVITY Age: 827077363636 UPC: 827077363636 Manufacturer No: COFX-3105

    Apple iLife '06 (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION]

    Apple iLife '06 (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION] Lowest new price: $79.00
    List price: $79.00
    Brand: Apple Computer
    Model: MA166Z/A

    iLife ’06 is the next generation of Apple’s award-winning digital lifestyle suite. It features iPhoto 6 with blazing performance and new Photocasting; iMovie HD 6 with new movie themes for adding spectacular motion graphics to movies; iDVD 6 for authoring custom DVDs for today’s widescreen TVs; and GarageBand 3, the complete solution for creating professional-sounding podcasts. iLife ’06 also introduces iWeb, an innovative new application that makes it easy to create amazing websites with photos, blogs, and podcasts and publish them on the Internet with a single click using .Mac. Now more than ever, it’s clear that the Mac is the ultimate platform for the digital lifestyle.

    iLife '06 is the easiest way to make the most out of every bit of your digital life. Use your Mac to collect, organize and edit the various elements. Transform them into mouth-watering masterpieces with Apple-designed templates. Then share the magic moments in beautiful books, colorful calendars, dazzling DVDs, perfect podcasts, and attractive online journals. All starring you.

    Now it's easier than ever to edit your photos to perfection.

    All your photos in one place.
    iPhoto 6
    Rebuilt for blazing performance, iPhoto makes sharing photos faster, simpler, and cooler than ever before. It also adds eye-opening features to the ones you already love, including Photocasting, support for up to 250,000 photos, easy publishing to the web, special effects, and new custom cards and calendars. So you can spread those smiles far and wide.

    A lifetime of photos at your fingertips -- Your life is is one big photo opportunity -- which explains why your photo library is getting bigger every day. Well, good news: iPhoto now supports up to 250,000 images. That means you can confidently shoot over a thousand photos per week for the next 20 years. (Better get cracking.) Navigating your larger library is a breeze now too. As you move the scroll bar, a new see-through Scroll Guide appears to show you what photos or rolls are currently displayed.

    Photocasting: a fantastic new way to share -- Imagine sending an album of favorite photos to the family, and having it change automatically on their computers when you update it on yours. That's what Photocasting is all about. And it's amazingly easy. Just create a Photocast album in iPhoto and publish it to .Mac (password-protected, if you wish). When Cousin Cindy subscribes, she'll see it in her iPhoto library just as you see it in yours -- with full-resolution photos that can be used for desktop pictures, printed albums, cards, and calendars. And whenever you add or subtract to your Photocast album, it will change in hers. Even people with PCs can enjoy an iPhoto Photocast, because all it takes is an RSS news reader to subscribe.

    Dazzle with calendars, greeting cards and books -- Send a beautiful printed book of special photos to a friend. Put your kid's happy face on the cover of a custom card to announce a birthday party. Create a stylized, personalized calendar that rivals the ones you see at your local mall. Make all those things -- and many, many more -- with typical iPhoto ease. Just choose a photo album, click an Apple-designed template and let iPhoto work its magic. Add captions, fine-tune your layout, then click to order -- your professionally printed masterwork is delivered right to your door.

    The website of your life -- It's one thing to share photos on the Internet. It's something else to share them on a wonderfully designed personal website. Thanks to the newest member of the iLife family -- iWeb -- you can create a beautiful new photo page on your website in just minutes. Heck, if you can type those clever captions quickly enough, maybe even seconds. Simply export an iPhoto album to iWeb to create a new photo grid. Drag photos to rearrange them if needed, add those pithy words, then publish. Whoosh.

    Your film, your way -- done easily with iMovie HD 6.

    Score your movies with powerful audio tools.
    iMovie HD 6
    Riveting performances. Major effects. Inspired directing. Amazing how iMovie has changed the way people look at home movies. Now, with more cinematic tools to offer, iMovie makes you even more comfortable in the director's chair. And the editor's chair. And the special effects guy's chair. And, well, you get the idea. iMovie is the fastest and easiest way to turn home movies into dazzling Hollywood-style hits.

    Instant theme, instant classic -- iMovie themes give you moviemaking power you never imagined. Just click one and the fun begins. Each theme contains a collection of professionally designed scenes that give your movie a personality from start to finish -- including video and graphic overlays and advanced transitions. All you have to do is drag-and-drop your movie clips and photos into the scene's drop zones, type in your titles and iMovie does the rest. You get the quality of a feature film. Without the cost overruns.

    Now showing: major video effects -- You'll love the new video effects made possible by Mac OS X Core Video. You'll also love the fact that you can preview the results of your video effect choices in real time. At any size. Right in the main window. iMovie does all the rendering in the background, so you can experiment to your heart's content. Or just dive right into all your other creative options without delay.

    The sounds of cinema -- Great movies sound as amazing as they look. So iMovie comes complete with a sound studio built in. Summoning the power of Mac OS X Core Audio, iMovie offers eight new audio effects, including noise reduction (perfect for squelching the noise common to home movies), reverb, pitch change, a handy graphic equalizer, and more. And, with the iLife Media Browser, you have full access to your original GarageBand songs. How's that sound?

    Video podcasts and blogs with iWeb -- Use iMovie to share with friends, family, and now -- the world. iMovie, working hand in hand with iWeb, makes it easy to publish video to websites and blogs. You can even use iMovie to create video podcasts, complete with chapter markers and live URLs. Using iWeb, you can submit your video podcast to the iTunes Podcast Directory, where it can be seen and subscribed to by everyone.

    The simple, powerful iDVD interface.

    Choose from stunning menu templates.
    iDVD 6
    Why rent someone else's masterpiece when you can create your own? From Hollywood-style home movies to multimedia wedding albums to professional slideshow portfolios, iDVD 6 helps you put it all on DVD. And no ordinary DVD, mind you. A jaw-dropping widescreen DVD with coordinated menus and ambient audio. A DVD with thoroughly professional polish. A DVD so captivating, it will make it onto everyone's must-see list.

    Magic iDVD -- iDVD has always made it easy to create beautifully designed DVDs. Now it's beyond easy. With the Magic iDVD feature, all you have to do is choose a theme and select the movies and photos you want to include. iDVD then automatically creates a complete DVD, unified in design from start to finish, including menu screens, movies, chapter menus and slideshows. You have to see it to believe it. Want to join in the magic? Use Magic iDVD as a starting point and edit from there.

    Create widescreen DVDs -- Get the most out of that gorgeous new widescreen TV. With iDVD 6, you can author DVDs of your movies and photo slideshows in stunning widescreen format. You can even include content from both SD and HD video sources. iDVD converts everything automatically, so all your DVDs play back beautifully.

    Choose new iDVD themes -- iDVD 6 features 10 new Apple-designed themes in iDVD, five of which are made to match iMovie themes -- and all of them are available in both widescreen (16:9) and standard (4:3) formats. Each theme includes a family of a three coordinated menus: a main menu, a chapter menu for scene selection, and an extras menu for slideshows and other content.

    Talent to burn -- When you're ready to burn your DVD, iDVD is ready, too. Even if you're using a third-party DVD burner. iDVD has built-in support for a wide variety of DVD media formats -- including DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL. So now you have more options than ever.

    GarageBand lets you make music like a pro -- all on your Mac.

    Create podcasts that make you sound like a professional host.

    Score your iMovie creations.
    GarageBand 3
    The best way to record music on a Mac is now the best way to record podcasts. Podcasting in GarageBand 3 puts you in the control room of your own full-featured radio station. And new iWeb integration gets your voice on the Internet in minutes.

    Podcast Artwork Track -- Now you can add a podcast artwork track just by dragging in images from your iLife Media Browser. Drag in a title card with the name of your podcast and a picture of you. Drag in different images for each chapter marker in your podcast, so your listeners can also see visual cues. Just position images on the artwork track so they correspond with your vocal track. Raving about that amazing unsigned band you saw last night? Drag in a photo of the gig, right from your iPhoto library.

    Sound Effects and Jingles -- Give your podcast professional polish by adding in sound effects and jingles from GarageBand's library of more than 200 podcast sounds. Browse more than 200 sound effects -- including radio-style stingers and sounds from people, animals, and machines -- Then drag them into your podcast to sync up with your vocal track. Or add some musical accompaniment to your podcast. Just browse GarageBand's library of more than 100 jingles and drag them into your podcast in 7, 15, and 30-second snippets. You can add in sound effects and jingles during post-production or trigger them during live recording.

    Podcast Radio Engineer -- GarageBand 3 includes a few features that function like your own personal podcast radio engineer, so you can create podcasts that make you sound like a professional host. A built-in Speech Enhancer optimizes sound for your Mac, gender, and vocal range, improving the sound of your voice and simulating a professional microphone, even when you're not using one. And a dynamic "ducking" effect automatically reduces music volume when you speak, so your listeners always hear the talk above the tunes.

    iChat Interview Recording -- Use iChat and GarageBand to record a talk show-style podcast in the time it takes you to carry on a friendly chat -- even if your guests are on the other side of the world. GarageBand lets you record remote guests from an audio or video iChat conference. Just start chatting and GarageBand simultaneously records the audio -- one track for each guest, complete with buddy name and icon, so you know who's saying what and when. And if you're using iSight cameras to record the action, GarageBand takes a photo snapshot of each guest every time he or she speaks.

    One-click iWeb Publishing -- Finished recording your podcast? Time to get it on the Internet with GarageBand and iWeb. From GarageBand, send your podcast to iWeb, where you can create a new podcast series or add to an existing series. Then click "Publish" to get your podcast on the web via your .Mac account. It's that easy. iWeb even lets you submit your podcast to the iTunes Music Store so you can attract new fans.

    iMovie Scoring -- The new video track in GarageBand makes it easy to add an original music score to your movies. And don't worry about your musical talent -- or lack thereof. Just use GarageBand's included loops, or try a combination of loops, software instruments, or any previous audio recordings you created. You can even use GarageBand to add cinematic sound effects such as footsteps and creaking doors. When you're ready, save your scored iMovie project as a QuickTime video, then send it to iDVD for burning or publish it to the Internet via iWeb.

    The Internet is calling. Answer with iWeb.

    Choose from beautiful website templates.

    Publish your blog quickly and easily.
    The Internet is calling. Answer. Use iWeb to create websites and blogs -- complete with podcasts, photos, and movies -- and get them online, fast. Just drag, drop, and design using your choice of web templates, then publish live to your .Mac account.

    Apple-designed Templates -- Let iWeb help you build a beautiful website in minutes using Apple-designed templates. Just choose a website theme that fits your style. Each theme offers page templates for "About Me," photo album, blog, podcast, and movie pages, so you'll always have the perfect place for your content. Use the iLife Media Browser to drag in your photos, movies, and podcasts, then simply type over the placeholder text on your page template, and click once to publish to .Mac.

    iLife Media Browser -- Every website needs content. Your podcast page needs audio. Your photo page needs images. Your blog needs links to your favorite music. And that's why iWeb needs the iLife Media Browser. Using the Media Browser, you can access all your iLife content -- photos, video, audio -- without leaving iWeb. Drag in the podcast or song you recorded in GarageBand earlier today. Or the iPhoto album of your vacation. Or your latest iMovie project. Whatever you want to share, you'll find it in the iLife Media Browser.

    Blogging -- Use iWeb to start your own weblog and add new entries as easily as writing an email. Choose a blog template, type in your own text, and drag in photos from the iLife Media Browser. iWeb takes care of everything else, setting up navigation for your blog, creating a summary page, and adding an entry archive. iWeb also handles the RSS feed for your blog, so anyone can subscribe. And when you're done adding an entry, just one click publishes your blog via .Mac.

    Podcasting -- When it comes time to take your podcasts live, iWeb gives you a simple, stylish way to do it. Either send your podcast to iWeb from GarageBand or start in iWeb with a podcast page template and drag your podcast in from the iLife Media Browser. Type over placeholder text to add a brief description of your podcast, then click once to publish it to the Internet using your .Mac account. iWeb takes care of the RSS feed for your podcast and lets you submit podcasts to the iTunes Music Store, where anyone can listen and subscribe.

    One-click .Mac Publishing -- Sharing your website with the world is now one-click simple. With iWeb and a .Mac membership, you can publish your entire website -- complete with blog entries, photo albums, links to Photocasts, movies, and podcasts -- to the Internet in a single click. No configuration, no hassle. Just click "Publish" and iWeb automatically publishes your entire site to the Internet, where anyone with a web browser can see it. iWeb even lets you announce your website via email so friends and family stay in the loop.


    • iPhoto 6 with blazing performance and new Photocasting
    • iMovie HD 6 with new movie themes for adding spectacular motion graphics to movies
    • iDVD 6 for authoring custom DVDs for today’s widescreen TVs
    • iWeb, an innovative new application that makes it easy to create amazing websites
    • Mac OS X v10.4.4 or later is required for iPhoto Photocasts and iMovie HD themes

    Art Explosion 200,000 (Jewel Case)

    Art Explosion 200,000 (Jewel Case) Lowest used price: $89.00
    Brand: Nova Development US
    Model: 40945

    The #1 Selling Clip Art software is tops for good reason - Art Explosion 200,000 finds you the perfect image for any project, at home or the office, every single time! With 200,000 Premium Graphics on DVD, 85,000+ Vector and 10,000+ Raster Images and easy-to-use Descriptive File names, you can easily create everything from Presentations to Posters to Web Pages and a whole lot more in between! Plus, there's NO DOWNLOADS OR MEMBERSHIPS required! Everything you need is right inside the box! Get the ultimate in quality Clip Art from the name you can trust - Art Explosion 200,000!


    • Advertisements and banners
    • Brochures and business Cards
    • Logos and flyers
    • Presentations and posters
    • Newsletters and websites and more

    Zoom Album Three 3x3" Photo Covers Kit

    Zoom Album Three 3x3" Photo Covers Kit Lowest new price: $9.19
    List price: $9.90
    Brand: ZoomAlbum
    Model: ZA103K

    How many words is a picture really worth? One hundred words? Fifty thousand? More? At ZoomAlbum we believe that a picture can say it better than a million words. We use pictures to tell the story of who we are, what we enjoy, where we've been and who we love. Our goal is to help you tell your stories in pictures that are meaningful and memorable. A ZoomAlbum is a small photo album sold as a kit that allows users to create a handmade gift of memories with a professional look from digital photos, a personal computer and a home inkjet printer. Each 3" x 3" album holds 12 photos on glossy, high-quality paper. Covers can be customized with photos or embellishments. ZoomAlbums are charming keepsakes that can be made in just a few minutes. It's very easy to make a ZoomAlbum. Creating albums of family activities and special events is a good way to capture and share those memories in a highly personal way. Making albums can be a family project that gets everyone involved, and we want you to enjoy the process. First, load the software into your Windows PC. Use the CD-ROM that comes with the Album Kit, or visit the website and download the software. In fact, check the website often, because upgrades will appear there first. Organize your photos by following the on-screen instructions for selecting, dragging, dropping, and organizing your digital photos. You can rotate your photos, and you can add captions, too. When you have the twelve p


    • Complete instructions ensure easy assembly
    • Make three 3-by-3-inch photo albums using this fun photo album kit
    • Easy software program allows for choosing the photos and printing
    • 3 scored, self-adhesive, glossy photo sheets; print 12 pictures to a page
    • Glossy album-cover photo sheets for printing customized hardbound covers

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    PC Paintbrush Clipart Collection

    PC Paintbrush Clipart Collection Lowest new price: $4.99
    Lowest used price: $1.69
    Brand: PC Paintbrush Series
    Model: CLA3BE-BI

    Make your newsletters jump off the page with excitin new graphics. Create greeting cards and invitations with decorative borders. This collection gives you over 3,000 color clip art images covering categories such as seasonal events, sports, holidays and education, cartoon to computers...and more. Each image is fully scalable for precise printing in any size. Add impact to everything you write with PC Paintbrush ClipArt Collection!


    • Includes 3,003 images covering a broad selection of topics
    • Line art to assure image quality in any size
    • Import to most windows applications
    • Import your own clip art libraries
    • Catalog all your images into an organized portfolio for esy access and retrieval with Power Library - included FREE

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