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NIGHTMATCH Light Up Basketball INCL. BALL PUMP and SPARE BATTERIES - Inside LED lights up when bounced - Glow in the Dark Basketball - Size 7 - Official Size & Weight - Night Basketball Sports

NIGHTMATCH Light Up Basketball INCL. BALL PUMP and SPARE BATTERIES - Inside LED lights up when bounced - Glow in the Dark Basketball - Size 7 - Official Size & Weight - Night Basketball Sports Lowest new price: $24.92
List price: $34.95

Buy this ball and enjoy playing basketball even after the sun has set! With this light up sports ball you, your kids, family, friends and even basketball teams will have loads of fun!

Enjoy these benefits of our LED lit and impact activated basketball:

• Impact activated LEDs - Two high quality LEDs make this ball glow when kicked!
• Ball pump included - The ball is delivered deflated like most other balls. A standard ball pump is included to easily inflate the ball.
• Batteries + spare batteries included - The ball comes including 6 pieces already mounted LR44 batteries. It is ready to play. An additional extra set of spare batteries is included. The batteries will last for about 30 hours of playing and are easy to replace. A tool and a manual are included to make battery changing even easier.
• High Quality - This ball is not one of these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days. It's also durable and waterproof!
• Great Gift - a NightMatch light up basketball is a very good gift for all basketball lovers - no matter their age! Your present will create happy smiles and will be durable for years to come!

What to expect?
You will receive a high quality deflated rubber light up basketball with 6 readily mounted LR44 batteries, a set of spare batteries, a ball pump, a tool to help with changing batteries and a manual, all packed in a PE bag.

What is the ball good for?
The light up ball is good to have loads of fun in twilight and dark! All generations and basketball skill levels will enjoy playing it!

Size and weight:

• Official Size & Weight
• Size 7
• Circumference = ~75 cm / 29.5 inch
• Diameter = ~ 24 cm / 9.5 inch
• Weight = ~ 620 g / 22 oz

Quality assurance:
NightMatch balls are made in our highly skilled factory in Vietnam. Our colleagues in Vietnam conduct personal quality assurance tests.


  • IMPACT ACTIVATED LEDs - Two high quality LED lights located inside  the basketball make this ball light up and glow when bounced or kicked! It will only stay lit up when actively played and will automatically switch off after 30 seconds without action. There is no mechanical switch on the ball. This ball is much brighter than other "glow in the dark balls" you may find. They actively glow using battery powered LEDs - they are NOT just passively using fluorescence.
  • BALL PUMP, BATTERIES AND EXTRA-SET OF SPARE BATTERIES INCLUDED - The ball is delivered deflated like most other balls. A proper standard ball pump is included to easily inflate the ball and you can use it for other balls as well! The ball comes with mounted batteries and is ready to play. An extra set of spare batteries is included additionally. The batteries will last about 30 hours of playing and are easy to replace. A tool and a manual are included to make battery changing even easier.
  • HIGH QUALITY - This ball is not one of these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days. It plays just like a normal basketball. It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof! GREAT FUN - enjoy playing basketball in twilight and dark. You, your kids, friends and even your basketball team members will love it! The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen from far distances!
  • OFFICIAL SIZE & WEIGHT - This ball matches the official SIZE 7 and weight. It measures: Circumference = ~75 cm / 29.5 inch, diameter = ~ 24 cm / 9.5 inch, weight = ~ 620 g / 22 oz. Size 7 is the most commonly used size in basketball matches worldwide.
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: NIGHTMATCH provides the best customer service available in the industry. NIGHTMATCH offers a full hassle free 60 day manufacturer replacement guarantee in the case that you as our valued customer are not satisfied.

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SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro Ball

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Micro Ball Lowest new price: $4.99
List price: $4.99
Brand: SKLZ

Test your skills on the Mini court with this SKLZ Pro Mini hoop Micro ball for use with the SKLZ Pro Mini hoop Micro.


  • Designed for Use with the SKLZ Pro mini hoop micro
  • 4 inch mini foam basketball
  • Perfect for young kids

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Tereway Basketball Indoor/Outdoor Games Hygroscopic Leather Basketball Official Size 7-29.5" with Pump, Needles and Basketball Net

Brand: Tereway

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Baden SkilCoach Shooter's Rubber Training Basketball

Brand: Baden
Model: BHND6-01-F-P

The Baden Skilcoach Shooter's Ball is the perfect tool to teach any beginner the proper hand position. Using the colored hand markers, players can learn a consistent and repeatable shot that is fundamentally sound. The durable rubber cover makes this ball ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is the perfect training aid for camps or for any child learning to play. The Skilcoach Shooter's Ball comes in official sizes 5 (27.5”) and 6 (28.5”).


  • TRAINING - This basketball aids in teaching proper hand positioning and shooting technique
  • GRAPHICS - Hand graphics are made for both left and right handed shooters
  • PERCISION - Wound core which provides maximum air retention and a true bounce
  • DURABLE - Rubber cover developed to withstand both indoor and outdoor play
  • AVAILABLE - Junior (27.5 in) Intermediate (28.5 in) sizes

DribbleUp Smart Basketball With Included Virtual Trainer App

Brand: DribbleUp

Versatile Ball + App Helps Get You Where You Want To Be Faster

The fastest way to improve your game is through practice and personal coaching. The DribbleUp smart basketball tracks your progress and gives you targeted instructions based on your weaknesses so you know where to concentrate your efforts.

The high quality smart basketball has a microfiber finish and has the same size, weight, and feel as a top quality regulation basketball, with no need for batteries or charging.

Created For Players Looking For An Edge

Whether you're just picking up a basketball for the first time in your life or you're an advanced player looking to sharpen your skills, the DribbleUp smart basketball will help you improve. It's guided training tracks and analyzes your moves, then shows you where you need to focus. It provides the exact drills needed to make those critical improvements.

Track Your Progress Over Time

You'll be able to see exactly how much your skills have improved over time. You can even create shareable videos to see yourself in action just like the pros. Live audio feedback gives you the full personal virtual coaching experience. DribbleUp brings out the best in every player.

The Most Affordable Smart Basketball On The Market

For nearly the same price as a regular basketball alone, you get a complete personal coaching, tracking, analysis, and training tool. You get guided training with our exclusive iOS and Android app, a smartphone stand, and, of course, a top quality regulation basketball.

Order Your DribbleUp Smart Training Basketball Today and Take Your Skills to the Next Level


  • UNLIMITED TRAINING. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: The ball and app is all you'll need for access to unlimited training with the DribbleUp virtual coach. Practice for as long as you want in the driveway, the basement, the gym, or anywhere else with the best. With more and more drills being added to the app regularly, training truly is limitless.
  • YOU CAN ONLY IMPROVE WHAT YOU MEASURE: Measure your crossover speed, dribble hesitation, endurance level and track your dribbling live with an interactive dribble speed meter.
  • 30-DAY GUIDED TRAINING PROGRAM: The included app is your secret weapon for the basketball court. Handy smartphone stand comes included. This official size and weight microfiber basketball is ideal for indoor and outdoor courts making it the perfect basketball gift
  • FASTER IMPROVEMENTS WITH GUIDED TRAINING: Your DribbleUp virtual coach guides you through workouts and provides expert analysis so you'll see improvement in your ball handling skills quickly.

Basketball Outdoor/Indoor Game Balls Leather High End Street Basketballs Competition Official size 7/29.5 with Pump, Needles, Net, Waist

Brand: NZACE

NZACE basketball give you the excellent feeling!

The Basketball includes a foam-backed design with full ball pebbling, 

helping it stand up to the challenge of competitive play and to create an 

improved soft feel and touch, as well as provide a good grip to the ball - so 

dunk away without hesitation.

  • Cushion Core Carcass: 

Exclusive Cushion Core Technology combines low-density sponge rubber and 

ultra-durable butyl rubber producing a basketball with exceptional feel. Cushion

Core Technology also offers an exceptional feel and more consistent bounce.

  • Key Features:

Exclusive microfiber composite cover 

Foam backed design for improved feel and grip ability

Official NBA size and weight (Size 7/29.5")

Designed for indoor/outdoor play

  • Package:

1 × Basketball

1 × Pump

1 × Net

2 × Needles

2 × Wrist


  • Basketball outdoor size Spalding NBA basketballs 28.5 size 6 for kids official ball intermediate rubber basket ncaa street basketball sports equipment for\ women outdoor play womens girls sporting pro league outdoors adjustable little age

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Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Trainer Ball - 3lbs

Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Trainer Ball - 3lbs Lowest new price: $39.46
List price: $39.47
Brand: Spalding
Model: 1344103

Improve your arm, wrist and finger strength when dribbling, passing and shooting with the official-size Spalding(r) TF Trainer weighted basketball. It bounces like a regulation basketball and features a composite cover for an excellent grip and feel.


  • Official size with a 3-pound weight (Size 7, 29.5")
  • Weighted to help improve dribbling and passing strength
  • Performance composite cover
  • Designed for indoor play

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The Rock- Basketball - Official Mens

 The Rock- Basketball - Official Mens Lowest new price: $50.46
Lowest used price: $49.99
List price: $59.99
Brand: The Rock

This composite ball feels and plays like leather. Super tacky feel. Reinforced double ply Butyl Bladder for maximum air retention 100% Nylon wound for excellent shape retention and durability. Exclusive patented sponge rubber carcass layer for extreme softness and handling improvement. New Premium Grade Reinforced Composite material for Superior Durability. Scuff Resistant and NO Break-in Needed - Ready For Game Play! Unique Deep Pebble Channel design for best feel and grip. Official Men's size 29.5 inch circumference. Used by Top Colleges/Programs and Conferences throughout the Country! For Indoor Use Only.


  • official rock basketball
  • 29.5 FULL SIZE

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Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball, Pink, 28.5-Inch

Brand: Wilson

Take it to the basket with total confidence and control with the Wilson® NCAA® Replica Official Basketball. This 29.5" basketball features a moisture-absorbing composite leather cover that is designed for both indoor or outdoor play, letting you rule the court of your choice. Cushion Core TechnologyTM combines low-density sponge and rubbers for the ultimate durability and feel.


  • For indoor/outdoor play
  • Ultra-durable composite leather construction
  • Replica of the NCAA® game ball
  • Pebbled composite channels offers a great feel
  • Moisture-absorbing cover wicks sweat away from the ball for better gripping

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Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball

Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball Brand: Spalding
Model: 64-435F

Spalding NBA Tack Soft Basketball
Spalding NBA Tack Soft Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

The Spalding NBA Tack Soft basketball offers superior grip and control with a specially designed composite leather cover and coating. Whether it's game time on the hardwood courts, or outdoor practice on the pavement, the NBA Tack Soft basketball is designed with withstand a multitude of surfaces, providing a great grip no matter where you play.

Key Features:
  • Premium PU composite cover.
  • Official NBA size and weight.
  • Designed for indoor/outdoor play.
  • Extra grip and control - great for shooters.
Official NBA and WBNA size and weight
Official NBA Logo Featured On Ball
Premium PU Composite Cover

Spalding Tack Soft Basketball contains a cover material that has an enhanced coating specifically designed to provide a superior grip. This is a great feature for taking shots and making fast plays, where control of the ball is critical.

Official NBA size and weight

The Official size of the NBA is the 29.5" basketball, also known as the Official Size. The intermediate size, 28.5" is the official size of the WNBA league. Both sizes of the NBA Tack Soft basketball adhere to the size and weight dimensions - so you'll have a true professional level playing experience.


  • Ideal for ball handlers and shooters
  • Designed for competitive indoor and outdoor play
  • Offered in two sizes

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