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Paracord 550 Kit - Five Colors (Olive Drab, ACU, Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, & Black) 100 Feet Total w/10 3/8" Black Side Release Buckles & (5) 32mm Key Rings

Paracord 550  Kit - Five Colors (Olive Drab, ACU, Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, & Black) 100 Feet Total w/10 3/8" Black Side Release Buckles & (5) 32mm Key Rings Lowest new price: $10.19
List price: $14.69

Looking for a fun paracord project but don't want to spend all your money on just one color? Then this Paracord Camo bracelet kit is for you

These Combo Crafting Kits are great values for any situation.
- This Paracord bracelet kit contains 20 feet of Digital ACU, Woodland Camo, Olive Drab, Black, and Desert Camo. 10 - 3/8" Black Side Release Buckles. 5 larger size (32mm) key rings.
- Keep in mind: Each hank comes in 20ft sizes and can hold a minimum force of 550lb
- Type III Commercial Grade parachute cord is almost identical to the Mil-Spec without the higher prices.
- It has a core of seven inner strands surrounded by a nylon cover that won't fray like the others and a minimum breaking strength of 550lbs.
- Great for camping, hiking, military, survival, birthday or holiday parties, gifts for the holidays, stocking stuffers, everyday crafting crafting or any outdoor adventure!


  • 550LB 7 STRAND TYPE III PARACORD. You get 5 - 20 ft hanks of commercial grade paracord, 10 - 3/8" Black Buckles, and 5 - 32mm Plated Steel Key Rings in each bracelet crafting kit.
  • THIS LIGHTWEIGHT CORD IS UV RESISTANT AND WILL NOT ROT/MILDEW. The Paracord you receive in this kit is long lasting and can withstand the toughest weather and situations you put it though from the outdoors to your backyard pool.
  • MADE IN THE USA for Paracord Planet by certified us government contractors. Because it's made in the US it is strong and durable cord with 100% nylon outer sheath.
  • GREAT FOR ANY LEVEL OF EXPERTISE. This bracelet kit is great for beginners, intermediate and advanced users and all ages. You can make friendship bracelets, lanyards, keychains, necklaces, survival bracelets, emergency bracelets, and much more!
  • MULTI PURPOSE KIT: create a bracelet for survival needs when you're camping, fishing or hiking; or just keep the cord and supplies in your emergency or survival kit at home or in your car to make sure you are always prepared!

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BoredParacord 550 Survival Paracord

BoredParacord 550 Survival Paracord Brand: BoredParacord

Our 550 Mil-Spec Type III Parachute Cord is tough! Made with 100% raw nylon materials combined with a minimum of 550 lb breaking strength this Paracord is the "Real" 550 cord. Paracord has literally 100s of survival applications as well as many apparel applications. Whether you carrying it around in your pack or wearing it on your wrist, paracord is the one thing you do not want to be without. It is available in many different colors, and patterns and also in several different lengths.


  • 7 Inner Core 100% Nylon Strands
  • Created for BoredParacord by certified US Government contractors.
  • 550 Survival Paracord - Type III Commercial Grade
  • Approximately 1/8" in Diameter
  • Quick Drying All Weather Cord - Will Not Rot or Mildew

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550 Paracord / Parachute Cord Type III 7 Strand 5/32 (4mm) Diameter, 550LB Breaking Strength 550Cord Survival Cordage W/ Spool Cord Winder & Buckle Options Available Choose Under Size See Description

550 Paracord / Parachute Cord Type III 7 Strand 5/32 (4mm) Diameter, 550LB Breaking Strength 550Cord Survival Cordage W/ Spool Cord Winder & Buckle Options Available Choose Under Size See Description Brand: Paracord Hero

Why Paracord Hero branded Paracord?
-Paracord Hero prides itself on quality & customer service. It is our number one goal to assure that you are 100% satisfied with your customer experience with us. If you are not satisfied, contact us & we will do everything we can to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase!
-We source our Paracord from quality U.S. Government contractors so you are receiving top-notch Paracord. The same U.S. Government Contractors that supply Military Grade Paracord to the U.S. Military. So you know you are not getting some cheap imitation product that will fail when you need it most!
-Made from 100% Nylon, an incredible 550 LB MINIMUM Breaking Strength, Lightweight, Versatile, and Durable enough to handle extreme conditions, you know you can trust our Paracord

Typical Paracord Uses:
-Not sure what all you can use Paracord for? The uses are ENDLESS! We are passionate about our products and we know that everyone uses Paracord for different reasons. Uses include but not limited to are: survival applications, camping, hunting, fishing, home use, garage, emergencies, crafting, apparrel, gardening, & so much more! With so many uses, you'll never feel like you bought too much!

Buy Today! Start being Prepared for Tomorrow!

**Spool, Cord Winder and Buckle Options are available with 100 ft. In order to receive one of these options with your order please select which option it is you would like under the size drop down menu.**


  • STRONG - Paracord with a 550 Pound Minimum Breaking Strength designed to be lightweight & able to hold up in rugged applications
  • DURABLE - With outdoor use in mind, our Paracord is resistant to UV Sunlight (No fading of colors), will not rot or mildew, and can withstand abrasion
  • VERSATILE - Unlimited potential of uses, from survival applications to crafting, the uses are incredibly endless and you can't ever have enough cord on hand
  • QUALITY - Our Paracord is manufactured specifically for Paracord Hero by certified U.S. Government contractors. Not your cheap imitation Paracord from overseas
  • NO HASSLE - Paracord Hero ships all Paracord with sealed ends eliminating the annoying hassle & allowing you to be ready & prepared as soon as you received our Paracord

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95 1-Strand Paracord Type 1

95 1-Strand Paracord Type 1 Brand: PARACORD PLANET

95 paracord falls between 275 paracord and Micro paracord: smaller than 275, but with a higher tensile strength than Micro. With a diameter of 1.85mm it is an ideal choice for smaller DIY projects that 550 paracord is greater that your needs. Each 100' section comes wound on a convenient reusable spool and is MADE IN THE USA!


  • Great for finer crafting or smaller DIY projects
  • Available in a Variety of Colors!
  • Will Not Rot,Fade to UV
  • 95LB Tensile Strength
  • Made in the USA

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Polyform G Series Fender

Polyform G Series Fender Brand: Polyform
Model: PGSF-CS

Polyform's G Series fender was first produced back in the mid 1980's and immediately became the standard by which all other utility boat fenders are judged. In all this time it remains the best value for the money and outperforms similar style fenders which cost 30-50% more. No fender design has been copied more that our G Series. This entry level product incorporates the same material, valve and high gloss finish that is a trademark of our top end yacht fenders.


  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Molded-in ribs for puncture and abrasion resistance
  • Reinforced ropeholds
  • Polyform-Feets unique vinyl valve system - the industry-Feets best
  • Polyform's industry leading vinyl valve system - no inflation is required fender ships inflated

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Paracord Planet Tactical 5-Strand Nylon Core 275-LB Tensile Strength Paracord Rope 3/32” (2.38mm Diameter)

Paracord Planet Tactical 5-Strand Nylon Core 275-LB Tensile Strength Paracord Rope 3/32” (2.38mm Diameter) Brand: PARACORD PLANET

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Paracord / Parachute Cord.  7-Strand, 550 Lb. Break Strength.  Guaranteed U.S. Made, Type III Military Survival 550 Cord.  25 colors for Bracelets and Projects.  Includes Two eBooks.

Brand: Dakota Gear (TM)

We are U.S. Military Veterans and Paracord Snobs!

WE KNOW PARACORD and have sold literaly TONS of it!

Paracord has THOUSANDS of different uses!

- Securing or lashing luggage or gear, clothesline, shoe or boot laces, emergency stitches, starting a fire
- Emergency tourniquet, grips on knives, axes or other hand tools, rifle sling, holder strap for sunglasses
- Make a Paracord bracelet, decorative Knot, wrap a coffee cup, hang a pinata, boy and girl scout projects
- Zipper pull, learning to tie knots, whistle lanyard, pulling out a loose tooth, make a net, tie a door open
- Tie off a 6-pack of beer to cool it by submerging it into a cold lake or stream, tent rope, hang a sign
- Fish stringer, macrame projects. key fob, self-defense weapon (monkey fist), tie up a woman's corset
- Dog run line, sew a button on, tie a fly, snare or trap, net, fishing line or trotline, repair wicker furniture
- secure electrical or electronic cords together, string Christmas or other decorative lights, crabbing
- lash a boat to the dock, boat anchor line, tie climbing vines to trellis, tie an inner tube raft together
- "soft patch" repair a hose or pipe, string cans together for an alarm, basketball hoop net, flag pole line
- hang a bird feeder, bundle firewood together, fencing, binoculars strap, dental floss, sandal strap

GUARANTEED with our 1 year "No Muss, No Fuss, No B.S." Guarantee, PERIOD!

- Hobbyists, Home, Garage, Gardening, Landscaping and Roofing
- Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Parachuting, Motorcycling and ATV's
- Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Personnel
- Military, Paramilitary, Paracord Survival Strategies and "Bug Out Bags"
- Automotive Emergency Kits, Boating, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Arts and Crafts
- Boy and Girl Scounts, Farming, Ranching, Construction, Picnics

Click on the "Add to Cart" NOW to be MORE DEPENDABLE, PREPARED and CONFIDENT!


  • THIS IS Type III, 550 Paracord. It includes two eBooks: "Paracord Skills, Bracelets and Projects for Fun and Profit," and "How to Tie 20 of the Most Useful Knots." These eBooks will be delivered by email after your purchase.
  • 550 POUND BREAK STRENGTH, 1/8 inch in diameter, 7 Inner Strands, Certified U.S. Government Paracord Manufacturer.
  • WILL NOT ROT OR MILDEW.  Resists abrasion, tangling, & deterioration from ultra-violet light.
  • MADE IN USA by a U.S. Military Veteran-owned and operated company with a 1-Year, 100% "No Muss, No Fuss, No B.S. Guarantee," PERIOD!
  • MANY USES, INCLUDING: tying and lashing, boot and shoe laces, Bug Out and EDC Bags, emergency stitches, starting a fire, traps and snares, grips on knives and axes, belts, rifle slings, lanyards, zipper pulls, tent ropes, bracelets and crafts, self-defense (monkey fist), dog collars and leashes, sewing repairs, suspending food out of reach from wild animals, flag pole ropes, dental floss, and SO many more!

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Glow in the Dark Zesty 21 Strand 550 Luminous Paracord Parachute Rope Cord

Brand: West Coast Paracord

West Coast Paracord is excited to highlight new Glow in the Dark Paracord! This Fluorescent Rope has a 550 lb tensile strength rating and glows in the dark once charged in sunlight (for best results) or any other kind of light, lamp, indoor or outdoor!

Choose from 100 feet, 50 feet, or 25 feet length options and 5 color choices - Blue, White, Orange, Yellow or Green! This luminous rope is great for survival needs, so keep it in your bug-out bag, in your garage, shed, camper for camping, with your hunting gear to easily pull your supplies up to your tree stand or in your boat for a night fishing stringer! It is also a fun cord to have for crafting jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, survival bracelets, lanyards, coasters, or other weaving crafts! Make friendship bracelets, use as laces for Halloween or night runs, walks, or hikes!


  • FLUORESCENT GLOW IN THE DARK PARACORD is great for making crafts like bracelets, keychains, jewelry, weaving projects, outdoors, camping, fishing, storage in sheds or garages, glow parties, survival gear, bug out bags, gifts for family and friends, emergency situations and much more!
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLORS AND SIZES: Choose from Green, Blue, White, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, Cyan, Rose, Pink, or Yellow and between 25 Feet, 50 Feet and 100 Feet size Options!
  • 21 STRAND (7 X 3) 550 LB PARACORD is great to have on hand! Parachute Rope, especially Glow in the Dark Rope, is versatile and practical and very easy to cut to length for what you need and truss or tie up!
  • BEST CORD FOR ANY SITUATION. At West Coast Paracord, we strive to supply you with the best cord you need for any situation in multiple color options!
  • GLOWS FROM DIRECT SUNLIGHT AND INDOOR LIGHTING! You'll get a brighter glow by letting this cord charge in direct sunlight, however, it will still charge and glow brightly from indoor/house/workshop/lamp lighting making it a great product to keep around inside and outdoors!

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Paracord Rope 550 Type III Paracord - Parachute Cord - 550 Cord - 550lb Tensile Strength - 100% Nylon - Made In The USA

Paracord Rope 550 Type III Paracord - Parachute Cord - 550 Cord - 550lb Tensile Strength - 100% Nylon - Made In The USA Brand: Paracord Rope

550 Type III Cord is effectively the most well-known and used cord from the Parachute Cord family that has been long trusted by the US military. The 2-ply/7 inner strands made up of high-strength synthetic fibers guarantee the cord's exceptional tensile strength (550 pounds) and durability; an impressive feat, considering its size (about the thickness of boot laces). Paracord Rope's 550 Type III Paracord is manufactured by a certified US government contractor. Made in the USA. Paracord Rope is a veteran-owned small business.




  • SIZE: 4MM (5/32)



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SGT KNOTS Paracord (50+ Colors) - 1,000 foot spools - 200 foot spools - 100 feet on winder

SGT KNOTS Paracord (50+ Colors) - 1,000 foot spools - 200 foot spools - 100 feet on winder Brand: SGT Knots

1,000 feet of SGT KNOTS 550 paracord. Outer nylon sheath with a 7 strand inner core. Commercial grade paracord that is Made in the USA. 550 pound tensile strength with a diameter of only 5/32".

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