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Sporting Goods


    Nfinity Backpack

    Nfinity Backpack Brand: Nfinity
    Model: NF-9008-8100-P

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    Nfinity Black Sparkle Backpack

    Brand: Nfinity Athletic

    Choosing your favorite color is going to be hard in this lightweight Sparkle Backpack. It is a must have to get you through the rigors of school and traveling on the road in style. This stylish pack features padded shoulder straps, 4 compartments perfect for holding your Nfinity® Shoes, a padded laptop sleeve, and stylish detachable purse adhered to the front. Talk about the perfect bag!


    • Fashionable and durable. Talk about the perfect bag!

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    We're Number #1 Finger Team Color Cheerleading Foam Hand

    We're Number #1 Finger Team Color Cheerleading Foam Hand Brand: FX

    Foam School Spirit Hands are a perfect way to show support for your team.


    • Foam
    • 9" x 18"

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    Cheer Kinetic Bands - Flexibility Fitness Training Kit for Cheerleaders - Leg Resistance Bands, Stunt Strap, Digital Training Downloads

    Brand: Kinetic Bands

    Improve cheer flexibility & fitness with our resistance training combo; a must for any cheerleader who wants to improve skills and performance.

    Using Cheer Kinetic Bands while you practicing your cheerleading or dance routines can help you jump and kick higher than ever in no time and your teammates and fans will notice.

    Training with Kinetic Bands helps cheerleaders strengthen the core muscles and legs to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, and body control for higher toe touches, safer stunts & tumbling.

    User weight is equal to or more than 110 pounds:

    Includes a set of green bands (used for full range of motion) and a set of red bands (used for light stretching). Each set contains one long band (placed in front) and one short band (placed in back).

    User weight is less than 110 pounds:

    Includes a set of yellow bands (for beginners) and a set of red bands (advanced). Both bands in each set are of equal size and just like our standard set, one band should be attached to the front D-rings on both leg straps and the other band attached to the back D-rings on both leg straps. NOTE: A long red band is also included and can be placed between the front D-rings for users who feel too constricted using a short band in front. The user should be able to feel resistance and maintain full range of motion capabilities for maximum results.

    Our Flexibility Stunt Strap is designed to help a cheerleader stretch without putting any unnecessary stress on joints. Use the Flexibility Stunt Strap during a post workout stretch or to practice pulling scorpions and heel stretches.


    • BETTER JUMPS - Increase Jump Height & Body Control For Safer Landings
    • IMPROVE STUNTS - Increase Flexibility & Balance
    • INCLUDES FLEXIBILITY STUNT STRAP - Available In 7 Different Colors!
    • DIGITAL DOWNLOADS - 3 Separate Downloads For All Your Cheer Training Needs!
    • AVAILABLE IN 2 SIZES - Recommended for ages 7+

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    Pair, Metallic Cheerleading Pom Pom for Cheerleading Squads, Party Costume, Hen Party, Holiday Celebration, Stage Performance, and Sports

    Brand: kuugear

    This Pom Pom is special robust designed--- easy to hold, light weight, waterproof, shed-proof and fade resistant. It is suitable for all pleasure events --- cheerleading squad, hen party, birthday party, holiday celebration, stage performance, and sports.


    • Quantity: 1 pair (set of 2 pcs) , Waterproof, Shed-Proof and Fade Resistant
    • Handle: 4 1/4" (11cm) in length, 1" (2.5cm) in diameter
    • Stream Material: Metal Foil, 11" (28cm) in length, 3/20" (0.4mm) in width
    • Per Pom Weight: 80g, and approximately 2000 streamers
    • Great for all hen parties , cheerleaders and as a fancy dress costume.

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    STUNT STAND Brand Cheer Bow Box - Keep your Cheerleading Bows Competition-Ready and Never Crushed Again!

    STUNT STAND Brand Cheer Bow Box - Keep your Cheerleading Bows Competition-Ready and Never Crushed Again! Lowest new price: $19.99
    List price: $29.99
    Brand: Stunt Stand

    Brand New for the 2017 Season! The Stunt StandTM bow box allows you to keep your bows looking as nice as the day you bought them! Our patent pending hook design allows TWO BOWS to securely be held onto either side of the box and folds shut to keep them both looking competition ready! Order now and receive the Stunt StandTM metal clip ring for FREE!


    • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Absolutely NO RISK - The STUNT STAND® brand is known for QUALITY and RESULTS.
    • SECURELY HOLDS 2 BOWS - Our box is designed to fasten the bows down so they do not bump or shift around which could destroy the precious bows!
    • FREE D-RING INCLUDED - Securely fasten the bow box to your backpack, luggage, or purse to have your bows competition-ready anytime!
    • DURABILITY - Able to hold the weight of an athlete standing on it! The bow box will NOT let your bows get smashed ever again!
    • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Never wonder what bow is inside ever again! Our see-through design allows you to see the bows WITHOUT opening the box!

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    Nfinity Backpack with Logo

    Nfinity Backpack with Logo Brand: Nfinity
    Model: NFBPSP620-P

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    Cheerleading Flexibility Stunt Strap From Myosource Kinetic Bands

    Cheerleading Flexibility Stunt Strap From Myosource Kinetic Bands Brand: Myosource Kinetic Bands

    Our Flexibility Stunt Strap is a great stretching and warm-up tool for everyone. Proper stretching can increase flexibility and help reduce the risk of injury.

    Our Flexibility Stunt Strap was originally designed to help cheerleaders stretch without putting any unnecessary stress on joints. It has quickly become a popular stretching tool for dancers, gymnasts, athletes or anyone who just needs to stretch out.


    • Also works great for dancers, gymnasts, athletes and anyone that needs to stretch
    • Available in 7 colors
    • Increase flexibility
    • Helps Cheerleaders perfect Scorpions, Heel stretches, and other stunts
    • Great stretching and warm up tool

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    FinalZ 14'' Cheering Squad Spirited Fun Cheerleading Kit Cheer Poms Pack of 2

    Brand: FinalZ

    Gorgeous for cheering squads, players, matches, parties, dancers and audience


    • Quantity: 2
    • Color:
    • Material: Metallic Foil & Plastic
    • Per Pom weight about: 120g, Diameter about: 35cm/14"
    • These pom poms are great for Halloween or any sports event

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    Nike Women's Sideline III Insert Cheerleading

    Nike Women's Sideline III Insert Cheerleading Brand: NIKE

    Nike Women's Sideline 3 Insert Cheerleading Shoes


    • sku=647937-100

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