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Deep Blue Gear Latitude 2 Fins for Diving, Snorkeling, and Swim

Brand: Deep Blue Gear

Enjoy maximum propulsion efficiency while minimizing fatigue with this pair of Latitude 2 snorkeling fins by Deep Blue Gear, featuring a full foot design for a sleek look and comfortable fit. The soft, malleable rubber foot pocket with enclosed heel improves your comfort while reducing friction and chafing, and it's paired with a medium length blade that's both flexible in the water and compact enough for travel. The blade's rubberized center section is designed to cup the water, resulting in increased power with decreased kicking effort. The Latitude 2 is offered in a wide range of shoe sizes per fin size. Remember that fins will get slightly looser in the water and slip easier if the size is too small. Because of the Latitude 2's narrow design, consider selecting a size larger if you have a wider foot and are at the top of a fin size range. Deep Blue Gear produces comfortable, durable, and functional diving and snorkeling gear for both seasoned divers and novice snorkelers. Deep Blue Gear has provided masks, snorkels, fins, and more to a wide variety of resorts, tour operators, and cruise lines based in the Caribbean since 2001.


  • Pair of lightweight, durable snorkeling fins with full foot-fitting design and medium length blade
  • Rubberized blade center cups the water while kicking for maximum propulsion efficiency and minimum fatigue
  • Soft rubber foot pocket with enclosed heel improves comfort and reduces friction and chafing
  • Durably constructed to withstand breaking and cracking; flexibility ensures hours of comfortable snorkeling
  • Fin size fits men's shoe size 4 to 13.5 and women's shoe size 5 to 14.5

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IST Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket

IST Deep sea scuba diving military fins - rubber rocket Brand: IST

Big booties: Size M L XL XXL Unite Sates 5 6-7 8-9 10-11 European 36 37-39 40-42 43-45 Small Booties: Size M L XL XXL Unite Sates 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 For U.S. buyers the size we have on are for men, so for ladies you will have to lower your size by 1


  • Traditional Proven Design with Vents to Assist Efficiency and Water Flow
  • Special Blade Curvature and Varying Degrees of Blade Flexibility Produce Positive Thrust
  • Used by Military with Very Flexible and Power
  • Durable and Comfortable Rubber Fins
  • Easy to Maneuver and Made with High Quality Rubber

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Dive Fins - Adjustable Strap for Custom Fitting - For Snorkeling and Diving - By Utopia Fitness

Brand: Utopia Fitness

The Perfect Dive Fins
Utopia Fitness Dive Fins is where function meets beauty with the state-of-the-art designed diving flippers which is made up from composite material which provides the diver with great thrust and snap. The foot pocket offers customizable fittings as it comes with an adjustable strap which is both soft and comfortable. It is sure to make your swimming experience worthwhile.


  • Functions as well as it looks with its beautifully designed form
  • Ensures greater thrust and snap with dual composite material
  • The foot pocket offers comfort along with softness and an adjustable strap that provides custom fitting
  • Diving fins are made using highly durable material for longer durability
  • Available in medium and small sizes

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Everlasting Family Fins for Snorkeling & Diving | CLIO made in Italy by Cressi: quality since 1946

Brand: Cressi

Colorful and Functional, the Clio has been a staple of the Cressi Snorkeling Line for many years. The Clio features a Soft Elastomer Foot Pocket with a Reinforced Non-Vented Blade to provide Maximum Efficiency and Comfort for Snorkeling. It features a Fluid and Undemanding Kick, perfect for Children and Adults alike. The Clio is perfect for the Traveling Snorkeler. The fin comes in Vibrant Blue and Yellow Colors and a Full Range of Sizes for Small Children up to Adults. Fins have a Low-Profile Heel Pull-Tab for Easy Donning and Doffing, the Blade is above the Foot Pocket for greater Surface Area providing a more Efficient Kick. The Open-Toe Foot Pocket adds Comfort and the Long Blade design adds Propulsion. The Clio is available in Sizes: US Kids 9-11, 11.5-13, 1-2, 2.5-3.5, Adult 4-5, 5.5-6.6, 7-8, 8.5-9.5 or 10-11. Sizes: EUR Kids 27-29, 30-32, 33-34, Adult 37-38, 39-40, 41-42, 43-44 or 45-46. The Cressi Clio Fins are covered by a 12 month limited warranty.


  • Pair of Cressi Clio Fin
  • Colorful and Functional Fin
  • Staple of Cressi Snorkeling Line
  • Soft Elastomer Foot Pocket
  • Reinforced Non-Vented Blade

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Scuba Max FN-308 Junior Kids Dolphin Fins

Scuba Max FN-308 Junior Kids Dolphin Fins Brand: Scuba Max

Newly designed kids strap fin, soft TPR foot pocket, easy adjustable strap, center rubber blade channel for better water cupping to generate power efficiently. SM-MD - 9-13 KIDS LG-XLG- 1-4 - JUNIOR. Try to avoid walking in this fins, put them on right before entering water


  • Try to avoid walking in this fins, put them on right before entering water
  • Newly designed kids easily adjustable strap with quick-release buckles
  • Kids open heel fin with soft foot pockets
  • Lightweight & Fun color choices
  • SM-MD - 9-13 KIDS / LG-XLG- 1-4 - JUNIOR

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Phantom Aquatics Speed Sport Adjustable Snorkeling Fin

Brand: Phantom Aquatics

Directional Channel Increases Propulsion Efficiency


  • Extended Sole Plate Adds Thrust and Relieves Strain on Foot
  • Simple and Reliable Strap Adjustment System, Easy to Don and Doff
  • Contoured Foot Pocket for Maximum Comfort, Use with or without Booties
  • High Grade Polypropylene Material, More Thrust Per Kick with Efficient Energy Transfer
  • Structurally Optimized Hinge Point Provides Correct Fin Shape Throughout Kick Cycle

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Snorkeling Swim Fins featuring Short Blade Dive-Tech | Compact design made for Travel. Powerful Snorkel Fins for Swimming. Ultra Comfortable Snorkeling Gear and Flippers by Easy Snorkel

Brand: Easy Snorkel

No more big floppy snorkel fins that are impossible to pack in your suitcase. No more adjustable heel straps that never get tight & No more walking backwards into the water because you are afraid of tripping. The Easy Snorkel Swim Fins solve these common and basic issues with our short high performance design.

SHORT AGILE BLADES: Short blades adds more swimming speed while providing a more stylish look and feel. The dual side blade design gives more comfort to your toes and feet.

COMFORTABLE TOPLINE: The topline is made from softer rubber to provide maximum comfort while keeping the fins firmly attached to your feet.

SOLE SAFTETY: With hard plastic and rubber soles, our snorkel fins provide safety against sharp coral, rocks and the occasional sea urchin. Friendly reminder, don't step on corals and reefs.

COMPACT SIZE, GREAT EXPERIENCE: The short fin design makes it easier to pack and bring on every snorkeling trip or in the pool.

Size Guide:


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE - Easily put the flippers on and take them off with our soft and comfortable foot pockets made of TPR. Our closed heel design is specially constructed to reduce the chances of injury from hyperflexion and to keep you comfortable while you enjoy the water.
  • FLEXIBLE SHORT-BLADE - The dual composite dive-tech design is extremely flexible and creates a lighting speed snap propelling you through the water with ease. You can save your energy, while experiencing a faster and stronger kick.
  • COMPACT TRAVEL SIZE - Stop renting old and used snorkel fins from dive shops! Our Easy Snorkel fins are specially designed for traveling and will fit in your suitcase or backpack while taking up minimal space.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The bottom of each snorkeling fin contains a non-slip grip for added security. You can now walk around the pool with ease and without of fear of slipping. This patterned sole thread also provides additional grip on boat and pool decks.
  • SIZE GUIDE - Available is Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large for USA; and EUR 38-45. To ensure the best fit, please measure your foot and refer to our size guide [chart] in the images.

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Snorkeling Adjustable Fins - Long Versatile Open Heel Flippers - PALAU LAF made in Italy by Cressi: quality since 1946

Snorkeling Adjustable Fins - Long Versatile Open Heel Flippers - PALAU LAF made in Italy by Cressi: quality since 1946 Brand: Cressi

The Palau long adjustable fin (LAF) opens the way for a new type of snorkeling and swimming fin. It has been designed for two specific purposes. The first was to have a foot pocket that could easily adapt to at least three or four consecutive foot sizes. This would enable the same fin to be used by all the members of a family, or by a group of friends. It would also make it great for rentals in a diving center or on a charter boat, without requiring an infinite number of sizes. The second purpose was to guarantee extreme comfort and an ease of fit in a strapped open heel fin even if it is to be worn barefoot. The result is a fin that is extraordinarily practical, that adapts to practically any foot size, and that allows for very quick fitting in any situation. The blade is made from a lightweight, yet responsive material that assures a fluid and effortless kick, yet at the same time quite powerful. The fin blade extends from the top of the foot pocket for maximum surface area. The strap has a strong pull tab ring to allow quick reversal of the strap for ease of donning and doffing or to clip the fins to the body or equipment. The fin pocket is made from a soft elastomer for added comfort. The fins are made in Italy by Cressi.


  • Multi-sized fins, ideal for sharing among family and friends or for rental departments. Designed for snorkeling, scuba diving, long swims.
  • Long lightweight and responsive blade. Easy-kicking blade responds well to any kicking style.
  • Blade extends from the top of the foot pocket for maximum surface area and for increase the propulsion force.
  • Fins stays in place against your foot despite the increase in hydro static pressure.
  • The fin pocket is made from a soft elastomer for added comfort. Made in Italy.

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HEAD Energy Swim Fin

HEAD Energy Swim Fin Brand: HEAD
Model: P.450000-SF044OR-P

The Head Design Team has created an exclusive training fin design that assists in the development of a powerful kick and enhanced propulsion.


  • For water aerobics and swimming
  • Improves technique while strengthening muscle development
  • Closed foot pocket assists a secure and comfortable fit
  • Made from high grade polypropylene

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ZIONOR F1 Diving Snorkel Short Fins Flippers for Men Women Adjustable Open Heel Trek Design for Travel Snorkeling Swimming

ZIONOR F1 Diving Snorkel Short Fins Flippers for Men Women Adjustable Open Heel Trek Design for Travel Snorkeling Swimming Brand: Zionor


  • Compact and Light Weight Short Fins - Travel friendly design, easily fitting in about any suitcase or backpack for swimming, snorkeling and diving.
  • Adjustable Open Heel - Adjustable strap provides more secure fit to propel your bare feet or with additional footwear such as water socks or booties in warm or cold water condition.
  • Powerful Propulsion with Minimum Effort - Gain enough thrust when kicking with rigid and wider designed fins in open-water and swimming pool.
  • Smooth Snorkeling Experience - Solid protection for feet from scraping against rocks and coral. Optimized anti-slip insole helps to focus on kicking and minimize the fatigue.
  • Unique Stream Slot - Highly engineered dual slot system increase the thrust out of these fins when snorkeling and diving and enjoy fun in the water.

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