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Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer (White / Black)

Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer (White / Black) Lowest new price: $199.95
List price: $269.95
Brand: Cressi Sub

Cressi Sub Leonardo Wrist ComputerThe Leonardo keeps things elegantly simple for divers looking for a single-gas nitrox computer. A well-designed display is effortless to read, and is complemented by user-friendly functions such as an adjustable conservatism factor, PO settings and bright backlighting.  The Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer has an Operational Depth from 0' to 393' (0 to 120 meters), is Powered by a User Replaceable CR2430 3-Volt Battery, and is equipped with a 60 Dive (70 hour) Logbook Memory function. The Clock Function can be set in a 12/24 Hour Formats. The Computer is also Altitude Adjustable up to 12,139' (3,700 meters) and has a Back Light Feature for Low Light Conditions. The Computer comes with a Comprehensive Owner's Manual and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.  Elegant Expression of a Simple and Functional Design For Divers Who "Just-Want-to-Dive" Single Button Interface for Effortless Programming Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge Large Edge-to-Edge, High-Definition LCD Screen Large Numerical Displays Compact and Travel-Friendly Easy-to-See Battery Life Icon Indicator Distinct Audible Alarms Algorithm: RGBM Algorithm, Bruce Wienke/Haldane Model Safe Decompression Calculations for Multiple Dives Over Multiple Days Multifunctional Instrument for Sport Diving Depth, Dive Times, Decompression Status Ascent Rate and Surface Interval Times Nitrogen Absorption and Release is Continuously Processed PCD (Priority Compartment Digit Display) System Easy and Direct Dialogue" Between Diver and Computer Perfect Readability in Any Situation Clock, Calendar and Temperature 12/24 Hour Formats Versatile Dive Memory (logbook): 60 Dives or 70 Hours On-Board Log Dive Simulator Function PO2 Value between 17.4 and 23.2 psi (1.2 bar and 1.6 bar) (FO2) between 21% and 50% of O2 Imperial (feet) or Metric (meters) System Selectable Reset Function for Multiple Users Operational Depth: 0' to 393' (0 to 120 meters) User ...

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Mares Matrix Dive Computer with PC Download Kit

Mares Matrix Dive Computer with PC Download Kit Brand: Mares

A full-dot matrix high resolution display, tilt- compensated digital compass with bearing function, graphic profile during the dive and multigas algorithm make Matrix arguably the most impressive Mares watch-style dive, computer ever. A choice of digital or analog time of day display, second time zone and a precision stopwatch, all in a sleek metal housing make it the coolest product to show off with in between dives. Did we mention a 35-hour logbook including dive profile graphs at 5s sampling rate? The rechargeable battery means years and years of maintenance free use. The charging cradle doubles up as PC (or Mac) interface for downloading dives and for firmware upgrades.


  • Full-Dot Matrix High Resolution Display
  • Tilt-Compensated Digital Compass with bearing Function
  • Air, Nitrox, Watch and Gauge Modes
  • Multi-Gas RGBM Algorithm

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Suunto Cobra Computer with QD and USB

Suunto Cobra Computer with QD and USB Lowest new price: $549.95
List price: $792.85
Brand: Suunto

Suunto Cobra is an air-integrated console-mounted dive computer that combines versatile features with a user-friendly design and navigation capabilities. Suunto Cobra simplifies your diving experience because all the information you need relating to depth, time, tank pressure and decompression status is available on one easy-to-read screen. The three-button operation makes the Cobra a snap to use; even if you're wearing thick dive gloves It is air and nitrox compatible and offers you every opportunity to make the most of your time underwater The Cobra displays your tank pressure and remaining air time; two key features to keep you safe and below the surface as-long-as-possible. The Cobra graphs each dive profile and has a dive simulator, which offers you to run through your dive without getting your feet wet! Navigating the Menu: Suunto Cobra has four main operating modes - TIME mode (TIME), DIVE mode (DIVE), PLAN mode (PLAN), and MEMORY mode (MEMORY). To toggle between the main modes, press the MODE button. To select a sub mode in DIVE, PLAN and MEMORY modes, press the UP/DOWN buttons. Simple, intuitive and user friendly the Cobra. The Cobra uses the Suunto RGBM algorithm developed by Suunto and Bruce R. Wienke, BSc, MSc, PhD. The goal of Suunto is to keep you safe. The computer has a 36 hour of diving logbook memory. The Cobra provides audible alarms and notifications for dive time, maximum depth, tank pressure, high pO2, fast ascents, and decompressi


  • Air, nitrox, and gauge modes
  • Programmable for 21% to 50% Oxygen Mixtures
  • Imperial/Metric Programmable
  • Altitude Adjustable Up to 10,000' (3,000 meters)
  • Maximum Depth Display: 492' (150 meters)

Mares Quad Computer

Mares Quad Computer Brand: Mares

Mares quad dive computer features: two customizable fields for displaying ancillary information four buttons for intuitive user interface mirrored button function while diving runawaypression alarm programmable for multi-gas pression dive planner with user adjustable surface interval user replaceable battery


  • Two customizable fields for displaying ancillary information
  • Four buttons for intuitive user interface
  • Mirrored button function while diving
  • Runaway decompression alarm

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Suunto D4i, D6i, and D9 Dive Computer Transmitter Battery Kit

Suunto D4i, D6i, and D9 Dive Computer Transmitter Battery Kit Lowest new price: $10.95
List price: $10.95
Brand: for Suunto

New replacement battery kit for Suunto D4i, D6i and D9 (Transmitter only) Kit includes: New 3V CR 1/2 AA battery, rubber o rings for the transmitter and silicone lube. Includes what you need to change the battery in your Suunto Transmitter. Contained within the kit is a replacement lithium battery, the o rings you will need to seal the transmitter, and o ring lubricant Brand new and guaranteed to meet factory specifications.


  • Meets factory specifications
  • Fits Suunto D4i, D6i, and D9 Transmitters
  • Great Save-A-Dive kit item
  • Kit includes: New 3V CR 1/2 AA battery, rubber o rings for the transmitter and silicone lube

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Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Deluxe Wrist Compass with Hose Mount

Scuba Choice Scuba Diving Deluxe Wrist Compass with Hose Mount Lowest new price: $26.17
List price: $27.99
Brand: Scuba Choice
Model: SCCP-03

One of the best selling items in Scuba Choice. This item features everything you need to get started, regardless if you're a beginner or expert,.


  • Compass diameter: 2-1/3"
  • Wrist Mount Length: 15"
  • Max depth: 80 meters.
  • The dial glows in the dark
  • Hose mount included

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Nuvair O2 Quickstick Oxygen Analyzer

Nuvair O2 Quickstick Oxygen Analyzer Lowest new price: $249.95
List price: $249.95
Brand: Nuvair

The O2 Quickstick is designed for Nitrox Divers. A simple twist of the side knob will turn on and calibrated the analyzer to ambient air. Place the O2 Quickstick to a slightly opened tank valve for an accurate and reliable reading. The intuitive process requires only one hand to operate. The replaceable thermally compensated sensor maintains accuracy levels exceeding dive industry standards. After use, the analyzer can conveniently be turned off to preserve battery life and stored away in your dive bag. The Anodized Marine Grade Aluminum body can withstand the accidental slams of dive tanks and weight belts in the rugged environment on a dive vessel. The O2 Quickstick comes with a 1 year limited manufacturer warranty and the provided sensor has a 2 year Pro-Rated warranty.


  • Easy to Calibrate
  • Fast Response Time
  • Replaceable Battery and Sensor
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Anodized Marine Grade Aluminum Body

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Shearwater Research Perdix Dive Computer

Shearwater Research Perdix Dive Computer Lowest new price: $849.00
Lowest used price: $699.99
List price: $849.00
Brand: Shearwater

Shearwater Research is proud to present our newest dive computer: The Perdix. Merging state of the art manufacturing techniques and innovative engineered materials, Shearwater has successfully developed a low-profile, sleekly contoured design without sacrificing features vital to technical divers. Divers can still count on Shearwater's simple, intuitive user interface, the large, easy to read display, and even longer battery life using any AA size batteries


  • High Resolution, easy-to-read display
  • 2.2" display with vivid, enhanced color range and saturation.
  • Thin, Low-profile Design
  • Two Button Interface
  • Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure

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Lowrance LST-3800 2-Inch In-Dash Depth Gauge with 200KHz Transom Mount Transducer

Brand: Lowrance
Model: 47-94-Parent

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Scubapro Dual Bar PSI Analog Metal Pressure Gauge

Scubapro Dual Bar PSI Analog Metal Pressure Gauge Lowest new price: $132.00
Brand: Scubapro

Dive trekkers need this compact, all-metal analog pressure gauge. The dual-gauge design displays imperial and metric units simultaneously, making this an idea primary or backup pressure gauge for traveling divers and resorts with an international clientele.


  • Compact pressure gauge (0-6000psi) and (0-400bar).
  • Dual gauge displays imperial and metric units simultaneously.
  • Red zone displays at 0-800psi and 0-50bar.
  • Ø 2.1in/48mm with brass case.

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