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Sporting Goods

Ski Machines

Concept2 SkiErg with PM5, Black

Brand: Concept2

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Gonex Kids Ski Goggles, Anti Fog 100% UV Protection Snow Goggles for Boys& Girls Children Toddler with Case

Brand: Gonex

Gonex Children Snow Goggles Anti-fog Windproof UV400 Protection with Double Spherical Lens + Goggle Case

Friendly Notices:
1. Please remove the protective film of inner lens before use.
2. Please avoid touching the lens surfaces with your fingers or sharp stuff directly.
3. Please avoid wiping your goggles with hands or rough cloth as they will stain or scratch the lens. If snow gets into your goggles, shake it out first and then wipe the goggles gently with a goggles cloth.
4. Please avoid putting the lens facing down on the table or ground.
5. After skiing, we recommend you to put the goggles in well-ventilated area to dispel sweat smell before you place it into the goggles case. If the foam is soaked with sweat, a hairdryer is recommended to make it blow-dried.

Product Description
Lens Color and VLT Reference:
Black Frame, Colorful Lens- VLT- 21%: Suitable for Sunny Day.
White Frame, Colorful Lens- VLT- 21%: Suitable for Sunny Day.
Pink Frame, Colorful Lens- VLT- 21%: Suitable for Sunny Day.
Blue Frame, Blue Lens- VLT- 4.2%: Suitable for Sunny Day.
Yellow Frame, Blue Lens- VLT- 4.2%: Suitable for Sunny Day.

Lens Type: Spherical
Polarization Type: Non-polarized
Outer Lens Material: PC
Frame Material: TPU
Package Height: 18.5x8.5x10cm/7.28x3.34x3.94in
Shipping Weight: 190g/0.42lb
Size: Small

Package Includes:
1 x Gonex Snow Goggles
1 x Goggle Case
1 x Carrying Pouch


  • A great choice for kids ages 3 to 8. Please remember to avoid touching the lens surfaces with your fingers or sharp stuff directly
  • PC Outer lens: 100% UV400 protection. Suitable for sunny condition
  • TPU frame: Flexible urethane frame construction
  • Embroidered adjustable elastic strap and helmet compatible
  • Three layers of memory foam design offer a stronger impact resistance, providing a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience, keeping cold air and wind from penetrating through the goggles and keeping your eyes warm.

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Concept2 SkiErg Floor Stand, Black

Concept2 SkiErg Floor Stand, Black Lowest new price: $225.00
List price: $225.00
Brand: Concept2
Model: 2720-US

The floor stand provides an alternative method of supporting the SkiErg if wall mounting is not an option. It makes the SkiErg free standing, allowing you to use the SkiErg anywhere. With a steel support and wood interior, the floor stand is tough and well-built, yet has caster wheels to move it easily into and out of place. The anti-skid, wear-resistant base offers firm footing. The floor stand is suitable for use with most wheelchairs. Not compatible with SkiErgs built prior to August 2014.


  • Allows skiers to use the SkiErg with PM5 without mounting to a wall
  • Compatible with SkiErgs manufactured from August 2014 to present
  • Anti-skid, wear-resistant base
  • Steel supports; Wood interior
  • Caster wheels make it mobile

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Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine

Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine Lowest new price: $699.00
Lowest used price: $271.39
List price: $699.00
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: NTXC8018

A classic in the home fitness world, the Classic Pro Skier is still a fan favorite for its effectiveness. Smooth, natural motion of Nordic skiing offers exercise without injury or discomfort, while adjustable resistance and elevation let you easily adjust the intensity of your workout. Independent resistance controls for the arms and legs give you training variety. The LED feedback window tracks time, distance calories burned and pulse.


  • Adjustable Elevation
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • LED Feedback Window

Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Machine with beautiful LED indicator,Content Up to 800-1200 PPB and PH of 7.5-9.0 Portable Sports Travel Water bottle,Quantum water bottle with SPE Membrane (Black)

Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker Machine with beautiful LED indicator,Content Up to 800-1200 PPB and PH of 7.5-9.0 Portable Sports Travel Water bottle,Quantum water bottle with SPE Membrane (Black) Lowest new price: $89.90
List price: $199.00
Model: Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker

Hydrogen is a natural antioxidant, and the hydrogen water produced by the hydrogen-rich water bottle has a similar effect:

A.Gradually improve the blood sugar and prevent the complications.

B.Improve physical fitness and allergy.

C.Relieve muscle soreness and restore strength.

D. Improve constipation and reduce swelling.

Product features:
1. High-concentration hydrogen production: When the electrolysis
produces 0-1200 ppb at a time, high-concentration hydrogen water
has strong penetrating power and small water molecules, which
can effectively improve the taste of hydrogen-rich water.
2. Humanized design:
a. Hidden USB charging interface (supporting data cable)
b. Borosilicate material, silicone waterproof material
c. smooth touch cup design, food grade ABS material
3. Non-slip design: The base adopts ABS silicone design to enhance
the stability of the bottom of the cup
4. Exquisite packaging: gift decent, personal use necessary.
5. Applicable environment: It can be used for everyday needs such as
outdoor travel, office work and family life.
Charge: 5V 1A
Capacity:300ml/10 OZ
Net Weight: 500g
Water temperature requirement:Size:2.5*2.5*7.8in
Box Contains:
1x Hydrogen Water Generator
1x USB charging cable
1x Instruction Manual


  • One-button quickly to start alkaline water: One button to start hydrogen production and alkaline water with PH value 7.5--9.0 in 3mins, simple and convenient to operate,With LED indicator, dazzling colorful.
  • High-quality materials: The glass body is made of high boron silicon material, non-toxic and tasteless, heat and corrosion resistance, curve design, comfortable grip, non-slip silicone pad at the bottom of the cup.
  • Rapid Hydrogen Production : Hydrogen-rich water cups use expensive titanium platinum electrolyte membranes, which are highly efficient for electrolysis. It takes only 3 minutes to rapidly produce hydrogen-rich water
  • Safe and convenient: USB charging port adopts DC round charging interface, hidden waterproof design, equipped with charger and charging line, passed 3C, PES, TUV certification, safe, reliable, simple and convenient, can be charged at any time
  • Rich hydrogen cup brings you a healthy life: anti-stress, anti-fatigue, enhance immunity, improve memory, beauty, improve sleep, improve water quality, etc. At home, at work, in sports

Nordictrack Fitness Ski Wax for the NordicTrack Ski Machine

Nordictrack Fitness Ski Wax for the NordicTrack Ski Machine Lowest new price: $9.99
List price: $9.99
Brand: NordicTrack

This is the Ski Wax for the NordicTrack Ski Machine. If your skis are slipping on the rollers, you will need our ski wax to keep it from slipping.


  • 30 Days Warranty

ESP 42" X-Sled - Racing Snow Sled - Tow Rope - Padded Seat - Orange

Brand: ESP


  • INNOVATIVE RACER SLED - Beat the competition with the X-Sled! It has a racer-style structure that features a unique, aerodynamic rail design, allowing riders a fast and safe ride!
  • ADVANCED SEATING - The X-Sled is one of the only sleds with a padded seat that's also insulated from the snow. Without a warm seat, you can keep sledding comfortably for hours.
  • ENHANCED STABILITY TRACKING RAILS - Keep your cool while you coast down from a snowy hill without losing your balance! This racer sled features engineered tracking rails to help with stability during a fast ride.
  • POLISHED BOTTOM FOR FASTER SLIDING - Make your way down slopes at lightning speed with this racing sled! Its bottom surface is diamond-polished, providing an ultra-smooth finish that facilitates fast gliding even as you race down the hill.
  • HEAVY-DUTY POLYRESIN CONSTRUCTION - Made from a polymerized resin material, the Sno Sprint Sled has a sturdy, weatherproof construction that can hold up to the roughest and most thrilling rides.
  • Gigante Racing estilo trineo
  • Diamante Pulido superficie inferior para Speedy Thrills
  • Confort probado diseño ergonómico con asiento acolchado para comodidad Rider.
  • Práctico cuerda de remolque (incluidos
  • Fabricado en Estados Unidos.

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ESP 66" Family Fun Toboggan Four Rider Sled

Brand: ESP

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Emsco Group Esp Foam Saucer Sled

Brand: Emsco Group

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NordicTrack EXCEL Skier / Ski Machine

NordicTrack EXCEL Skier / Ski Machine Lowest used price: $282.49
Brand: NordicTrack
Model: Excel

Please Check out our PRO SALE ! For only $50- more you can own the #1 Ski Machine of all time. And best of all, it's a Genuine Built in the USA Better than New Original NordicFitnessTrack Skier !NordicFitnessTrack now has the Excel available for World-Wide Shipping ! The Original design - also known as the 505 made 'Better than New' by FitnessTrack Specialist - NordicDanny. (we have both Excel and 505 models in stock).

Yes Virginia, If you can ride a bike - you can NordicTrack ! Enjoy the World's Best Aerobic Exerciser and the 'Only Freestyle Elliptical'. Why pound your joints on treadmill when you can SkiWalk away the pounds ?

All NordicFitnessTrack Skiers are the World's Best - Completely Refurbished and Reconditioned. Fully Guaranteed and the Smooth, Quiet Machines you have come to know and expect from the #1 Name in Original Ski Machines.

Call me, NordicDanny anytime and I will be more than happy to help you find the right skier to meet your budget and needs. 5 (Five) / 1 (One) * Year Parts & Labor Warranty means Service after the sale - and 24 hr. help and support when your skier arrives.

Remember: A NordicFitnessTrack Skier is designed to work the same as you got it - throughout the year ! Any time you experience anything less- just give us a call. * 5 Years on the Drive Rollers and 1 Year Bumper to Bumper !


  • The Original NordicTrack Skier - Oak & Chrome Excel - EXCELLENT
  • Sturdy Solid Oak Framing. Chrome Upright Tube.
  • Wheels on the back for Easy Mobility & Transport
  • Folds down for storage and can Tri-Pod so only 2 sq. ft. floor space
  • Still The ULTIMATE Upper and Lower body workout !

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