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Arm Machines

Marcy Olympic Hollow Bar Kit Chrome Curl Bar Dumbbell Handles and Spring Collars ODC-21

Marcy Olympic Hollow Bar Kit Chrome Curl Bar Dumbbell Handles and Spring Collars ODC-21 Lowest new price: $43.54
List price: $43.54
Brand: Marcy
Model: ODC21

Achieve bigger, tougher, and stronger arms with the high-performing Marcy ODC-21 Olympic Bar Kit! This weight bar kit gives you the convenience of a complete muscle building workout right in the comfort of your own home.

This heavy-duty arm exercise equipment is made from chromed steel that is guaranteed to be durable and long-lasting. In this kit, you’ll get three sturdy, reliable weight bars with an affordable price. It comes with a 47-inch Olympic curl bar that is ergonomically shaped to put less pressure on your elbows when lifting; two 20-inch Olympic dumbbell handles that allow you to switch levels without purchasing and storing multiple, costly dumbbells; and six Olympic spring clip collars to ensure that the weight plates are securely attached and will not loosen during workouts.

Experience an intense workout with these weight bars that is developed with a non-slip and easy-grip tube that facilitates quick changing of plates. Its lightweight and durable tubular construction ensures the ease of moving it from one place to another, making it ideal for home use. These tough weight bars are compatible with any 2-inch Olympic weight plates without the worry of breaking or splitting them, thus providing you with a stress-free workout experience.

This weight bar kit helps you enhance your arm strengthening training routine so that you can achieve optimum arm power and control! Make sure to invest in the Marcy ODC-21 Olympic Hollow Bar Kit and experience efficient workouts that build bulkier arms with this fitness gear.

The Olympic Bar Kit from Apex delivers super-durable, ergonomic, and reliable weight bars at an economical price. The kit comes with a 47-inch curl bar that has been ergonomically designed to put less pressure on the elbows when lifting, two 20-inch dumbbell handles, and 6 Olympic spring clip collars to secure the weight. Compatible with any 2-inch weight plates (sold separately), the dumbbell handles allow you to switch weight levels without having to purchase and store multiple, costly dumbbells. Built to last and backed by a 2-year warranty, the weight bars are constructed of super-sturdy, hollow, chrome steel


  • Hollow chrome steel construction
  • 47-inch ergonomically shaped curl bar
  • Two 20-inch dumbbell handles
  • Six Olympic spring clip collars

What's in the Box?
1 curl bar, 2 dumbbell handles, 6 Olympic spring clip collars

Manufacturer's Warranty
2-year limited warranty on parts


  • HEAVY-DUTY CHROME STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Made from premium-grade chromed steel, this equipment showcases a solid construction that is built to last. Its steel bar is strategically built to be extremely tough and precise
  • A GREAT STARTER KIT - This kit includes one 47-inch standard curl bar, two 20-inch standard dumbbell handles, and six Olympic spring clip collars - giving you versatile fitness gear for performing various arm-strengthening exercises
  • NON-SLIP WEIGHT LIFTING BAR - Equipped with a non-slip and easy-grip tube, this weight lifting bar offers a quick and easy plate change. Its lightweight yet durable construction lets you carry it easily from one place to another
  • EXTREMELY STRONG - This kit is made to be compatible with any 2-inch weight plates without issues. The curl bar and dumbbell handles secure weight plates effectively with their spring clip collars - giving you a hassle-free workout experience
  • COMPLETE ARM-MUSCLE WORKOUT - Constructed to directly boost your biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles, this weight curl bar set enhances arm strength, power, and control

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DMoose Fitness Arm Curl Blaster – Thick Gauge Aluminum, Robust Rivets, Contoured & Adjustable – Improve Definition & Muscle Strength In Your Arms – Premium Grade Bodybuilding Bicep Bomber Isolator

Brand: DMoose Fitness

Enhance your BICEP CURLS potential by ensuring proper technique and strength-building with premium Arm Blaster from DMoose Fitness!

Our Uniquely contoured design allows you to isolate your arms and shoulders while keeping your back and elbows locked in the perfect curling position.

Using the Arm Bomber will improve your bicep curl exercise and also reduce the opportunity to “cheat” while doing the exercise.

The Arm Blaster features a 600 lb. capacity belt and a thick neck pad for complete comfort. For those people hoping to achieve further definition and muscle strength in their arms, this product is perfect for you!


  • Webbed nylon belt and pads designed for bicep workouts
  • Isolates your arms and shoulders while you perform curls
  • Locks back and elbows in perfect curling position for efficiency
  • Belt offers 600-pound capacity; oversized neck pad
  • Dense elbow and neck pads offer comfort and stability
  • One Size Fits All, contours to your body shape
  • Body Focus: Biceps, Forearms, Wrist
  • Product dimensions: 22.80in / 579.12mm L x 4.10in / 104.14mm W x 5.20in/132.08mm H
  • Product weight: 2lb / 0.91kg
  • With these features, you can be sure you're getting the best workout and maintaining the best form while sculpting your body.

    Still not convinced?

    Then remember, DMoose always wants the best for you, that's why we offer a 100% money back guarantee, or we will help you resolve any problem!

    Click 'Add to Cart' now and take your weightlifting and overall fitness seriously by getting a premium DMoose Fitness Arm Bomber today.

    Our Stocks are going away fast at this LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE!


    • IMPROVED LONG TERM STABILITY - Traditional Bicep Blasters start bending and breaking down due to heavy weight and usage. However, our Bicep Curl Support boasts a thick gauge aluminum, strong rivets, padded and adjustable nylon belt to provide you greater stability for more efficient workouts.
    • INCREASE STRENGTH & TECHNIQUES - Anyone who has picked up a barbell and proceeded to do curls will immediately notice it's hard to keep their elbows still. Our Arm Curl Blaster keeps elbows locked closer to the body to avoid swaying, which forces your biceps to do all the work. Contoured plate isolates arms and shoulders while keeping back and elbows locked in position for curling exercise.
    • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - Our motto is "Give them Quality. That's the best kind of advertising". We want happy & satisfied customers, that's why we're giving you a full refund or replacement for life to ensure premium craftsmanship, although we are always happy to resolve whichever problem occurs.
    • COMFORT FIT: Carefully designed with continuous research by fitness experts, customer's demand and satisfaction research. Features thick padded elbow pads for safety and comfort, supreme foam neck padding and fully adjustable strap to give you premium comfort and stability.
    • QUALITY WITH ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Our Bicep Trainer Isolator Bar has a superior and a contemporary construction with durable scratch resistant powder coated finish. it's a sleek modern choice of arm blasters for men and women alike, and Relax! Our arm blasters are 100% safe, for you and for the environment. Non-toxic, Lead and PVC free to ensure there are no foul smells.

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    Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer

    Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer Brand: Marcy

    Designed to strengthen the forearm, wrist, and fingers, the Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer builds the flexor and extensor muscles, while enhancing your grip strength. The mechanism supports your forearm and wrist for maximum safety and comfort, even as a variable resistance system allows you to measure your progress. The grip is also adjustable to suit a wide variety of hand and arm shapes and fits comfortably over your forearm. So, all you need to do is rock your wrist back and forth and build strength day by day to improve catching ability, stick handling in hockey, and ball control in basketball.About Impex Fitness Established in 1980, Impex Fitness is on the front lines of innovation in today's health marketplace. They specialize in home fitness/smith machine style equipment that appeals to the whole family and offers a complete workout experience. Impex encompasses a variety of brands including Marcy, Competitor, Hers, Easy Outdoor and Gym Dandy for children. Your family's health as their highest priority, Impex Fitness strives to develop the most pioneering fitness equipment available. Assembled product dimensions: 14.5L x 8W x 6H inches. Exercises the forearm, wrist, and fingers. Builds the flexor and extensor muscles and enhances grip strength. Forearm and wrist support for maximum safety and comfort. Variable resistance allows progress tracking. Adjustable grip for optimum performance. Easy to assemble.


    • Assembled product dimensions: 14.5L x 8W x 6H inches
    • Exercises the forearm, wrist, and fingers
    • Builds the flexor and extensor muscles and enhances grip strength
    • Forearm and wrist support for maximum safety and comfort
    • Variable resistance allows progress tracking

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    Wonder Arms Total Workout System Resistance Training Bands, White

    Wonder Arms Total Workout System Resistance Training Bands, White Lowest new price: $9.29
    Lowest used price: $11.82
    List price: $24.99
    Brand: Wonder Arms
    Model: WA-MC12/3

    Introducing Wonder Arms the resistance arm band system that gives you a total arm workout! now you can finally get rid of that flabby problem area we all hate and get the firm & fabulous arms you've always wanted in just minutes a day! the secret is the dynamic resistance movement that works your triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and even your chest all at the same time for amazing results you won't believe! Wonder Arms hones in and targets those hard-to-reach areas, transforming them into firm, sculpted, toned arms and shoulders you'll be proud to show off! you'll instantly start burning calories and feel your muscles tightening & toning! bat Wings, flabby arms, sagging skin. Get rid of it.


    • Get amazing results at home - fit & firm arms in minutes a Day
    • Unique dynamic resistance movement shapes, tightens & tones hard to reach areas
    • Burn calories while you work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, back & more
    • Perfect for all fitness levels and age groups
    • Instant results with no joint strain! no more push-ups
    • This is an aftermarket of generic part

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    Cannon Curl - Arm and Bicep Support/Arm Blaster

    Cannon Curl - Arm and Bicep Support/Arm Blaster Lowest new price: $29.95
    Lowest used price: $24.95
    List price: $39.95
    Brand: Core Prodigy

    Let's face it, formidable biceps are desired by every man and woman. The Cannon Curl perfectly supports your elbows and enables you to keep the correct posture during curls. Users immediately notice proper bicep isolation when curling with the Cannon Curl. When you flex, don't just show your guns, release your cannons! It is impossible to make a universal arm blaster that fits all anatomies. A user with a 40 inch waist will have the elbow supports further in front of their body compared to a user with a 30 inch waist. Additionally, some users wish to have their arms in front of their body and other users wish to have their elbows further back. The Cannon Curl is made of a thick gauge aluminum. Aluminum is sturdy, lightweight and malleable. Users can modify the existing arch of the Cannon Curl to suit their individual needs. Additionally, some users want zero or less pressure on the neck. To achieve this: 1. Lengthen the strap so the Cannon Curl hangs lower than your elbows. 2. Position the Cannon Curl prior to picking up the weight. 3. This will create excess slack with the strap and there will not be any stress on the neck. * Now made with thicker gauge aluminum to support higher weight levels. ** Padded Neck Pad in Now Thicker!


    • The Cannon Curl perfectly supports your elbows and enables you to keep the correct posture during curls. Users immediately notice proper bicep isolation when curling with the Cannon Curl.
    • Constructed with thick gauge aluminum. This tough bicep bomber now has a padded abdomen region in addition to elbow and neck pads (now thicker) for comfort, support, and stability.
    • The Cannon Curl can be adjusted for individual users needs. To adjust, see instructions in the product description below.
    • Adjustable belt made of heavy duty webbed nylon. The neck pad is made of neoprene. Double Rivets to secure nylon strap. Now made with thicker gauge aluminum to support higher weight levels.
    • By Core Prodigy - Fitness Equipment Leader

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    Yes4All Wrist and Forearm Blaster – Wrist Roller & Forearm Roller for Training, Workout – Wrist/Arm Blaster – Fit Standard 1-inch Weight Plates

    Yes4All Wrist and Forearm Blaster – Wrist Roller & Forearm Roller for Training, Workout – Wrist/Arm Blaster – Fit Standard 1-inch Weight Plates Lowest new price: $16.99
    List price: $17.99
    Brand: Yes4All
    Model: SJCT


    Yes4All Wrist and Forearm Blaster is made from solid steel construction plus durable nylon webbing rope, featuring soft padded foam handles for hand fatigue minimization and non-slip & comfy grip. Designed to work great with most standard-sized weight plates.


    Yes4All Wrist and Forearm Blaster is perfect for sports like golf, baseball, tennis, wrestling, football, and climbing where wrist and forearm strength is one of the most important factors. It helps to create power and superior strength in your wrist and forearms.

    The Wrist and Forearm Blaster is simple to use and utilizes a time-proven method for developing ultimate grip strength. Also, it is great for hand and wrist rehabilitation patients to practice at home.


    Just roll the weight up and down, do as many reps as you can to effectively improve the strength in your hands, wrists and forearms. Add more weights as you get stronger.

    Solid steel construction with padded foam grip
    Build strength in wrists and forearms
    Work with standard-size weight plates (not included)
    Dimensions: 14.8 x 1.3 inches (LxW)
    Handle length: 5.7 inches
    Adjustable durable webbing strap
    Product weight: 1.5 lbs
    Weight capacity: 100 lbs


    • FOAM GRIP AND ADJUSTABLE NYLON STRAP: Feature tear-resistant foam grips to minimize hand fatigue and provide a firm grip while working out; durable nylon webbing strap to add more safety
    • GREAT FOR HANDS & FOREARMS: Used to strengthen wrists, hands & forearms. Improve performance for any sports like golf, baseball, tennis, wrestling, and many more
    • HEAVY GAUGE STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of heavy duty steel core to prevent breaking or cracking when used with heavy weight plates
    • FIT ALL STANDARD WEIGHT PLATES: Support all standard 1-inch weight plates. Max weight capacity: 100 lbs
    • 1 YEAR WARR - 60 DAY FREE RETURN: Our wrist and forearm blaster stands up to 1 YEAR warr or if you think it's not for you, contact us and receive all your money back within 60 days of purchase

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    Hand Grip Strengthener Strength Trainer Adjustable Resistance 22-88 Lbs Arm Hand Exerciser Non-slip Gripper for Athletes Pianists Kids

    Brand: Kootek

    Hand Grip Strengthener
    The most cost-effective Grip Strength Trainer, Hand Grip Strengthener , Hand Strength Grips.
    professional brand to produce outdoor sports products on the market and will devote ourselves in providing the best product as much as possible.

    Hand grippers are suitable for all abilities as the resistance can be easily adjusted between 22-88Lbs (10-40kg).
    You can increase the resistance as your strength develops.

    - Hand grip strengthener is ideal for improving strength, power and speed in fingers, wrists, and forearms.
    - The total hand strengthening workout for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, home and gym.
    - Ergonomic design fits all hand sizes - for men, women, seniors, kids. Grooves in the grip provide maximum comfort and prevent the gripper from slipping.
    - Portable and popular equipment makes a nice gift!
    - Excellent hand strength excises for people who have Arthritis, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, and those who are recovering from a tendon surgery.
    - Ideal for athletes, musicians, rock climbers, golfers and tennis players.
    - Squeeze and soothe anxiety away while increasing blood flow to your hand, finger and arm.
    - Perfect hand workout that can be done in your home or office and will build your hand and grip strength with just 5 minutes per day.

    100% Lifetime Guaranteed
    - If you have any question about the product you received, please contact us without hesitation. We will try our best to help you and improve your shopping experiences.
    We believe in our products. That's why we back them all with a lifetime warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.


    • 【Suitable for all abilities 】:the resistance can easily be adjusted between 10-40kg (22-88 Lbs) increase the resistance as your strength develops.
    • 【Injury Rehabilitation】: Daily hand workouts with this hand exerciser help recover in hand injury, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendovaginitis, fractured, broken wrist and tendon surgery.
    • 【Compact and lightweight】:This Strength Trainer Kit is small enough to fit into your gym bag or handbag. You can get repetitions in while reading, walking, at the office, at the movies - just at anywhere and anytime.
    • 【Perfect design】:Durable construction and ergonomically design. Built with strong chrome springs and Non-slip handle covered with soft comfortable and durable rubber. Fit all hand sizes and easy to grip.
    • 【100% Quality Warranty】:We offer lifetime quality warranty and refund policy to insure you could buy it without any concerns.

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    PEYOND Power Twister Bar Arm And Chest Builder

    Brand: PEYOND

    100% New Brand High Quality Original Guarantee
    Perfect for building upper body strength
    The role of throwing arm device, Methods is also known as grip strength. It is used to exercise the arm muscles.Its main exercise muscles and chest auxiliary exercise wrist.
    Increase the muscle strength of upper limbs.including the pectoralis major shoulder elbow and wrist joints and other parts of the power.
    It can make the upper limb muscles and increase the arm strength.Improve the quality of the body
    The is a portable exercise device that is great for home, office or travel use.
    Method of use:
    Two arms bending spring after the neck.
    Two arms forward and upward bending spring and then relax.
    Two arms to her chest bending spring and then straight slowly relax.
    Stand up two feet apart.your right elbow bent with his left hand bending spring and then left elbow bend with the right hand bending spring.
    Behind two arms to hold spring and then bending straight down gradually.
    The pursuit of quantity not weight.
    Matters needing attention:
    Before use please check whether the methods implement the connection parts is loose phenomenon.
    Please Make sure you have enough power to use the30KG or 40KG or 50KG or 60KG Level
    Before use, please carry arm device handle seat belt on your wrist.
    When using, should choose relatively spacious field exercise, lest hurt to sell.
    Operating at a constant speed when using, should do.
    Below are for reference only, how to choose according to individual constitution and decide, please


    • 30kg/66lbs,40kg/88lbs,50kg/110lbs,60kg/132lbs of force for you choose.
      .Color: black
    • Materials: High Quality Carbon Steel Springs and Non-Slip Plastic Handle.
    • Until Now Max Springs Power 60KG/132LBS to Challenge your Extreme
    • Warm Prompt: Due to personal body constitution will also adapt to the different weight of products, please correct assess your own body, choose to suit oneself the weight of the product, to achieve the best exercise.If you have any questions or Suggestions can send email to contact us.We will contact you in the first place.Until you satisfied.
    • Below are for reference only, how to choose according to individual constitution and decide, please.

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    Fuel Pureformance Dip Station

    Fuel Pureformance Dip Station Lowest new price: $69.68
    List price: $69.68
    Brand: Fuel Pureformance
    Model: FM-FLDIP2

    The Fuel Pureformance dip station comes with angled grips designed specifically for targeting chest and triceps during your workout routines. With sturdy, steel construction and a nice powder coat finish, this equipment is durable and long lasting so you can be prepared to use it for an extended amount of time. The dip bar station has an open, pass-through design that adds versatility to your exercise.


    • Angled grips for targeting chest and triceps
    • Sturdy steel construction and powder coat finish
    • Open pass through design for added versatility
    • Padded grips

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    Harbinger Tricep Rope

    Harbinger Tricep Rope Brand: Harbinger
    Model: 373000-Parent62

    Harbinger Tricep Rope - 26 Inch The Harbinger Tricep Rope - 26 Inch is perfect when you're training the triceps, biceps and shoulders. A full 26-inch length of 1 and a quarter inch heavy duty nylon rope offers ultimate durability allowing you to train harder for longer. Custom engineered ball grips provide a stronger grip allowing you to get the best possible pull, whilst a heavy duty aluminium receiver attaches to the universal gym cables.


    • For Training - Triceps, Biceps and Shoulders.
    • Heavy Duty Nylon Rope - Offers durability.
    • Custom Engineered Ball Grips - Offers a stronger grip.
    • Heavy Duty Aluminium receiver - Attaches to universal gym cables.

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