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Downhill Skis

K2 Missconduct Jr. Kids Skis

K2 Missconduct Jr. Kids Skis Brand: K2

The K2 Missconduct Jr. is a perfect ski for your little skiing lady who has been skiing for a few seasons and is ready for a stronger ski than the typical junior package ski. A real Aspen Wood Core keeps her stable when they start to gain some speed, but the Cap Construction adds a touch of forgiveness for the lightweight skier to have control and not fatigue too quickly. K2's All-Terrain Rocker creates easier skiing by having the Missconduct Jr. enter and exit turns with little effort.

• Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 102/75/96 (@129cm)
• Actual Turn Radius @ Specified Length: 10m (@129cm)
• Warranty: One Year
• Type: Frontside Skis (<85mm)
• Construction Type: Cap
• Core Material: Wood
• Tail Profile: Twin
• Bindings Included: No
• Rocker Profile: Rocker/Camber/Rocker
• Flex: Medium
• Used: No
• Metal Layer: None
• Waist Width: 75mm
• Ski Gear Intended Use: All Mountain
• Skill Range: Intermediate - Advanced Intermediate
• Product ID: 473265
• Shipping Restriction: This item is not available for shipment outside of the United States.
• Model Number: S170305301119
• GTIN: 0886745707264


  • All-Terrain Rocker
  • Aspen Wood Core
  • Cap Construction
  • Recommended Bindings: Marker 7.0, Salomon L7
  • Recommended Brake Size: 75-90mm

Salomon QST 99 Skis

Salomon QST 99 Skis Brand: Salomon

The most versatile QST ski in the Salomon line up with a waste of 99mm underfoot. The QST 99 is an all mountain ski that strives just about anywhere on the mountain. This guy wants to charge and have the performance anywhere the snow is good. With a Ti Power Platform, the QST 99 can be a speed demon or charge in the steep powder run if he finds it. If you want one ski that does it all, this is it.


  • Core Material: Ti Power Platform, CFX Superfiber
  • Dimensions: 138/99/120 (177cm)
  • Intended Use: All-Terrain
  • Construction: Full Sandwich Sidewalls 360degrees
  • Rocker: All Terrain Rocker 2.0

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Team Magnus Kids Skis w/ Quality Buckled Straps - 65cm Plastic Mini Snow Skis to Build Cross Country & Downhill Technique in Back Yard or Ski Park - Fits Boots /Shoes Age 3 to Size 10

Team Magnus Kids Skis w/ Quality Buckled Straps - 65cm Plastic Mini Snow Skis to Build Cross Country & Downhill Technique in Back Yard or Ski Park - Fits Boots /Shoes Age 3 to Size 10 Brand: TEAM MAGNUS

Best set of beginner skis for kids ever! Super high quality youth and junior shorty skis! Highly recommended children's outdoor toys!

• The IDEAL skis for beginners or intermediate skiers - they strap onto any shoe or boot and work great on hard frost and snow. Ski straps are proven to be a better solution to fixed plastic bindings for a first time learner.

• Shorty touring skis with rounded tips have a heritage dating back to the 1970s when they were developed in Canada and became popular in Scandinavia and the Alps. While your deep stabilizer muscles are at work keeping you upright on the short skis you'll intuitively bend your knees to further improve control as you move.

• Safe for little children, teens or a toddler and fun for all levels. Perfect juniour equipment for Nordic or Alpine skiing in the back yard on the pistes or a hill. Also great fun for any competent adult skier who loves to practice a trick or jump.

.• The durable nylon straps are made in Sweden with long-lasting stainless steel buckles for safety. Straps also allow siblings or friends to share skis for quick improvised training.

HOW TO ATTACH:Place shoe or boot in the center of the ski with the front strap buckled up across the toes and the rear strap crossed behind the heel and buckled up around the ankles. High-ankle boots are comfortably used for this or you can use pants to cushion ankles as you strap the skis on.

HOW TO MAINTAIN: We recommend buckling the straps together when the skis aren't in use to avoid losing them. The stainless steel buckles are durable in all weather but are best stored in dry conditions. The skis are made of UV-resistant HDPE plastic and tolerate wide temperature differences. Replacement straps available.


  • PERFECT FOR TECHNIQUE! Team Magnus kids skis help develop optimal skiing posture from the start. Our classic beginner skis have the ideal design to build the perfect ski technique whether you're a learner of downhill or cross country skiing. Thanks to the short 26 inch length the beginner instinctively hones core balance. We advise that ski poles are avoided for beginners when they are in ski schools as they detract from building intuitive balance. Ski poles also add a risk for learners.
  • ROBUST! Our high-quality Swedish ski straps have exceptionally secure buckles. The skis attach firmly to any shoe or boot giving a great sense of control. Regular winter boots are far more comfortable to wear than adjustable ski boots. Firm durable straps are a superior solution to fixed plastic bindings which don't allow a junior skier to keep improving their balance with flexible backyard skiing year after year. The top grade HDPE plastic is also robust enough to handle up to 175 pounds.
  • EASIER TO USE! Junior training skis allow the kid to get up quicker after the inevitable falls and without the risk of tangling which can upset young kids. If the skis are much shorter skate-style the required skill level to have enjoyable ski sessions will be high. Longer skis offer more balance but create bad upright habits and are best introduced later. The light weight makes them easy to carry. We advise ski helmets if the snow is thin or there are obstacles.
  • FLEXIBLE! Our durable plastic skis can be used on frosty grass or to trample down deep snow. This multiplies practice opportunities! Our mini-skis can be used by toddlers as young as 3 up to adults with a 10 shoe size. Back yard skiing is motivating for first time skiers taking some pressure off and keeping the sessions light. These trainer skis are sure to be used for years as your children build confidence and develop tricks. We advise the use of ski helmets on frosty ground/near obstacles.
  • IDEAL GIFT! Commonly used by teens and older kids with strong skiing confidence for casual tricks and jumps. A great gift for any lil child for winter vacation or for any intermediate skier who loves a fun challenge and has the skills for short skis. The older the youth the harder it is to ski on jr shorty skis so they're a great way to maintain ski technique between trips. No investment in ski helmets, ski boots, goggles or poles required. Only fun frequent ski sessions!

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Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis 2018

Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis 2018 Brand: Rossignol
Model: Rossignol

The Sky 7 HD is a super versatile all mountain ski and has been updated for the 2018 season with Rossignol's Air Tip 2.0! The Sky 7 HD has always been a great choice for skiers looking for something they can ski on groomers, in powder, and everything in between. It has a very even mix of performance characteristics across different terrain and snow conditions and could certainly fall into the "one ski quiver" realm for certain skiers. The 98 mm waist width give it enough float and stability in deep, soft snow, but is narrow enough that it's still relatively quick edge to edge when you're back on the groomers. For 2018 Rossignol has given it both a lighter swing weight and a smoother, more stable feel thanks to their new Air Tip 2.0. This new tip extends further into the core of the ski, effectively reducing weight, and it also has new symmetrical reinforcements that run all the way from the wood core, through the tip, to the very end of the ski. It is these reinforcements that have reduced tip chatter and given the ski a smoother, quieter, and even slightly more powerful feel when you're really pushing it.


  • 2018 Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis

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Fischer RC4 Race Jr. Skis + FJ AC Bindings - 2018

Fischer RC4 Race Jr. Skis + FJ AC Bindings - 2018 Brand: Fischer

Fun is the best motivator for training. Which is why this ski with Air Power and Fiber Tech guarantees top fun. Maneuverable and lightweight children's ski with ideal flex.


  • Lengths - 70,80,90,100,110,120
  • Radius - 11,3m/120cm
  • Sidecut - 104-70-84

2018 Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack2 13 Bindings

2018 Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis w/ Tyrolia Attack2 13 Bindings Brand: Nordica

2018 Nordica Enforcer 100 Skis w/ Bindings There’s an old saying that goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We can carry that over to the Enforcer. “If it’s the best, don’t change it.” Nordica


  • 2018 Nordica Enforcer Skis

HEAD 2016 Best Friends Junior Skis with LRX 4.5 bindings

HEAD 2016 Best Friends Junior Skis with LRX 4.5 bindings Brand: HEAD

Skiing should all be about joy and this ski will make you smile all the way down.


  • Era 2.0
  • Jr. Power Frame
  • E Base black
  • Junior Rocker

Rossignol Experience 84 HD Skis w/Konect NX 12 Dual WTR Bindings Mens

Rossignol Experience 84 HD Skis w/Konect NX 12 Dual WTR Bindings Mens Brand: Rossignol

  • Sidecut: 133/84/120
  • Radius: 16m @178cm
  • Weight: 6.9 kg/pair @178cm
  • Rocker: Auto Turn
  • Tech: Air Tip
  • Structure: Minicap Sandwich
  • Core: Carbon Alloy/Paulownia
  • System: Konect NX 12 Dual WTR


  • Sidecut: 133/84/120
  • Radius: 16m @178cm
  • Weight: 6.9 kg/pair @178cm
  • Rocker: Auto Turn
  • Tech: Air Tip

Rossignol Temptation 88 HD 156cm 2018 & Marker M 11.0 TC EPS 90mm White Silver Ski Bindings

Rossignol Temptation 88 HD 156cm 2018 & Marker M 11.0 TC EPS 90mm White Silver Ski Bindings Lowest new price: $435.86
List price: $435.86
Brand: Rossignol Temptation 88, Marker M 11.0 TC


  • The women's all-mountain Rossignol Temptation 88 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, powerful freeride feel. The finely-tuned fusion of Rossignol's patented Carbon Alloy Matrix, Air Tip, and Auto Turn Rocker technologies delivers high-definition precision with effortless versatility across all terrain and snow conditions. The entire mountain awaits - let Temptation rule.
  • Marker 11.0 TC EPS 90mm White Silver Ski Bindings: a user-friendly yet reliable binding allows for quick and easy step in even in the most challenging snow conditions. The latest in Marker's safety technology is employed in the redesigned toe housing without compromising power transmission. Product Details: Triple Comfort Toe Gliding AFD Twin Cam Heel DIN Range 3-11
  • If you are purchasing skis and bindings please note we do not mount skis prior to shipment. * Images are intended to represent the graphics of the skis and may not represent the size.

Volkl VTA 98 Ski 2018

Volkl VTA 98 Ski 2018 Brand: Volkl

The new uphill-oriented VTA 98 replaces the Nanuq and offers the best possible skiing performance while on the descent. The 98mm waist is suited for solid flotation in softer snow, while offering light weight for climbing and easy handling on harder snow conditions. It features all of our touring technologies, including a lightweight multi-layer wood core, touring optimized tip shape, and a carbon tip stabilizer. It also features the ICE.OFF top sheet, designed to keep snow from sticking and further optimizing weight reduction when the skier needs it most.


  • ICE OFF topsheet
  • VTA Superlite Outline
  • Carbon Tip
  • SkinPin
  • Moderate Taper

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