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Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled. Toddler Boggan. Sleigh for Kids

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled. Toddler Boggan. Sleigh for Kids Lowest new price: $19.70
List price: $15.99
Brand: Paricon
Model: 625

This Flexible Flyer baby sled is a perfect winter activity for you and your toddler. Fits babies and toddlers up to about 3 years old. Wide base keeps this toddler sled stable for a safe ride. An extra high back on this baby sleigh provides additional support for children just learning to sit. Adjustable safety strap built-in to baby boggan seat to keeps your child secure. Makes a great Baby's First Sled.


  • Baby Sled - This Flexible Flyer baby pull sled is the perfect way to tow babies on packed snow, groomed paths, or snow up to 4 inches deep
  • Secure Support - Extra high back on this baby sleigh provides support for young children. Adjustable safety strap built-in to baby boggan seat to keeps your child secure
  • Stable - Wide base keeps this toddler sled stable for a safe ride. Sled measures 26.5 x 20.5 x 10.5
  • Crack Resistant - High density polyethylene makes this snow sled resistant to cold weather cracking
  • Made in USA - Long tow rope for parents' comfort. Small sled for babies and toddlers under 3 years of age. A winter sled for kids up to 40 lbs.

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Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan Snow Sled

Brand: Slippery Racer

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Bradley Truck Tire Snow Tube River Rafting Float Inner Tubes

Bradley Truck Tire Snow Tube River Rafting Float Inner Tubes Brand: Bradley

"Cowabunga! These innertubes are perfect replacement tubes for your Bradley Snow Tube. Our truck inner tubes are BRAND NEW straight from the manufacturer. Great fun for river tubing, the lake, swimming Pools, and so much more! Tubes measure between 40"" to 48"" across when inflated (depending on how much air you put in it). Manufactured with short valves for your safety instead of the long elbow style valves. After you are tuckered out from all the tubing fun, quick inflate/deflate valve includes valve stem remover kit right in the valve cap. Keep your snow tube cover in a dry place until next season, and keep using the inner tube in the lake, river, or swimming pool. Check out Bradley Sport YouTube Page for product videos and HOW TO PROPERLY INFLATE YOUR SNOW TUBE @Bradley Sport "


  • Rubber
  • Short Valve Stem

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Paricon Flying Carpet Sled - - BLUE

Paricon Flying Carpet Sled - - BLUE Lowest new price: $3.29
List price: $7.99
Brand: Paricon
Model: 611

Fast fun in the snow. Streamlined lightweight linear polyethylene is rugged enough to take winter action. Dimensions: 18" W. x 36" L. 611 , PARICON FLYING CARPET SLED , PARICON , FLYING CARPET , SLED , toboggan


  • Paricon, Inc. Flying Carpet Toboggan 611
  • Fast Fun in snow
  • lightweight liear poluethylene
  • rugged enough to take winter action
  • 18"wx36"l

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A-DUDU Snow Tube - Super Big 47 Inch Inflatable Snow Sled with Rapid Valves - Heavy Duty Inflatable Snow Tube Made by Thickening Material of 0.6mm - Free Waterproof Carrying Bag[Kids&Adults]

Brand: A-DUDU

For the coming winter, do you want to enjoy a pleasant skiing trip with your families?

Are you always have trouble in looking for a high quality snow tube?

Did you lose the joy of skiing because of the rupture of the ski circle?

Do you feel annoied by the trouble of inflating a ski ring?

 Then please buy A-DUDU ski circle, it can solve all your concerns, it will accompany you and your families with an unforgettable winter!


1. Large size: 47 inches, both adults and children can apply!

2. Thicker bottom:  We have almost double thickness than most sellers on Amazon! Scratch-resistant, never broken!

3. Amazing cold tolerance: Cold to minus 40 degrees can also make fun!

4. Fashion pattern design: A unique star pattern allows you to walk in the forefront of fashion, with A-DUDU ski circle, you are the focus in the skiing resort!

5. Perfect streamline design: Deeper&smooth botton design allowing you to apply more comfortable, more powerful, safer at the same time can enjoy the rapid pace of pleasure!

6. Intimate accessories: We are send out with the convenient & waterproof carrying bag, and the special circumstances need to use the patch.

7. All of our products through rigorous testing, use of non-toxic and environmental friendly materials. From accessories to raw materials all have to undergo a rigorous screening, products after inflatable inspection and 72 hours shelved, you could rest assured to use.

Package Include:

1× A-DUDU snow tube

1×Waterproof carrying bag

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Lucky Bums 35-Inch Snow Kids Toboggan Sled

Lucky Bums 35-Inch Snow Kids Toboggan Sled Brand: Lucky Bums
Model: 109.33BL-PARENT

Whether they're new to sledding or have been sledding for years, the Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled is guaranteed to provide hours of fun. Made for a single rider, it is durable, safe, and ready for as many trips down the slope as you are! This classic plastic sled has built-in handles for your child to grip when the slope gets steep and the speed picks up. Grips are smooth so they won't cut or scrape uncovered hands.Our sled also comes with a pull rope, making it easy to haul up a hill or cart around your winter cargo. Single person toboggan sled measure 35 inches long. When you receive a Lucky Bums product, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know. We are here for our customers and will respond promptly and professionally in order to fix any problems the product may have, if you received a faulty item, we will replace it immediately. Lucky Bums is a family business created by a love of the outdoors, when you purchase a product by us, you become family too.


  • Your classic one person plastic sled with built-in handles
  • Durable plastic sled for hours of fun
  • Measures 35" long perfect for one rider
  • Includes a pull rope to pull the racer on a walk or back up the hill
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

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GoFloats Winter Snow Tube - Inflatable Sled for Kids and Adults (Choose from Unicorn, Ice Dragon, Polar Bear, Penguin, Flamingo)

GoFloats already revolutionized the inflatable pool toy market, and now we're doing the same with winter snow tubes! Our fun designs are meant to turn heads, but also provide a reliable and fully functional sledding tube for riders of all sizes. We use premium cold weather materials that are 100% thicker than the leading economy brands so you'll have a sled that lasts more than once going down the hill! Each sled has 2 built in handles for stability and has an extra high center 'seat' so your bottom never hits the ground. These are a must have for enjoying some winter fun!

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GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow and Grass, Assorted Colors

GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter: Fold-up Snowboard Kick-Scooter for Use on Snow and Grass, Assorted Colors Lowest new price: $44.99
List price: $44.99
Brand: Geospace
Model: SnowSledBlue

Kids love riding scooters and skateboards, but usually only do it in dry weather and only on concrete or asphalt. The amazing ski skooter from geospace opens up new worlds of exploration for young riders -- snow for one, but also grassy hills and even sand dunes! the skooter works on flat terrain as well as hills...Just leave one foot on the board and push with the other, using the handle for balance and directional control. In dry, deep snow, ski skooter acts like a snowshoe, allowing riders to float on the surface. Kids stay glued to the ski skooter thanks to its sturdy folding handle and non-skid surface. Made of monster-tough polyurethane. Traveling with the ski skooter is easy...Simply fold down the handle and carry it by hand or strap it onto a pack. Assorted colors: Green, blue or red (your color will be chosen from available inventory). If you wish to choose a specific color, search for ski skooter in the toys & games category on amazon. Folded dimensions: 36 X 9.5 X 5 inches. Standing dimensions: 36 X 31 x 9.75 Inches. For ages 4 to adults. Weight limit: Up to 220 lbs.


  • For "snowboarding" on Snow, Grass, or even Sand Dunes! Includes multifunction LED Light Module at Top of Handle for maximum visibility.
  • Ride it like a scooter on flat, smooth surfaces such snow, sand, grass (even carpet!). Just use one foot to push off the ground.
  • The adjustable-height handle helps maintain balance and assists with steering. Non-skid foot treads keeps feet sturdy.
  • Super-tough material flexes slightly for a smooth ride. Handle folds down for convenient transport and storage.
  • For both Kids (4 years+) and Adults (Max weight 220 Lbs). One size fits all.

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Paricon Flying Saucer Sled (3-Pack)

Paricon Flying Saucer Sled (3-Pack) Lowest new price: $29.49
Lowest used price: $20.64
List price: $8.69
Brand: Paricon
Model: 626

Heavy duty molded plastic round sled. Perfect for a day on the hill. Colors may vary

Give your kids hours of fun in the snow with this three-pack of Flying Saucer sleds. Each saucer measures 26 inches in diameter, with molded-in handgrips to help your child hold on tight. More importantly, the saucers skim quickly across the snow, making them a blast for everyone from 3-year-olds to carefree adults. The saucers, which come in three different colors, weigh 1.5 pounds each.


  • 3-pack of round plastic saucer sleds, Colors may Vary
  • Cold-resistant PVC surface glides smoothly
  • Molded-in handgrips for holding tight
  • Recommended for ages 3 and older
  • Each disc measures 26 inches in diameter and weighs 1.5 pounds

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Airhead ROCKET Plastic Sled

Airhead ROCKET Plastic Sled Lowest new price: $10.39
List price: $12.99
Brand: Airhead
Model: AHPS-04

AIRHEAD's one rider Bullet Sled is lightweight and portable, yet provides an exhilarating downhill ride.


  • AIRHEAD's one rider Rocket Sled is lightweight and portable
  • The high impact plastic construction won't crack in cold temperatures
  • Size: 20.5 in. x 33.75 in. x 4.125 in

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