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Chemistry & Physics

Be Amazing! Toys Geyser Tube with Caps

Be Amazing! Toys Geyser Tube with Caps Lowest new price: $5.49
List price: $8.99
Brand: Be Amazing! Toys
Model: 7155

The viral Diet Coke and MENTOS experiment that Steve Spangler invented has matured over the years into this amazing product. Create an awesome geyser (up to 30 feet high!) using only the included candy and a bottle of soda. The Geyser Tube was created especially for this amazing experiment and allows you to safely load and dispense the candy into the soda so that you can control the timing and create the most incredible soda eruption possible. Comes with 4 bottle tops allowing you to pick the shape of your stream: Geyser, Fountain, Fan, or Run Away.


  • This set comes with 4 different caps with different shapes for different results. With a small hole, cone shaped, slit shaped, and tiny holes, you'll have a seemingly endless number of experiments.
  • Interchangeable caps let you decide what kind of spray you want to make, each time you set off a new geyser
  • Experiment with one of the most viewed science experiments online. Truly an internet sensation on a blister card.
  • What is S.T.E.M.? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, which constitutes many of the areas educators look to cover for science based activities. We are proud to say that his kit has a strong focus on STEM.
  • The Amazing Science line of products has been designed to peak kid's curiosity for the world around them. These kits encourage kids to wonder, discover and explore in a way that will get the science to the dinner table. Our goal is to teach kids how to be amazing as they show their friends and family what they've learned. Real Science...Real Learning!
  • Who is Be Amazing! Toys? - Be Amazing! Toys is a science toy company that is dedicated to creating fun, whimsical, science based activities to get kids excited about learning. Our goal at Be Amazing! Toys is to make every child a hero as he or she discovers the wonders of the world around them and the joys of creative play. Children doing our activities are often overcome by contagious smiles and lots of "Oohs and Aahs."
  • What's Included: Blister Card with Steve Spangler's Geyser Tube, 1 Roll of MENTOS Mints, 4 colored caps for the Geyser Tube

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SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Lab

SmartLab Toys All Natural Spa Lab Lowest new price: $19.99
List price: $19.99
Brand: SmartLab Toys
Model: 08837

Natural do-it-yourself beauty!
Emphasizing a you-can-do-it attitude, this Dr. Toy best green product award winner empowers girls to get their hands dirty by making chemical-free products.


  • Get more girls into science! This collection of activities shows girls how to make fun, spa-inspired products, and explains the chemistry behind them all.
  • This titles puts a heavy emphasis on inspiring girls to reach for goals; that they can do anything if they try.
  • Girls will get to enjoy the products of their learning. They will make spa-inspired items like bath bombs, body scrubs, fairy dust, lip balms, bath salts, and more.
  • STEM focus: chemistry
  • Ages 7 and up
  • Includes informative book; (4) bath bomb molds: cupcake, popsicle, two wrapped candies; (2) large lidded pots; (2) small lidded pots; (2) stir spoons; (4) 20g packets of citric acid and (1) 4g packet of glitter

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Thames and Kosmos Little Labs Intro To Engineering

Thames and Kosmos Little Labs Intro To Engineering Lowest new price: $47.95
List price: $39.95
Brand: Thames & Kosmos
Model: 602086

602086 Features: -Welcomes young children to the field of engineering with 25 experiments and building projects in five sections.-Children will learn apply their scientific and technical knowledge to design machines and devices.-Start by learning some engineering basics with experiments on levers, forces, and pulleys.-Build simple devices using these basic components.-48-page guidebook.-Engineering teaches engineering fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments and building projects.-Ages 5 and up. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. Dimensions: -Guide book dimensions: 5.5'' W x 8.25'' D.


  • Introduce engineering to young children with basic building projects
  • Experiment with simple machines like levers, forces, and pulleys
  • Conduct engineering projects on land, in the air, and in the water
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions so children can easily follow along
  • New Edition to an original best selling series

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The Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry Science Kit

The Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry Science Kit Lowest new price: $49.99
List price: $36.95
Brand: Thames & Kosmos
Model: 600001

600001 Features: -Learn about atoms, elements, and the periodic table by building simple models.-Discover ionic and covalent bonding.-Investigate topics in organic chemistry such as alcohols, proteins, and plastics.-Learn about chemistry is used in the real world and read a brief history of the science.-With more than 30 hands-on experiments and projects, it offers a great opportunity for parent-son bonding.-32-page manual guides your experiments.-Ages 8 and up. Color/Finish: -Make plastic out of milk, a stink bomb, a smoke bomb, and colorful slime.-Full-colored. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. Dimensions: -Guide book dimensions: 8'' W x 8'' D.

"The Dangerous Book for Boys" was a national bestseller that has spawned the "Dangerous Book for Boys" Chemistry Set. Featuring an informative,well-designed instruction book and retro packaging that mirrors the nostalgic design of the "Dangerous Book for Boys," the chemistry set offers a variety of experiments that teach as well as entertain. Created for children ages eight and up, the toy offers numerous opportunities for parent-child collaboration and bonding. Parents will definitely want to supervise when kids are using this set since it contains potentially harmful chemicals. However, a little danger, is all in the spirit of the "Dangerous Book for Boys."

The Dangerous Book for Boys
Classic Chemistry
    Ages: 8+

    Requires: Various household materials and supplies to perform experiments
What We Think

Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: A wide variety of experiments teach kids about elements, atomic structure, the periodic table, and more.

The Challenging: Potentially harmful chemicals means parents need to supervise.

In a Nutshell: Educational toy with a nostalgic feel will teach, entertain, and foster bonding with your child.

This is a real chemistry set that allows kids to conduct their own experiments. View larger.

The set comes with real chemical reagents, for use in various experiments. View larger.

So Many Experiments, So Little Time
The chemistry set comes with the equipment and chemicals to perform a wide variety of experiments. Sturdy plastic test tubes, pipettes, beakers, and other supplies are included, as well as potassium, sodium, and ammonium iron. A number of the experiments are performed with items that you supply yourself. You're likely to have some needed items lying around, while others, like purple cabbage (used in the experiment titled "Testing Acids and Bases"), will have to be sought out.

Because of this, children might want to read through the book and plan ahead, so they have the materials on hand for experiment day. A cardboard test tube rack is included, which is a good idea, but could prove flimsy in the heat of frenzied scientific experimentation. The chemical vials are child-resistant and must be opened with the help of the safety lid opener that is included.

Smoky, Smelly, Slimy, and Soapy Chemistry
The colorful 32-page instruction book not only provides detailed direction for the experiments, it's also filled with great background information about chemistry. Younger kids might prefer to get straight to the experiments rather than doing all the reading (the print is on the small side), but there are plenty of fun illustrations to catch the eye of the younger chemist.

Science-obsessed older kids will enjoy the informative and humorous content of this guide, including chapters like "Is Chemistry Really Dangerous?" Experiments cover a wide range of concepts, including the elements, titration, organic chemistry, plastics, and much more. Most experiments are relatively easy to do, but kids need to pay close attention to the directions, and parents should always supervise. The experiments labeled "Smoky, Smelly, Slimy, and Soapy Chemistry" are sure to be a big hit with your child.

What's in the Box
32-page color manual; safety goggles; equipment, including test tubes, pipettes, and beakers; chemicals for experiments, including potassium and ammonium iron; 9-volt battery clip; fasteners; rods; cardboard pieces; ping-pong ball; safety lid opener; drinking straws; and measuring spoon.


  • Build atomic models
  • Learn about the periodic table
  • Explore examples of metals, metalloids, and nonmetals
  • Make plastic from milk
  • Make a stink bomb and a smoke bomb

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Be Amazing! Toys Test Tube Discoveries

Be Amazing! Toys Test Tube Discoveries Lowest new price: $49.99
Brand: Be Amazing! Toys
Model: 4485

The newest member of our very successful Test Tube Lab-in-a-Bag series. A nice companion to the best-selling Test Tube Wonders and Test Tube Adventures. Over 20 all new activities. Make garbled marbles. Grow fake ice and watch it disappear. Play with gravity defying slime. Make a bubbling volcano and turn it into your own lava lamp. Make a piece of paper bleed. Learn the science behind all these activities and more! Ages 8 and up.


  • Amaze your friends with a batch of "goo" that seems to defy gravity by flowing uphill
  • Grow colorful, iridescent Garbled Marbles from tiny balls and watch them shrink back when you take them out of the water
  • Grow fake ice cube from tiny squares of polymer, they seem to disappear when you put them in water - Why is that?
  • Make paper seem to bleed in a truly amazing pH experiment
  • Make a bubbling volcano in a test tube that turns into a lava lamp, now that's amazing

Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Stirling Engine

Thames & Kosmos Alternative Energy and Environmental Science Stirling Engine Lowest new price: $179.99
List price: $149.95
Brand: Thames & Kosmos
Model: 620325

620325 Features: -Stirling engine is a heat engine can convert engine into mechanical work and mechanical engine into electricity.-Stirling engines are highly efficient.-Can use many different sources of heat: combustion of fuels, nuclear fission, geothermal, or solar heat.-Stirling engine in this kit is located in charging station with a mirrored parabolic dish.-Air inside the bulb heats up and pushes a piston, which turns an electric generator.-Generator produces electricity that charges a rechargeable battery in the ca.-Car runs on an electric motor powered by the battery.-64-page manual.-Ages 12 and up. Includes: -Kit includes the charging station with a beta type Stirling engine, the electric car, and a full-color. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. Dimensions: -Guide book dimensions: 8.25'' W x 11.5'' D.


  • Car and experiment kit
  • Power a car with solar generated electricity
  • For children ages 12 and up

Be Amazing! Toys Science Detective

Lowest new price: $14.88
Brand: Be Amazing! Toys
Model: 4480

Help! The brilliant young Professor Marvel has been kidnapped along with his incredible scientific discoveries, and only you can interpret the science clues he left behind. Find the culprit and save the day! As you work your way through the kit, you'll review the cast of suspect cards, and walk step by step through the story, testing the gadgets yourself, and deciding "whodunit" and how. You'll become a super science sleuth as you unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the Science Professor and return his top secret scorpion project to him. Experiment with special memory wire, decipher hidden messages, analyze fibers, learn about fluorescence, and much, much more. Once you are done solving the mystery, you can read the rest of the story and see if you were right. The kit includes information about real life applications for the science you'll be learning and using, and even suggests bonus activities for after you are done. Great for parties!


  • Great for parties It's a game of "who done it?" solved with real science
  • Just like real police detectives, use your best science analysis and deductive skills to solve find the kidnapper
  • Analyze fabric samples and learn about amazing Memory Wire, there's a clue in there somewhere
  • Use chromotography to analyze ink samples, read secret messages visible only in certain lights and learn why these things work
  • Learn about scorpions and their venom - and why they glow in the dark

Discrepant Events Kit

Discrepant Events Kit Lowest new price: $99.00
List price: $99.00

Award-winning physics teacher Buzz Putnam shares his secrets to grabbing students' attention and making them think! Discrepant events are really just magic tricks for science class, and we've collected a dozen favorites. This kit includes 6 ready-made demos and instructions to make 6 more from common items. We've even included a Teacher's Guide and a CD-Rom video of Buzz himself, so you can perfect your own style and timing. Demo example: The Balloon Challenge presents students with a question; If the air valve is opened between the larger and smaller balloons what will happen? Intuition says the larger balloon would continue to inflate the smaller balloon until equilibrium is achieved. But a discrepant event is one where the outcome is not what you expect!


  • 12 Amazing Demonstrations that Reveal the Magic of Science!
  • Kit includes 6 ready-made demos.
  • Teachers guide has detailed instructions for making 6 additional demos at home.
  • Kit includes teachers guide and instructional DVD.

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