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Dangerous Moonlight [VHS]

Dangerous Moonlight [VHS] Lowest new price: $65.95
Lowest used price: $6.49


Time Of Their Lives [VHS]

Time Of Their Lives [VHS] Lowest new price: $29.99
Lowest used price: $8.93
List price: $14.98

The Time Of Their Lives VHS! Like New!

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Elmer Gantry [VHS]

Elmer Gantry [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.99
Lowest used price: $1.69
List price: $5.99

Handsome, opportunistic, immoral. Traveling salesman Elmer Gantry is all this and more. So when he stumbles into a revival meeting and discovers that he can hustle money in a tent-show as easily as in a saloon, Gantry converts to evangelism. Joining forces with Sister Sharon Falconer, he delivers demon-bashing oratories that bring him fame and fortune. But when an old flame re-appears, Gantry is forced to confront demons of a more worldly order. Elmer Gantry was nominated for five Oscars, and won for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Writing. Approx running time 2 hrs 27 min, color, not rated. Stars Burt Lancaster (Best Actor), Jean Simmons, and Shirley Jones (Best Supporting Actress).

Brothers and sisters, can we get a witness for this woeful tale of saints and sinners? Burt Lancaster earned his only Oscar as the wide-smiling, glad-handing, soul-saving charlatan Elmer Gantry, a salesman who turns his gift for preaching into a career at the pulpit. Climbing on board the barnstorming evangelical tour of revivalist Sister Sharon Falconer (Jean Simmons), a true believer in the Aimee Semple McPherson mold, Gantry declaims, invokes, and sermonizes his way to the top until a former flame-turned-prostitute (Shirley Jones in an Oscar-winning performance) threatens to reveal his dark past as a womanizer and con man. Lancaster harnesses all his physical vigor and natural charisma for this role, literally throwing himself into his preaching with the vigor of an acrobat and the sing-song delivery of a gospel singer--he even brays like a hound to show the Holy Spirit within him. Gantry is a showman, pure and simple, and while he doesn't fool true-believer Sister Sharon, he gives her a few object lessons in playing the crowd. Director Richard Brooks, who also took home an Oscar for his screenplay (adapted from the Sinclair Lewis novel), creates a rousing drama both on and off the pulpit, and provides fine roles for an excellent supporting cast, including Arthur Kennedy, Dean Jagger, John McIntire, and singer Patti Page. --Sean Axmaker

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Paradise, Hawaiian Style [VHS]

Paradise, Hawaiian Style [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.80
Lowest used price: $1.50
List price: $9.95

VHS of Paradise, Hawaiian Style (1966)


  • Original Recording Reissued
  • Color Your Own Picture Frame
  • Closed Captioned
  • starring Elvis Presley

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Easy to Love [VHS]

Easy to Love [VHS] Lowest new price: $11.96
Lowest used price: $6.98
List price: $14.95

An Aquatic performer tries to attract the man she loves.

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Wrecking Crew [VHS]

Wrecking Crew [VHS] Lowest new price: $28.49
Lowest used price: $6.99
List price: $14.95

The count has stolen enough gold to cause a financial crisis in the world markets so I.C.E. sends in ace spy Matt Helm to stop him. As Matt works alone, the British send in Freya to aid Matt, but it seems that Freya causes more problems than she solves.

Peter Pan [VHS]

Peter Pan [VHS] Lowest new price: $2.99
Lowest used price: $0.93
List price: $5.95

An entire generation of baby boomers grew up with this stagy but magical production, which originated on Broadway but was broadcast several times on TV. They may not know Mary Martin or Cyril Ritchard--two staples of the commercial theater in their time--for any other reason, but they'll always be able to name them as Peter Pan and Captain Hook. The story of the boy who wouldn't grow up includes a classic score with songs that can bring a tear of nostalgia to the eye of the middle-aged--like "I Won't Grow Up," "I've Gotta Crow," and "Neverland." The flying, the goofy comedy--it's all there in this video version of the classic TV broadcast. It's hard to know what sophisticated modern youngsters would make of it, but their parents will gladly sit and watch with them. --Marshall Fine

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Sun Valley Serenade [VHS]

Sun Valley Serenade [VHS] Lowest new price: $27.95
Lowest used price: $8.73
List price: $19.98

Sun Valley Serenade is a 1941 musical film starring Sonja Henie, John Payne, Lynn Bari and Milton Berle. It features The Glenn Miller Orchestra as well as dancing by The Nicholas Brothers and Dorothy Dandridge. Ted Scott (Payne) is a band pianist whose publicity manager decides that, for good press, the band should adopt a foreign refugee. The band goes to Ellis Island to meet the girl and soon discovers that the refugee isn't a 10-year-old child, but a young woman, Karen Benson (Henie). The surprise comes right before the band is to travel to Sun Valley, Idaho for a Christmas gig. While on the ski slopes Ted soon falls for Karen's inventive schemes to win the heart of her new sponsor, much to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Vivian Dawn (Bari), a soloist with the band. Vivian promptly quits the band out of jealousy, and Karen stages an elaborate ice show as a substitute.Free upgrade to first class mail.

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Once Upon a Time in the West [VHS]

Once Upon a Time in the West [VHS] Lowest new price: $6.99
Lowest used price: $1.98
List price: $7.50

Former store copy, set of two tapes in hard plastic containers.

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Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Special Edition) [VHS]

Star Wars, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (Special Edition) [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.90
Lowest used price: $0.62
List price: $7.00
Brand: 20th Century Fox

The high-energy, special-effects-laden conclusion to George Lucas's ambitious Star Wars trilogy delivers the final confrontation between Luke Skywalker (a more confident and mature Mark Hamill) and his nemesis-father, Darth Vader (David Prowse, voice of James Earl Jones), as the rebel alliance makes its last stand against the evil Empire. The film opens with an impressive set piece in the cave of the monstrous Jabba the Hut, who holds both Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) for his decadent pleasure until Skywalker comes to the rescue. The final battle pits an enormous armada of rebel ships against the rebuilt Death Star, the planet-killing weapon of the first film, while guerrilla forces battle Empire soldiers on the planet below with the help of a cuddly army of pint-sized, teddy-bear-like creatures known as Ewoks (Lucas's one concession to merchandising) and Skywalker confronts Vader and the emperor on the Deathstar. Director Richard Marquand invests the tale with plenty of humor and a vigorous sense of adventure without losing the seriousness of Skywalker's mission. The special edition adds, among other effects, more creatures and a bouncy song-and-dance number to the Jabba the Hut scenes, and an extended celebration that literally encompasses the galaxy at the film's jubilant conclusion. --Sean Axmaker

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