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Chanel Solitaire [VHS]

Chanel Solitaire [VHS] Lowest used price: $29.99
List price: $9.99

vhs movie

War and Remembrance, Vol. 1 (Boxed Set) [VHS]

War and Remembrance, Vol. 1 (Boxed Set) [VHS] Lowest new price: $95.00
Lowest used price: $55.60

In his "Winds of War," novelist Herman Wouk painted a chilling picture of the ominous precursors to WWII. His sequel, "War and Remembrance," begins with the war's first battles rumbling and became an extraordinary miniseries that held an enormous audience spellbound. A sterling cast, superbly directed by Dan Curtis, enact Wouk's sweeping vision from the perspective of a fictional American Naval family headed by Pug Henry (Robert Mitchum). A saga of monumental proportions that captures all the horrors and heroics of a defining 20th-century event. 23 hours 15 min. on 12 cassettes.

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The Race for the Double Helix [VHS]

The Race for the Double Helix [VHS] Lowest used price: $199.99
List price: $9.99

Son of The Morning Star [VHS]

Son of The Morning Star [VHS] Lowest new price: $37.79
Lowest used price: $14.99
List price: $19.98
Brand: Republic Pictures

Based on Evan S Connell's national best seller, this adventure combines powerful performances and impeccable historical authenticity for an entertainment experience the Los Angeles Times called, "First-class, grandly staged filmmaking." General George Armstrong Custer, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse. One of the most legendary chapters in American history unfolds in this action-packed epic saga of courage and honor, victory and defeat - shown from both points of view. Color, Closed Captioned, Digitally Mastered Stereo, Rated PG, Approximate Running Time 183 Minutes.


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Ash Wednesday [VHS]

Ash Wednesday [VHS] Lowest used price: $17.95
List price: $14.95

Barbara gets secret plastic surgery in Switzerland in an attempt to save her marriage to Mark, but he doesn't seem interested in meeting her. She checks in to a ski resort to wait for Mark, and begins getting attention from young men. Her daughter tries to warn her that even though she has had the surgery it might be too late for her marriage, but she clings to the hope that Mark will come back once he sees her new look. Meanwhile, she must decide whether or not have an affair with a young man she's met.

A Town Like Alice [VHS]

A Town Like Alice [VHS] Lowest new price: $23.99
Lowest used price: $5.24
List price: $9.99
Brand: Anchor Bay

Set against the brutal chaos of World War II, a love story begins that will take two lovers through a living nightmare of captivity, across three continents and two decades. From the steamy jungles of Malaya to the dusty and desolate outback of Australia.

Based on Nevil Shute's international bestselling novel, A Town Like Alice follows the lives of Jean Paget and Joe Harman. Meeting in Malaya—she an attractive young English captive and he a cheerful Australian POW tortured for a simple act of kindness. Separated first by their captors then by the distance of passing years, the two are finally reunited in the rugged outback of Australia—to face a challenge every bit as demanding as their wartime trials.


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Rage of Angels - The Story Continues [VHS]

Rage of Angels - The Story Continues [VHS] Lowest new price: $22.74
Lowest used price: $3.00
List price: $14.99

Rage of Angels - The Story Continues (1986) With Jacklyn Smith and Ken Howard Format: VHS

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Smoke [VHS]

Smoke [VHS] Lowest used price: $13.95
List price: $9.99

Smoke stars Ron Howard as a sullen farm youth who resents the fact that his widowed mother (Jacqueline Scott) has remarried. Earl Holliman costars as Howard's new stepfather, a sheep rancher, who'd give anything to gain Ron's love and respect. Nursing an injured German shepherd back to health, the boy invests all of his affections in the dog. When the dog's real owners show up, Howard is certain that Holliman will betray him and return the animal. Just as in the original William Corbin novel, Smoke ends on a note that is both satisfying and logical. Ron Howard's real father Rance shows up briefly in a flashback sequence. Originally presented as a two-part episode of TV's Wonderful World of Disney, Smoke first aired February 1 and 8, 1970.

WarGames [VHS]

WarGames [VHS] Lowest new price: $12.86
Lowest used price: $2.44
List price: $9.94

Ally Sheedy classic

Cute but silly, this 1983 cautionary fantasy stars Matthew Broderick as a teenage computer genius who hacks into the Pentagon's defense system and sets World War III into motion. All the fun is in the film's set-up, as Broderick befriends Ally Sheedy and starts the international crisis by pretending while online to be the Soviet Union. After that, it's not hard to predict what's going to happen: government agents swoop in, but the story ends up in the "hands" of machines talking to one another. Thus we're stuck with flashing lights, etc. John Badham (Saturday Night Fever) directs in strict potboiler mode. Kids still like this movie, though. --Tom Keogh

Cannery Row [VHS]

Cannery Row [VHS] Lowest new price: $12.43
Lowest used price: $1.75
List price: $19.98

Guaranteed to work or your money back - PLEASE NOTE ALL MONIES FROM THIS SALE GO TO A 501 (C)3 NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER

This 1982 effort at adapting John Steinbeck's Sweet Thursday and Cannery Row is barely watchable, salvaged only by the thoughtful performances of Nick Nolte as a marine biologist and Debra Winger as a drifter. David S. Ward (Down Periscope) made his directorial debut and thoroughly botched such essentials as pacing and verisimilitude. (The sets look as artificial as any of Francis Ford Coppolla's more egregious contrivances.) If you can stay with it, however, there are plenty of good acting moments to hang your hat on. --Tom Keogh

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