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VHS Video


The Night They Saved Christmas [VHS]

The Night They Saved Christmas [VHS] Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $9.89
List price: $9.98

The Night They Saved Christmas [VHS] [VHS Tape] [1984] ...

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Rocko's Modern Life: Modern Love [VHS]

Rocko's Modern Life: Modern Love [VHS] Lowest used price: $63.67
List price: $9.95
Brand: Nickelodeon

Rocko's Modern Life: Modern Love [VHS] [VHS Tape] [1993] ...

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America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies [VHS]

America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies [VHS]

Are you a person who loves wacky blooper shows... but hates Bob Sagat? Then this is the video for you! America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies highlights the best family moments from the show, capturing slices of life that are in turn hilarious, heartwarming, and unbelievable. You will be treated to wedding disasters, sibling mayhem, and all the getting-hit-in-the-crotch movies that you could possibly want. This is truly a "best of" package--every clip brings a smile, a wince, or a belly laugh. Included is one of the sweetest bloopers you will ever see: the boy who cries because he desperately doesn't want to grow up. All of that--and no Bob Sagat! Instead we have a refreshing pair of narrators who know that sometimes it's best to let the clip speak for itself. --Brendan J. LaSalle

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Barney Songs [VHS]

Barney Songs [VHS] Lowest new price: $15.82
Lowest used price: $1.95
List price: $12.99
Brand: The Lyons Group

Popular songs from the hit show "Barney".

It seems inevitable: a program of Barney and the kids just singing, without the usual story lines. Barney, B.J., and Baby Bop tackle "Look Through the Window," "Brushing My Teeth," "Marching Song," and "Here, Kitty Kitty." A perfect episode for those little kids hooked on the show's tunes. --Tom Keogh

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Barney's Adventure Bus [VHS]

Barney's Adventure Bus [VHS] Lowest new price: $15.98
Lowest used price: $4.99
List price: $12.99

Hop aboard and get ready for the ride of your life as bus driver Barney takes the whole gang to some of their favorite imaginary destinations. First stop, a castle just for Brett where he can rule in the land of make believe. Then, it's back on the bus and on to Barney's Purple Pepperoni Pizzeria. Then, after a rootin', tootin' ride into the old west for Keesha, followed by a stop at the circus for Baby Bop, it's BJ's turn for adventure. And with a little help from Barney, he soon becomes a one-man, or rather, one-dino band. So climb aboard and grab a seat. It's mile after mile of fun on Barney's adventure Bus.

Another exotic adventure awaits the kids as Barney's magic bus takes them to a castle, then to the Old West, and a circus. The shifts in action and setting keep kids wondering what will come next. Songs include "Home on the Range" and "Turkey in the Straw." --Tom Keogh

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Chiefs TV Mini-Series [VHS]

Chiefs TV Mini-Series [VHS] Lowest new price: $59.99
Lowest used price: $12.61
List price: $14.99

Three different police chiefs in three different eras become involved in a growing mystery -- who is the mass murderer behind the killing of transient youths in and around the fictional southern town of Delano over a forty year period? In this three-part, six-hour miniseries, Charlton Heston, in his return to TV acting after fourteen years (his career in television goes back to 1949), is one of the town's founding fathers and he has stayed on as a powerbroker as, successively, cotton farmer Wayne Rogers, racist Brad Davis, and college educated Billy Dee Williams become police chiefs over the years in this adaptation of Stuart Woods' novel. Keith Carradine replaced an ailing Andy Griffith as Foxy Funderburke, a disgruntled local harboring a forty year grudge, and received an Emmy Award nomination as Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series. The production itself was nominated as Outstanding Limited Series and for art direction and set decoration.

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Saturday Night Live: 25 Years Of Laughs [VHS]

Saturday Night Live: 25 Years Of Laughs [VHS] Lowest new price: $2.99
Lowest used price: $1.59
List price: $19.95

1999 - 160 minutes

Like many of the clips that make up the bulk of its content, the Saturday Night Live 25th Anniversary special suffers from that malady specific to almost every SNL sketch: it starts out brilliantly, loses steam about halfway through, then slowly but gamely limps to the finish line with occasional spurts of humor. This special (which actually marks the show's 24th anniversary, but never you mind about those small details!) gathered almost all of the Saturday Night Live alumni--well, the funny ones, anyway--for a celebration of the show's entrenchment in the cultural landscape. It's basically an occasion to show a lot of clips, ranging in time from the Coneheads to Mary Katherine Gallagher, put together in a sprightly, rapid-pace manner and interspersed with occasional live audience-interaction bits. An hysterically funny Bill Murray kicks things off as a lounge singer at an Indian reservation casino who hobnobs with the celebrity audience members; Tom Hanks, a fave guest host, offers up a lively Q&A session (with a dryly funny Christopher Walken, among others); and Billy Crystal revives his Fernando persona to great effect. Dan Aykroyd, Laraine Newman, and Steve Martin provide the best cast tribute, warmly remembering John Belushi while wryly offering up memorabilia for online auction, and Jan Hooks introduces a heartfelt short film featuring her and the late Phil Hartman. Other cast members, with the notable absence of Eddie Murphy and the surprise appearance of Norm MacDonald, pop up for various intros of clips--some are funny (Dennis Miller), some are not (Adam Sandler), some are obviously uncomfortable (David Spade), but at about the halfway mark it all starts to wear on you, like most tribute shows. Still, the stable of classic skits (including a surprisingly strong showing from the current cast) make this worth sticking around for. And at least this time, unlike during the live broadcasts, you can fast-forward through the unfunny parts. --Mark Englehart


  • Chris Farley
  • Mike Myers
  • Mr. Bill
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Phil Hartman

Saint Maybe [VHS]

Saint Maybe [VHS] Lowest new price: $17.85
Lowest used price: $3.96
List price: $9.98

Brand New VHS Tape factory sealed (as shown) "Saint Maybe [VHS]" FAST shipping...(A20)

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Son of The Morning Star [VHS]

Son of The Morning Star [VHS] Lowest new price: $39.19
Lowest used price: $10.90
List price: $19.98
Brand: Republic Pictures

Based on Evan S Connell's national best seller, this adventure combines powerful performances and impeccable historical authenticity for an entertainment experience the Los Angeles Times called, "First-class, grandly staged filmmaking." General George Armstrong Custer, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse. One of the most legendary chapters in American history unfolds in this action-packed epic saga of courage and honor, victory and defeat - shown from both points of view. Color, Closed Captioned, Digitally Mastered Stereo, Rated PG, Approximate Running Time 183 Minutes.


  • videotapes

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Elmo's World - Flowers, Bananas & More [VHS]

Elmo's World - Flowers, Bananas & More [VHS] Lowest new price: $29.95
Lowest used price: $4.32
List price: $9.98

Flowers, Bananas & More--so titled, presumably, because Flowers, Bananas & Hair sounds kind of yucky--culls everybody's favorite 3-year-old monster's investigations of those things in a 50-minute tape. The Flowers episode cuts away from Elmo's crayon-filled playroom to follow a real, live boy in his quest to grow a plant. Through Elmo's lively voiceover, we learn that by filling a glass with a paper towel, a bean, and some water you can grow a bean pod, which is just what Elmo does, along with interviewing a friendly cactus and showing us a homemade video of Stinky the Plant, back in his world. In Bananas Mr. Noodle's usual bumbling with the object in question (Is it a telephone? A horn? A pen?) is a barrel of laughs, and we meet Top Banana, a spectacles- and bow tie-clad chap who brings his breed's health benefits to light. Hair, the final segment, is especially enlightening because every manner of the curious stuff shows up for a brief but thoughtful examination. By tuning us in to the Hair Channel, which is featuring a cartoon called "The Kingdom Where Everybody Wore His Hair the Same Way," Elmo leads us to the truth about hair: kinky or straight, short or long, everybody's got it, and what a person chooses to do with it doesn't count for much. Though it's bound to be a repeat for most kids, this is a tape that'll grow on budding botanists, stylists, and Elmo groupies in general. (Ages 3 to 7.) --Tammy La Gorce

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