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PBS American Visions The History of American Art and Architecture [VHS]

PBS American Visions The History of American Art and Architecture [VHS] Lowest new price: $45.96
Lowest used price: $26.93
List price: $59.98

"What can we say about Americans from the things they've made? When we look at them through the lens of their art, what do we see?," host and acclaimed TIME magazine art critic Robert Hughes asks. This extraordinary series presents a panoramic view of American history as reflected by artists in every medium and genre, from "primitive" portraits of the Colonial era to the complex visions of the present day. Explore the luminous, almost sacred work of early-American landscape artists. The varied experiences of 19th century America appear in the paintings of John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt and Winslow Homer. Discover how a uniquely American modernism was forged at the 1913 Armory Show, and ponder the creative genius that blossomed during the '20s, the Depression years and the exciting, innovative periods following World War II.

Titles are: "The Republic of Virtue," "The Promised Land," "The Wilderness and the West," "The Gilded Age," "A Wave from the Atlantic," "Streamlines and Breadlines," "The Empire of Signs," and "The Age of Anxiety."

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Chiefs TV-Mini Series [VHS]

Chiefs TV-Mini Series [VHS] Lowest new price: $35.98
Lowest used price: $25.95
List price: $29.95

Two cassette set**An epic adventure seething with power, love and hatred**Runs approximately 200 minutes**Stars Charlton Heston, Keith Carradine, Brad Davis, Wayne Rogers, Billy Dee Williams, Paul Sorvino, Tess Harper, Victoria Tennant**

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The Incredible Hulk - Origin of the Hulk / The Power of Doctor Banner [VHS]

The Incredible Hulk - Origin of the Hulk / The Power of Doctor Banner [VHS] Lowest new price: $66.21
Lowest used price: $3.75
List price: $9.98

There was some amazing, classic animation done for superhero cartoons done as far back as Max & Dave Fleisher's Superman series of the early 1940s (echoes of which can be found in Batman: The Animated Series). Those were done for the big screen; by the mid-1960s, superhero cartoons were being brought to television, and some of Marvel Comics' biggest heroes--Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk--were the stars. Unfortunately, television didn't have much in terms of cachet--or production values--at the time, and all four heroes suffer for it.

The Hulk gets short shrift here; the interesting thing about the character has always been twofold: the misunderstood misfit trying to make a quiet life for himself, and the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde duality of the Hulk and his alter ego, Dr. Bruce Banner. On the two episodes here--"The Power of Dr. Banner" and "The Origin of the Hulk"--the animation is minimal and barely serves to capture a single facet of either character's personality. It looks as if only a couple dozen pictures of the main characters were drawn; for the most part, this is a series of stationary illustrations with voiceovers and plenty of narration. --Randy Silver

Doctor Who - The Crusade & The Space Museum [VHS]

Doctor Who - The Crusade & The Space Museum [VHS] Lowest new price: $79.22
Lowest used price: $47.50
List price: $34.98

A must have classic!

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The Dollmaker [VHS]

The Dollmaker [VHS] Lowest new price: $83.95
Lowest used price: $14.00
List price: $14.98

Jane Fonda stars in this made-for-TV movie, which uses the backdrop of World War II and urbanization to tell the story of one woman's fight to keep her family together. Gertie Nevels (Fonda), the wife of a Kentucky sharecropper, wants nothing more than to one day own her own farm. Thriftily hiding her savings from husband Clovis (Levon Helm), she prepares to make her dream come true -- until Clovis summons her to come join him in Detroit, where he's gone to work in a factory to help with the war effort. Arriving with her children in tow, Gertie finds Clovis all settled into a tenement-like block house and living the life of a union man. Soon, though, the downside of urban life -- from monstrous neighbors and repressive schools to the pitfalls of the industrial landscape itself -- threaten Gertie's family both individually and as a whole. Despite Clovis' freewheeling way with money and his propensity to blame her for the family's problems, Gertie continues to save money. A lifelong whittler, she begins selling hand-crafted wooden dolls, and when the union goes on strike, Gertie finds herself supporting the family. Adapted from Harriet Arnow's novel by Hume Cronyn and Susan Cooper, who would go on to collaborate on the similarly themed Foxfire in 1987, The Dollmaker was directed by feature and TV veteran Daniel Petrie. It debuted on ABC on May 13, 1984, and earned Fonda an Emmy for her work.

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Biography - Senator Joseph Mccarthy: An American Inquisitor [VHS]

Biography - Senator Joseph Mccarthy: An American Inquisitor [VHS] Lowest new price: $197.99
Lowest used price: $24.99
List price: $19.95

He hit on a sure-fire way to polish his political star. But the ambitious Wisconsin Senator has gone down in history as the driving force behind one of the most shameful and disturbing eras in American history. Joseph P. McCarthy had one of the most tumultuous political careers of the century. His accusations that communists had infiltrated the State Department kicked off the ""Red Scare,"" and for several years his constant finger-pointing made him the most powerful and feared politician in America. BIOGRAPHY; revisits the McCarthy era for a probing look at the climate of suspicion and paranoia he created and sustained. Through extensive interviews and fascinating archival footage, trace his rise from a small-town Midwestern chicken farmer to the heights of power and his precipitous fall from grace. Stunning footage of the Army hearings that marked the beginning of the end for McCarthy is featured. Join BIOGRAPHY; for the definitive portrait of the shameless man at the heart of one of the darkest eras of modern politics."

Doctor Who - The Web Planet [VHS]

Doctor Who - The Web Planet [VHS] Lowest new price: $39.96
Lowest used price: $28.88
List price: $19.98


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North and South Book I (VHS, 6 videos)

North and South Book I (VHS, 6 videos) Lowest new price: $12.01
Lowest used price: $1.32

VHS Tapes on War Between The North/South - Patrick Swayze and Others

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Caillou - I Want to Grow Up! [VHS]

Caillou - I Want to Grow Up! [VHS] Lowest new price: $11.91
Lowest used price: $7.87

Growing up takes time--too much time, according to Caillou. In the first episode, Pirate Caillou surprises his daddy by finding a long-lost treasure that inspires a lesson in the basics of a real "big boy" game. Next, Caillou's frustration with a whirlwind morning turns into an exploration of the adult world of work and responsibility. Then Caillou strives to catch up with his quick-growing friend Andre by changing his eating and sleeping habits, only to discover that being small has some benefits of its own. Finally, Caillou can hardly wait for his own visit from the tooth fairy when his friend Sarah loses her first tooth. As Caillou learns about the growth process, Teddy, Rexi, and Gilbert discover that growth, while not always visible, is occurring all the time. (Ages 2 to 6) --Tami Horiuchi

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Ransom of Red Chief [VHS]

Ransom of Red Chief [VHS] Lowest new price: $163.90
List price: $9.99

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