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Cold Sassy Tree [VHS]

Cold Sassy Tree [VHS] Lowest new price: $27.99
Lowest used price: $11.94
List price: $14.98

Romance-Drama set in a small Southern town at the turn of the century. The romance is between an independent woman from the North who marries the local general-store owner. The drama comes from the townspeople's reaction to their age difference. He's much older than she is - and he's only been a widower for three weeks!

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Vincent and Theo [VHS]

Vincent and Theo [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.98
Lowest used price: $3.16


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Sesame Street - 123 Count With Me [VHS]

Sesame Street - 123 Count With Me [VHS] Lowest new price: $46.99
Lowest used price: $2.84
List price: $9.98

Join Ernie at The Furry Arms Hotel for a musical lesson in just how useful counting can be. When Ernie finds and returns a misplaced key, he uses his knowledge of numbers to return the key to the correct guest. As Ernie begins to learn about the hotel business, he finds many common situations in which counting is essential. Throughout the 30-minute video, Ernie and his friends help children learn to count from 1 to 20 with such songs as the jazzy "That's How the Numbers Go," an original version of the Chorus Line show tune "One," and "Rap Song #11." Favorite Sesame Street characters Elmo and The Count are joined by new characters including Ding the Dinger, a furry fellow with a bell on his head, and Benny, the bellboy that responds to Ding the Dinger's dings. Children as young as 18 months will bounce happily along with the catchy tunes and 2-year-olds will be inspired to count aloud with Ernie. Kids up to age 5 will hone their counting skills and laugh at the increasingly frustrated Benny as he delivers everything from 1 bucket of ice to 15 stampeding elephants! If you're looking for a fun video that teaches counting skills, here it is. --Tami Horiuchi

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Sesame Street - What's the Name of That Song? [VHS]

Sesame Street - What's the Name of That Song? [VHS] Lowest new price: $39.96
Lowest used price: $6.42
List price: $9.98

vhs tape

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Soldier Boyz [VHS]

Soldier Boyz [VHS] Lowest new price: $18.00
Lowest used price: $3.33

A former Marine officer takes six prison renegades into Vietnam in search of a kidnapped heiress. It's a new kind of killing field - and if they can rescue the girl before killing each other, all they have to do is get out alive.

25th Birthday Musical Celebration [VHS]

25th Birthday Musical Celebration [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.46
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $12.00

Everyone's Invited As Sesame Street Celebrates Its 25th Birthday! The Whole Family Will Want To Sing Along With This Special Hour Long Collection Of Favorite Sesame Street Songs, Featuring : "C Is For Cookie" / "Bein' Green" / "Monster In The Mirror" And Many Many More. Ernie Sings A Medley Of Duckie Songs, Including : "Do De Rubber Duck" / "Put Down The Duckie" / "The Honker Duckie Dinger Jamboree" / And Of Course "Rubber Duckie". And Big Bird Leads The Whole Cast In A Rousing Finale Of "Sing". You're Sure To Treasure This Wonderful Collector's Edition Of Sesame Street For Years To Come.

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Lemon Sisters [VHS]

Lemon Sisters [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.99
Lowest used price: $1.99
List price: $3.99

Three life-long friends work the bars in 1980's Atlantic City performing the songs of the 60's girls groups in this self-indulgent comedy.

Sesame Street - Sing Along [VHS]

Sesame Street - Sing Along [VHS] Lowest new price: $23.95
Lowest used price: $5.00
List price: $9.98

Kids will enjoy this half-hour Sesame Street video, in which the whole gang takes a piano up to the roof and sings some of their favorite songs. But they are frequently interrupted by workmen Biff and Sully, who keep tuning in songs on their TV (only to knock the antenna out of whack). The blend of people and puppets is charming, and the bits culled from the TV show add to the fun. A pair of highlights: Ernie sitting in his bathtub singing the big hit, "Rubber Ducky," and Bert (in a magical bit of puppetry) dancing and singing "Doing the Pigeon." --Marshall Fine

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Hitlers Lost Sub [VHS]

Hitlers Lost Sub [VHS] Lowest new price: $8.94
Lowest used price: $3.50
List price: $8.94

The true story behind the cataclysmic World War II naval battle that took place just off American shores.

1941. America had just entered World War II, but terrifying unseen weapons were stalking US targets, sinking over 400 ships just miles from American shores in the worst naval defeat in United States history. The stealthy predators were German U-boats, Hitler’s deadly warships of the deep. It was cataclysmic—with bodies and wreckage washed ashore on the eastern seaboard. But the Allies ultimately triumphed, sinking over 700 enemy submarines.

Fifty years later, the personal drama behind this wartime state of siege resurfaced when a team of divers discovered an unidentified German U-boat deep in the waters off the New Jersey coast. What boat was it? And what secret mission brought it there? The divers embarked on a dangerous, six-year quest to uncover the secret of the mysterious wreck. Three divers lost their lives in the search, but the clues uncovered have shed remarkable new light on the struggles and triumphs from this undersea war.

There’s more in this spectacular two-hour video journey. Trace the history of submarines and undersea warfare from the American Revolution through World War II, and tour the sophisticated—and cramped—interior of a captured U-boat. Dive in dangerous waters with deep sea detectives as they attempt to retrieve clues that will reveal the decaying U-boat’s identity. See how the breaking of secret Nazi codes by the Allies altered the outcome of the war—and helped unravel the mystery behind this German U-boat. And finally, travel to Germany with the divers as they rewrite a part of World War II history, bring closure to families of the lost crew and discover how one man’s life was spared.

An Inconvenient Woman: The Original Unedited Miniseries [VHS]

An Inconvenient Woman: The Original Unedited Miniseries [VHS] Lowest new price: $79.99
Lowest used price: $28.00
List price: $39.98

We are offering a 3 tape set. A story of how the rich exert their influence no matter what the human cost.

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