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VHS Video


Miracle Down Under [VHS]

Miracle Down Under [VHS] Lowest new price: $43.93
Lowest used price: $18.98
List price: $9.99


101 Dalmatians [VHS]

101 Dalmatians [VHS] Lowest new price: $6.68
Lowest used price: $1.00
List price: $12.50

Full of boundless adventure and boisterous fun, Disney's 17th animated masterpiece is the original film classic starring 101 of the world's most lovable, huggable Dalmatians and their hilariously evil captor, Cruella De Vil! A charming London neighborhood is home to Roger and Anita, whose beloved Dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, have become the proud parents of 15 puppies. But when Cruella and her bumbling henchmen, Horace and Jasper, unexpectedly appear, the pups soon disappear -- along with every other Dalmatian puppy in town! Now Pongo and Perdita must rally their animal friends and use the power of the "Twilight Bark" to find Cruella's secret hideaway and free the puppies. Featuring the unforgettable toe-tapping song "Cruella De Vil," 101 DALMATIANS is one of the most cherished and sought-after Disney classics of all time -- and among the last films to bear the personal touch of Walt Disney.

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Rocky (Five-Tape Boxed Set) [VHS]

Rocky (Five-Tape Boxed Set) [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.00
Lowest used price: $14.99

Rocky (Five-Tape Boxed Set) [VHS]


  • Condition: Used - Very Good

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Zorro the Gay Blade [VHS]

Zorro the Gay Blade [VHS] Lowest new price: $45.14
Lowest used price: $9.94
List price: $9.98

After having a surprise hit playing Dracula in Love at First Bite, George Hamilton seized the moment and spoofed another movie hero: Zorro. In fact, he plays two characters: the heroic Don Diego, who fights Spanish tyranny in Old California in his secret identity as Zorro, and Diego's long-absent brother, Bunny Wigglesworth, a man totally comfortable with his sexual identity and unafraid of accessorizing the Zorro outfit by rendering it in purple. When the swashbuckler is injured, he turns his sword over to the swishbuckler, who is just as good a swordsman, though a few shades less fiery. Some of the gay humor is heavy-handed, but Hamilton easily handles the comedy demands of the dual roles, and has strong support from Ron Leibman as the chief bad guy. --Marshall Fine

Dillinger [VHS]

Dillinger [VHS] Lowest used price: $101.12
List price: $19.98


T Bone N Weasel [VHS]

T Bone N Weasel [VHS] Lowest new price: $44.97
Lowest used price: $19.99

An ex-con and a crazy man are an unlikely duo on the road looking for a better life. All they have is an old gun and a stolen car to aid them in finding some much needed luck and plenty of cold hard cash.

Jurassic Park III [VHS]

Jurassic Park III [VHS] Lowest new price: $4.01
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $9.98
Brand: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

This film has outstanding special effects, excellent cinematography & a wonderful cast.

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Top Gun [VHS]

Top Gun [VHS] Lowest new price: $1.00
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $9.95

VHS Format

Jingoism, beefcake, military hardware, and a Giorgio Moroder rock score reign supreme over taste and logic in this Tony Scott film about a maverick trainee pilot (Tom Cruise) who can't follow the rules at a Navy aviation training facility. The dogfight sequences between American and Soviet jets at the end are absolutely mechanical, though audiences loved it at the time. The love story between Cruise's character and that of Kelly McGillis is like flipping through pages of advertising in a glossy magazine. This designer action movie from 1986 would be all the more appalling were it not for the canny casting of good actors in dumb parts. Standouts include Anthony Edwards--who makes a nice impression as Cruise's average-Joe pal--and the relatively unknown Meg Ryan in a small but memorable appearance. --Tom Keogh


  • VHS
  • 1986

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Dead Reckoning [VHS]

Dead Reckoning [VHS] Lowest used price: $10.99

A doctor, his wife and her lover make a voyage on the yacht of the doctor. But when the weather turns very bad they have to stop the sea cruise and seek refuge on a lonely island. There begins a deadly game in which the lover and the wife try to kill the husband...

Goldy:Last of the Golden Bears [VHS]

Goldy:Last of the Golden Bears [VHS] Lowest new price: $13.00
Lowest used price: $6.86
List price: $14.98

VHS Tape

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