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VHS Video

Romantic Comedy

Tootsie [VHS]

Tootsie [VHS] Lowest new price: $1.50
Lowest used price: $0.49
List price: $7.99

One of the touchstone movies of the 1980s, Tootsie stars Dustin Hoffman as an out-of-work actor who disguises himself as a dowdy, middle-aged woman to get a part on a hit soap opera. The scheme works, but while he/she keeps up the charade, Hoffman's character comes to see life through the eyes of the opposite sex. The script by Larry Gelbart (with Murray Schisgal) is a winner, and director Sydney Pollack brings taut proficiency to the comedy and sensitivity to the relationship nuances that emerge from Hoffman's drag act. Great supporting work from Teri Garr, Dabney Coleman, Charles Durning, Bill Murray, and pre-stardom Geena Davis. But the film finally belongs to Hoffman, who seems to connect with the character at a very deep and abiding level. --Tom Keogh

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Don't Tell Her It's Me [VHS]

Don't Tell Her It's Me [VHS] Lowest new price: $93.95
Lowest used price: $54.90
List price: $14.98

True love has never been more confusing or more hilarious! Fabulous funnyman Steve Guttenberg (Police Academy, Three Men and a Baby) teams with Jami Gertz (Sibling Rivalry) and Golden Globe winners Shelley Long ("Cheers") and Kyle MacLachlan ("Twin Peaks") in a laugh-riot comedy of passion, romance and mistaken identity! Painfully boring Gus Kubicek (Guttenberg) isn't exactly ladies' man material - at least not until his meddling romance writer sister (Long) gets hold of him. Soon he's the buff and bronzed main character in the romantic fantasies of his dream girl, Emily. Trouble is, Gus can't tell if Emily really loves him or just his sexy, leather-clad alter ego!

Let It Ride [VHS]

Let It Ride [VHS] Lowest new price: $48.74
Lowest used price: $5.95

Let It Ride [VHS] [VHS Tape] [1989] ...

Money Pit [VHS]

Money Pit [VHS] Lowest new price: $2.99
Lowest used price: $0.47
List price: $9.98

run timke 1 hour 31 min.

Steven Spielberg produced this underwhelming 1986 effort at a slapstick spin on Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House. The pre-Oscar Tom Hanks stars with Shelley Long as a married couple whose efforts to finish construction on their home are sabotaged by costly and sporadically funny accidents. The unfinished domicile becomes a metaphor for their troubled relationship, as evidenced by Long's character's attraction to a madman violinist (Alexander Godunov). Hanks is the only reason at this point to check this film out. Richard Benjamin (My Favorite Year) directs but with no flair or distinction. --Tom Keogh.

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Jerry Maguire [VHS]

Jerry Maguire [VHS] Lowest new price: $1.97
Lowest used price: $1.95
List price: $9.95

run time 139 mins.

One of the best romantic comedies of the 1990s, this box-office hit cemented writer-director Cameron Crowe's reputation as "the voice of a generation." Crowe could probably do without that label, but he's definitely in sync with the times with this savvy story about a sports agent (Tom Cruise) whose fall from grace motivates his quest for professional recovery, and the slow-dawning realization that he needs the love and respect of the single mom (Renée Zellweger in her breakthrough role) who has supported him through the worst of times. This is one of Cruise's best, most underrated performances, and in an Oscar-winning role, Cuba Gooding Jr. plays the football star who remains Jerry Maguire's only loyal client on a hard road to redemption and personal growth. If that sounds touchy-feely, it is only because Crowe has combined sharp entertainment with a depth of character that is rarely found in mainstream comedy. --Jeff Shannon


  • Condition: Used - Very Good

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Roman Holiday [VHS]

Roman Holiday [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.01
Lowest used price: $0.90
List price: $7.47

Maybe it doesn't quite live up to its sterling reputation, and maybe the leading man and director were slightly miscast. But who cares? Roman Holiday is the film that brought Audrey Hepburn to prominence, and the world movie audience went weak at the knees. The endlessly charming Hepburn had her first starring role in this sweet romance, playing a European princess on an official tour through Rome. Frustrated by her lack of connection to the real world, she slips away from her protective handlers and goes on a spree, aided by a tough-guy news reporter (Gregory Peck). Director William Wyler, more at home with such heavy-going, Oscar-winning classics as The Best Years of Our Lives and Ben- Hur, doesn't always keep the champagne bubbles afloat, and the Peck role would have fit Cary Grant like a silk glove. But the film is great fun, the location shooting is irresistible, and Hepburn embodies an image of chic style that would rule for the rest of the fifties. No coincidence: she won an Oscar, and so did veteran costume designer Edith Head. --Robert Horton

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Designing Woman [VHS]

Designing Woman [VHS] Lowest new price: $13.87
Lowest used price: $3.99
List price: $17.77

Anyone who thinks that Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a cutting-edge idea will be surprised by Designing Woman, a 1957 comedy starring Gregory Peck as a sports writer who falls madly in love with fashion designer Lauren Bacall. The twofold plot springs from a combination of Bacall's jealous efforts to learn the identity of Peck's previous lover and Peck's reckless exposé of a gangster who rigs boxing matches--but the movie's real enjoyment comes from its depiction of the athletic and arts worlds, each spun as a reflection of the male and female mind, respectively. While Peck and Bacall aren't noted for their comic chops, they acquit themselves respectably; Bacall has the more flamboyant role, but Peck draws low-key humor from his character's smug and blinkered perceptions. Designing Woman is directed by Vincente Minnelli (who also directed Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris, and Gigi), so it's not surprising that the movie flares most to life during a few musical sequences--sneaked into the plot because Bacall has been commissioned to design a Broadway show, whose star just happens to be Peck's former paramour--culminating in a back-alley fight staged as a brawling ballet. --Bret Fetzer

Milk Money [VHS]

Milk Money [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.40
Lowest used price: $1.32
List price: $12.77

A twelve-year-old boy named Frank Wheeler and his two buddies pool their money and head for the big city to peek at a naked lady. They meet V, a gorgeous, warmhearted "working girl." But when Frank looks at V, he sees more than just a beautiful body. He sees the perfect wife for his shy single dad!

The Butcher's Wife [VHS]

The Butcher's Wife [VHS] Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $1.00
List price: $14.95

Marina (Demi Moore), a blonde Southern belle with a clairvoyant streak, sees signs--a shooting star with two tails, a snowglobe that washes up on the beach, a wedding band inside of a fish--telling her that her true love is about to come ashore. And soon enough, a boat lands on the beach in front of her home; only the guy inside is a stout butcher from New York City named Leo (George Dzundza). Still, portents are portents, and the next thing you know she's married and running barefoot around a butcher's shop in Greenwich Village, where she inspires various residents with her predictions. Leo, however, is creeped out by his wife's abilities, and encourages her to see Alex (Jeff Daniels), a psychiatrist who works across the street. To placate him, she does--and soon begins to suspect that she's misread her signs and married the wrong man. The Butcher's Wife could use a little more humor about Marina's powers (her pronouncements are dizzyingly earnest), but the movie is buoyed by a fantastic supporting cast, particularly Margaret Colin as a soap-opera actress, Frances McDormand as a lesbian dress-shop owner, and Mary Steenburgen as a dowdy church choir leader who just wants to sing the blues. Like Marina, you know what's going to happen, but the cast manages to make getting there charming. --Bret Fetzer

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The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer [VHS]

The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer [VHS] Lowest new price: $2.75
Lowest used price: $2.53
List price: $9.95
Brand: Turner Home Entertainment

VHS tape.

"You remind me of a man." "What man?" "The man with the power...." Ah, so you remember the lovely nonsense of The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. This lighter-than-air comedy puts playboy writer Cary Grant in company with 17-year-old schoolgirl Shirley Temple, although he's more interested in older sister Myrna Loy. (She's as sober as a judge, and indeed is one.) The Oscar®- winning script by future bestselling novelist Sidney Sheldon boasts fun '40s slang, but the main draw is Grant's willingness to play the fool. His gift for slapstick shines when his aging bachelor decides to act like an inane teenager in an effort to burst Shirley's fanciful image of him. As usual, Grant seems to conspire with the audience (watch his double takes in the background) in making a somewhat standard movie into a giddy experience. Toss in deadpan Rudy Vallee as a sappy third wheel, and you've got a near-classic. --Robert Horton


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