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Romantic Comedy

Pretty Woman [VHS]

Pretty Woman [VHS] Lowest new price: $1.00
Lowest used price: $0.01
List price: $7.78

Richard Gere & Julia Roberts light up the screen with this rags-to-riches classy romantic comedy. Color, Rated: R, Running time: approx. 119 minutes.

Like a pumpkin that transforms into a carriage, some very shrewd casting (and the charisma of Julia Roberts, in particular) morphed this story of a Hollywood whore into a Disneyfied Cinderella story--and a mainstream megahit. This is the movie that made Roberts a star; the charm of her personality helping tremendously to carry viewers over the rough spots in the script (which was originally a cynical tale about prostitution called 3000--after the amount of money Richard Gere's character pays the prostitute to stay with him for the week). Gere is the silver-haired Wall Street knight who sweeps streetwalker Roberts into a fantasy world of room service at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel and fashion boutique shopping on Rodeo Drive. The supporting cast is also appealing, including Laura San Giacomo as Roberts's hooker pal, Hector Elizondo as the hotel manager, Jason Alexander, Ralph Bellamy, and Hank Azaria. Now, is this something you want your sons and daughters to see? That's entirely up to you. --Jim Emerson


  • Condition: Used - Good

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The Butcher's Wife [VHS]

The Butcher's Wife [VHS] Lowest new price: $44.98
Lowest used price: $2.00
List price: $14.95

Marina (Demi Moore), a blonde Southern belle with a clairvoyant streak, sees signs--a shooting star with two tails, a snowglobe that washes up on the beach, a wedding band inside of a fish--telling her that her true love is about to come ashore. And soon enough, a boat lands on the beach in front of her home; only the guy inside is a stout butcher from New York City named Leo (George Dzundza). Still, portents are portents, and the next thing you know she's married and running barefoot around a butcher's shop in Greenwich Village, where she inspires various residents with her predictions. Leo, however, is creeped out by his wife's abilities, and encourages her to see Alex (Jeff Daniels), a psychiatrist who works across the street. To placate him, she does--and soon begins to suspect that she's misread her signs and married the wrong man. The Butcher's Wife could use a little more humor about Marina's powers (her pronouncements are dizzyingly earnest), but the movie is buoyed by a fantastic supporting cast, particularly Margaret Colin as a soap-opera actress, Frances McDormand as a lesbian dress-shop owner, and Mary Steenburgen as a dowdy church choir leader who just wants to sing the blues. Like Marina, you know what's going to happen, but the cast manages to make getting there charming. --Bret Fetzer

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Dangerous When Wet [VHS]

Dangerous When Wet [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.98
Lowest used price: $2.45
List price: $17.00

Esther Williams stars as Katie Higgins, the daughter of an Arkansas dairy farmer. The Higginses keep a simple life, working their farm and swimming to stay fit until they meet the shady promoter (Jack Carson) of a vitamin tonic called Liquapep. Before you know it, they've been whisked across the ocean to compete in a swimming race across the English Channel. Fernando Lamas (who later married Williams in real life) appears on the scene as André, a dashing Frenchman who just might distract Katie from her training. Like any Esther Williams movie, Dangerous When Wet features plenty of silly humor and loads of music. There's also an animated sequence in which Katie swims through a cartoon sea with none other than Tom and Jerry. But can she make it through the icy waters of the Channel? Swim, Esther, swim! --Ali Davis

Dead Solid Perfect [VHS]

Dead Solid Perfect [VHS] Lowest new price: $191.64
Lowest used price: $39.95
List price: $14.98

A down-on-his-luck golf pro struggles to find his game both on and off the golf course, since his long-suffering wife has just about had it.

Mischief [VHS]

Mischief [VHS] Lowest used price: $4.94

A clumsy and not particularly popular boy attending high school in the 50's has one overriding wish in life--to "make it" with the hottest girl in school. With the help of his slick new friend, his dream just might come true.

How to Steal a Million [VHS]

How to Steal a Million [VHS] Lowest new price: $16.95
Lowest used price: $2.94

Audrey Hepburn was never more sleek and glamorous than in this delightful romantic caper costarring Peter O'Toole and directed by William Wyler. She's the chic daughter of a renowned art collector and covert forger (the always eccentric Hugh Griffith) who's deposited his best work, a famous statue, in a Paris museum. Trouble is, technology can now detect such forgery, so Hepburn plots to steal the statue with the help of O'Toole, an amateur thief and covert inspector. Of course, neither of them knows the whole truth about the other. They make an utterly charming couple, with O'Toole stealing the show in an uncharacteristically lighthearted turn. --Bill Desowitz

The Lady Is Willing [VHS]

The Lady Is Willing [VHS] Lowest used price: $15.00
List price: $19.95

romantic drama

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Bringing Up Baby [VHS]

Bringing Up Baby [VHS] Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $2.45

Guaranteed to work or your money back - PLEASE NOTE ALL MONIES FROM THIS SALE GO TO A 501 (C)3 NO KILL ANIMAL SHELTER

"The love impulse in man," says a psychiatrist in Bringing Up Baby, "frequently reveals itself in terms of conflict." That's for sure. For a primer on the rules and regulations of the classic screwball comedy, which throws love and conflict into close proximity, look no further. A straight-laced paleontologist (Cary Grant) loses a dinosaur bone to a dog belonging to free-spirited heiress Katharine Hepburn. In trying to retrieve said bone, Grant is drawn into the vortex surrounding the delicious Hepburn, which becomes a flirtatious pas de deux that will transform both of them. Director Howard Hawks plays the complications as a breathless escalation of their "love impulse," yet the movie is nonetheless romantic for all its speed. (Hawks's His Girl Friday, also with Grant, goes even faster.) Grant and Hepburn are a match made in movie heaven, in sync with each other throughout. Not a great box-office success when first released, Bringing Up Baby has since taken its place as a high-water mark of the screwball form, and it was used as a model for Peter Bogdanovich's What's Up, Doc? --Robert Horton

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Walk Don't Run [VHS]

Walk Don't Run [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.99
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $5.99


This extraordinarily sweet--but thankfully not sappy--film proves once and for all that Cary Grant was devastating, period. Young, mature, or in his golden years. The reason Ian Fleming modeled James Bond after Grant is startlingly clear. Grant was 62 when this film, set during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, was made. Grant plays Sir William Rutland, who is caught in the crowded rush--without a place to stay. He finds himself subletting an apartment along with Christine Easton (Samantha Eggar), who's in town to be near her fiancé, a British diplomat. Also sharing their tight quarters is Olympic competitor Steve Davis (Jim Hutton), who's evasive about his sport. Soon Sir William, a distinguished businessman, finds himself playing Cupid to his young housemates.

The movie is a comedy of clever words, of misunderstandings, and, surprisingly, of physical humor. Grant, stripping down to boxers and a T-shirt, takes to the Tokyo streets, participating in "the event" to the incredulity of those around him and to the amusement of the audience. It's a priceless and very funny scene--and the film is full of such joys. Grant lived another 20 years, but this was his final film and a fine cheerio it is indeed. --N.F. Mendoza

Little Rascals [VHS]

Little Rascals [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.95
Lowest used price: $1.50
List price: $9.98
Brand: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

USED: MCA Universal The Little Rascal'sFeature: Non-Animated VHS VideoTape. Video box has tear. Does not effect tape.* BRAND/SYSTEM = MCA Universal* VIDEO TYPES = Feature: Non-Animated* CONDITION = Visible Wear: USED* VIDEO LENGTH = 1hr 23min* VIDEO RATING = PG* AVAILABILITY = In Stock* SHIPS WITHIN = 1-2 DaysITEM ID: 162431CATEGORY: VCR

Kids may enjoy the slapstick of this modern reworking of the old Our Gang comedies, but parents who grew up watching them on TV (or grandparents who saw them at theaters) will wonder why anyone would want to be involved in this pathetic remake. Directed by Penelope Spheeris, the film takes look-alike kids and casts them as Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, and the rest, minus any sense of what made the old Hal Roach comedies funny. Instead of kids being kids, these are kids doing shtick while recycling such old bits as the He-Man Woman Haters Club, the kids' go-cart race, and Spanky and Alfalfa dressing as girls. Devoid of charm or wit. --Marshall Fine

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