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Facial Magic Set [VHS]

Facial Magic Set [VHS] Lowest new price: $18.96
Lowest used price: $8.98
List price: $18.96

PLEASE READ!!! THIS IS VHS VIDEO NOT DVD!!! VHS TAPE (as shown) "Facial Magic [VHS]" box has shelf wea, tape in great condition. Fast shipping..(T2)

How to Figure Out Music From Recordings (Music Instruction Video for all Instruments) [VHS]

How to Figure Out Music From Recordings (Music Instruction Video for all Instruments) [VHS] Author: Dan Huckabee

We at Musician’s Workshop caused a minor revolution in 1977 when we started offering half-speed recorders especially for the purpose of "figuring out licks off of records." At that time, only a few people were practicing this valuable secret. 25 years later, we are still helping people to get started learning music "all by yourself" by listening to your favorite CD & trying to figure out what your hero has played. In this 2-hour video you will learn the history of lick learning, the ear training benefits, & how the process actually works the same for all instrument. You will see a complete & thorough demonstration of all the lick-learning machines as well as how each works & sounds. But most of all, we will show the reason why "figuring out licks off of records" is absolutely the most important, valuable, & fulfilling way to learn to play a musical instrument, & truly the only way to develop your ear!

(2-hours) Includes: Matching tones to simple songs, learning easy & difficult licks from hit records, preparing the recording for analysis, tuning up to the recording, figuring out what key it’s in, figuring out chords & chord progressions, special problems for fingerpicking, harmonica, bass, drums, figuring out musical ornaments, developing artistry, & much more! Watch Dan actually figure out licks, solos & chords , from several songs, (using several different instruments) as he explains the secrets & the use of the devices. On VHS or DVD. check out its companion: Understanding the Formula of Music!

Murder Mystery Video Party [VHS]

Murder Mystery Video Party [VHS] Lowest new price: $14.95
Lowest used price: $8.99

Package contains 12 clue Cards, 12 Suspects, 1 Muder Mystery Movie Video, 3 Chances to Solve the Crime. when a popular restauranttuer is suddenly murdered, no one is allowed to leave and everyone is supect! Why is Miss Svenson so emotional about the murder? Who is Oscar Himmel and what does he know about Miss Swift? At Three Points in the movie, the detective will tell you to stop the video, question your supects and pick up clues to track down the killer.

Dissolving Barriers To Success: A Mandria Healing Home Workshop [VHS]

Dissolving Barriers To Success: A Mandria Healing Home Workshop [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.95
List price: $19.95

"Achieve greater success with less effort"

This is an intense and challenging workshop. It will reach to the heart of what success means for you. You will discover what has stopped you from achieving success in the past - and you will gain the freedom to create what you want.

Join Mark Fourman, Certified Integrated Awareness Teacher, as he guides you through a series of subtle and powerful explorations to dissolve your barriers to success and to open up new avenues for achievement!

When success doesn’t come easily, there are often parts of our self which are unconsciously getting in the way of our achieving what we want. Through the three 45-minute explorations in this home workshop you can:

- Discover how you waste energy on creating the appearance of success, and learn to increase your focus on actually being successful
- Discover and dissolve your barriers to reaching for success
- Increase your ability to act effectively, even when you have insecurities and fears

Also available on VHS: AISN number B0002IU54G.

The Backyard Bird Watcher [VHS]

The Backyard Bird Watcher [VHS] Lowest new price: $12.86
Lowest used price: $2.69
List price: $16.85
Author: George H. Harrison

Backyard Birdwatcher - Product Code:Y915

My First Nature and Science Video

My First Nature and Science Video Lowest used price: $14.99

My First Science Video will explore how magnets work, how weather is predicted, how fingerprinting is done and lots more. My First Nature Video will answer questions of How do plants grow, what do rings on a tree mean, how do bugslive and so much more Enjoy fun activties such as planting seeds, making creepy crawly traps, growing a miniature garden in a bottle. Great for a rainy day.


  • My First Video is a colorful easy-to-follow guide for fun activities
  • Uses everyday materials from around the home
  • Great for kids and parents!
  • Theme song preformed by Tom Chapin
  • Recommended for ages 5 years and older.

Tantric Massage Video [VHS]

Tantric Massage Video [VHS] Lowest used price: $10.98
Author: Kenneth Ray Stubbs

NOTE: The Tantric Massage Video and the Erotic Massage Video (ASIN: 0939263130) are very similar videos designed to accompany different books, The Essential Tantra and Erotic Massage, respectively. Please do not purchase both videos.

Bringing to life the first section of the book The Essential Tantra by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, this video shows the grace, the flow, and the dance of sensual, tantric massage. In easy-to-learn strokes, you and your partner can bring together the intimate, the erotic, and the spiritual.

With only relaxing music in the audio background, learn the art of massage on the back, the feet, the neck, and full genital massage, covering all the strokes in the book, plus some new unwritten strokes.

Country Hip Hop Dancing [VHS]

Country Hip Hop Dancing [VHS] Lowest new price: $196.34
List price: $9.95

New Factory Sealed.

Jitterbug [VHS]

Jitterbug [VHS] Lowest used price: $4.00

Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course (TRVHTC) [VHS]

Technical Remote Viewing Home Training Course (TRVHTC) [VHS] Lowest new price: $274.96
Lowest used price: $144.99
List price: $274.97

As Operations and Training Officer for the military's psychic intelligence unit, Major Dames was intimately involved in the development and use of this remarkable technology to support critical classified military operations. In 1989, he founded PSI TECH, Incorporated, and along with PSI TECH's current president, Jonina Dourif, began applying these powerful, originally TOP SECRET techniques, in the civilian sector.

Until now, training in Technical Remote Viewing® was offered by PSI TECH to only 30 people per year. The tuition for this course was $4500.00. Trainees were required to come to Los Angeles for 10 consecutive days, to learn TRV®.

PSI TECH is proud to announce that, after 15 years of training and research, we have developed a method by which you can successfully learn the skill of Technical Remote Viewing®, at your own pace in the privacy of your own home - at a mere fraction of what it would cost for on-site training.

Technical Remote Viewing is an ingenious set of standardized procedures undertaken by trained individuals, using only a pen and paper - and one's mind - to gather accurate information about people, places, things and events in the past, present, or future.

All people possess innate PSI abilities, but precision psychic skills, like language, must be learned. Under the scrutiny of renown scientists, Technical Remote Viewing® has proven itself as the ultimate mind tool. In fact, those who learn TRV® are more consistently accurate than even the best-untrained psychics! PSI TECH's instructional video tapes will provide you with rigorous, step by step instruction in TRV®.

Produced by Jonina Dourif and directed by Academy Award® nominee William Gazecki, the TRV® training course has proven its effectiveness in a number of learning environments, and has been designed for adults of all ages.

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