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Learn To Sail

Learn To Sail Lowest used price: $4.95

In these 106 minutes of easy to understand instruction you will gain ll the knowledge you need to be a good basic to intermediate sailor

Home Furniture Repair with Dave Fugge [VHS]

Home Furniture Repair with Dave Fugge [VHS] List price: $22.95
Author: Jr. Edward N. Hoyt

Above and Below Video Productions, Durham, Connecticut, has been producting innovative and creative videos for 15 years. With a small but full-service digital studio, Ed Hoyt applies and combines his interest and talent in corporate production, underwater video and documentary research to offer useful and informative content to those with special interests. A 1998 Videographer Award Winner, Above and Below always give you more than you expect in content for a fair price!

Comm1 Radio Simulator VFR [CD ROM]

Comm1 Radio Simulator VFR [CD ROM] Lowest new price: $87.09
Lowest used price: $77.77
Brand: comm

Overcome that intimidation or refresh your skills with COMM1 VFR, exchanging actual dialogue with Air Traffic Controllers from the safety of your desktop. This Windows and Mac based instructional CD-ROM is the closest thing to talking on the cockpit radio that you'll find anywhere.Hear "live" air traffic controllers working your aircraft and other traffic in real-time settings through all types of airspace. Simulate ATC communications in dozens of lessons over the full range of VFR flight situations. Master AIM and FAA-approved radio phraseology. Prepare for each exercise with narrated briefings. Learn to anticipate ATC instructions and sequences in every type of airspace. COMM1 VFR has over 6 linear hours of interactive communication training. Tune the photorealistic interactive radio stack. Record and playback your own radio calls with interactive audio exercises. Operate the on-screen COM 1, COM 2, NAV 1, NAV 2, and audio panel .Simulate emergency radio procedures from the safety of your desktop. Access the most widely-used aviation resources for frequencies and communication information from the Airport/Facility Directory, AOPA's Airport Directory and Sectional Charts. The instructionally sound curriculum takes you through progressively more complex airspace so that you can feel confident in any environment. Detailed graphics depict your aircraft and aid you in each lesson. Use actual aeronautical charts, airport diagrams and other visual aids in over 70 comprehensive lessons and scenarios. Talk to ATC and other pilots as you fly through Class B, C, D and TRSA airspace. Hear examples of what you are expected to perform in each lesson. Learn when to transmit in the midst of "live" ATC exchanges. Receive immediate audio feedback to your recorded radio calls. Critique and compare your own radio speech with that of an expert. Practice making requests for Radar Flight-Following and Approach/ Departure Clearances.


  • pilots can practice all facets of radio communication via CD-Rom
  • eliminate the fear of talking to ATC
  • approved radio phraseology and FAA reviewed

Similar Products:

Kids Birthday Parties on a Budget [VHS]

Lowest new price: $9.99
Author: Northstar

American Etiquette for a Formal Party [VHS]

American Etiquette for a Formal Party [VHS] Lowest used price: $5.11

This beautiful video gives a step by step guide as to how to plan and give a formal dinner party in your home. Ruth L. Kern, International Etiquette Consultant, explains how to select and deal with a caterer, how to prepare your home for a formal party and how to be a guest in your own home.

This video will give you the confidence to host your own formal party.

Martha Stewart's Secrets for Entertaining: A Formal Dinner Party [VHS]

Martha Stewart's Secrets for Entertaining: A Formal Dinner Party [VHS] Lowest used price: $19.00
List price: $19.99

Martha Stewart's Secrets for Entertaining: A Formal Dinner Party

Etiquette Afternoon: Discussion of American Manners [VHS]

Etiquette Afternoon: Discussion of American Manners [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.95
List price: $19.95

This video is a 'made for television' interview between Ruth L. Kern, International Etiquette Consultant, and Stephen H. Legg, the co-producer and moderator for the show, 'Our Town, Evanston.' This video has been shown extensively on television stations in the Chicago area.

In this video, you will learn about Dress Code Etiquette, how the 'American' style of eating originated and how Ruth became the leading authority of etiquette.

Ms. Kern can be seen on the NBC daytime series, "Starting Over," which begins airing September 8, 2003. Check local listings for the time of the show. She has been asked to be the etiquette consultant featured on the program.

Body For Hire; The Complete Bodyguard Training Video Series [VHS]

Body For Hire; The Complete Bodyguard Training Video Series [VHS] Author: Rick Reynolds

Now, for the first time ever offered on video, you can go inside the school that trains professional bodyguards. The lessons presented in these videos have never before been so completely captured in detail on film. The training presented in these videos is the same training taught to agents assigned to protect celebrities, dignitaries, and heads of state worldwide. The BODY FOR HIRE video series gives you the basic building blocks to begin your career as a professionally trained personal protection specialist. Many working bodyguards today don't actually have a professional background in this field. They were merely physically big enough, or bluffed enough to get hired. The people that hired them use them as "window dressing" security. And they pay them much less than what a professional would receive. Typically these untrained guards earn less than $20,000 annually. But with professional training, they could easily command $60,000 or more. The key is their training. Join an elite group of men and women providing professional personal protection to a growing list of clients. Order the BODY FOR HIRE video training series and start building your career today.

Kendo - Japanese Fencing (Tsunami) [VHS]

Kendo - Japanese Fencing (Tsunami) [VHS] List price: $24.95

A really useful source of information for both the beginner and more advanced student of Kendo. It's particularly interesting to compare the high level kendo of the late 50s and early 60s shown in this archive production with today's training. Featuring various senior Kendo instructors, the demonstration of Omori Ryu Iaido sword drawing by Tanaya sensei is especially captivating.

Inner Structure of Tai Chi: Level I [VHS]

Inner Structure of Tai Chi: Level I [VHS] Author: Mantak Chia

Mind Body Integration through Movement. On this tape Master Chia will guide you through a Tai Chi form that is short, simple, and is easy to learn. Within this simple form Master Chia reveals the real treasure of Tai Chi: the energetic movement that comprises the inner structure. Through the regular practice of Tai Chi you can learn to move your body effortlessly utilizing energy, or Chi, rather than muscle tension. By feeling the circulation of Chi through the acupuncture channels, muscles and tendons, your body learns more efficient ways of utilizing energy in motion.

The Inner Structure of Tai Chi I presents the Nine Levels of Tai Chi Chi Kung, including: Yin & Yang Form, Rootedness Form, Spinal Cord Chi Transfer Form, Changing the Tendons Form, Tan Tien Form, Organ Healing Form, Skin Breathing & Bone Marrow Form, Inner Structure and Applications, and the Combined Form.

This tape takes you right into the classroom with Master Mantak Chia at the annual summer retreat. You will follow the same step by step instruction that their students at the retreat receive. This video, shot in a high resolution format, combines rich detail and clear organization to give you a truly complete experience of Master Chia's teachings.

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