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Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles: In the Blood [VHS]

Yu Yu Hakusho Ghostfiles: In the Blood [VHS] Lowest new price: $14.97
Lowest used price: $34.22
List price: $18.98

EXCELLENT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dragon Ball - General Blue - Underwater Hunt (Uncut) [VHS]

Lowest new price: $9.99
List price: $9.99


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My Neighbor Totoro [VHS]

My Neighbor Totoro [VHS] Lowest new price: $40.00
Lowest used price: $11.91
List price: $9.98

Light Package Damage. Reduced Price.

My Neighbor Totoro is that rare delight, a family film that appeals to children and adults alike. While their mother is in the hospital, 10-year-old Satsuki and 4-year-old Mei move into an old-fashioned house in the country with their professor father. At the foot of an enormous camphor tree, Mei discovers the nest of King Totoro, a giant forest spirit who resembles an enormous bunny rabbit. Mei and Satsuki learn that Totoro makes the trees grow, and when he flies over the countryside or roars in his thunderous voice, the winds blow. Totoro becomes the protector of the two sisters, watching over them when they wait for their father, and carrying them over the forests on an enchanted journey. When the children worry about their mother, Totoro sends them to visit her via a Catbus, a magical, multilegged creature with a grin the Cheshire Cat might envy.

Unlike many cartoon children, Satsuki and Mei are neither smart-alecky nor cloyingly saccharine. They are credible kids: bright, energetic, silly, helpful, and occasionally impatient. Filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki makes the viewer believe the two sisters love each other in a way no American feature has ever achieved. My Neighbor Totoro is enormously popular in Japan, and some of the character merchandise has begun to appear in America. The film has also inspired a Japanese environmental group to buy a Totoro Forest preserve in the Saitama Prefecture, where Miyazaki's film is set. --Charles Solomon

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Sailor Moon R The Movie - The Promise of the Rose [VHS]

Sailor Moon R The Movie - The Promise of the Rose [VHS] Lowest used price: $14.59
List price: $14.98

Kisenian, traveling from a far away galaxy, disguised as a meteor, aims to gather all the "positive" energy from the Earth and plant the seeds of "negativity" leaving Earth full of hatred. Unable to do this on her own, Kisenian preys on the vulnerable heart of Darien's childhood friend, Fiore. Fiore, jealous of Sailor Moon and Darien's passionate friendship, joins Kisenian in her wicked endeavor to gather energy from every star and planet!

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Sailor Moon S The Movie - Hearts in Ice [VHS]

Sailor Moon S The Movie - Hearts in Ice [VHS] Lowest new price: $39.98
Lowest used price: $8.71
List price: $9.98

As Serena and her friends enjoy Christmas vacation, an unusual and fierce snowstorm hits town... The evil Snow Queen Kaguya has returned to claim Earth as her own. Crucial to Queen Kaguya's plan is a magical crystal from outer space, approaching Earth disguised as a comet. Once she gets hold of the crystal, she will have the power to suck away all life energy and cover the Earth in ice. Will Sailor Moon find the crystal before Queen Kaguya? Will her powers be enough to save the Earth from permanent winter? All hope lies with the Legendary Ultimate Scout Power!

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Yu Yu Hakusho - Chapter Black Saga (Vol. 23) - Uncut [VHS]

Yu Yu Hakusho - Chapter Black Saga (Vol. 23) - Uncut [VHS] Lowest new price: $18.99
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $18.99

In the third YU YU HAKUSHO saga CHAPTER BLACK, a new force looms over Mushiyori City: a gateway appears between the worlds of the living and the dead, with scores of seemingly unbeatable demons poised to take over the universe! Now it's up to spirit detectives Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei to use their supernatural powers to save the day and force a confrontation with the gateway's evil mastermind Sensui. DANGEROUS GAMES includes episodes 79-82: "The Human Race," "Moving Target," "Let the Games Begin," and "If You Could Play Forever."

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Dragon Ball Z - Trunks - 4 Volume Gift Boxed Set (Uncut) [VHS]

Dragon Ball Z - Trunks - 4 Volume Gift Boxed Set (Uncut) [VHS] List price: $19.95

very interesting


  • 4 Tape Set (UNcut)
  • NO "commercial breaks" present

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Pokémon: The First Movie [VHS]

Pokémon: The First Movie [VHS] Lowest new price: $8.30
Lowest used price: $3.75
List price: $14.98
Brand: Warner Bros. Kids

This is the first movie of Pokemon and also includes the first battle between Mewtwo and Mew!

The world domination of Pokémon begets their first theatrical movie. This adventure is a little more complex and dark than the popular TV series, but kids who live for the show will gobble up this film and ask for seconds. Those baffled by the show's popularity, however, will see nothing better here. Mewtwo, a new type of Pokémon designed by scientists to be the ultimate fighter, decides he wants to rule the world and challenges all the great Pokémasters to battle. Of course, our intrepid heroes Ash, Misty, and Brock are there to tangle with Mewtwo and spoil his devilish schemes. The film is a tad more emotional than the show (that is, there is some emotion), with Ash sacrificing himself to defend his beloved Pikachu (but don't you worry, Ash will be just fine).

Would you really expect the makers of this worldwide phenomenon to radically change its winning formula? The feature is only 55 minutes long, but there's also a 20-minute short, "Pikachu's Vacation." For the Pokémon novice, this escapade will truly baffle: the narrated tale has virtually no dialogue except Pokémon speaking their names (Bulbasaur, for instance, will only express emotion by using variations of his name: "Bulba, Bulba-SAUR!"). It's a real curio. --Doug Thomas

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New Angel 4

New Angel 4 Lowest used price: $9.95

VHS Video Cassette. Mature audiences only.


  • VHS Video Cassette
  • Adult Themes

Sailor Moon S - The Love War (Vol. 2, TV Version) [VHS]

Sailor Moon S - The Love War (Vol. 2, TV Version) [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.99
Lowest used price: $3.72
List price: $19.99

Japanimation goes girl crazy in this pastel-propelled series about a lovesick middle-schooler, Serena, whose alter ego, Sailor Moon, aims to triumph over evil in the name of true love. Volume Two comprises three Eros-charged episodes from the third season of the show. First up is "Swept Off Her Feet," wherein a doe-eyed study buddy unwittingly falls for a villain intent on robbing her of her pure-heart crystal. Next comes "Blinded by Love's Light," in which the shaggy- haired Melvin, who sports a couple of psychedelic curlicues for eyes, enters a True Affection contest only to be hoodwinked into having his pure heart harvested by the heart snatchers. For a finale, "Lita Borrows Trouble" finds the evil heart snatcher Scar zeroing on the title character's much-coveted crystal. Constants in this series, other than the shrill-voiced Miss Moon, are hotshot high schoolers Amara and Michelle, a couple of best friends who, considering Amara's cropped haircut amid a sea of swirling ponytails, seem more like a couple. Together, they're heart-stealing schemers, but of a different order. For them, the goal is culling three crystals--that way, we discover way into the "Lita" episode, peace will prevail in their heart-shaped universe. Sailor Moon doesn't glide along without ripples; the plots are plunked down about three-quarters of the way into each episode, often unintelligibly, but the series is more about girlie good fun than strong stories. For teenage girls fond of Japanimation, the gender-specific nature makes this series a gem. The edited version (that plays on the Cartoon Network) is for ages 5 to 12, the uncut version is rated for teenagers for violence, innuendo, and brief nudity. --Tammy La Gorce

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