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The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion - Successor of Legend [VHS]

The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion - Successor of Legend [VHS] Lowest used price: $12.99
List price: $9.98

Kimba the White Lion began as a manga (comics) series Osamu Tezuka wrote and drew from 1950 through 1954. The title character was the son of the Panja, the Jungle Emperor, although his large ears and round head made him look more like a mouse than a feline. The stories remained popular enough for Tezuka to produce an animated series in 1965, the first color animated program on Japanese television. A substantially reedited version began showing in America in 1966. Tezuka followed Kimba with a second series that depicted the character as an adult with a mate and cubs of his own. It finally aired in America in 1984 on the Christian Broadcasting Network as Leo the Lion.

It is an article of faith among Tezuka's fans that Disney's 1994 hit The Lion King was based in part on Kimba, although the artists who made the record-breaking feature deny any influence. Neither side has commented on how much Tezuka borrowed from Disney's Bambi for Kimba. --Charles Solomon

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Ghost in the Shell [VHS]

Ghost in the Shell [VHS] Lowest new price: $41.00
Lowest used price: $6.00

Ghost in the Shell is a futuristic thriller with intense action scenes mixed with slower artistic sequences and many philosophical questions about one's soul, gender and human identity in such an advanced age of technology. In the year 2029, advances in Cybernetics allow people to replace nearly all of their body parts and organs with robotics. Through these prosthetics, the weak are made strong, and the dying are given new life. Public Security Section 9 of Niihama City (a fictional setting inspired by Hong Kong), a diverse team of AI, cyborgs and unmodified humans, must investigate cases of corruption and terrorism. Major Motoko Kusanagi has full-body prosthetics, owing to a childhood accident. She, her second in command Batou and information specialist Ishikawa have been assigned an important task: to investigate a hacker known only as "The Puppetmaster." But as Motoko and her team discover, things are never so simple.

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Sailor Moon - The Legend Begins (TV Show, Vol. 1) [VHS]

Sailor Moon - The Legend Begins (TV Show, Vol. 1) [VHS] Lowest new price: $48.00
Lowest used price: $20.59
List price: $12.98

High-pitched, relentlessly fast paced, and filmed in eye-gouging gumball colors, this video series combines two previously released dubbed episodes from the Japanese animated series, along with a couple of new ones. The adventures of a group of schoolgirl superheroes, Sailor Moon is a lighthearted kiddy variation on a ubiquitous Japanese subgenre, stories of alienated adolescents granted paranormal powers and enlisted on the side of virtue in apocalyptic struggles across space and time. Imported to the U.S. in an attempt to create a post-Power Rangers franchise for girls, the show never became a mainstream megahit in the states, although it still has passionate fans (thanks to airings on the Cartoon Network). The chirpy, giggly tone may be off-putting, but the level of visual imagination (and the self-sufficient courage of the young heroines) can be exhilarating, especially when kids and parents watch together. This first volume kicks off with the "secret origin" episode, "A Moon Star Is Born," in which Tokyo middle-school student Serena is transformed into the title character by the occult power of a mysterious locket. She acquires a cute sidekick (a talking cat named Luna), and in the three succeeding episodes she begins to assemble her support team of spunky Sailor Scouts, with names like Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. In the second episode, "Talk Radio," a phantom radio program is somehow connected with the door-to-door delivery of flowers whose fumes put people to sleep. Also includes the episodes "Slim City" and "So You Want to Be a Superstar," with a total running time of 90 minutes. These edited shows are appropriate for fans age 5 to 12. --David Chute

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End of Summer 2

End of Summer 2

End of Summer 2 VHS TAPE

Pokemon: The Movie 2000 [VHS]

Pokemon: The Movie 2000 [VHS] Lowest new price: $9.67
Lowest used price: $1.75
List price: $9.67

2000 - 102 minutes

Thanks to a greedy Pokémon collector, Earth's weather patterns are askew and its population doomed unless Pokémon trainer Ash can return three glass balls to their proper place in this second Pokémon feature. Unlike the television show, the movie features little violence and no Pokémon battles in the classic sense. Instead, the focus is an environmental one: what happens when humans interfere with the harmony of Earth's elements--in this case fire, ice, and lightning. Even Team Rocket have a (temporary, to be sure) change of heart, joining Ash and Misty in their effort to free the three imprisoned birdlike Pokémon who regulate those elements. The good intentions of this 76-minute film, however, don't make it any less dull for grownups (even though this feature is better than the first). Even more mind-numbing than the feature is the lead-in short, "Pikachu's Rescue Adventure," in which Pikachu and Pokémon friends follow Team Rocket's feline down a hole into a Munchkinland-type place. Without the humans for dialogue, viewers must endure a full 20 minutes of nothing but the squawks and squeaks of pocket monsters. As the movie's title song says, "We all live in a Pokémon world." (Ages 3 and older.) --Kimberly Heinrichs


  • Exclusive bonus Footage
  • nak preview of Pokemon 3
  • Includes the Mini-Movie: Pirachu's Rescue Adventure

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Sailor Moon, The Movie - Boxed Set Trilogy [VHS]

Sailor Moon, The Movie - Boxed Set Trilogy [VHS] Lowest new price: $199.99
List price: $9.98

Includes: Sailor Moon R - VHS - Dub, edited version (EDP 70707), Sailor Moon S - VHS - Dub, edited version (EDP 70708), and Sailor Moon SuperS - VHS - Dub, edited version (EDP 70709)

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Sailor Moon S - Pure Hearts (Vol. 1, TV Version) [VHS]

Sailor Moon S - Pure Hearts (Vol. 1, TV Version) [VHS] Lowest new price: $8.00
Lowest used price: $2.99
List price: $9.99

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Kimba the White Lion - Box Set 2 [VHS]

Kimba the White Lion - Box Set 2 [VHS] Lowest new price: $28.95

Contains volumes 7-13 of the series in a collector's box

Pokemon - The Sisters of Cerulean City (Vol. 3) [VHS]

Pokemon - The Sisters of Cerulean City (Vol. 3) [VHS] Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $1.92
List price: $9.99

POKEMON THE SISTERS OF CERULEAN CITY VIDEO MOVIE BY PIONEER POKE BALL! GO EXECTIVE PRODUCTIONS NORMAN J GROSSFIELD CONTAINS T.V. EPISODES :THE WATER FLOWERS OF CERULEAN CITY, THE PATH TO THE POKEMON LEAGUE ,THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS Product Details Number of Tapes: 1 Rating: Not Rated Film Country: USA UPC: 013023023031 Genre: Children & Family Release Date: 02/02/1999 Sub-Genre: Animated Rating: NR Director: Jim Malone, Michael Haigney Edition: Box Set Format: VHS

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Roujin Z [VHS]

Roujin Z [VHS] Lowest new price: $3.88
Lowest used price: $1.62
List price: $12.99

Roujin Z [VHS]

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