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Cowboy Bebop Collector's Box 1-Vol. 1-7 [VHS]

Cowboy Bebop Collector's Box 1-Vol. 1-7 [VHS] Lowest new price: $399.99
Lowest used price: $248.60

Japanese anime series featuring bounty hunter crew.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Shooting Stars (Vol. 1) [VHS]

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - Shooting Stars (Vol. 1) [VHS] Lowest new price: $2.99
Lowest used price: $2.50
List price: $9.99

The space colonies have grown tired of the oppressive rule by the Earth government, a corrupt organization ruled by people who have no real interest in the colonists or their well-being. Their rule is unjust and unfair, but not unopposed... Resistance forces in the colonies have created five special Mobile Suits (robot-like vehicles) called Gundams. Five young pilots have been selected to sneak these Gundams down to Earth and begin a guerilla campaign that will end the Earth government's rule forever. These pilots appear little more than children, but they carry the hopes and dreams of thousands of people with them as they descend to Earth to fight for their freedom.

Gundam premiered on Japanese television in 1979 and redefined the "giant robot" genre. It's become one of the longest-running franchises in anime history, with more than a dozen broadcast, original animation video (OAV), and feature versions. The four episodes on Shooting Stars (the DVD contains a fifth episode) opened a 49-part broadcast series that aired in Japan in 1995 and 1996.

After a war devastated the surface of the earth, many people left for the Space Colonies. The remaining inhabitants are governed by the United Earth Sphere Alliance, which has oppressed the Colonies. A group of rebels hope to win their freedom by attacking Earth with five teenage pilots in Gundam mobile suits (robotic rocket ships made from Gundanium alloy). Heero Yuy, the brash hero, immediately comes into conflict with the sinister Lieutenant Zechs and Colonel Treize, who are important officers in OZ, an elite mobile-suit unit trained and staffed by the powerful Romefeller Foundation. Heero also inadvertently wins the heart of Relena, the wealthy daughter of a cabinet minister. While Heero insults Relena and fights the forces of OZ, the other four Gundam pilots, Duo, Trowa, Quatra, and Chang (who, oddly, don't know each other) wreak havoc on Alliance factories and military bases. It's a classic confrontation between indestructible good guys with invincible weapons and bad guys who can't hit the broad side of a robot. The DVD contains the "unedited version" of the show that plays on the Cartoon Network. It contains no nudity or sex; the violence is largely restricted to machines attacking each other and is recommended for ages 7 and older. The VHS version has some language changes ("I will kill you" becomes "I will destroy you") and the blood has been removed when characters are injured. There is no difference in running time. --Charles Solomon

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Pokemon - The Sisters of Cerulean City (Vol. 3) [VHS]

Pokemon - The Sisters of Cerulean City (Vol. 3) [VHS] Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $1.94
List price: $8.98

POKEMON THE SISTERS OF CERULEAN CITY VIDEO MOVIE BY PIONEER POKE BALL! GO EXECTIVE PRODUCTIONS NORMAN J GROSSFIELD CONTAINS T.V. EPISODES :THE WATER FLOWERS OF CERULEAN CITY, THE PATH TO THE POKEMON LEAGUE ,THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS Product Details Number of Tapes: 1 Rating: Not Rated Film Country: USA UPC: 013023023031 Genre: Children & Family Release Date: 02/02/1999 Sub-Genre: Animated Rating: NR Director: Jim Malone, Michael Haigney Edition: Box Set Format: VHS

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Dragon Ball - Fortune Teller Baba - Yamcha's Fall (Uncut) [VHS]

Dragon Ball - Fortune Teller Baba - Yamcha's Fall (Uncut) [VHS] Lowest new price: $79.98
List price: $4.98

Dragon Ball - Fortune Teller Baba - Yamcha's Fall (Uncut) [VHS]

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Devilman - The Birth (Vol. 1) [VHS]

Devilman - The Birth (Vol. 1) [VHS] Lowest new price: $148.98
Lowest used price: $19.99
List price: $14.95

Akira is just another normal kid in modern-day Tokyo, until an old friend of his, Ryo, shows up and turns his world upside down. Akira learns that there is an upcoming war of demons on humanity and he has just been enlisted for a major tour of duty. But the only way to fight a demon is with their power, so Akira and Ryo risk a dangerous ceremony in an attempt to create humanity's only hope: the powerful Devilman.

Rumik World:Mermaid Forest [VHS]

Rumik World:Mermaid Forest [VHS]

Very Clean case, VHS have very clear picture and sound

Rumik World: Laughing Target [VHS]

Rumik World: Laughing Target [VHS] List price: $14.99

Ninja Scroll [VHS]

Ninja Scroll [VHS] Lowest new price: $199.99
Lowest used price: $4.59

A peak achievement of Japanese anime, Ninja Scroll is a propulsive mix of samurai action adventure and supernatural fantasy from writer-director Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Supernatural Best City). This is defiantly animation for grown-ups, complete with fountains of blood, plenty of naked flesh, and (in both the subtitled and dubbed versions) some decidedly strong language. (Students of Japanese language could pick up some useful expressions.) The plot sounds like a 16th century variation on the X-Files: An entire village has been wiped out by a mysterious plague and an anti-government conspiracy of invulnerable demons seems to be responsible. A wandering ninja, Jubei, and his female counterpart, Kagero, team up to defeat the plotters. Jubei is a classic reluctant hero, agreeing to participate in the mission only after being fed a slow-acting poison; the antidote will be supplied after he cooperates. And Kagero, a looker whose embrace is lethal, is a femme fatale with a difference that seems distinctively Japanese: sexual contact itself is poisonous, especially for a warrior with a pure soul. --David Chute

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Castle in the Sky [VHS]

Castle in the Sky [VHS] Lowest new price: $29.99
Lowest used price: $7.52
List price: $29.99

The magic touch of master animator Hayao Miyazaki is visible from start to finish in CASTLE IN THE SKY -- an imaginative tale full of mystery and adventure. The high-flying journey begins when Pazu, a mining apprentice, finds a young girl wearing a glowing pendant and floating down from the sky. Together, they discover both are searching for the legendary floating castle, Laputa, and vow to unravel the mystery of the luminous crystal around her neck. Their quest won't be easy, however. There are air pirates, secret agents, and astounding obstacles to keep them from the truth -- and from each other. With spectacular animation, a fabulous musical score, and the voice talents of Anna Paquin (Sheeta), James Van Der Beek (Pazu), and Cloris Leachman (Dola), CASTLE IN THE SKY is an animated masterpiece you'll never forget!

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Akira [VHS]

Akira [VHS]

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