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Self Defense

Gun Safety [VHS]

Gun Safety [VHS] Lowest new price: $11.95

Gun Safety (VHS) with Dan West, (24 Minutes). Accident Prevention Video.


  • Gun Safety with Dan West is a (24 Minute) VHS. Is an Accident Prevention Video.

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Guerilla Driving [VHS]

Guerilla Driving [VHS] Lowest used price: $3.98

Kick to Get Fit - Children's Safety & Self - Defense [VHS]

Kick to Get Fit - Children's Safety & Self - Defense [VHS]


Rich Grogan will teach you effective, but very easy to remember, hands on self-defense techniques to help your children protect themselves.

This video has been designed to help all children become more aware of how to avoid & handle DANGEROUS SITUATIONS.

Our society can be very scary, especially when our kids are involved. This program informs parents & caregivers as well as children how to be safe in today's society.

You'll hear and see a very extensive list of safety tips from one of the leading professionals in Children's Safety -Tammy Bowles, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and a Board Certified Art Therapists, who has worked with children for over 15 years.

Self-defense Encyclopedia [VHS]

Self-defense Encyclopedia [VHS]

The Self-defense Encyclopedia is a fast paced, information packed collection of self-defense skills and principles. Sang H. Kim's approach to self-protection is street-oriented, fluid and direct with an emphasis on ending a confrontation quickly using any means necessary.

Discover a wealth of knowledge on self-protection including 14 essential self-defense principles that you can apply to any confrontation, 22 primary and secondary targets to disable an attacker, 10 defense drills to train your instinctive responses and avoid panicking in an emergency, defensive tactics against the most common standing, ground and restraint attacks, multiple defensive options for each attack - use what works for you, restraint and control locks to immobilize an assailant, environmental awareness, coping with fear, use of verbal communciation to de-escalate a confrontation, recognizing nonverbal warning signals and understanding the pyschology of violence. Because the techniques taught are presented with both novice and advanced applications, this is an excellent reference for students, instructors and non-martial artists alike.

Junsado Self Protection Series: Arresting Locks [VHS]

Junsado Self Protection Series: Arresting Locks [VHS]

Take control no matter what your attacker throws at you. These locking techniques teach you to tie your attacker up in knots. Once you master the empty handed defenses, learn to take control of your attackers weapon and use it against him.

Junsado Self Protection Series: Double Stick Fundamentals [VHS]

Junsado Self Protection Series: Double Stick Fundamentals [VHS] Lowest new price: $14.98
List price: $14.98

The double stick techniques on this tape are unlike any other martial arts stick techniques you've ever seen. Unlike other styles, the ssangbong uses two different grips, one standard and the other reverse, to deliver maximum impact.

Learn the fundamentals of this unique style including grip, stance and posture, striking, blocking, parrying, targets, offensive and defensive combinations and basic applications.

Junsado Self Protection Series: Short Stick Fundamentals [VHS]

Junsado Self Protection Series: Short Stick Fundamentals [VHS]

The joongbong, or short stick, is the most versatile and easy to learn weapon. Once mastered, the principles of the joongbong can be applied to any blunt weapon.

This tape covers the fundamentals of the joongbong including offensive and defensive stances, proper grip, blocking and deflecting, striking, cutting, thrusting, footwork, and fundamental applications. Recommended for those new to the short stick before learning the material on the Joongbong Patterns and Advanced Joongbong tapes.

Junsado Self Protection Series: Ground Combat [VHS]

Junsado Self Protection Series: Ground Combat [VHS]

Learn unique ways to escape from attacks on the ground including head locks, pins, chokes and striking attacks by a standing opponent. Counter throws, locks & pins with principles like triangle frames & coupling force that will change the way you think about grappling.

Junsado - Combat Strategy - Standing Combat [VHS]

Junsado - Combat Strategy - Standing Combat [VHS]

Learn the principles that instantly neutralize and destroy your opponent in standing confrontations including no-nonsense defenses against tackles, standing head locks, standing chokes, punches, grabs, low kicks, sweeps and a variety of strikes.

Knife Defense Fundamentals [VHS]

Knife Defense Fundamentals [VHS]

With the strategies, tactics and techniques taught in the Armed and Dangerous Knife Defense Series, you can confidently learn to stop an armed assailant, even if you have never learned disarming techniques before. Demonstrated and taught by former counter-espionage agent Sang H. Kim, this series will prepare you for the realities of a knife attack. This tape teaches the essential basics including: defensive stance, proper grip, taking control of the knife, reversing the momentum, looping, evasion, deflections, restraint locks, standing and ground pins and sample attack and defense scenarios that you can practice with a partner to refine your skills.

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