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The Man Who Saw Tomorrow [VHS]

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow [VHS] Lowest used price: $44.99
List price: $19.98

Orson Welles narrates an incredible look at the prophecies of Nostradamus, whose amazing accuracy in predicting the future compels us to consider what his writings foretell us. Year: 1981 Director: Robert Guenette Starring: Orson Welles: Narrator


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PBS American Visions The History of American Art and Architecture [VHS]

PBS American Visions The History of American Art and Architecture [VHS] Lowest new price: $45.96
Lowest used price: $26.94
List price: $49.95

"What can we say about Americans from the things they've made? When we look at them through the lens of their art, what do we see?," host and acclaimed TIME magazine art critic Robert Hughes asks. This extraordinary series presents a panoramic view of American history as reflected by artists in every medium and genre, from "primitive" portraits of the Colonial era to the complex visions of the present day. Explore the luminous, almost sacred work of early-American landscape artists. The varied experiences of 19th century America appear in the paintings of John Singer Sargent, Mary Cassatt and Winslow Homer. Discover how a uniquely American modernism was forged at the 1913 Armory Show, and ponder the creative genius that blossomed during the '20s, the Depression years and the exciting, innovative periods following World War II.

Titles are: "The Republic of Virtue," "The Promised Land," "The Wilderness and the West," "The Gilded Age," "A Wave from the Atlantic," "Streamlines and Breadlines," "The Empire of Signs," and "The Age of Anxiety."

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Raintree County

Raintree County Lowest new price: $34.75
Lowest used price: $17.53
List price: $34.75

Elizabeth Taylor and Mongtomery Clift are passionate lovers caught up in the tumultuous events surrounding the Civil War in theis epic screen adaption of Ross Lockridge, Jr's prize-winning best seller.

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Giant Animals [VHS]

Giant Animals [VHS] List price: $9.95
Author: DK Publishing

Broadcast nationally on The Disney Channel, Amazing Animals has quickly won children's hearts around the nation. Featuring the lovable Henry the Lizard as the Inquisitive Object of the narrator's clever questions and insights, each Video is a riot of humor, live-action footage, animation; and information. Children have fun as they learn about animals around the globe.
No. 1 rated non- Disney program on the Disney Channel
Disney Channel ratings increased 31 percent for the Amazing Animals broadcast time slot!
Amazing Animals videos: Armored Animals reached No. 38 on Billboard's Video Retail Charts

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Thank You & Goodnight [VHS]

Thank You & Goodnight [VHS]

Thank You & Goodnight [VHS]

National Geographic's Storm of the Century [VHS]

National Geographic's Storm of the Century [VHS] Lowest new price: $4.99
Lowest used price: $2.65
List price: $5.88

The late weather forecast predicted deadly tornadoes, thunderstorms, and a record-breaking blizzard that would hit the eastern United States in one violent storm. But for some already asleep for the night, these urgent emergency warnings would go unheard. Now, witness one of this century's most catastrophic storms on its 1,200-mile journey of destruction from Florida's Gulf Coast to Canada - knocking out power in more than three million homes and taking some 270 lives. Follow one family's terrifying ordeal as a 12-foot-high storm surge ravages their weekend reunion. And be there for the dramatic rescue of students trapped by the blinding snow on a wilderness expedition in the Great Smoky Mountains. Experience these deadly forces of nature firsthand in STORM OF THE CENTURY.

The incredible storm of 1993 that ravaged the Eastern Seaboard, bigger than any since the 1800s, rightly acquired the title Storm of the Century. National Geographic looks at the events before, during, and after, including the late warnings that largely went unheard and the dramatic stories of the survivors, many of whom braved terrible floods or deep snow before help could arrive. Most were expecting only more unseasonable warmth--the hurricane winds, massive thunderstorms, and fierce blizzards knocked out power and caught nearly everyone off guard. In addition to interviews with meteorologists who had to puzzle together the bizarre reports from their computers, you'll see footage from Florida to Maine documenting nature's savagery, and follow a group of students hiking in North Carolina's Blue Ridge mountains who were rescued from four feet of snow, as well as others who weren't so lucky. You will never again be complacent about the weather report after watching Storm of the Century. --Rob Lightner

NOVA - Why the Towers Fell - An Exclusive Investigation into the Collapse of the World Trade Center [VHS]

NOVA - Why the Towers Fell - An Exclusive Investigation into the Collapse of the World Trade Center [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.00
Lowest used price: $3.75

For most people the image of the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, 2001, was not only a scene of unforgettable horror, it was a moment of unimaginable consequence. Within days, NOVA began following a blue ribbon team of forensic engineers as they began searching for clues that would tell them why the towers fell. This moving and informative documentary features interviews with survivors and rescue personnel who recount the buildings' last moments and their harrowing journeys to safety, interweaving these stories with the insights of some of the leading structural engineers in the world to explain exactly what happened on that fateful day.

Why the Towers Fell takes viewers through the process by which the investigative team came to understand the how's and why's of one of America's greatest tragedies. From a detailed examination of the building's original design to the relentless process of combing scrap steel yards and Ground Zero itself for evidence, this was one of the most extensive and difficult disaster investigations ever undertaken. The team tested building materials, calculated the role of the jet fuel in the fire, estimated the speed of the aircraft and the damage to the building's core, and they analyzed the effectiveness of the escape and fire protection systems. The conclusions they reached will certainly influence the building of future skyscrapers for years to come.

The Story of English, Programs 1-9 [VHS]

The Story of English, Programs 1-9 [VHS] Lowest new price: $129.95
Lowest used price: $59.95
List price: $99.95

Encompassing history, geography, sociology, drama, language, arts, and more, The Story of English takes viewers on an unforgettable journey through the history of the English language. Host Robert MacNeil travels the world to illustrate the language's global influence. Part travelogue, part linguistics, part history, and all fascinating, the series is a unique blend of solid scholarship and engrossing entertainment.

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Chanel Solitaire [VHS]

Chanel Solitaire [VHS] Lowest new price: $29.99
Lowest used price: $12.95
List price: $9.99

vhs movie

Cadillac Desert - Water and the Transformation of Nature: Boxed Set (Includes Chinatown 1974 Feature Film) [VHS]

Cadillac Desert - Water and the Transformation of Nature: Boxed Set (Includes Chinatown 1974 Feature Film) [VHS] Lowest new price: $230.00
Lowest used price: $143.81
List price: $99.95

No fiction could match the real-life drama behind the struggle for water in the modern American West. An extraordinary tale of triumph and disaster, of heroes and scoundrels, Cadillac Desert chronicles the growth of civilization in the desert, the resistance to this achievement, and the dangers it has created at home and abroad. From executive producers Jonathan Taplin (The Prize) and Sandra Itkoff (producer of The Twentieth Century Project). After learning the facts behind the fiction of Chinatown, the Cadillac Desert boxed set provides a perfect opportunity to "revisit" this Academy Award®-winning classic. From Paramount Home Video, Chinatown stars Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. 1974, Rated R, Closed Captioned, Color, Paramount, Trademark ® and © 1997 by Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

How did we turn thousands of square miles of the American Southwest into fertile farmland and thriving cities? How do we intend to sustain the life now dependent on our engineering? These and many other thoughtful questions are raised by the Cadillac Desert series, based on the book by Marc Reisner and on Last Oasis by Sandra Postel. Extensive interviews with the authors, dam builders, environmentalists, and those directly effected (for better and worse) by the water works are enlightening, sometimes funny, and sometimes maddening. The photography is brilliant, contrasting the natural beauty of the wetlands and deserts with the artificial beauty of the dams, waterways, and agricultural lands. Absorbing, engaging, and entertaining, Cadillac Desert is an excellent introduction to the recent history of our "invisible resource." This set also includes the Jack Nicholson movie Chinatown, which illuminates many of the issues brought to light in this series--Rob Lightner

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