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The Silk Road II (6pc) (Coll Box) [VHS]

The Silk Road II (6pc) (Coll Box) [VHS] Lowest new price: $60.00
Lowest used price: $49.99
List price: $144.44

For thousands of years, the fabled Silk Road, as traveled by Marco Polo, was the link between the people of Europe and the vast riches of mysterious China. Spanning the deserts, grasslands and seas between Istanbul and the major cities of China, the Silk Road witnessed an ongoing parade of goods and traders, carrying with them their art, religion, and culture. The Silk Road II is a eighteen-part documentary series produced by Japan's NHK, exploring the western reaches of the Silk Road beyond China and Mongolia, eventually arriving in historic old Rome. The journey begins in the Pamir Plateau at the border between China and Pakistan, where the Silk Road (season one) ended. Then the Silk Road crew explore different trade routes beyond China and Mongolia, journeying through Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and Central Asian countries.

Animal Bloopers With Jack Hanna [VHS]

Animal Bloopers With Jack Hanna [VHS] Lowest new price: $6.98
Lowest used price: $0.49


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America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies [VHS]

America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies [VHS]

Are you a person who loves wacky blooper shows... but hates Bob Sagat? Then this is the video for you! America's Funniest Home Videos: Family Follies highlights the best family moments from the show, capturing slices of life that are in turn hilarious, heartwarming, and unbelievable. You will be treated to wedding disasters, sibling mayhem, and all the getting-hit-in-the-crotch movies that you could possibly want. This is truly a "best of" package--every clip brings a smile, a wince, or a belly laugh. Included is one of the sweetest bloopers you will ever see: the boy who cries because he desperately doesn't want to grow up. All of that--and no Bob Sagat! Instead we have a refreshing pair of narrators who know that sometimes it's best to let the clip speak for itself. --Brendan J. LaSalle

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The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain (1994)

The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain  (1994) Lowest used price: $65.00

Studio PBS Video directed by Orlando Bagwell, part of the American Experience series. This is Part III, the third in the series. Includes in video Malcolm X, Alfre Woodard, Ossie Davis, Maya Angelou, Alex Haley

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War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes [VHS]

War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes [VHS] Lowest new price: $7.00
Lowest used price: $3.83
List price: $14.95
Brand: Nature's Recipe

War Dogs is the amazing saga of the heroic dogs who served in the Vietnam War.


  • 1999
  • Brought to you by Nature's Receipe Pet Foods

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Mysteries of Deep Space - PBS Home Video (Exploding Stars and Black Holes/The Search for Alien Worlds/To the Edge of the Universe) [VHS]

Mysteries of Deep Space - PBS Home Video (Exploding Stars and Black Holes/The Search for Alien Worlds/To the Edge of the Universe) [VHS] Lowest new price: $6.98
Lowest used price: $4.00
List price: $6.99

Investigate the latest achievements in deep space exploration in this spectacular series that combines live-action sequences, computer animation, and incredible high-resolution images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Join astronomers as they peer more deeply into the universe than ever before -- back to the dawn of time. Examine the violent events that shape the landscape of galaxies, journey to the heart of a black hole, and discover the most distant supernovas ever seen. Then, take part in the exciting quest for evidence of alien worlds beyond our solar system, as two acclaimed scientists identify distant planets that appear to be cool enough to support water and possibly life. Gain a stunning new perspective on the achievements of modern astronomy. Titles are: "To the Edge of the Universe," "Exploding Stars and Black Holes," and "The Search for Alien Worlds."

Vietnam: A Television History - Episode 7: Tet, 1968

Vietnam: A Television History - Episode 7: Tet, 1968 Lowest used price: $3.50

Capturing the gripping reality of America's costly battle, this documentary provides an objective look into the Vietnam turmoil-see it live and in the moment.

National Geographic's Season of the Cheetah [VHS]

National Geographic's Season of the Cheetah [VHS] Lowest used price: $5.95

In Africa's Serengeti, the beginning of the rainy season marks the return of the fastest animal on land - the cheetah. For him this is a time of plenty and a season of danger. In this beautifully photographed film, National Geographic follows three cheetah brothers as they hunt for prey. Sleek and quick, the cheetahs are a formidable match for the abundant wildlife of the plains. When the cheetahs wander into an isolated valley, a timeless drama of life and death unfolds to this, the SEASON OF THE CHEETAH.

Dogs might chase cars, but only a cheetah could actually catch one. These big cats, the fastest land animals in the world, can attain speeds of 60 miles per hour, if only for short sprints. Still, that's all they need to nab a hapless Thomson's gazelle in Season of the Cheetah, a still-timely National Geographic Video Classic. Following small groups of these lithe, graceful killers as they return to the Serengeti for the spring rainy season, we can see their complicated social life, their struggles with competitors such as (much larger) lions, and their reliance on quick kills for their everyday sustenance. While their situation and numbers have improved somewhat over the years, their fight for life is just as gripping as ever. Add to that the absolutely smashing footage of the Serengeti during and after a storm--the inescapable torrents, the churning clouds, and the eerie light that follows--and you'll find Season of the Cheetah irresistible. --Rob Lightner

Raintree County

Raintree County Lowest new price: $34.75
Lowest used price: $12.99
List price: $34.75

Elizabeth Taylor and Mongtomery Clift are passionate lovers caught up in the tumultuous events surrounding the Civil War in theis epic screen adaption of Ross Lockridge, Jr's prize-winning best seller.

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Television's Vietnam

Television's Vietnam Lowest used price: $49.87

Were the 58,132 Americans killed in the Vietnam War "sent to die on a fool's errand with no purpose?" Or were they engaged in a noble cause to halt the spread of communism? Why did we lose this war, despite our overwhelming military superiority? Was it because our own media undermined the will of the American people to fight to win?

These important questions are raised by Charlton Heston in Television's Vietnam, a two-part documentary in which military experts, scholars, journalists and Vietnamese exiles contrast what actually happened in Vietnam with widespread myths and misunderstandings.

Produced in response to angry protests from Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese exiles about Public Broadcasting's $5.6 million series, Vietnam: A Television History, Accuracy in Media's Television's Vietnam has made television history.

Part One, The Real Story, is the first and only documentary ever aired by a network devoted to exposing errors in a previously aired documentary series. It presents evidence showing that Vietnam: A Television History had unjustly maligned American fighting men, our Vietnamese allies, our Vietnam veterans, and had falsely glorified our enemy.

Part Two, The Impact Of Media, shows that misleading reporting from Vietnam contributed significantly to the loss of will to do what was necessary to keep South Vietnam from falling to the Communists.

Both stories have been highly praised by Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese exiles for setting the record straight and explaining why our "noble cause" ended in tragedy. President Ronald Reagan praised them as films that "all Americans should see."

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