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Sky Above Mud Below (Sky Above and Mud Beneath / Le ciel et la boue) [VHS]

Sky Above Mud Below (Sky Above and Mud Beneath / Le ciel et la boue) [VHS] Lowest new price: $189.95
Lowest used price: $11.99

"Remarkable and thrilling unique.. .a fascinating, memorable film"
- Cue Magazine

"One of the best, a remarkable feat"
- New York Herald Tribune

"The Sky Above, The Mud Below" is the incredible true story, filmed as it happened, of an expedition back in time to 7,000 years ago-to the Stone Age. In 1959 an international group of explorers set out to cross the most dangerous, uncharted jungles of Dutch New Guinea. In the 7 months it took them to cover 1,000 miles, they came face-toface with man's savage and primitive past. Their cameras captured bizarre native rituals and never-before seen cannibal tribes. Disease and violent death stalked the expedition every step of the way, and their exploration became a harrowing physical test of the depths of human endurance and will to live.

Produced by: Arthur Cohn and Rene LaFuite; Directed by: Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau; Cast: Pierre-Dominique Gaisseau-organizer & leader, Gerard Delloye -assistant leader.

1962 Michael Arthur Film Productions. Artwork 1987 Lorimar Home Video, Inc. Program Length: 92 Minutes. Color

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Thunder on the Rails: Trains of the Old West [VHS]

Thunder on the Rails:  Trains of the Old West [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.99
Lowest used price: $1.95
List price: $6.99

A video journey on two legendary railroads of the West, the Virginia & Truckee and the Nevada Northern.

Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair [VHS]

Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair [VHS] Lowest used price: $31.99

Coverup - Behind the Iran-Contra Affair [VHS]

Nova: Flood [VHS]

Nova: Flood [VHS] Lowest new price: $24.95
Lowest used price: $9.50

Relive the 1993 flood disaster, the Mississippi River in the summer of 1993, and explore the problem of taming the mightiest river.

All big rivers flood periodically, as part of a natural cycle. Floods help replenish topsoil for the lands surrounding rivers, which explains why river deltas are as fertile as they are. In 1993, though, a freakish weather pattern occurred in the Midwest that brought weeks upon weeks of rain, and pushed the Mississippi River and its tributaries out of their banks. Nova takes a look at the biggest flood in American history and the toll it took in property and life. The system of levees constructed along the Illinois and Missouri sides of the river did an amazing job of holding back the floodwaters, but at one point an area the size of the entire state of Indiana was underwater across the region. As the flood began to overrun St. Louis, there were some tense moments as it approached a tank battery containing a million gallons of propane; had it exploded, it would have been akin to a nuclear device decimating much of the city. Billions of dollars of crops were ruined as the wall of water pushed its way through; the residents of Valmeyer, Illinois, were forced to relocate their entire village to higher ground. In typically exhaustive fashion, Nova documents the raw courage and ingenuity that residents along the river used in dealing with the staggering disaster and its aftermath. --Jerry Renshaw

Girl Groups [VHS]

Girl Groups [VHS] Lowest new price: $9.99
Lowest used price: $1.75
List price: $9.99

Take a trip back to mashed potatoes, party lights & da doo ron rons! Remember the girl groups of the 60s who sang their way into your hearts? The Shirelles, The Angels, The Ronettes, Martha & The Vandellas, The Shangri-Las, The Supremes, The Marvelettes? Here's your chance to relive the excitement of rock music's happiest era! Girl Groups traces the story of the dream girls, punctuating over 25 of their greatest hits with fascinating insights into what went on behind the scenes. Ronnie Spector of The Ronettes, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Arlene Smith of The Shirelles & Darlene Love reminisce about their lives & careers, recalling the shrewd business people who discovered & packaged them--in tight jeans, miniskirts, sequins & feathers. Highlighted by rare original footage of the groups performing such hits as "My Boyfriend's Back," "My Guy," "Tell Him," "He's A Rebel," "Mr. Postman," "Be My Baby," "Dancin' In The Streets," "Baby Love" & more--Girl Groups is guaranteed to make you "Remember (Walking in the Sand)." You may even wanna "Shout" & "Do The Locomotion" all over again.

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Intimate Portrait - Marilyn Monroe [VHS]

Intimate Portrait - Marilyn Monroe [VHS] Lowest new price: $18.22
Lowest used price: $6.99
List price: $9.98

Born Norma Jean Baker and transformed into Marilyn Monroe, the unhappy life of the ultimate sex symbol is already familiar to most folks. Intimate Portrait tries to shed some more insight into her life, using film clips and interviews, most notably with James Dougherty, Monroe's first husband. Her entrance into the film world was a fluke--she was photographed working in a factory for a story on the war effort, launching her modeling career. From there she created a persona that she wore for the world at large, although at home and among friends she remained Norma Jean.

Intimate Portrait: Marilyn Monroe attempts to cover the life of one of the most talked-about actresses of all time in less than an hour. While it does an admirable job of giving a general overview, the documentary doesn't succeed in the same way the Intimate Portraits of Audrey Hepburn and Bette Davis do. Perhaps the main detriment to this documentary is the lack of footage of Monroe speaking for herself. Also, much of the footage is used more than once, as if there weren't enough clips of Monroe for the whole tape. Finally, widely known controversies surrounding Monroe--such as her alleged involvement with the Kennedys--are never mentioned. Yet, the interviews with her first husband help offset the problems, as the tidbits he offers are fresh and interesting, giving a clear picture of the early Norma Jean. --Jenny Brown

In the Wild: Tigers With Bob Hoskins [VHS]

In the Wild: Tigers With Bob Hoskins [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.98
Lowest used price: $4.95
Brand: PBS

In the Wild: Tigers With Bob Hoskins [VHS]

Happy Anniversary 007 [VHS]

Happy Anniversary 007 [VHS] Lowest new price: $49.88

A detailed history of 007.

Extreme Machines: Super Sight & Earth Breakers [VHS]

Extreme Machines: Super Sight & Earth Breakers [VHS] List price: $14.98

Haiti - Waters of Sorrow [VHS]

Haiti - Waters of Sorrow [VHS] List price: $19.98

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