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Wide Screen

Anastasia (Widescreen Edition) [VHS]

Anastasia (Widescreen Edition) [VHS] Lowest new price: $6.95
Lowest used price: $8.44
List price: $6.95

The last surviving child of the Russian Royal Family hooks up with two con men to reunite with her grandmother, the Dowager Empress, while the undead Rasputin seeks her death.

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Ludwig [VHS]

Ludwig [VHS] Lowest new price: $19.89
Lowest used price: $5.95

The meticulously reconstructed story of the last King of Bavaria who was crowned in 1864 at the age of twenty.

Horror Hospital [VHS]

Horror Hospital [VHS] Lowest new price: $6.97
List price: $6.97

When attempts to break into the pop business leaves him with nothing but a bloody nose, songwriter Jason Jones (Robin Askwith) decides to take a break with "Hairy Holidays", an outfit run by shifty, gay travel agent Pollock (Dennis Price). After failing to chat Jason up, Pollock sends him to pseudo-health farm Brittlehurst Manor. On the train journey there Jason meets Judy (Vanessa Shaw) who is also on the way to the same destination to meet her long lost aunt. Both are unaware that the health farm (i.e. "Horror Hospital") is a front for Dr. Storm (Michael Gough) and his lobotomy experiments that turn wayward hippies into his mindless zombie slaves. The wheelchair-bound doctor surrounds himself with an entourage that includes Judy's aunt, erstwhile brothel madam Olga (Ellen Pollock), dwarf Frederick (Skip Martin) and numerous zombie biker thugs. Dr. Storm also has a Rolls Royce fitted with a giant blade that decapitates escapees and interfering parties. Abraham (Kurt Christian) arrives at the Horror Hospital "looking for his chick" and is promptly whacked around the head by the motorcycle zombies. Frederick, fed up at literally being Storm's whipping boy helps the kids escape-paving the way for the 70s youth to put the final spanner in the works to Storm's scheme

Velvet Hustler [VHS]

Velvet Hustler [VHS] Lowest new price: $39.95
Lowest used price: $12.89

Popular Nikkatsu tough guy Tetsuya Watari, (Tokyo Drifter)has one of his most colorful roles in this stylish thriller about a gangster on the run from the cops and his fellow Yakuza. "Killer" Goro (Watari) lives up to his nickname by shooti

Recklessly cool killer Goro (Tetsuya Watari from Tokyo Drifter, a hotshot with a love of convertibles and pop music, murders a rival Tokyo mob boss he was only supposed to scare and is sent to Kobe to cool off. A year later he's made a cozy little home, looking out for a local madam and playing godfather to a gang of fawning disciples. He's still recklessly cool, whistling his own theme song while lounging under his Tyrolean hat like a Japanese Sinatra, picking fights in bars and frugging to groovy pop music. But suddenly he has a relentless cop and a ruthless assassin on his tail and a mystery woman in his life and the cool is overtaken by the reckless. There's a fun nostalgia to this offbeat gangster picture, which is full of funky 1960s fashions and attitudes. Compared to Seijun Suzuki's deliriously energetic gangster classics (Youth of the Beast, Branded to Kill), the wandering pace punctuated by explosions of violence seems almost sedate, but by any other standards it's an enjoyable genre tale with a compelling performance by the confident Watari. --Sean Axmaker

Blade Runner [VHS]

Blade Runner [VHS] Lowest new price: $5.69
Lowest used price: $2.99


When Ridley Scott's cut of Blade Runner was finally released in 1993, one had to wonder why the studio hadn't done it right the first time--11 years earlier. This version is so much better, mostly because of what's been eliminated (the ludicrous and redundant voice-over narration and the phony happy ending) rather than what's been added (a bit more character development and a brief unicorn dream). Star Harrison Ford originally recorded the narration under duress at the insistence of Warner Bros. executives who thought the story needed further "explanation"; he later confessed that he thought if he did it badly they wouldn't use it. (Moral: Never overestimate the taste of movie executives.) The movie's spectacular futuristic vision of Los Angeles--a perpetually dark and rainy metropolis that's the nightmare antithesis of "Sunny Southern California"--is still its most seductive feature, an otherworldly atmosphere in which you can immerse yourself. The movie's shadowy visual style, along with its classic private-detective/murder-mystery plot line (with Ford on the trail of a murderous android, or "replicant"), makes Blade Runner one of the few science fiction pictures to legitimately claim a place in the film noir tradition. And, as in the best noir, the sleuth discovers a whole lot more (about himself and the people he encounters) than he anticipates.... With Sean Young, Edward James Olmos, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer, and M. Emmet Walsh. --Jim Emerson

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Spartacus (Widescreen Edition) [VHS]

Spartacus (Widescreen Edition) [VHS] Lowest new price: $4.88
Lowest used price: $1.89
Brand: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Spartacus is a 1960 American epic historical drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas as the rebellious slave of the title. The screenplay by Dalton Trumbo was based on the novel Spartacus by Howard Fast. It was inspired by the life story of the historical figure Spartacus and the events of the Third Servile War.

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Phenomena [VHS]

Phenomena [VHS] Lowest used price: $18.65

Italian horror maestro Dario Argento made his name by turning homicide into modern art with a cinematic flourish, but with Phenomena he takes his stylish mayhem in new directions. The film opens with the dreamy grace of a fairy tale: a young girl wandering the green meadows of Switzerland and discovering a gingerbread house, wherein lives a monster more modern than mythic, a psychopathic maniac who plunges the picture into a lush nightmare. Jennifer (Jennifer Connelly in her first starring role), a gifted young girl at a Swiss school, has a psychic link to the insect world and develops a connection with the killer through midnight sleepwalks. With the help of a lonely, wheelchair-bound entomologist (genre stalwart Donald Pleasence, who inflects his sonorous tenor with a gentle Scottish burr) she turns telekinetic detective, which only draws her closer to the killer's lair. The densely plotted story becomes muddled at times (this is the busiest film in Argento's oeuvre) but the lyrical cinematography and gorgeous nocturnal imagery--dreamy sleepwalks, nightmarish murders, hideous horrors that emerge in the dark of night--take on a poetic elegance not seen in his previous work, providing the tale with a kind of dream logic. This is a slasher film reborn as an exquisitely grim fantasy: Jennifer in Argentoland. --Sean Axmaker

Enter the Dragon [VHS]

Enter the Dragon [VHS] Lowest new price: $10.00
Lowest used price: $5.00
List price: $9.98

The last film completed by Bruce Lee before his untimely death, Enter the Dragon was his entrée into Hollywood. The American-Hong Kong coproduction, shot in Asia by American director Robert Clouse, stars Lee as a British agent sent to infiltrate the criminal empire of bloodthirsty Asian crime lord Han (Shih Kien) through his annual international martial arts tournament. Lee spends his days taking on tournament combatants and nights breaking into the heavily guarded underground fortress, kicking the living tar out of anyone who stands in his way. The mix of kung fu fighting (choreographed by Lee himself) and James Bond intrigue (the plot has more than a passing resemblance to Dr. No) is pulpy by any standard, but the generous budget and talented cast of world-class martial artists puts this film in a category well above Lee's earlier Hong Kong productions. Unfortunately he's off the screen for large chunks of time as American maverick competitors (and champion martial artists) John Saxon and Jim Kelly take center stage, but once the fighting starts Lee takes over. The tournament setting provides an ample display of martial arts mastery of many styles and climaxes with a huge free-for-all, but the highlight is Lee's brutal one-on-one with the claw-fisted Han in the dynamic hall-of-mirrors battle. Lee narrows his eyes and tenses into a wiry force of sinew, speed, and ruthless determination. --Sean Axmaker

F for Fake [VHS]

F for Fake [VHS] Lowest new price: $150.29
Lowest used price: $25.00

Master storyteller Orson Welles weaves a wry, often whimsical, documentary about the nature of art to bedazzle and fool us all. With mock intensity, Welles investigates the charming Elmyr de Hory, who makes a lavish living painting fake Picassos and Matisses. Equally captivating is Welles' own trickery and a glimpse behind his public facade.

The Watcher in the Woods (Widescreen Edition) [VHS]

The Watcher in the Woods (Widescreen Edition) [VHS] Lowest new price: $12.25
Lowest used price: $3.75

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